List of TransMilenio stations

This is a complete list of 147 stations of the TransMilenio (143 at Bogotá and 4 at Soacha), Colombia

System map with stations

The stations are distributed according to the zones implemented April 29, 2006.

Caracas edit

(From south to north)

Calle 26 station

Autonorte edit

(From north to south)

Portal del Norte station

Suba edit

(From west to east)

Av. Suba - Calle 116 station

Calle 80 edit

(From west to east)

Polo station

NQS Central edit

(From west to east)

(From south to north)

Simón Bolívar station

Las Américas edit

(From west to east)

Américas–Avenida Boyacá station

NQS Sur edit

(From south to north)

Centro Comercial Paseo Villa del Río - Madelena station

Caracas Sur edit

(From south to north)

Calle 40 Sur intermediate station

Caracas Sur (Ramal del Tunal) edit

Museo del Oro station

(From west to east)

Eje Ambiental edit

(From east to west)

Avenida El Dorado edit

Ciudad Universitaria station

(From west to east)

Carrera 10 edit

(From south to north)

San Diego station
  • L Portal 20 de Julio
  • L Country Sur
  • L Av. 1 de Mayo
  • L Ciudad Jardín
  • L Policarpa
  • L San Bernando
  • L Bicentenario
  • L San Victorino Neos Centro
  • L Las Nieves
  • L San Diego

Carrera Séptima edit

(From south to north)

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