List of South Korean films of 1951

This is a list of films produced in South Korea in 1951.

Released English title Korean title Director Cast Genre Notes
15 July The Footmarks of Barbarian 오랑캐의 발자취 Yun Bong-chun Documentary [1]
15 August The 38th Parallel 내가 넘은 삼팔선 Son Jun Military, Anti-communism [2]
15 October A Bouquet of Three Thousand People 삼천만의 꽃다발 Shin Kyeong-gyun Melodrama [3]
20 October The Artillery School 육군포병학교 Bang Ui-seok Documentary [4]
? An Assault of Justice 정의의 진격 Han Hyeong-mo [ko] Documentary [5]
? Hwarangdo 화랑도 Gang Chun Enlightenment, Anticommunism [6]
? The West Front 서부전선 Yun Bong-chun Documentary [7]