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List of Stewards of the Chiltern Hundreds

Appointment to the position of Crown Steward and Bailiff of the Chiltern Hundreds is a procedural device to allow Members of Parliament to resign from the House of Commons of the United Kingdom. Since MPs are technically forbidden to resign, they must resort to a legal fiction. An appointment to an "office of profit under The Crown" disqualifies an individual from sitting as a Member of Parliament (MP). Although several offices were used in the past to allow MPs to resign, only the Crown Stewardship of the Chiltern Hundreds and the Manor of Northstead are in present use.[1]

Crown Steward and Bailiff of the three Chiltern Hundreds of Stoke, Desborough and Burnham
Barry McElduff.jpg
Barry McElduff

since 16 January 2018
AppointerChancellor of the Exchequer


On 2 March 1624, a resolution was passed by the House of Commons making it illegal for an MP to quit or wilfully give up his seat. Believing that officers of the Crown could not remain impartial, the House passed a resolution on 30 December 1680 stating that an MP who "shall accept any Office, or Place of Profit, from the Crown, without the Leave of this House ... shall be expelled [from] this House." However, MPs were able to hold Crown Stewardships until 1740, when Sir Watkin Williams-Wynn was deemed to have vacated his Commons seat after becoming Steward of the Lordship and Manor of Bromfield and Yale.[2]

The Chiltern Hundreds last needed a Crown Steward in the 16th century. When John Pitt wished to vacate his seat for Wareham in order to stand for Dorchester, the Crown Stewardship of the Chiltern Hundreds was available for this purpose. Pitt was appointed Crown Steward on 25 January 1751.[2]

A number of other offices were subsequently used for resignation, but only the Chiltern Hundreds and the Crown Steward and Bailiff of the Manor of Northstead are still in use.[2] Appointees to the Chiltern Hundreds are alternated with the Manor of Northstead, allowing two MPs to resign at once. When more than two MPs resign, such as the 1985 walkout of Ulster Unionist MPs, appointees are dismissed after a few hours to allow other resigning MPs to take their place.[1] The Parliamentary Information Office has produced a list of those appointed to the office of Steward of the Chiltern Hundreds since 1850.[3]


Up to 1799Edit

Before 1770 (William de Grey), between 1775 and 1780 (Edward Meux Worsley to Sir William Lynch), and between 1782 and 1787 (John Buller to Sir George Duckett) the date given is that of the writ to replace the member who accepted the Stewardship.

Date Member[4] Constituency Party Reason for resignation
25 January 1751 John Pitt Wareham [Data unknown/missing.] To contest Dorchester
12 May 1753 Henry Vane Downton [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
17 January 1755 Marquess of Winchester Lymington [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
18 March 1755 Thomas Pitt Old Sarum [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
26 June 1756 Edward Bacon Newport (Cornwall) [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
25 February 1757 Horace Walpole Castle Rising [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
13 July 1757 William Pitt Okehampton [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
28 January 1758 Henry Bilson-Legge Orford [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
2 December 1758 Soame Jenyns Dunwich [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
15 February 1759 Walter Waring Bishop's Castle [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
25 January 1760 Henry Townshend Eye [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
24 May 1762 John Parker Bodmin [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
3 March 1763 Sir James Lowther Westmorland [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
16 March 1763 Earl of Ancram Richmond [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
27 April 1763 Norborne Berkeley Gloucestershire [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
28 April 1763 The Viscount Ligonier Bath [Data unknown/missing.] Created Baron Ligonier
5 January 1764 Robert Lowther Westmorland [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
13 June 1765 Gilbert Elliot Selkirkshire [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
16 June 1766 William Woodley Great Bedwyn [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
26 January 1767 Lord George Lennox Chichester [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
21 March 1767 Chase Price Leominster [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
17 December 1767 Richard Pennant Petersfield [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
13 November 1768 James Brudenell Great Bedwyn [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
28 November 1768 John Wrottesley Newcastle-under-Lyme [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
22 March 1769 Sir George Macartney Cockermouth [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
24 April 1769 Henry Luttrell Bossiney [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
17 January 1770 Edmund Nugent St Mawes [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
14 April 1770 The Viscount Allen Eye [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
29 January 1770 William de Grey Newport (Cornwall) [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
26 February 1770 Sir Edward Dering New Romney [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
18 May 1770 Lord Stavordale Midhurst [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
26 January 1771 Richard Croftes Downton [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
4 March 1771 William Gordon Rochester [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
8 May 1771 Lauchlin Macleane Arundel [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
28 January 1772 Lord Archibald Hamilton Lancaster [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
29 April 1772 Richard Worge Stockbridge [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
13 July 1772 John Roberts Harwich [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
25 March 1773 Alexander Mackay Tain Burghs [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
23 July 1772 Charles Jenkinson Appleby [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
5 May 1773 David Graeme Perthshire [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
9 March 1774 William Cornwallis Eye [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
19 December 1774 The Earl of Courtown Great Bedwyn [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
21 December 1774 Sir Charles Whitworth East Looe [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
6 February 1775 Edward Meux Worsley Yarmouth (Isle of Wight) [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
5 June 1775 Thomas Graves East Looe [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
7 June 1775 Charles Ogilvie West Looe [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
8 November 1775 Charles James Fox Malmesbury [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
23 November 1775 Edward Eliot St Germans [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
4 December 1775 Sir John Barrington Newtown [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
16 December 1775 John Luttrell Stockbridge [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
28 November 1776 Charles Brett Lostwithiel [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
4 March 1777 Charles Wilkinson Aldborough [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
24 May 1777 Charles Finch Castle Rising [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
4 July 1777 Whitshed Keene Montgomery [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
10 December 1777 Miles Barne Dunwich [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
2 January 1778 Philip Anstruther Anstruther Burghs [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
6 March 1778 Abel Smith Aldborough [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
5 June 1778 The Viscount Barrington Plymouth [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
10 June 1778 John Tucker St Ives [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
4 December 1778 Sir Harry Burrard Lymington [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
26 December 1778 Adam Drummond St Ives [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
27 February 1779 Sir Hugh Palliser Scarborough [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
8 April 1779 The Lord Milford Plympton Erle [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
15 April 1779 James Pringle Berwickshire [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
15 June 1779 Lord Hyde Christchurch [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
31 March 1780 Sir William Lynch Weobley [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
16 June 1780 Henry Strachey Saltash [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
28 November 1780 Daniel Lascelles Northallerton [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
13 February 1781 Paul Methuen Great Bedwyn [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
4 April 1781 Edward Rushworth Yarmouth (Isle of Wight) [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
20 March 1782 John Buller West Looe [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
6 April 1782 Charles FitzRoy-Scudamore Thetford [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
26 April 1782 Viscount Althorp Northampton [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
21 December 1782 John Mayor Abingdon [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
21 January 1783 Sir John Anstruther Anstruther Burghs [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
31 January 1783 Thomas Bowlby Launceston [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
13 February 1783 The Viscount Galway Pontefract [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
11 March 1783 Francis Fownes-Luttrell Minehead [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
3 May 1783 John Irwin East Grinstead [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
21 August 1783 John Shaw-Stewart Renfrewshire [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
1 December 1783 William Graves East Looe [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
24 May 1784 William Graves East Looe [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
14 June 1784 John Smith New Romney [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
19 June 1784 The Earl Nugent St Mawes [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
5 July 1784 Jonathan Phillips Camelford [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
10 August 1784 Sir Thomas Gascoigne Malton [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
16 August 1784 Paul Treby Ourry Plympton Erle [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
21 August 1784 John Lemon West Looe [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
11 April 1785 Robert Philipps Hereford [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
9 August 1785 Sir John Honywood Steyning [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
9 August 1785 John Simpson Wenlock [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
6 February 1786 The Lord Milford Haverfordwest [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
7 February 1786 Charles Dundas Richmond [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
3 March 1786 Henry Arthur Herbert East Grinstead [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
27 March 1786 Gabriel Steward Weymouth and Melcombe Regis [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
10 April 1786 Hugh Seymour-Conway Newport (Isle of Wight) [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
14 April 1786 John Pringle Selkirkshire [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
13 June 1786 Thomas Postlethwaite Haslemere [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
15 July 1786 Charles Lefebure Wareham [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
19 October 1786 William McDowall Renfrewshire [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
6 November 1786 John Lowther Cockermouth [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
27 December 1786 George Jackson Weymouth and Melcombe Regis [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
23 January 1787 John Townson Milborne Port [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
24 January 1787 George FitzRoy Bury St Edmunds [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
2 February 1787 Thomas Samuel Jolliffe Petersfield [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
16 February 1787 John Lambton City of Durham [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
19 February 1787 George Johnstone Ilchester [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
21 February 1787 Maurice Lloyd Gatton [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
5 March 1787 Sir Robert Palk Ashburton [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
4 April 1787 Edward Morant Yarmouth (Isle of Wight) [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
4 May 1787 Lancelot Brown Huntingdon [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
30 May 1787 Lord Frederick Campbell Argyllshire [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
28 May 1787 William Wemyss Sutherland [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
8 June 1787 Sir Charles Gould Brecon [Data unknown/missing.] To contest Breconshire
8 June 1787 John Nicholls Bletchingley [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
31 January 1788 Philip Goldsworthy Wilton [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
17 March 1788 Sir John Stepney Monmouth [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
14 April 1788 Richard Grosvenor East Looe [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
18 April 1788 Richard Myddelton Denbigh Boroughs [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
16 May 1788 Lord Adam Gordon Kincardineshire [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
22 May 1788 John Mortlock Cambridge [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
25 June 1788 Harry Burrard Lymington [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
4 July 1788 Gerard Noel Edwards Maidstone [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
20 November 1788 Sir James Tylney-Long Devizes [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
5 January 1789 Sir James Duff Banffshire [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
11 February 1789 Robert Cuninghame East Grinstead [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
22 July 1789 Sir James Campbell Stirling Burghs [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
10 August 1789 Viscount Belgrave East Looe [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
14 December 1790 James Grenville Buckingham [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
16 December 1790 William Pierce Ashe à Court Heytesbury [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
16 December 1790 Lord North Petersfield [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
22 December 1790 Edward Rushworth Yarmouth (Isle of Wight) [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
17 February 1791 Barne Barne Dunwich [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
3 March 1791 Benjamin Lester Poole [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
13 April 1791 Marquess of Titchfield Petersfield [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
7 June 1791 William Coles Medlycott Milborne Port [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
9 June 1791 Thomas Jones Weymouth and Melcombe Regis [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
10 June 1791 Richard Penn Haslemere [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
13 February 1792 Paul Benfield Malmesbury [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
17 February 1792 Penn Assheton Curzon Clitheroe [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
10 February 1793 Sir John Anstruther Anstruther Burghs [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
17 June 1793 Sir Richard Worsley Newtown [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
21 June 1793 The Earl of Courtown Marlborough [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
23 January 1794 Sir John Jervis Wycombe [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
24 January 1794 The Earl of Carhampton Plympton Erle [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
3 February 1794 Richard Johnson Milborne Port [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
6 March 1794 Nathaniel William Wraxall Wallingford [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
27 March 1794 William Adam Ross-shire [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
29 April 1794 Sir Richard Pepper Arden Hastings [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
13 May 1794 Charles Stuart Ayr Burghs [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
23 May 1794 Lancelot Brown Huntingdonshire [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
29 May 1794 Robert Anstruther Anstruther Burghs [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
24 June 1794 Edmund Burke Malton [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
26 December 1794 William Beckford Hindon [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
26 December 1794 Ewan Law Westbury [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
1 January 1795 Francis Gregg Morpeth [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
6 January 1795 Charles William Wyndham Midhurst [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
6 February 1795 Henry Howard Arundel [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
12 March 1795 William Wellesley-Pole East Looe [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
30 October 1795 Peter Bathurst Eye [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
2 March 1796 George Murray Perth Burghs [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
23 November 1796 Lord John Thynne Weobley [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
27 December 1796 Lord George Cavendish Derby [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
29 December 1796 Hylton Jolliffe Petersfield [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
13 March 1797 Edward Rushworth Yarmouth [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
18 April 1797 William Cunninghame Bontine Dunbartonshire [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
16 June 1797 James Grenville Buckinghamshire [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
4 July 1797 Thomas Powys Northamptonshire [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
19 July 1797 Viscount Castlereagh Orford [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
20 July 1797 The Earl of Mornington Old Sarum [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
9 November 1797 James Bruce Marlborough [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
19 December 1797 Charles Brandling Newcastle-upon-Tyne [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
8 February 1798 Sir Ralph Abercromby Clackmannanshire [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
16 April 1798 William Graves East Looe [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
23 June 1798 William Baldwin Malton [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
21 November 1798 Charles George Beauclerk Richmond [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
22 February 1799 Lord Granville Leveson-Gower Lichfield [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
8 March 1799 Charles Williams-Wynn Old Sarum [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
21 March 1799 Richard Richards Helston [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
3 April 1799 Joseph Foster Barham Stockbridge [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
10 April 1799 John Heathcote Gatton [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
16 April 1799 Sir Christopher Hawkins Mitchell [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
4 May 1799 John Buller East Looe [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
7 June 1799 William Mitchell Plympton Erle [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
11 July 1799 Lord Frederick Campbell Argyllshire [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
12 July 1799 John Smith East Looe [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
12 October 1799 John Lloyd Flintshire [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]

