List of Serbian Orthodox monasteries

This is a list of Serbian Orthodox Christian monasteries in Serbia and near areas (Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, North Macedonia, and Kosovo), also Romania, Hungary, Greece, Germany, United States of America, Canada, and Australia.

Stauropegions edit

There are two stauropegion monasteries in the Serbian Orthodox Church, that are directly subordinated to the Serbian patriarch:[1]

Name Location Foundation Image
Patriarchal Monastery of Peć
Манастир Пећка патријаршија
Peja, Kosovo >1235  
Saint Sava Serbian Orthodox Monastery and Seminary

Манастир Светог Саве

Libertyville, Illinois, United States 1923  

Archeparchy of Belgrade and Karlovci edit

Source: [1]

Name Foundation Image Notes
Monastery of St. Christopher

(Mislođin monastery)


re-established in 2015

  Located in Mislođin .
Drobnjaci Monastery 2015

(still under construction)

Located near Ripanj
Monastery of the Presentation of the Teothokos


1936   Located in Senjak
Rajinovac monastery XVIII century

re-established in 1988

  Located in Begaljica
Rakovica Monastery
14th century   Located in Rakovica
Monastery of St. Archangel Gabriel

(Zemun monastery)

1990 Located in Donji Grad neighborhood of Zemun.
Monastery of Saint Archdeacon Stephen

(Slanci monastery)

re-established in 1970 Located in Slanci

Eparchy of Srem edit

Source: [2]

Name Foundation Image Notes
Beočin Monastery before 1566   Located in Beočin
Berkasovo Monastery
15th century   Located in Berkasovo
Bešenovo Monastery late 13th century, destroyed in WWII   Located in Bešenovački Prnjavor
Divša Monastery late 15th century   Located between Vizić and Divoš
Fenek Monastery
late 15th century   Located in Jakovo
Grgeteg Monastery 1471   Located in Grgeteg
Jazak Monastery early 16th century   Located in Jazak
Krušedol Monastery 1509   Located in Krušedol
Kuveždin Monastery 1520   Located near Divoš
Mala Remeta monastery before 1546   Located in Mala Remeta
Novo Hopovo monastery before 1451   Located near Irig
Obed Monastery
1446 Located on Obedska bara near Kupinovo
Petkovica Monastery early 16th century   Located between Divoš and Šišatovac
Privina Glava Monastery 12th century   Located in Privina Glava
Rakovac Monastery 1498   Located in Rakovac
Savinac Monastery 13th century

re-established in 2018

Located in Stari Ledinci
Saint Archangels Monastery

(Grabovo Monastery)

2016   Metochion of the Krušedol Monastery.

Located in Grabovo

Saint Mark Monastery

(Vodice Monastery)

2011 Located in Novi Karlovci
Staro Hopovo monastery 1496   Located near Irig
Šišatovac Monastery 1520   Located in Šišatovac
Vavedenje Monastery   Located in Sremski Karlovci
Velika Remeta monastery late 13th century   Located in Velika Remeta
Vranjaš Monastery 2011   Located in Manđelos
Vrdnik-Ravanica Monastery 1521   Located in Vrdnik

Eparchy of Banat edit

Source: [3]

Name Foundation Image Notes
Vojlovica Monastery
14th century  
Središte monastery
late 15th century  
Bavanište monastery
15th century   Located near Pančevo
Mesić Monastery
15th century[2]   Located in Mesić, near Vršac
Saint Melanija monastery
Манастир Свете Меланије
1935 Located in Zrenjanin
Holy Trinity monastery
Манастир Свете Тројице
19th century   Located in Kikinda
Hajdučica monastery
1939   Located in Hajdučica
Vlajkovac Monastery

Eparchy of Bačka edit

Name Foundation Image Notes
Bođani Monastery
1478   Located in Bođani
Kać Monastery
2010   Located in Kać
Kovilj Monastery
Probably 16th century;

First mention in 1651[3]

  Located in Kovilj
Sombor Monastery

Eparchy of Šabac edit

Source: [4]

Name Foundation Image Notes

Čitluk monastery

19th century   Located in Čitluk

Čokešina monastery

14th Century

re-established in 1823-1837

  Located in Čokešina
Kaona Monastery
14th century

re-established in 1892

  Located in Kaona
Petkovica monastery re-established in 1887   Located in Petkovica near Šabac
Radovašnica Monastery
13th century   Located near mountain Cer. It was founded by Stefan Dragutin.
Soko monastery 1467   Located near Soko Grad
Tronoša Monastery

Eparchy of Valjevo edit

Source: [5]

Name Foundation Image Notes
Bogovađa Monastery 15th century  
Ćelije Monastery
late 13th century   Located in Lelić. It was founded in the late 13th century, possibly by King Stefan Dragutin.
Dokmir Monastery
15th century   Located in Dokmir.
Grabovac Monastery
14th century   Located in Grabovac.
(Valjevska) Gračanica 19th century   Submerged under the water of the Rovni Lake since 2016.
Jovanja Monastery 15th century   Located in Jovanja
Lelić Monastery
20th century   Located in Lelić.
Pustinja Monastery
1622   Built on ruins of an 11th-century church.

