List of Sibir khans

Essentially, two dynasties, the Taibugha and the Shaybanid dynasty of Sibir ruled the Khanate one after the other, bringing breaks in each other's continuity of rule.

Name Reign Dynasty
Taibuga ( طائع بغا) 1220 - ? Taibughid
Khoja bin Taibugha خواجہ ابن الطائع بغا ? Taibughid
Tokhtamysh 1396 - 1406 Tuqa-Timur
Chekre Khan 1407 - 1413 Tuqa-Timur
Hadji Muhammad 1420 - 1428 Shaybanid
Abu'l-Khayr Khan ( ابو الخیر خان ابن دولت شیخ ابن ابراہیم خان) 1428 - 1468 Shaybanid
Mar ( مار) 1468 - 1480 Taibughid
Ibak Khan ( عبک خان) 1468 - 1495 Shaybanid
Mamuq of Kazan ( مامک) 1495 – 1496 Shaybanid
Muhammad Taibuga 1495 – 1502 Taibughid
Abalak of Sibir 1496 – 1501 Shaybanid
Aguish 1502 - 1503 Taibughid
Kuluk Sultan 1502 – 1530 Shaybanid
Qasim ( قاسم بن مامک) 1504 - 1530 Taibughid
Yadgar bin Qasim ( یادگار بن قاسم
Bey Pulad ibn Qasim ( بیگ پلاد ابن قاسم), possible co-ruler
1530 - 1563 Taibughid
Kuchum Khan (کوچم ابن مرتضی ابن عبک خان) 1563 - 1598 Shaybanid

Yermak Timofeyevich, a Cossack led the first campaign of Russian conquest of Siberia in the reign of Ivan the Terrible 1580-82 C.E. However, Kuchum Khan returned briefly and attacked Yermak on August 6, 1584 in the dead of night and killed most of his army. Finally, in August 1598 Küçhüm Khan was defeated at the Battle of Urmin near the River Ob. In the course of the fight the Siberian royal family were captured by the Russians. However, Küçhüm Khan escaped yet again. The Russians took the family members of Küçhüm Khan to Moscow and there they remained as hostages. The descendants of the khan's family became known as the Princes Sibirsky and the family is known to have survived until at least the late 19th Century. The struggle for dominance in the region continued for several years by the Taibughid successor Syed Ahmed Khan and the Shaybanid successor Ali ibn Kuchum Khan as well as the Russians.

Family of TaibughaEdit

Musa Bies - a possible Khan of Sibir? (1460-1496).