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This is a list of prominent members of the Theta Delta Chi fraternity. Names are listed followed by the school attended and the graduation year.[1]


  • John Brougham, New York Graduate 1857, 19th century actor, dramatist, and orator
  • Fitz James O'Brien, New York Graduate 1857, New York Literary Bohemian, science fiction pioneer
  • Robert Frost, Dartmouth 1896, four time Pulitzer Prize winning poet
Robert Frost, Dartmouth 1896.


  • Frank Lahey, Harvard 1904, Founder of Boston's Lahey Clinic
  • Oliver Beahrs, Berkeley 1937, Head Surgery at the Mayo Clinic
  • Park Dietz, Cornell 1970, Renowned Forensic Psychologist

Public lifeEdit

Jerry Lewis, UCLA '56, US House of Rep. for California.
Michael Powell, William and Mary '85, Former Chairman of the FCC.



Donald B. MacMillan, Bowdoin 1897, Arctic Explorer.




Engineering & ScienceEdit




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