Eparchy of Šumadija edit

Source: [6]

Name Foundation Image Notes
Blagoveštenje Rudničko Monastery
Манастир Благовештење Рудничко
late 14th century   Located in Stragari.
Brezovac Monastery
Манастир Светог Архангела Михаила - Брезовац
1444   Located in the village of Brezovac, near Aranđelovac.
Ćelije Monastery (St George's) 2006   Located in Ćelije (Lajkovac)
Denkovac Monastery 13th century,

reestablished in 1979

  Located in Velike Pčelice
Divostin Monastery 11th century   Located in Divostin
Dobrovodica Monastery 2000   Located in Dobrovodica
Drača Monastery
before 1389   Located in Drača.
Grnčarica Monastery 13th century   Located in Prnjavor, Batočina
Jošanica Monastery 14th century   Located in Jošanički Prnjavor
Kalenić Monastery
Kastaljan Monastery
13th century   The monastery is in ruins.
Lipar Monastery 16th century   Located in Donja Sabanta
Manastirak Monastery 15th century Located in Velika Kruševica (Rekovac)
Nikolje Monastery
1425   Located in Topola. It was founded by Nikola Dorjenović, a nobleman in the service of Despot Stefan.
Pavlovac Monastery
early 15th century   Located in Kosmaj Mountain, in the village of Koraćica.
Petkovica Rudnička 13th century   Located in Stragari.
Pinosava Monastery 14th century   Located in Kusadak
Prekopeča Monastery 14th century   Located in Prekopeča
Preradovac Monastery 13th century   Located in Oparić
Raletinac Monastery 14th century   Located in Velike Pčelice
Sarinac Monastery 14th century   Located in Velike Pčelice
Sibnica Monastery 15th century   Located in Sibnica (Sopot)
Tresije Monastery 1309   Located in Sopot, Belgrade
Voljavča monastery

Eparchy of Vranje edit

Source: [7]

Name Foundation Image Notes
Bresnica Monastery

(Monastery of St. Elias)

13th century Located in Bresnica
Dubnica Monastery

(Sts. Peter and Paul Monastery)

11th century Located in Dubnica
Gornje Žapsko monastery

(Monastery of St. Stephen)

13th century

re-established in 1994

  Located in Gornje Žapsko
Kacapun Monastery

(Monastery of St. Elias)

13th century   Located in Kacapun
Kozji Dol monastery

(Monastery of the Holy Transfiguration)

14th century Located in Kozji Dol
Lepčince Monastery

(Monastery of St. Pantaleon)

14th century   Located in Lepčince
Lopardince Monastery

(Monastery of Saint Gabriel)

14th century Located in Lopardince
Mrtvica Monastery

(Monastery of the Holy Assumption)

6th-19th century   Located in Mrtvica
Monastery of Saint Nicholas 13th century

re-established in 1995

  Located in Vranje
Oraovica Monastery

(Monastery of St. George)

14th century Located in Oraovica
Palja Monastery

(Monastery of the Presentation of Mary)

9th century   Located in Palja
Saint Prohor Pčinjski Monastery
Свети Прохор Пчињски
Soderce Monastery

(Monastery of St. Simeon Stylite)

13th century Located in Soderce

Eparchy of Timok edit

Source: [8]

Name Foundation Image Notes
Bukovo monastery
1282–1321   Located in Negotin. It was founded by Serbian King Stefan Milutin (r. 1282–1321). Renovated in 1902.
Grlište Monastery 12th century   Located in Grlište
Jermenčić Monastery Located near Resnik
Koroglaš monastery
14th century  
Krepičevac Monastery 15th century   Located near Jablanica, Boljevac
Lapušnja Monastery
Манастир Лапушња
15th century   Located in Boljevac.
Lozica Monastery 14th century   Located in Krivi Vir
Manastirica Monastery 14th century Located in Manastirica
Holy Trinity Monastery
Манастир Свете Тројице
1457   Located near Donja Kamenica
Vratna monastery
14th century   Located in the village of Vratna, Negotin.

Eparchy of Kruševac edit

Source: [9]

Name Foundation Image Notes
Bošnjane Monastery 14th century   Located in Bošnjane
Braljina Monastery

(Monastery of St. Nicholas)

14th century Located in Braljina.
Drenča Monastery
Манастир Дренча
1379–82   Located in Drenča.
Monastery of St. Elias 2014 Located in Velika Drenova.
Grabovo Monastery 14th century   Located in Grabovo.
Komorane Monastery 14th century Located in Komorane.
Lepenac Monastery 14th century   Located in Lepenac
Lešje Monastery

(Monastery of the Intercession of the Theotokos)

14th century   Located in Lešje.
Ljubostinja Monastery
1388   Located in Prnjavor.
Makrešane Monastery Located in Makrešane
Milentija Monastery 15th century   Only ruins remain.