1800 to 1849Edit

Date Member[4] Constituency Party Reason for resignation
25 February 1800 Sir Henry Vane-Tempest City of Durham [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
7 March 1800 Michael Angelo Taylor Aldeburgh [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
20 March 1800 Inigo Freeman Thomas Weobley [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
14 April 1800 George William Richard Harcourt Westbury [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
24 April 1800 William Hamilton Nisbet Newport (Isle of Wight) [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
22 April 1800 Sir Hew Dalrymple-Hamilton Haddingtonshire [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
23 April 1800 John Hope Linlithgowshire [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
17 May 1800 William Stewart Rose Christchurch [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
17 June 1800 The Earl of Lucan St Albans [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
14 December 1800 The Earl of Inchiquin Liskeard [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
14 February 1801 Sir George Yonge Old Sarum [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
25 February 1801 John Bond Corfe Castle [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
25 February 1801 Henry Addington Devizes [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
25 February 1801 Sir Richard Worsley Newtown [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
4 March 1801 Robert Saunders-Dundas Rye [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
23 March 1801 Francis Page Oxford University [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
25 March 1801 Sir William Scott Downton [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
12 May 1801 George Garland Poole [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
6 July 1801 Lord George Seymour-Conway Totnes [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
7 November 1801 Sir Thomas Frankland Thirsk [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
10 March 1802 Robert Baird Haddington Burghs [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
16 December 1802 Harry Burrard Lymington [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
18 December 1802 Henry St John Wootton Bassett [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
24 January 1803 Charles Hope Dumfries Burghs [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
10 May 1803 John Inglett-Fortescue Callington [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
18 June 1803 Hon. Edward Bouverie Downton [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
29 July 1803 John Spalding Wigtown [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
13 August 1803 Hon. John William Ward Downton [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
16 August 1803 Charles Bragge Bristol Tory [Data unknown/missing.]
21 December 1803 Thomas Smith West Looe [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
27 December 1803 John George Philipps Carmarthen [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
26 December 1803 Alexander Penrose Cumming-Gordon Inverness Burghs [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
27 February 1804 Henry Swann Yarmouth (Isle of Wight) Tory [Data unknown/missing.]
21 March 1804 John Delgarno Yarmouth (Isle of Wight) [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
27 April 1804 James Charles Stuart Strange Okehampton [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
7 May 1804 Earl of Dalkeith Ludgershall Tory [Data unknown/missing.]
12 June 1804 Lord Paget Milborne Port [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
19 July 1804 Thomas Grenville Buckingham [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
4 August 1804 Sir Edward Pellew Barnstaple [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
23 January 1805 James Buller West Looe [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
31 January 1805 Charles Drake Garrard Amersham Tory [Data unknown/missing.]
21 February 1805 James Martin Lloyd Steyning [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
25 March 1805 William Cavendish Knaresborough Whig [Data unknown/missing.]
15 April 1805 Andrew McDouall Wigtownshire [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
23 April 1805 Charles Lawrence Dundas Malton Whig [Data unknown/missing.]
10 May 1805 John Penn Helston [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
5 June 1805 Charles Chapman Newtown [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
26 June 1805 John Charles Villiers Tain Burghs [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
26 July 1805 Charles Tottenham New Ross [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
9 August 1805 William Stewart Wigtown [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
17 February 1806 Lord Robert Spencer Tavistock [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
22 February 1806 James Colquhoun Dunbartonshire [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
14 March 1806 Sir John Newport Waterford City [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
15 March 1806 Thomas Tyrwhitt Portarlington [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
18 March 1806 Thomas Fane Lyme Regis [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
1 April 1806 Thomas Davis Lamb Rye Tory [Data unknown/missing.]
17 April 1806 John Dalrymple Haddington Burghs [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
21 April 1806 Davies Giddy Helston [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
29 April 1806 Samuel Campbell Rowley Kinsale [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
31 July 1806 John King Enniskillen [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
1 August 1806 John Sargent Bodmin [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
12 January 1807 William Cornwallis Eye [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
15 January 1807 Frederick William Trench Mitchell Tory [Data unknown/missing.]
21 January 1807 Josias du Pre Porcher Bletchingley [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
27 January 1807 Sir William à Court Heytesbury [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
17 February 1807 Henry Bromley Worcester [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
26 February 1807 Edward Coke Derby [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
31 March 1807 Lord Spencer Chichester Carrickfergus [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
20 July 1807 Richard Richards Helston [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
24 July 1807 Edward Leveson-Gower Mitchell [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
27 July 1807 Sir Frederick Fletcher-Vane Winchelsea Whig [Data unknown/missing.]
29 January 1808 Charles Bagot Castle Rising [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
1 February 1808 George Galway Mills Mitchell [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
23 February 1808 Dudley Long North Newtown Whig [Data unknown/missing.]
24 February 1808 John Cheesment Severn Wootton Bassett Tory [Data unknown/missing.]
29 February 1808 Henry Dawkins Boroughbridge Tory [Data unknown/missing.]
20 April 1808 Sir Granby Calcraft Wareham [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
26 April 1808 Benjamin Cooke Griffinhoofe Yarmouth (Isle of Wight) [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
2 May 1808 William Dundas Sutherland Tory [Data unknown/missing.]
7 May 1808 John Randoll Mackenzie Tain Burghs [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
19 May 1808 Gerard Noel Noel Rutland [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
13 June 1808 John Delgarno Yarmouth (Isle of Wight) [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
25 June 1808 Stephen Lushington Great Yarmouth Whig [Data unknown/missing.]
11 July 1808 John Osborn Cockermouth Tory [Data unknown/missing.]
13 July 1808 Arthur Shakespeare Richmond Whig [Data unknown/missing.]
15 July 1808 Sir William Elford Rye [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
25 January 1809 Thomas Freeman-Heathcote Bletchingley [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
20 February 1809 Albemarle Bertie Stamford [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
21 February 1809 Charles Trelawny-Brereton Mitchell [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
3 April 1809 William Meeke Farmer Huntingdon [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
18 April 1809 Henry Wellesley Eye [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
19 April 1809 John Pedley Saltash [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
13 June 1809 Archibald Campbell Clyde Burghs [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
26 June 1809 Walter Jones[5] Coleraine Tory [Data unknown/missing.]
30 January 1810 Thomas Grenville Buckingham [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
31 January 1810 Lord Paget Milborne Port [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
3 March 1810 Richard Nevill Wexford Borough Tory [Data unknown/missing.]
14 March 1810 Richard Ramsbottom Windsor Tory [Data unknown/missing.]
24 March 1810 Francis Whittle Westbury [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
16 April 1810 Thomas Carter Callington [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
27 April 1810 Sir Joseph Sydney Yorke St Germans Tory [Data unknown/missing.]
18 May 1810 George Cranfield Berkeley Gloucestershire Whig [Data unknown/missing.]
13 July 1810 Archibald Colquhoun Elgin Burghs [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
7 December 1810 Viscount Valentia Yarmouth (Isle of Wight) [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
14 February 1811 Walter Palk Ashburton [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
10 April 1811 The Viscount Palmerston Newport (Isle of Wight) Tory [Data unknown/missing.]
19 April 1811 Joseph Hague Everett Ludgershall Tory [Data unknown/missing.]
14 May 1811 Sir John Murray Wootton Bassett Tory [Data unknown/missing.]
24 June 1811 Henry Bowyer Abingdon [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
1 July 1811 Peter Parker Wexford Borough Tory [Data unknown/missing.]
26 February 1812 William Adam Kincardineshire [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
9 March 1812 Richard Wellesley East Grinstead [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
19 March 1812 Lord James Murray Perthshire [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
13 March 1812 Sir Patrick Murray Edinburgh [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
21 April 1812 Sir Abraham Hume Hastings [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
8 May 1812 Richard Henry Alexander Bennet Launceston [Data unknown/missing.] Lost the patronage of the Duke of Northumberland
8 June 1812 George Gunning East Grinstead [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
1 July 1812 Sir William Oglander Bodmin [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
7 July 1812 George Augustus Frederick Cochrane Grampound [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
22 December 1812 Joseph Hague Everett Ludgershall Tory [Data unknown/missing.]
26 December 1812 George Duckett Plympton Erle [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
29 December 1812 John Courtenay Appleby [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
12 February 1813 Sir John Thomas Duckworth New Romney Tory [Data unknown/missing.]
13 February 1813 George Robert Hobart Mitchell [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
4 March 1813 Sir John Leman Rogers Callington [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
11 March 1813 James Kibblewhite Wootton Bassett Whig [Data unknown/missing.]
6 April 1813 John Attersoll Wootton Bassett Whig [Data unknown/missing.]
27 April 1813 Charles Henry Bouverie Downton [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
17 June 1813 Henry Arthur Herbert Tralee Whig [Data unknown/missing.]
29 June 1813 Hugh Rose Nairnshire [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
10 December 1813 Ralph John Lambton City of Durham Whig [Data unknown/missing.]
20 December 1813 George Campbell Carmarthen [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
11 April 1814 William à Court Dorchester [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
11 April 1814 Lord William Bentinck Nottinghamshire Whig [Data unknown/missing.]
16 April 1814 Peter Heron Newton [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
9 May 1814 Charles Noel Noel Rutland [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
10 June 1814 Lord George Beresford Coleraine Tory [Data unknown/missing.]
2 August 1814 John Bruce Mitchell [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
4 August 1814 John Kingston Lymington [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
