List of Syrian refugee camps in Jordan

Syrian refugee camps in Jordan were built following the influx of 1.4 million Syrians, escaping the Syrian Civil War. There are 5 Syrian refugee camps in Jordan, 3 of which are official while the rest are temporary. However, only 650,000 Syrians are registered with the United Nations, and around 90% of Syrians do not live in these camps, but in Jordanian towns and cities.[1]

Human toll of the Syrian Civil War
Population 21 ±.5: Displaced 6 ±.5,
Refugee 5.5 ±.5, Fatality 0.5 ±.1 (millions)
Syrian refugees
By countryTurkey, Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt
SettlementsCamps: (Jordan)
Displaced Syrians
Casualties of the war
CrimesHuman rights violations, massacres, rape
Return of refugees  · Refugees as weapons  · Prosecution of war criminals

These are:

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UNCHR 2018 map of refugee camps and settlements in Jordan here does not show Hadallat.

Older map:

Location of Syrian refugee camps in Jordan.

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