List of Tortricidae genera

This is a taxonomy of the moth family Tortricidae down to genus level. This classification is up-to-date to 2008, taking information from the Online World Catalogue of the Tortricidae[1] and taxonomic changes made in 2007.

Subfamily TortricinaeEdit

Tribe ArchipiniEdit

Tribe AtteriiniEdit

Tribe CeraciniEdit

Tribe CnephasiiniEdit

Tribe CochyliniEdit

Tribe EpitymbiiniEdit

Tribe EuliiniEdit

Tribe PhricanthiniEdit

Tribe SchoenoteniniEdit

Tribe SparganothiniEdit

Tribe TortriciniEdit


Subfamily OlethreutinaeEdit

Tribe BactriniEdit

Tribe EnarmoniiniEdit

Tribe EndotheniiniEdit

Tribe EucosminiEdit

Tribe GatesclarkeaniniEdit

Tribe GrapholitiniEdit

Tribe MicrocorsiniEdit

Tribe OlethreutiniEdit


Subfamily ChlidanotinaeEdit

Tribe ChlidanotiniEdit

Tribe HilarographiniEdit

Tribe PolyorthiniEdit



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