12 August 1814 Henry Dawkins Aldborough Tory [Data unknown/missing.]
24 November 1814 Thomas Hussey Aylesbury [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
5 December 1814 Benjamin Hall Westbury [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
24 March 1815 Richard Boyle Bernard Bandon Tory [Data unknown/missing.]
31 March 1815 William Frankland Thirsk Whig [Data unknown/missing.]
14 April 1815 James Stephen East Grinstead [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
4 May 1815 Henry Gally Knight Aldborough Tory [Data unknown/missing.]
26 June 1815 Sandford Graham Ludgershall Whig [Data unknown/missing.]
22 July 1815 Earl Gower Newcastle-under-Lyme [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
31 July 1815 Lord Granville Leveson-Gower Staffordshire Whig [Data unknown/missing.]
14 February 1816 John Leach Seaford [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
23 February 1816 Joseph Jekyll Calne [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
1 March 1816 Augustus John Foster Cockermouth Tory [Data unknown/missing.]
4 March 1816 Sir Henry Conyngham Montgomery Yarmouth (Isle of Wight) [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
6 March 1816 James Macdonald Sutherland [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
13 March 1816 Thomas Read Kemp Lewes Whig [Data unknown/missing.]
20 March 1816 Reginald Pole-Carew Lostwithiel [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
21 March 1816 Charles Hope Haddingtonshire [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
29 March 1816 Lord Burghersh Lyme Regis [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
15 April 1816 David Vanderheyden East Looe Tory [Data unknown/missing.]
15 April 1816 John Delgarno Newport (Isle of Wight) [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
16 April 1816 George Ponsonby Peterborough Whig [Data unknown/missing.]
9 May 1816 Edmund Pollexfen Bastard Dartmouth Tory [Data unknown/missing.]
5 June 1816 Viscount Ebrington Buckingham Whig [Data unknown/missing.]
15 June 1816 Sir William Congreve Gatton [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
8 July 1816 Robert Rickards Wootton Bassett [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
12 July 1816 William Douglas Plympton Erle [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
2 August 1816 Sir William Stewart Wigtownshire [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
6 February 1817 Edward Spencer Cowper Hertford Whig [Data unknown/missing.]
8 February 1817 William Hicks-Beach Malmesbury Whig [Data unknown/missing.]
14 February 1817 Viscount Cranborne Weymouth and Melcombe Regis Tory [Data unknown/missing.]
18 February 1817 Richard Wellesley Yarmouth (Isle of Wight) [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
21 February 1817 Augustus Cavendish-Bradshaw Castle Rising Tory [Data unknown/missing.]
10 June 1817 Harvey Christian Combe City of London Whig [Data unknown/missing.]
12 June 1817 The Earl of Desart Bossiney Tory [Data unknown/missing.]
19 June 1817 Robert Peel Chippenham Whig [Data unknown/missing.]
23 June 1817 Viscount Ebrington Buckingham Whig [Data unknown/missing.]
28 June 1817 Charles Nicholas Pallmer Ludgershall Whig [Data unknown/missing.]
12 July 1817 Lord John Russell Tavistock Whig [Data unknown/missing.]
19 February 1818 Hart Davis Colchester Tory [Data unknown/missing.]
18 March 1818 Alexander Maconochie Yarmouth (Isle of Wight) Tory [Data unknown/missing.]
20 February 1819 The Lord Huntingfield Dunwich Tory [Data unknown/missing.]
20 February 1819 Richard Sharp Portarlington Whig [Data unknown/missing.]
27 February 1819 George Tennyson Bletchingley Whig [Data unknown/missing.]
4 March 1819 Richard Pennefather Cashel Tory [Data unknown/missing.]
6 March 1819 William Bagwell Clonmel Tory [Data unknown/missing.]
16 March 1819 John Taylor Yarmouth (Isle of Wight) Tory [Data unknown/missing.]
16 March 1819 William Mount Yarmouth (Isle of Wight) Tory [Data unknown/missing.]
29 March 1819 Lord William Russell Tavistock Whig [Data unknown/missing.]
30 March 1819 Marmaduke Lawson Boroughbridge Whig [Data unknown/missing.]
5 April 1819 George Fludyer Appleby Tory [Data unknown/missing.]
1 May 1819 Ralph Franco Westbury Tory [Data unknown/missing.]
20 May 1819 John Bladen Taylor Hythe [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
29 May 1819 Edward Denny Tralee Tory [Data unknown/missing.]
6 July 1819 William Fitzhugh Tiverton [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
19 July 1819 Paul Methuen Wiltshire [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
30 November 1819 William Lamb Peterborough Whig [Data unknown/missing.]
3 December 1819 Edward Finch Cambridge Tory [Data unknown/missing.]
22 May 1820 John Nicholas Fazakerley Tavistock Whig [Data unknown/missing.]
30 May 1820 Viscount Normanby Scarborough Whig [Data unknown/missing.]
4 June 1820 Arthur Howe Holdsworth Dartmouth [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
16 June 1820 Albany Savile Okehampton Tory [Data unknown/missing.]
27 June 1820 Kirkman Finlay Malmesbury [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
17 July 1820 Arthur Johnston Crawford Old Sarum Tory [Data unknown/missing.]
3 August 1820 Charles Ashe A'Court Heytesbury [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
7 November 1820 Sir Charles Mordaunt Warwickshire [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
29 November 1820 Nathaniel Barton Westbury [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
9 February 1821 Dudley Long North Newtown Whig [Data unknown/missing.]
9 February 1821 John Carroll New Ross [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
17 February 1821 Alexander Boswell Plympton Erle Tory [Data unknown/missing.]
21 March 1821 James Henry Keith Stewart Wigtown Burghs Tory [Data unknown/missing.]
28 April 1821 John Douglas Orford Tory [Data unknown/missing.]
11 May 1821 Thomas Assheton Smith Andover Tory [Data unknown/missing.]
26 May 1821 James Graham St Ives [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
5 June 1821 George Finch Lymington [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
21 July 1821 John Beckett Cockermouth [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
11 February 1822 Sir John Nicholl Great Bedwyn Tory [Data unknown/missing.]
18 February 1822 Augustus Clifford Dungarvan Whig [Data unknown/missing.]
19 February 1822 Marquess of Titchfield Bletchingley Whig [Data unknown/missing.]
14 March 1822 Lord John Campbell Argyllshire [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
8 April 1822 Charles Milner Ricketts Dartmouth [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
12 April 1822 Henry Fownes Luttrell Minehead Tory [Data unknown/missing.]
30 April 1822 Abraham Moore Shaftesbury [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
30 July 1822 Joseph Foster Barham Stockbridge Whig [Data unknown/missing.]
14 August 1822 William Cust Clitheroe [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
10 February 1823 Nicholas Vansittart Harwich [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
10 February 1823 Charles Bathurst Harwich [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
12 February 1823 James Scarlett Peterborough Whig [Data unknown/missing.]
18 February 1823 George Bankes Corfe Castle Tory [Data unknown/missing.]
18 February 1823 James Henry Leigh Winchester [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
24 February 1823 Sir Compton Domvile Bossiney [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
28 February 1823 James Somers Cocks Reigate [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
4 March 1823 John Dodson Rye [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
3 April 1823 Sir Harry Burrard-Neale Lymington [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
16 February 1824 Lord Frederick Cavendish-Bentinck Weobley [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
5 March 1824 Francis Leigh New Ross Tory [Data unknown/missing.]
2 June 1824 The Lord Dunalley Okehampton Whig [Data unknown/missing.]
13 July 1824 Robert Bruce Clackmannanshire [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
11 February 1825 Thomas Claughton Newton [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
8 March 1825 William Wilberforce Bramber Tory [Data unknown/missing.]
2 April 1825 Philip Musgrave Petersfield [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
6 April 1825 Lord Lindsay Wigan Tory [Data unknown/missing.]
13 February 1826 Henry Bankes Corfe Castle Tory [Data unknown/missing.]
22 February 1826 Richard Heber Oxford University Tory [Data unknown/missing.]
1 March 1826 Thomas Grimston Estcourt Devizes [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
3 March 1826 George Watson-Taylor East Looe Tory [Data unknown/missing.]
15 December 1826 Sir William Curtis Hastings [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
16 December 1826 George James Robarts Wallingford Whig [Data unknown/missing.]
16 December 1826 George Edgcumbe Plympton Erle Tory [Data unknown/missing.]
14 February 1827 Henry Fox Horsham Whig [Data unknown/missing.]
16 February 1827 William Wilson Carus Wilson Cockermouth Tory [Data unknown/missing.]
14 May 1827 William Russell Bletchingley Whig [Data unknown/missing.]
16 May 1827 Sir Nicholas Conyngham Tindal Harwich Tory [Data unknown/missing.]
22 May 1827 John Wilson Croker Aldeburgh Tory [Data unknown/missing.]
23 May 1827 William Henry Fremantle Buckingham [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
7 June 1827 Charles Arbuthnot St Germans Tory [Data unknown/missing.]
9 July 1827 Guy Lenox Prendergast Lymington [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
4 February 1828 Lord William Bentinck King's Lynn Whig [Data unknown/missing.]
8 February 1828 John Bond Corfe Castle Tory [Data unknown/missing.]
8 February 1828 Samuel Barrett Moulton Barrett Richmond (Yorks) Whig [Data unknown/missing.]
11 February 1828 Richard Magenis Enniskillen Tory [Data unknown/missing.]
29 February 1828 Sir Christopher Hawkins St Ives Tory [Data unknown/missing.]
2 April 1828 Josias du Pre Alexander Old Sarum Tory [Data unknown/missing.]
9 April 1828 John Wilks Sudbury [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
23 April 1828 Thomas Frankland Lewis Ennis Tory [Data unknown/missing.]
12 June 1828 Sir George Cockburn Weobley Tory [Data unknown/missing.]
23 July 1828 William Lamb Bletchingley Whig [Data unknown/missing.]
18 February 1829 Sir James Graham Carlisle Whig [Data unknown/missing.]
27 February 1829 Wyndham Lewis Aldeburgh Tory [Data unknown/missing.]
28 February 1829 Robert Peel Oxford University Tory [Data unknown/missing.]
2 March 1829 Sir Manasseh Masseh Lopes Westbury Tory [Data unknown/missing.]
6 March 1829 Lord FitzRoy Somerset Truro Tory [Data unknown/missing.]
6 March 1829 Nathaniel William Peach Corfe Castle Tory [Data unknown/missing.]
6 March 1829 Sir William Henry Clinton Newark [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
13 March 1829 Earl Bruce Marlborough Whig [Data unknown/missing.]
17 March 1829 Pownoll Bastard Pellew Launceston Tory [Data unknown/missing.]
13 March 1829 Lord Brudenell Marlborough Tory [Data unknown/missing.]
30 March 1829 Sir Edward Campbell Rich Owen Sandwich [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
20 April 1829 Sir George Smyth Colchester Tory [Data unknown/missing.]
4 May 1829 Robert Hurst Horsham Whig [Data unknown/missing.]
9 May 1829 James Drummond Buller-Elphinstone East Looe Tory [Data unknown/missing.]
25 May 1829 Joshua Walker Aldeburgh Tory [Data unknown/missing.]
3 June 1829 Henry Evans Wexford Borough Tory [Data unknown/missing.]
9 June 1829 Sir Edward Denny Tralee Tory [Data unknown/missing.]
2 July 1829 George Bankes Corfe Castle Tory [Data unknown/missing.]
22 July 1829 Granville Proby Wicklow Whig [Data unknown/missing.]
12 February 1830 Charles Buller West Looe Whig [Data unknown/missing.]
15 February 1830 Henry Brougham Winchelsea Whig [Data unknown/missing.]
20 February 1830 Robert Henley Eden Fowey Tory [Data unknown/missing.]
20 February 1830 James Hewitt Massy Dawson Clonmel Tory To contest County Limerick
1 March 1830 Henry Bonham Rye [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
2 March 1830 Henry Villiers-Stuart County Waterford Tory [Data unknown/missing.]
8 March 1830 William Scott Gatton [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
24 November 1830 Viscount Milton Peterborough Whig [Data unknown/missing.]
17 December 1830 Sir Henry Hardinge St Germans Tory [Data unknown/missing.]
20 December 1830 William Vesey-FitzGerald Lostwithiel Tory [Data unknown/missing.]
23 December 1830 Viscount Valletort Plympton Erle Tory [Data unknown/missing.]
28 December 1830 Thomas Knox Dungannon Tory [Data unknown/missing.]
10 February 1831 Sir Hussey Vivian Windsor Whig [Data unknown/missing.]
16 February 1831 Charles Stuart-Wortley-Mackenzie Bossiney Tory [Data unknown/missing.]
18 February 1831 Robert William Mills Bletchingley Whig [Data unknown/missing.]
21 February 1831 Henry Willoughby Newark [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
26 February 1831 John Gregson Saltash [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
1 March 1831 James Alexander Hodson Wigan Tory [Data unknown/missing.]
4 March 1831 Sir James Montgomery Peeblesshire [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
14 March 1831 William Sturges Bourne Milborne Port Tory [Data unknown/missing.]
14 March 1831 Sir Philip Charles Sidney Eye Tory [Data unknown/missing.]
19 March 1831 Arthur Hill-Trevor New Romney Tory [Data unknown/missing.]
6 April 1831 Sir James Scarlett Malton Whig Left the Whigs for the Tories in opposition to electoral reform
9 April 1831 Sir Willoughby Gordon Launceston Tory [Data unknown/missing.]
19 April 1831 William Stratford Dugdale Shaftesbury [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
14 July 1831 William Henry Trant Okehampton Tory [Data unknown/missing.]
15 July 1831 Henry Hanmer Westbury Whig [Data unknown/missing.]
18 July 1831 John Ponsonby Bletchingley Whig [Data unknown/missing.]
20 July 1831 James Brougham Downton Whig [Data unknown/missing.]
22 July 1831 Viscount Bernard Bandon Tory [Data unknown/missing.]
15 August 1831 Charles Tottenham New Ross Tory [Data unknown/missing.]
25 August 1831 Viscount Ingestre Armagh City Tory To contest Dublin City
30 September 1831 William Cavendish Malton Whig [Data unknown/missing.]
6 October 1831 Charles Christopher Pepys Higham Ferrers Whig [Data unknown/missing.]
11 October 1831 Lord Ashley Dorchester Tory [Data unknown/missing.]
25 October 1831 Lord Russell Tavistock Whig [Data unknown/missing.]
1 November 1831 Lord Francis Osborne Cambridgeshire [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
15 December 1831 Charles Philip Yorke Reigate Tory [Data unknown/missing.]
22 December 1831 Thomas Brayen Leominster [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
2 February 1832 Earl of Brecknock Dunwich Tory [Data unknown/missing.]
25 February 1832 Henry Glynne Flint Whig [Data unknown/missing.]
26 June 1832 Sir Thomas Baring Wycombe [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
8 March 1833 Viscount Milton Malton Whig To contest Northamptonshire
20 March 1833 Edward Berkeley Portman Marylebone Whig [Data unknown/missing.]
4 April 1833 George Barrington Sunderland [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
11 May 1833 Sir John Cam Hobhouse Westminster Whig [Data unknown/missing.]
27 May 1833 David Ricardo Stroud Whig [Data unknown/missing.]
12 August 1833 Sir John Key City of London Whig [Data unknown/missing.]
4 September 1833 Charles Stuart Buteshire [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
17 February 1834 James Cornish Totnes [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
17 February 1834 Montague Gore Devizes Whig Broke from the Whigs with the Derby Dilly over reform
21 March 1834 Sir Robert Frankland Thirsk Whig [Data unknown/missing.]
24 March 1834 Sir John Maxwell Paisley [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
27 June 1834 Mervyn Archdall Fermanagh Tory [Data unknown/missing.]
6 May 1835 Viscount Morpeth West Riding of Yorkshire Lib Appointed Chief Secretary for Ireland
19 May 1835 Charles Richard Fox Stroud Lib [Data unknown/missing.]
1 June 1835 James Kennedy Tiverton [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
5 July 1835 Richard Alexander Oswald Ayrshire [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
10 February 1836 Sir Philip Durham Devizes [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
15 February 1836 Fretchville Lawson Ballantine Dykes Cockermouth Whig [Data unknown/missing.]
17 February 1836 Colin Dunlop[6] Glasgow [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
18 February 1836 Thomas Frewen Turner South Leicestershire [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
17 May 1836 Alexander Graham Speirs Paisley [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
17 May 1836 Richard Sullivan Kilkenny City Lib [Data unknown/missing.]
27 May 1836 Colin Dunlop Glasgow [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
27 June 1836 Sir Robert Williames Vaughan Merioneth Con [Data unknown/missing.]
23 August 1836 Sir Charles Greville Warwick Con [Data unknown/missing.]
21 February 1837 Sir Francis Goodricke Stafford Con Resigned in May 1835 to contest Staffordshire; the House of Commons considered disenfranchising the borough for corruption and did not issue a new writ until 1837
23 February 1837 Sir Richard Williams-Bulkeley Anglesey Whig [Data unknown/missing.]
21 April 1837 Thomas Read Kemp Lewes Lib [Data unknown/missing.]
12 May 1837 Sir Francis Burdett Westminster Lib To contest the seat against a Radical candidate
16 May 1837 John Temple Leader Bridgwater Lib [Data unknown/missing.]
16 May 1837 Stewart Marjoribanks Hythe Whig [Data unknown/missing.]
27 May 1836 James Oswald[7] Glasgow [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
25 July 1837 William Wilshere Great Yarmouth Whig [Data unknown/missing.]
12 December 1837 Sir James John Hamilton Sudbury Con [Data unknown/missing.]
12 December 1837 William Stephen Poyntz Midhurst Whig [Data unknown/missing.]
20 February 1838 Henry Hanbury Tracy Bridgnorth [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
20 February 1838 Hugh Owen Owen Pembroke Con [Data unknown/missing.]
5 March 1838 Sir William Geary West Kent Con [Data unknown/missing.]
1 May 1838 Thomas Chaplin Stamford Con [Data unknown/missing.]
11 May 1838 Henry Peyton Woodstock Con [Data unknown/missing.]
21 May 1838 Henry Thomas Hope Gloucester Con [Data unknown/missing.]
9 June 1838 Viscount Northland Dungannon Con [Data unknown/missing.]
12 June 1838 Alexander William Chisholm Inverness-shire Con [Data unknown/missing.]
14 June 1838 James Hope Linlithgowshire [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
9 March 1839 Richard Potter Wigan Whig [Data unknown/missing.]
24 June 1839 Lord William Bentinck Glasgow Whig [Data unknown/missing.]
15 July 1839 Thomas Milner Gibson Ipswich Con [Data unknown/missing.]
26 July 1839 Jasper Parrott Totnes [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
19 August 1839 Arthur FitzGerald Kinnaird Perth [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
6 September 1839 Thomas Spring Rice Cambridge Whig [Data unknown/missing.]
24 January 1840 George Lane Fox Beverley Con [Data unknown/missing.]
25 January 1840 Thomas Attwood Birmingham Lib [Data unknown/missing.]
28 January 1840 Hon. William Middleton Noel Rutland Con [Data unknown/missing.]
22 February 1840 Lord Leveson Morpeth Lib [Data unknown/missing.]
4 March 1840 Roderick Macleod Inverness Burghs Whig [Data unknown/missing.]
12 March 1840 Viscount Cantelupe Helston Con [Data unknown/missing.]
8 April 1840 Hon. William Howard Sutherland Con [Data unknown/missing.]
25 April 1840 Francis William Grant Elginshire and Nairnshire [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
5 June 1840 Sir John Benn Walsh Sudbury Con [Data unknown/missing.]
31 July 1840 Henry Chester County Louth [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
12 August 1840 Somerset Richard Maxwell Cavan Con [Data unknown/missing.]
24 August 1840 John Power County Waterford [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
9 February 1841 Hon. Edward Harbottle Grimston Helston Con [Data unknown/missing.]
2 February 1841 Francis Finch Walsall Lib [Data unknown/missing.]
9 February 1841 William Addams Williams Monmouthshire [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
16 February 1841 Alexander Speirs Richmond (Yorks) Whig [Data unknown/missing.]
24 February 1841 Nicholas Fitzsimon King's County [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
4 September 1841 Edward Strutt Derby Whig [Data unknown/missing.]
15 September 1841 Henry Warburton Bridport Radical [Data unknown/missing.]
17 September 1841 William Thompson Sunderland [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
5 October 1841 Henry William Hobhouse Hereford Whig [Data unknown/missing.]
10 February 1842 Sir Stratford Canning King's Lynn Con [Data unknown/missing.]
11 February 1842 Edward Thomas Bainbridge Taunton Whig [Data unknown/missing.]
18 February 1842 George Abercromby Clackmannanshire and Kinross-shire [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
16 April 1842 Patrick Chalmers Montrose Burghs [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
5 May 1842 Isaac Newton Wigney Brighton Lib [Data unknown/missing.]
26 May 1842 Sir Robert Bateson Londonderry Con [Data unknown/missing.]
4 August 1842 Sir George Larpent Nottingham Whig [Data unknown/missing.]
23 August 1842 John Willis Fleming South Hampshire Con [Data unknown/missing.]
16 March 1843 John Rundle Tavistock Whig [Data unknown/missing.]
18 March 1843 Thomas Pemberton Ripon Con [Data unknown/missing.]
4 May 1843 William Bird Brodie Salisbury Whig [Data unknown/missing.]
8 September 1843 Alexander Cameron Campbell Argyllshire [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
10 February 1844 Thomas Sotheron Devizes Con [Data unknown/missing.]
30 March 1844 Joseph Planta Hastings Con [Data unknown/missing.]
11 May 1844 Thomas Duffield Abingdon Con [Data unknown/missing.]
4 June 1844 Hon. Arthur Henry Cole Enniskillen Con ill health[8]
9 July 1844 Sir David Roche Limerick City Lib [Data unknown/missing.]
2 August 1844 Thomas William Chester-Master Cirencester Con [Data unknown/missing.]
8 August 1844 Thomas Hawkes Dudley [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
20 September 1844 Lord Stanley North Lancashire Con In anticipation of a writ in acceleration to the House of Lords
3 March 1845 Sir Edward Knatchbull East Kent Con [Data unknown/missing.]
26 April 1845 Charles Greenaway Leominster [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
1 May 1845 Marquess of Blandford Woodstock Con [Data unknown/missing.]
25 June 1845 William Ramsay Ramsay Midlothian [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
20 August 1845 Sir James Tennent Belfast Con [Data unknown/missing.]
30 January 1846 Sir Horace Beauchamp Seymour Midhurst Con [Data unknown/missing.]
3 February 1846 George Darby East Sussex Con [Data unknown/missing.]
5 February 1846 Joseph Stock Cashel Lib [Data unknown/missing.]
11 February 1846 Sir Thomas Fremantle Buckingham Con [Data unknown/missing.]
14 February 1846 Hon. William Dawnay Rutland Con [Data unknown/missing.]
19 February 1846 Lord Ashley Dorset Con [Data unknown/missing.]
19 February 1846 Henry Sturt Dorset Con [Data unknown/missing.]
19 February 1846 The Lord Henniker East Suffolk Con [Data unknown/missing.]
24 February 1846 William Ralph Cartwright South Northamptonshire Con [Data unknown/missing.]
27 February 1846 Hon. Francis Charteris East Gloucestershire Con [Data unknown/missing.]
2 March 1846 Mark Blake Mayo [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
7 March 1846 Alexander Baillie-Cochrane Bridport Con [Data unknown/missing.]
15 April 1846 John Walbanke-Childers Malton Whig [Data unknown/missing.]
2 May 1846 William Baird Falkirk Burghs Con [Data unknown/missing.]
10 July 1846 Henry Labouchere Taunton Whig [Data unknown/missing.]
25 January 1847 Ambrose Hussey Salisbury Con [Data unknown/missing.]
30 January 1847 Lord Robert Grosvenor City of Chester Whig [Data unknown/missing.]
2 February 1847 Charles Wyndham West Sussex Con [Data unknown/missing.]
17 March 1847 Sir Howard Elphinstone Lewes Lib [Data unknown/missing.]
15 December 1847 William Dougal Christie Weymouth and Melcombe Regis Whig [Data unknown/missing.]
15 December 1847 Samuel Christy-Miller Newcastle-under-Lyme [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
18 December 1847 William Yates Peel Tamworth Con [Data unknown/missing.]
22 December 1847 David Barclay Sunderland [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
19 February 1848 Frederick Shaw University of Dublin Con [Data unknown/missing.]
25 February 1848 William Heald Ludlow Bruges Devizes [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
1 March 1848 Daniel O'Connell Waterford City [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
27 April 1848 William Acton Wicklow Con [Data unknown/missing.]
13 February 1849 Lord Courtenay South Devon Con [Data unknown/missing.]
6 April 1849 Sir William Heathcote North Hampshire Con [Data unknown/missing.]
17 April 1849 Lancelot Rolleston South Nottinghamshire Con [Data unknown/missing.]
3 May 1849 Henry George Ward Sheffield Lib [Data unknown/missing.]
7 June 1849 Evelyn Shirley South Warwickshire Con [Data unknown/missing.]
4 July 1849 Lionel de Rothschild City of London Lib [Data unknown/missing.]
2 August 1849 Sir James Duke[9] Boston Whig To contest a by-election for the City of London

1850 to 1899Edit

Date Member[4] Constituency Party Reason for resignation
9 February 1850 Sir George Smyth[4] Colchester Con [Data unknown/missing.]
4 March 1850 Lord Albert Conyngham[4] Canterbury Lib Raised to the peerage as Baron Londesborough
12 March 1850 John Ffolliott[4] Sligo County [Data unknown/missing.] [Data unknown/missing.]
30 April 1850 Hon. George Keppel[4] Lymington Whig [Data unknown/missing.]
22 July 1850 Sir John Jervis[4] City of Chester Lib [Data unknown/missing.]
3 August 1850 Viscount Northland[4] Dungannon Con [Data unknown/missing.]
7 August 1850 Charles Pearson[10] Lambeth Lib [Data unknown/missing.]
24 December 1850 Viscount Adare Glamorganshire Con Succeeded his father as Earl of Dunraven and Mount-Earl[11]
3 February 1851 Viscount Northland Dungannon Con [Data unknown/missing.]
3 February 1851 Sir John Hobhouse, Bt Harwich Lib Raised to the peerage as Baron Broughton[12]
1 March 1851 Richard Lalor Sheil Dungarvan Lib Retired due to ill health and to become a priest in Tuscany[13]
31 March 1851 Hon. Henry Cole Enniskillen Con [Data unknown/missing.]
14 April 1851 William Trant Fagan Cork City RA [Data unknown/missing.]
5 May 1851 John Simeon Isle of Wight Lib [Data unknown/missing.]
10 July 1851 The Earl of Surrey Arundel Lib To protest the passage of the Ecclesiastical Titles Act 1851[14]
23 July 1851 John O'Connell Limerick City RA To allow the Earl of Surrey to take his place[15]
1 August 1851 Richard Ker Downpatrick Con [Data unknown/missing.]
12 September 1851 Hon. Arthur Duncombe East Retford Con [Data unknown/missing.]
25 October 1851 Benjamin Hawes Kinsale Lib [Data unknown/missing.]
29 January 1852 John Plumptre East Kent Con [Data unknown/missing.]
16 March 1852 John Boyd Coleraine Con [Data unknown/missing.]
20 April 1852 Francis Rufford Worcester Con [Data unknown/missing.]
5 July 1853 William Evans North Derbyshire Whig [Data unknown/missing.]
3 August 1853 Hon. George Anson South Staffordshire Lib Appointed to command a Division in Bengal[16]
13 August 1853 John Maguire Dungarvan Lib Became Mayor of Cork[17]
28 January 1854 Richard Prime West Sussex Con [Data unknown/missing.]
5 May 1854 Musgrave Brisco Hastings Con [Data unknown/missing.]
5 August 1854 Hon. William Gordon Aberdeenshire Con [Data unknown/missing.]
11 August 1854 Lord Dudley Stuart Marylebone Lib [Data unknown/missing.]
30 March 1855 Edmond Roche Cork County Lib [Data unknown/missing.]
2 May 1855 William Mure Renfrewshire Con [Data unknown/missing.]
6 July 1855 Charles Berkeley Evesham Lib [Data unknown/missing.]
22 November 1855 Hon. Francis Child Villiers Rochester Con [Data unknown/missing.]
25 January 1856 Sir Gilbert Heathcote, Bt Rutland Whig [Data unknown/missing.]
3 March 1856 Charles Gavan Duffy New Ross Lib [Data unknown/missing.]
2 May 1856 Charles Berkeley Cheltenham Lib [Data unknown/missing.]
15 July 1856 Henry Sturt Dorchester Con [Data unknown/missing.]
7 January 1857 William Biggs Newport Whig [Data unknown/missing.]
17 February 1857 Charles Frewen East Sussex Con [Data unknown/missing.]
23 July 1857 Lionel de Rothschild City of London Lib Being Jewish, unable to swear his oath of allegiance on a Bible that contained the New Testament. A bill that would allow him to swear on the Old Testament was defeated.[18]
30 November 1857 Hon. Francis Baring Thetford Con [Data unknown/missing.]
19 December 1857 George Skene Duff Elgin Burghs Lib [Data unknown/missing.]
4 November 1858 Henry Tancred Banbury Whig [Data unknown/missing.]
9 February 1859 Sir John Ramsden, Bt Hythe Whig [Data unknown/missing.]
9 March 1859 John Bagshaw Harwich Lib [Data unknown/missing.]
2 August 1859 Henry Labouchere Taunton Lib Raised to the peerage as Baron Taunton[19]
12 August 1859 Ralph Earle Berwick-upon-Tweed Con Accusations of improper financial deals with railway companies[20]
6 March 1860 William Laslett Worcester Lib [Data unknown/missing.]
4 June 1860 Richard Davison Belfast Con [Data unknown/missing.]
27 August 1860 Hon. Percy Egerton Herbert Ludlow Con [Data unknown/missing.]
4 February 1861 Titus Salt Bradford Lib [Data unknown/missing.]
22 April 1861 Lachlan Gordon-Duff Banffshire Lib [Data unknown/missing.]
18 July 1861 Allen Eliott-Lockhart Selkirkshire Con [Data unknown/missing.]
January 1862 George Heneage Lincoln Lib [Data unknown/missing.]
26 March 1862 R. A. Cross Preston Con [Data unknown/missing.]
19 May 1862 Alfred Rhodes Bristow Kidderminster Lib [Data unknown/missing.]
7 January 1863 Edward Ball Cambridgeshire Con [Data unknown/missing.]
5 February 1863 Michael Seymour Plymouth Devonport Lib [Data unknown/missing.]
14 March 1863 Maxwell Close Armagh Con [Data unknown/missing.]
14 April 1863 Ion Hamilton Dublin County Con [Data unknown/missing.]
28 May 1863 Charles Tottenham New Ross Con [Data unknown/missing.]
4 February 1864 Sir James Buller East, Bt Winchester Con [Data unknown/missing.]
11 February 1865 Daniel O'Donoghue Tipperary Lib [Data unknown/missing.]
16 June 1865 Arthur William Buller Plymouth Devonport Lib [Data unknown/missing.]
1 March 1866 William Edward Dowdeswell Tewkesbury Con [Data unknown/missing.]
28 April 1866 Lord Clarence Paget Sandwich Whig [Data unknown/missing.]
7 May 1866 William Leslie Aberdeenshire Con [Data unknown/missing.]
8 August 1866 Hon. Charles Cust North Shropshire Con [Data unknown/missing.]
5 February 1867 William Humphery Andover Con [Data unknown/missing.]
5 February 1867 Sir Edward Kerrison, Bt East Suffolk Con [Data unknown/missing.]
10 May 1867 David Dundas Sutherland Lib [Data unknown/missing.]
26 July 1867 David Stewart Ker Downpatrick Con [Data unknown/missing.]
25 November 1867 Hon. Alexander Baring Thetford Con [Data unknown/missing.]
19 February 1868 Alexander Struthers Finlay Argyllshire Lib [Data unknown/missing.]
14 April 1868 William Welby-Gregory Grantham Con [Data unknown/missing.]
22 April 1868 Laurence Oliphant Stirling Burghs Lib [Data unknown/missing.]
17 February 1869 Richard Green-Price Radnor Lib [Data unknown/missing.]
28 July 1869 Edward Hamilton Salisbury Lib [Data unknown/missing.]
7 February 1870 Austen Henry Layard Southwark Lib [Data unknown/missing.]
9 February 1870 Henry Whitmore Bridgnorth Con [Data unknown/missing.]
16 February 1870 William Lee Maidstone Lib [Data unknown/missing.]
16 February 1870 Charles Ichabod Wright Nottingham Con [Data unknown/missing.]
30 March 1870 Lord Courtenay East Devon Con [Data unknown/missing.]
9 February 1871 Lord John Hay Ripon Lib [Data unknown/missing.]
9 February 1871 Sir Thomas Burke, Bt Galway County Lib [Data unknown/missing.]
22 February 1871 Edward Clive Hereford Lib [Data unknown/missing.]
24 February 1871 Poulett Somerset Monmouthshire Con [Data unknown/missing.]
6 February 1872 John Tollemache West Cheshire Con [Data unknown/missing.]
29 February 1872 Robert Stayner Holford East Gloucestershire Con [Data unknown/missing.]
17 April 1872 Richard Joseph Devereux Wexford Borough Lib [Data unknown/missing.]
7 February 1873 Edward Wingfield Verner Lisburn Con [Data unknown/missing.]
21 February 1873 George Legh Mid Cheshire Con [Data unknown/missing.]
29 April 1873 William Philip Price Gloucester Lib [Data unknown/missing.]
24 June 1873 Edmond de la Poer Waterford County Lib [Data unknown/missing.]
21 July 1873 George Armitstead Dundee Lib [Data unknown/missing.]
5 February 1875 George Melly Stoke-upon-Trent Lib [Data unknown/missing.]
6 February 1875 Charles William White Tipperary Nat [Data unknown/missing.]
15 April 1875 Francis Bassett Bedfordshire Lib [Data unknown/missing.]
20 July 1875 Thomas Richardson Hartlepool Lib [Data unknown/missing.]
8 February 1876 Richard Arkwright Leominster Con [Data unknown/missing.]
24 April 1876 William McCombie West Aberdeenshire Lib [Data unknown/missing.]
21 June 1876 George Dixon Birmingham Lib [Data unknown/missing.]
28 June 1876 William Edward Dowdeswell West Worcestershire Con [Data unknown/missing.]
14 July 1876 Sir Wyndham Knatchbull, Bt East Kent Con [Data unknown/missing.]
31 July 1876 Charles William Nevill Carmarthen Con [Data unknown/missing.]
8 February 1877 Sir Edmund Antrobus, Bt Wilton Lib [Data unknown/missing.]
12 February 1877 John Crossley Halifax Lib [Data unknown/missing.]
7 August 1877 Edward Corbett South Shropshire Con [Data unknown/missing.]
16 January 1878 James Grieve Greenock Lib [Data unknown/missing.]
29 January 1878 J. W. Henley Oxfordshire Con [Data unknown/missing.]
8 March 1878 Evan Pateshall Hereford Con [Data unknown/missing.]
16 April 1878 Robert William Hanbury Tamworth Con [Data unknown/missing.]
6 May 1878 Sir Emile Cowell-Stepney, Bt Carmarthen Lib [Data unknown/missing.]
3 August 1878 The Marquess of Lorne Argyllshire Lib [Data unknown/missing.]
15 August 1878 Edmund Buckley Newcastle-under-Lyme Con [Data unknown/missing.]
5 December 1878 Kirkman Daniel Hodgson Bristol Lib [Data unknown/missing.]
1 May 1879 Lewis Majendie Canterbury Con [Data unknown/missing.]
3 December 1879 Samuel Danks Waddy Barnstaple Lib [Data unknown/missing.]
1 May 1880 John Brinton Kidderminster Lib [Data unknown/missing.]
20 May 1880 Samuel Plimsoll Derby Lib [Data unknown/missing.]
23 July 1880 Sir Harcourt Vanden-Bempde-Johnstone, Bt Scarborough Lib [Data unknown/missing.]
18 January 1881 Duncan McLaren Edinburgh Lib [Data unknown/missing.]
5 April 1881 Sir Henry Havelock-Allan, Bt Sunderland Lib [Data unknown/missing.]
3 February 1882 Alexander Martin Sullivan Meath HRL [Data unknown/missing.]
18 April 1882 Vaughan Vaughan-Lee West Somerset Con [Data unknown/missing.]
15 August 1882 John Dyson Hutchinson Halifax Lib [Data unknown/missing.]
19 October 1882 James Cowan Edinburgh Lib [Data unknown/missing.]
16 November 1882 Henry Cecil Raikes Preston Con [Data unknown/missing.]
16 February 1883 Henry Joseph Gill Westmeath HRL [Data unknown/missing.]
6 March 1883 John Dillon Tipperary IPP [Data unknown/missing.]
6 June 1883 Michael Thomas Bass Derby Lib [Data unknown/missing.]
16 June 1883 Timothy Healy Wexford Borough IPP [Data unknown/missing.]
30 July 1883 Robert Henry Metge Meath Nat
21 August 1883 Hon. Gerard Noel Rutland Con [Data unknown/missing.]
24 January 1884 William Holms Paisley Lib [Data unknown/missing.]
12 February 1884 Charles Bradlaugh Northampton Con [Data unknown/missing.]
12 February 1884 George Bentinck West Norfolk Con [Data unknown/missing.]
20 February 1884 William Thackeray Marriott Brighton Lib [Data unknown/missing.]
7 May 1884 Edmund Filmer Mid Kent Con [Data unknown/missing.]
7 May 1884 Sir Henry Peek, Bt Mid Surrey Con [Data unknown/missing.]
5 August 1884 John Carpenter Garnier South Devon Con [Data unknown/missing.]
8 August 1884 John Aloysius Blake Waterford County HRL [Data unknown/missing.]
24 October 1884 John George Dodson Scarborough Lib [Data unknown/missing.]
19 February 1885 William Gore-Langton Mid Somerset Con [Data unknown/missing.]
17 February 1886 Lord Richard Grosvenor Flintshire Lib [Data unknown/missing.]
8 June 1886 William O'Shea Galway Borough Nat [Data unknown/missing.]
25 September 1886 Edmund Leamy North East Cork IPP [Data unknown/missing.]
30 April 1887 William Copeland Borlase St Austell Lib [Data unknown/missing.]
4 July 1887 Sir James McGarel-Hogg, Bt Hornsey Con [Data unknown/missing.]
5 July 1887 George Sclater-Booth North Hampshire Con [Data unknown/missing.]
15 July 1887 Thomas Blake Forest of Dean Lib [Data unknown/missing.]
8 September 1887 John O'Connor South Kerry IPP [Data unknown/missing.]
7 February 1888 Charles Lacaita Dundee Lib [Data unknown/missing.]
9 February 1888 Walter Shirley Shirley Doncaster Lib [Data unknown/missing.]
3 March 1888 The Earl of March Chichester Lib [Data unknown/missing.]
6 April 1888 Henry Joseph Gill Limerick City Lib [Data unknown/missing.]
15 May 1888 John Edmund Commerell Southampton Con [Data unknown/missing.]
8 November 1888 John Simon Dewsbury Lib [Data unknown/missing.]
22 February 1889 John Slagg Burnley Lib [Data unknown/missing.]
27 February 1889 Robert Gent-Davis Kennington Con [Data unknown/missing.]
6 April 1889 Francis Hughes-Hallett Rochester Con [Data unknown/missing.]
10 July 1889 Lord Charles Beresford Marylebone East Con [Data unknown/missing.]
4 March 1890 William Leatham Bright Stoke-upon-Trent Lib [Data unknown/missing.]
17 March 1890 Richard Ker East Down Con [Data unknown/missing.]
26 March 1890 Robert Richardson-Gardner Windsor Con [Data unknown/missing.]
12 June 1890 James Edward O'Doherty North Donegal IPP [Data unknown/missing.]
4 July 1891 Charles William Selwyn Wisbech Con [Data unknown/missing.]
12 December 1892 Jabez Balfour Burnley Lib [Data unknown/missing.]
9 May 1893 Michael Davitt North East Cork INF [Data unknown/missing.]
16 June 1893 John Morrogh South East Cork INF [Data unknown/missing.]
4 August 1893 William Grenfell Hereford Lib [Data unknown/missing.]
8 December 1893 William Thackeray Marriott Brighton Con [Data unknown/missing.]
21 March 1894 John Philipps Mid Lanarkshire Lib [Data unknown/missing.]
26 June 1894 Hon. Bernard Coleridge Sheffield Attercliffe Lib [Data unknown/missing.]
17 August 1894 James Allanson Picton Leicester Lib [Data unknown/missing.]
21 August 1894 Patrick Chance South Kilkenny INF [Data unknown/missing.]
2 April 1895 Clement Higgins Mid Norfolk Lib [Data unknown/missing.]
18 May 1895 Hon. Sidney Herbert Croydon Con [Data unknown/missing.]
15 June 1895 William O'Brien Cork City INF [Data unknown/missing.]
24 August 1895 Alfred Webb West Waterford INF [Data unknown/missing.]
19 February 1896[21] Thomas Sexton North Kerry INF [Data unknown/missing.]
24 April 1896 William Hunter Aberdeen North Lib [Data unknown/missing.]
20 November 1896 Martin White Forfar Lib [Data unknown/missing.]
16 January 1897 Alfred Wigram Romford Con [Data unknown/missing.]
2 February 1897 Sir George Trevelyan, Bt Glasgow Bridgeton Lib [Data unknown/missing.]
4 February 1897 Charles Harvey Combe Chertsey Con [Data unknown/missing.]
5 February 1898 Alfred Hopkinson Cricklade LU [Data unknown/missing.]
22 April 1898 Francis Taylor South Norfolk LU [Data unknown/missing.]
2 July 1898 James Dampier Palmer Gravesend Con [Data unknown/missing.]
21 July 1898 George Doughty Great Grimsby Lib [Data unknown/missing.]
7 February 1899 William Kenrick Birmingham North LU [Data unknown/missing.]
17 February 1899 Thomas Wayman Elland Lib [Data unknown/missing.]
16 June 1899 Sir John Austin, Bt Osgoldcross Lib [Data unknown/missing.]
1 July 1899 Robert Grant Webster St Pancras East Con [Data unknown/missing.]
26 October 1899 Hon. Henry Northcote Exeter Con [Data unknown/missing.]

1900 to 1949Edit

Date Member[4] Constituency Party Reason for resignation
26 January 1900[22] Lord Charles Beresford City of York Con Appointed Second-in-command of the Mediterranean Fleet.
27 January 1900[23] Bernard Collery North Sligo INF [Data unknown/missing.]
14 March 1900 Evelyn Hubbard Brixton Con On the advice of his doctors[24]
11 December 1900 Sir Matthew White Ridley, Bt Blackpool Con [Data unknown/missing.]
9 January 1902[25] Edward Brodie Hoare Hampstead Con Ill health[26]
1 February 1902[27] Michael McCartan South Down IPP [Data unknown/missing.]
7 February 1902[28] James Daly South Monaghan IPP Refusal of party leaders to publish the names of those members who were receiving payment from the Parliamentary fund and those who were not[29]
18 April 1902[30] Edwin Hughes Woolwich Con [Data unknown/missing.]
7 October 1902[31] Cathcart Wason Orkney and Shetland LU To stand again as an Independent Liberal.
27 October 1902 Augustus Frederick Warr Liverpool East Toxteth Con Found the workload of Parliament to be incompatible with his legal work in Liverpool and his wife's long-term illness.[32]
17 February 1903 William Edward Hartpole Lecky Dublin University LU [Data unknown/missing.]
5 March 1903 Edward Archdale North Fermanagh Con [Data unknown/missing.]
1 January 1904 William O'Brien Cork City AFIL [Data unknown/missing.]
22 March 1904 J. E. B. Seely Isle of Wight Con [Data unknown/missing.]
8 June 1904 John Lockie Plymouth Devonport Con [Data unknown/missing.]
16 June 1904 John Arthur Fyler Chertsey Con Bankruptcy
11 February 1905 John Archibald Willox Liverpool Everton Con [Data unknown/missing.]
28 June 1905 Arthur Hill West Down Con [Data unknown/missing.]
19 March 1906 Henry Broadhurst Leicester Lib [Data unknown/missing.]
7 May 1906 Frederick Rutherfoord Harris Dulwich Con [Data unknown/missing.]
11 June 1906 Heneage Legge Westminster St George's Con [Data unknown/missing.]
10 December 1906 Daniel Sheehan Mid Cork IPP [Data unknown/missing.]
12 February 1907 Harold James Reckitt Brigg Lib [Data unknown/missing.]
1 May 1907 William Evans-Gordon Stepney Con [Data unknown/missing.]
10 June 1907 Denis Joseph Cogan East Wicklow IPP [Data unknown/missing.]
1 July 1907 James O'Mara South Kilkenny IPP [Data unknown/missing.]
15 August 1907 Edward Blake South Longford Lib [Data unknown/missing.]
22 January 1908 William Alexander McArthur St Austell Lib [Data unknown/missing.]
22 February 1908 Harvey du Cros Hastings Con [Data unknown/missing.]
23 April 1908 Henry Fowler Wolverhampton East Lib [Data unknown/missing.]
28 April 1908 Edmund Robertson Dundee Lib [Data unknown/missing.]
29 June 1908 John Philipps Pembrokeshire Lib [Data unknown/missing.]
10 February 1909 John Sinclair Forfar Lib [Data unknown/missing.]
27 March 1909 William O'Brien Cork City IPP [Data unknown/missing.]
23 April 1909 J. Batty Langley Sheffield Attercliffe Lib [Data unknown/missing.]
25 June 1909 Herbert Samuel Cleveland Lib [Data unknown/missing.]
22 February 1910 Sir William Holland, Bt Rotherham Lib [Data unknown/missing.]
20 February 1911 Thomas Fleming Wilson North East Lanarkshire Lib [Data unknown/missing.]
15 March 1911 Lord Alwyne Compton Brentford Con [Data unknown/missing.]
27 April 1911 Viscount Morpeth Birmingham South LU [Data unknown/missing.]
28 June 1911 Thomas Ashton Luton Lib [Data unknown/missing.]
4 July 1911 Sir Alexander Fuller-Acland-Hood, Bt Wellington CU [Data unknown/missing.]
5 July 1911 John Muldoon East Wicklow IPP [Data unknown/missing.]
27 October 1911 Alfred Emmott Oldham Lib [Data unknown/missing.]
8 March 1912 John Hendley Morrison Kirkwood South East Essex Con [Data unknown/missing.]
13 March 1912 Sir James Rankin, Bt Leominster Con [Data unknown/missing.]
16 May 1912 Horatio Bottomley Hackney South Lib [Data unknown/missing.]
30 July 1912 George Kemp Manchester North West Lib [Data unknown/missing.]
14 November 1912 George Lansbury Bow and Bromley Lab [Data unknown/missing.]
5 February 1913 Lord Balniel Chorley Con [Data unknown/missing.]
2 June 1913 Sir Henry Kimber, Bt Wandsworth Con [Data unknown/missing.]
19 January 1914 William O'Brien Cork City AFIL [Data unknown/missing.]
26 May 1914 Richard Hazleton North Galway IPP [Data unknown/missing.]
7 July 1914 Austen Chamberlain East Worcestershire Con To contest Birmingham West
16 February 1915 Viscount Castlereagh Maidstone Con [Data unknown/missing.]
3 December 1915 William Walker Widnes Con [Data unknown/missing.]
16 December 1915 Charles Stuart-Wortley Sheffield Hallam Con [Data unknown/missing.]
6 January 1916 Sir Alexander Henderson, Bt Westminster St George's Con [Data unknown/missing.]
13 January 1916 Hon. Harry Levy-Lawson Mile End LU [Data unknown/missing.]
22 February 1916 Robert Yerburgh City of Chester Con [Data unknown/missing.]
24 February 1916 John Rolleston Hertford Con [Data unknown/missing.]
6 March 1916 John William Logan Harborough Lib [Data unknown/missing.]
8 April 1916 Henry Chaplin Wimbledon Con [Data unknown/missing.]
7 August 1916 Reginald Pole-Carew Bodmin LU [Data unknown/missing.]
10 October 1916 Felix Cassel St Pancras West Con [Data unknown/missing.]
27 November 1916 The Earl of Ronaldshay Hornsey Con [Data unknown/missing.]
16 December 1916 Charles Stuart-Wortley Sheffield Hallam Con [Data unknown/missing.]
21 December 1916 Sir John Dewar, Bt Inverness-shire Lib [Data unknown/missing.]
10 February 1917 The Marquess of Tullibardine West Perthshire Con [Data unknown/missing.]
22 March 1917 Arthur Annesley Oxford Con [Data unknown/missing.]
7 May 1917 Charles Henry Lyell Edinburgh South Lib [Data unknown/missing.]
19 June 1917 Amelius Lockwood Epping Con [Data unknown/missing.]
12 January 1918 Sir John Lonsdale, Bt Mid Armagh Con [Data unknown/missing.]
14 March 1918 William Redmond East Tyrone IPP [Data unknown/missing.]
12 June 1918 Denison Faber Clapham Con [Data unknown/missing.]
4 November 1918 Timothy Michael Healy North East Cork AFIL [Data unknown/missing.]
21 March 1919 Robert Chaine Alexander McCalmont East Antrim Con [Data unknown/missing.]
22 October 1919 John Wilkinson Taylor Chester-le-Street Lab [Data unknown/missing.]
29 October 1919 Hon. Waldorf Astor Plymouth Sutton Co Con [Data unknown/missing.]
2 December 1919 Henry Forster Sevenoaks Co Con [Data unknown/missing.]
8 February 1920 Will Crooks Woolwich East Lab [Data unknown/missing.]
15 February 1920 Sydney Arnold Penistone Lab [Data unknown/missing.]
9 March 1920 George Wardle Stockport Co Lab [Data unknown/missing.]
25 March 1920 James Clyde Edinburgh North Co Con [Data unknown/missing.]
7 July 1920 Robert Francis Peel Woodbridge Co Con [Data unknown/missing.]
25 November 1920 William Brace Abertillery Lab [Data unknown/missing.]
17 December 1920 Viscount Duncannon Dover Co Con [Data unknown/missing.]
18 March 1921 Dennis Boles Taunton Co Con [Data unknown/missing.]
15 April 1921 Lord Edmund Talbot Chichester Co Con [Data unknown/missing.]
24 May 1921 Walter Long Westminster St George's Co Con [Data unknown/missing.]
9 January 1922 Henry Newton Knights Camberwell North Co Con [Data unknown/missing.]
27 February 1922 Thomas Brash Morison Inverness Co Lib [Data unknown/missing.]
26 May 1922 Sir William Mount, Bt Newbury Co Con [Data unknown/missing.]
27 November 1922 Herbert Cayzer Portsmouth South Co Con [Data unknown/missing.]
13 February 1923 Thomas Worsfold Mitcham Co Con [Data unknown/missing.]
15 February 1923 William Rutherford Liverpool Edge Hill Co Con [Data unknown/missing.]
10 November 1923 Hon. Alexander Shaw Kilmarnock Lib [Data unknown/missing.]
26 April 1924 Sir Robert Houston, Bt Liverpool West Toxteth Co Con [Data unknown/missing.]
19 July 1924 Sir Ellis Ellis-Griffith, Bt Carmarthen Lib [Data unknown/missing.]
25 May 1925 Sir John Baird, Bt Ayr Burghs Con [Data unknown/missing.]
15 February 1926 Herbert Fisher Combined English Universities Lib [Data unknown/missing.]
30 April 1926 Ellis Ashmead-Bartlett Hammersmith North Con [Data unknown/missing.]
24 August 1926 Hon. Donald Howard North Cumberland Con [Data unknown/missing.]
4 November 1926 Hon. Joseph Kenworthy Kingston upon Hull Central Lib [Data unknown/missing.]
30 November 1926 John Davison Smethwick Lab [Data unknown/missing.]
9 March 1927 Leslie Haden-Guest Southwark North Lab [Data unknown/missing.]
9 June 1927 Sir Davison Dalziel, Bt Brixton Con [Data unknown/missing.]
7 June 1928 Sir Alfred Mond, Bt Carmarthen Con [Data unknown/missing.]
18 June 1928 Sir Rowland Blades, Bt Epsom Con [Data unknown/missing.]
12 July 1929 William Jowitt Preston Lib [Data unknown/missing.]
9 April 1930 Ernest Spero Fulham West Lab [Data unknown/missing.]
17 June 1930 Noel Buxton North Norfolk Lab [Data unknown/missing.]
3 February 1931 John Humphrey Davidson Fareham Con [Data unknown/missing.]
16 February 1931 Hugh Morrison Salisbury Con [Data unknown/missing.]
20 April 1931 Sidney Herbert Scarborough and Whitby Con [Data unknown/missing.]
3 June 1931 John Tinné Liverpool Wavertree Con [Data unknown/missing.]
4 April 1932 Newton Moore Richmond upon Thames Con [Data unknown/missing.]
7 June 1932 Sir Robert Hutchinson Montrose Burghs N Lib [Data unknown/missing.]
6 February 1933 George Herbert Rotherham Con [Data unknown/missing.]
16 February 1934 Viscount Lymington Basingstoke Con [Data unknown/missing.]
30 May 1934 Lord Erskine Weston-super-Mare Con [Data unknown/missing.]
22 May 1935 John Buchan Combined Scottish Universities UP [Data unknown/missing.]
9 July 1935 Hilton Young Sevenoaks Con [Data unknown/missing.]
18 April 1936 Viscount Borodale Peckham Con [Data unknown/missing.]
11 June 1936 James Henry Thomas Derby N Lab [Data unknown/missing.]
19 October 1936 William Kirkpatrick Preston Con [Data unknown/missing.]
14 January 1937 Ian Fraser St Pancras North Con [Data unknown/missing.]
16 March 1937 Philip Russell Rendel Dunne Stalybridge and Hyde Con [Data unknown/missing.]
25 May 1937 Robert Stevenon Horne Glasgow Hillhead UP [Data unknown/missing.]
1 June 1937 Stanley Baldwin Bewdley Con [Data unknown/missing.]
3 June 1937 Hon. Walter Runciman St Ives N Lib [Data unknown/missing.]
26 October 1937 Lord Eustace Percy Hastings Con
28 November 1938 The Duchess of Atholl Kinross and Western Perthshire UP To protest the appeasement of Adolf Hitler.[33]
27 March 1939 Hon. Arthur Hope Birmingham Aston Con [Data unknown/missing.]
1 July 1939 John Herbert Monmouth Con [Data unknown/missing.]
6 November 1939 John Remer Macclesfield Con [Data unknown/missing.]
24 January 1940 Sir Charles Barrie Southampton N Lib [Data unknown/missing.]
29 January 1940 Alan Garrett Anderson City of London Con [Data unknown/missing.]
8 February 1940 John Birchall Leeds North East Con [Data unknown/missing.]
10 April 1940 Nicholas Grattan-Doyle Newcastle upon Tyne North Con [Data unknown/missing.]
18 June 1940 Harry Nathan Wandsworth Central Lab [Data unknown/missing.]
12 July 1940 Bernard Cruddas Wansbeck Con [Data unknown/missing.]
18 September 1940 Thomas Sinclair Queen's University of Belfast UU [Data unknown/missing.]
11 November 1940 Viscount Wolmer Roundell Palmer, 3rd Earl of Selborne Aldershot Con [Data unknown/missing.]
3 April 1941 Frederick Roberts West Bromwich Lab [Data unknown/missing.]
11 July 1941 Sir Hugh Seely, Bt Berwick-upon-Tweed Lib [Data unknown/missing.]
10 November 1941 Lord Erskine [Data unknown/missing.] Con [Data unknown/missing.]
25 February 1942 Sir Victor Warrender, Bt Grantham Con [Data unknown/missing.]
9 April 1942 John Moore-Brabazon Wallasey Con [Data unknown/missing.]
9 July 1942 Gordon Macdonald Ince Lab [Data unknown/missing.]
14 January 1943 John Colville Midlothian and Peebles Northern Con [Data unknown/missing.]
20 September 1943 Lord Burghley Peterborough Con [Data unknown/missing.]
24 January 1944 Tom Kennedy Kirkcaldy Burghs Lab [Data unknown/missing.]
7 February 1944 Cecil Wilson Sheffield Attercliffe Lab [Data unknown/missing.]
26 February 1946 Ted Williams Ogmore Lab Appointed British High Commissioner to Australia[34]
24 May 1946 Francis Douglas Battersea North Lab Appointed Governor of Malta[35]
2 October 1946 Clarice Shaw Kilmarnock Lab Ill health[36]
16 October 1946 John Boyd Orr Combined Scottish Universities Ind Concentrating on work as Director General of the Food and Agriculture Organization
4 November 1946 Sir Douglas Thomson, Bt Aberdeen South Con Pressure of business[37]
3 November 1947 Sir Archibald Southby, Bt Epsom Con Ill health[38]
1 March 1948 Tom Williamson Brigg Lab Concentrating on work as General Secretary of the GMWU
2 July 1948 George Buchanan Glasgow Gorbals Lab Appointed Chairman of the National Assistance Board[39]
19 December 1949 Jack Lawson Chester-le-Street Lab Appointed Vice-Chairman of the National Parks Commission[40]

1950 to 1999Edit

Date Member[4] Constituency Party Reason for resignation
25 October 1950 Hon. Sir Stafford Cripps Bristol South East Lab Medical advice[41]
22 March 1951 Sir Ronald Ross, Bt Londonderry Con Appointed Agent of the Government of Northern Ireland in London
11 May 1951 Rhys Davies Westhoughton Lab Ill health[42]
8 October 1952 Hon. Sir Hugh O'Neill North Antrim Con Retiring[43]
21 January 1953 Sidney Schofield Barnsley Lab Personal and domestic reasons[44]
14 February 1953 Hon. Edward Carson Isle of Thanet Con Ill health[45]
3 June 1953 Peter Bennett Birmingham Edgbaston Con Created a peer[46]
27 October 1953 William J. Field Paddington North Lab Convicted of importuning for immoral purposes[47]
15 January 1954 Richard Law Haltemprice Con To become Baron Coleraine.[48]
12 February 1954 William Cuthbert Arundel and Shoreham Con Ill health[49]
3 October 1954 Sidney Marshall Sutton and Cheam Con Ill health[50]
28 November 1954 Lord Malcolm Douglas-Hamilton Inverness Con Ill health; to help economic development of the Highlands through private enterprise[51]
7 May 1956 Gerald Wellington Williams Tonbridge Con Ill health[52]
26 November 1956 Stanley Evans Wednesbury Lab Requested to resign by his Constituency Labour Party after supporting the Government over the Suez Crisis
2 May 1957 William Darling Edinburgh South Con Ill health[53]
8 November 1957 Victor Raikes Liverpool Garston Con Took up a business appointment in Southern Rhodesia[54]
18 April 1958 Angus Maude Ealing South Con To become Editor of The Sydney Morning Herald.[55]
1 June 1961 Hon. David Ormsby-Gore Oswestry Con Appointed British Ambassador to the United States.[56]
29 November 1961 Hilary Marquand Middlesbrough East Lab Appointed Director of the Institute of Labour Studies at the International Labour Office.[57]
22 January 1962 George Chetwynd Stockton-on-Tees Lab Appointed Director of the North East Development Council[58]
6 June 1963 John Profumo Stratford-on-Avon Con Confessed to lying to the House (the Profumo affair)[59]
9 March 1964 Peter Smithers Winchester Con Appointed Secretary General of the Council of Europe[60]
24 June 1965 Anthony Marlowe Hove Con Medical advice
29 September 1967 William Roots Kensington South Con Ill health[61]
15 January 1968 Leslie Hale Oldham West Lab Ill health[62]
6 February 1969 William Teeling Brighton Pavilion Con Ill health
7 March 1969 Francis Noel-Baker Swindon Lab Ill health[63]
11 January 1971 Horace King Southampton Itchen Lab Retiring Speaker of the House of Commons
30 March 1972 Ray Gunter Southwark Ind Had left Labour Party; decided it would be improper to remain as an Independent having been elected as Labour[64]
29 December 1972 George Thomson Dundee East Lab Appointed a European Commissioner
1 June 1973 Antony Lambton Berwick-upon-Tweed Con Prostitution scandal
27 August 1976 John Stonehouse Walsall North Lab Co-op Convicted on 18 counts of theft and fraud, sentenced to seven years' imprisonment
12 November 1976 David Lane Cambridge Con Appointed Chairman of the Commission for Racial Equality[65]
5 January 1977 Roy Jenkins Birmingham Stechford Lab Appointed President of the European Commission
16 June 1977 Brian Walden Birmingham Ladywood Lab In order to become a broadcast journalist on Weekend World
6 April 1978 Peter Rawlinson Epsom and Ewell Con Retiring from the Commons; was made a life peer[66]
24 October 1979 Geoffrey Dodsworth South West Hertfordshire Con Medical advice[citation needed]
1 November 1982 Robert Mellish Bermondsey Ind Left the Labour Party in opposition to the selection of his successor; to become Vice-Chairman of the London Docklands Development Corporation[67]
17 December 1985 James Molyneaux Lagan Valley UUP Seeking re-election in protest at the Anglo-Irish Agreement[68]
17 December 1985 Roy Beggs East Antrim UUP Seeking re-election in protest at the Anglo-Irish Agreement[68]
17 December 1985 Harold McCusker Armagh UUP Seeking re-election in protest at the Anglo-Irish Agreement[68]
17 December 1985 William Ross Londonderry UUP Seeking re-election in protest at the Anglo-Irish Agreement[68]
17 December 1985 John Taylor Strangford UUP Seeking re-election in protest at the Anglo-Irish Agreement[68]
17 December 1985 James Kilfedder North Down UPUP Seeking re-election in protest at the Anglo-Irish Agreement[68]
17 December 1985 Jim Nicholson Newry and Armagh UUP Seeking re-election in protest at the Anglo-Irish Agreement[68]
17 December 1985 William McCrea Mid Ulster DUP Seeking re-election in protest at the Anglo-Irish Agreement[68]
24 June 1986 John Golding Newcastle-under-Lyme Lab Elected General Secretary of the National Communications Union[69]
18 October 1988 Bruce Millan Glasgow Govan Lab Appointed a European Commissioner[70]
18 May 1989 Stuart Holland Vauxhall Lab In order to take up a lectureship at the European University Institute
20 January 1995 Neil Kinnock Islwyn Lab Appointed a European Commissioner[71]
28 June 1999 Alastair Goodlad Eddisbury Con Appointed British High Commissioner to Australia[72]

2000 to presentEdit

Date Member[4] Constituency Party Reason for resignation
23 October 2000 Betty Boothroyd West Bromwich West Speaker Retiring Speaker of the House of Commons[73]
22 June 2004 Terry Davis Birmingham Hodge Hill Lab Appointed Secretary-General of the Council of Europe
27 June 2007 Tony Blair Sedgefield Lab Appointed Envoy of the Quartet on the Middle East[74]
18 June 2008 David Davis Haltemprice and Howden Con Seeking re-election in protest to the Counter-Terrorism Act 2008.[75]
8 June 2009[76] Ian Gibson Norwich North Lab Alleged misuse of allowances led to his being ruled ineligible for selection as a Labour candidate by an NEC panel;[77]
13 January 2010[78] Iris Robinson Strangford DUP Ill health; followed allegations about her personal life[79]
8 February 2011 Eric Illsley Barnsley Central Lab Pleaded guilty to false accounting in relation to claims for parliamentary expenses[80]
2 March 2012[81] Marsha Singh Bradford West Lab Ill health[82]
22 October 2012[83] Alun Michael Cardiff South and Penarth Lab To contest Police and Crime Commissioner election for South Wales Police Force Area[84]
5 November 2012[85] Denis MacShane Rotherham Lab Standards and Privileges Committee of the House of Commons recommended that he be suspended from the service of the House for six months, for knowingly submitting false invoices.
5 February 2013[86] Chris Huhne Eastleigh Lib Dem Pled guilty to perverting the course of justice
30 April 2014[87] Patrick Mercer Newark Ind Elected as Conservative, but had quit the whip at the commencement of investigations on 31 May 2013.[88] The Standards Committee of the House of Commons agreed a report recommending he be suspended from the service of the House for six months for breaking the rule against paid advocacy.
30 September 2014[89] Mark Reckless Rochester and Strood Con To seek re-election as a UKIP candidate.
9 May 2016[90] Sadiq Khan Tooting Lab Elected as Mayor of London.
26 October 2016[91][92] Zac Goldsmith Richmond Park Con Seeking re-election having pledged to do so should the Government endorse a third runway at Heathrow Airport.
23 January 2017[93] Tristram Hunt Stoke-on-Trent Central Lab To direct the Victoria and Albert Museum.
16 January 2018[94] Barry McElduff West Tyrone SF Became embroiled in a controversy over the Kingsmill massacre on social media.

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