Located in Milentija.

Mrzenica Monastery 1932   Located in Mrzenica
Naupara Monastery
Манастир Наупара
1380s   Located in Kruševac. It is currently a nunnery.
Petina Monastery

(Monastery of Saint Kyriaki)

2012 Located in Petina.
Pleš Monastery 13th century Located in Pleš.
Rudenica Monastery
before 1405   Located in Aleksandrovac. It was destroyed several times in history, and was restored in 1936.
Strmac Monastery 1313 Located in Batote.
Svojnovo Monastery 14th century   Located in Svojnovo.
Veluće monastery
1377   Locaten in Veluće

Eparchy of Žiča edit

Source: [10]

Name Foundation Image Notes
Blagoveštenje Monastery
Манастир Благовештење (Каблар)
before 1602   Located in Ovčar Banja.
Dubrava Monastery 13th century Located in Stublo.
Gradac Monastery
1270   Located in Gradac (Raška).
Ježevica Monastery
1337   Located in Čačak. According to folklore, it was founded in 1337.
Jovanje Monastery
late 15th century   Located in Ovčar Banja.
Kamenac Monastery 15th century   Located in Čestin.
Klisura Monastery
early 13th century   Located in Dobrače.
Kovilje Monastery
12th century   Located in Ivanjica municipality. Renovated in 1644, restored in 2005.
Nikolje Monastery

(Monastery of St. Nicholas of Rošci)

16th century  
Nova Pavlica
Нова Павлица
1381—88   Located near Brvenik (Ibar). It was founded by The Musić brothers near the old monastery of Stara Pavlica.
Preobraženje Monastery 14th century   Located in Ovčar Banja.
Pridvorica Monastery
Манастир Придворица
12th century   Located in Pridvorica, Ivanjica municipality. Renovated in 1557 and 1835.
Rača monastery
Rujan Monastery 15th century   Located in Vrutci.
Sretenje Monastery
late 16th century   Located in Dučalovići.
Stjenik Monastery
late 14th century   Located in Banjica.

Not to be confused with the Novi Stjenik Monastery of the Serbian True Orthodox Church.

Stubal Monastery 15th century   Located in Stubal.
Studenica Monastery
St. Trinity Monastery 12th century   Located in Dučalovići.
Uspenje monastery
14th century   Located near Ovčar Banja.
Uvac Monastery 12th or 13th century  
Vavedenje monastery
late 13th century   Located near Čačak.
Vaznesenje monastery
16th century   Located in Ovčar Banja.
Voljavča Monastery   Located in Bresnica.
Vraćevšnica monastery
1428   Located in Vraćevšnica.
Vujan monastery
14th century   Located in Prislonica.
Žiča Monastery
1205   Located in Kraljevo.
Zgodačica Monastery 1970 Located in Godačica.

Eparchy of Niš edit


Name Foundation Image Notes
Ajdanovac Monastery
Манастир Ајдановац
1485   Located in Prokuplje.
Crkovnica MonasteryМанастир Црковница 16th century Located in Crkovnica.
Divljana Monastery

Манастир Дивљана (Манастир Светог великомученика Димитрија)

Đunis Monastery
Манастир Ђунис
1898   Located in Đunis.
Gabrovac Monastery

Манастир Габровац (Holy Trinity Monastery) (Манастир Свете Тројице)

13th century   Located in Gabrovac.
Gornji Matejevac Monastery

Манастир Горњи Матејевац Monastery of St. John the Baptist (Манастир Светог Јована Крститеља)

11th century   Located in Gornji Matejevac.
Iverica Monastery

Манастир Иверица

14th century   Located in Ostrovica.
Izatovac Monastery

Манастир Изатовац

1841   Located in Izatovci.
Jašunja - Golema Njiva Monastery

(Monastery of St. John)

Манастир Светог Јована Крститеља у Јашуњи

1517   Located in Jašunja
Monastery of the Presentation of Theotokos

Манастир Ваведења Пресвете Богородице у Јашуњи

1499   Located in Jašunja
Kaludra Monastery
Манастир Калудра
1922 Located in Kaludra.
Kamenica Monastery

Манастир Каменица

15th century   Located in Kamenica, Niš
Krupac Monastery

Манастир Крупац

20th century   Located in Krupac.
Monastery of St. Nicholas

Манастир Светог Николе код Куршумлије

1166   Located in Kuršumlija.
Lipovac Monastery
Манастир Липовац
1399   Located in Aleksinac.
Manastirče Monastery

Манастир Манастирче (Monastery of St. Demetrius)

(Манастир Светог Димитрија код Димитровграда)

1870 Located near Dimitrovgrad.
Monastery of St. Onuphrius

Манастир Светог Онуфрија

13th century Located in Bazovik.
Pirkovac Monastery

Манастир Пирковац

14th century   Located in Pirkovac.
Planinica Monastery

Манастир Планиница

16th century   Located in Planinica.
Pločnik Monastery

Манастир Плочник

2013 Located in Pločnik.
Poganovo Monastery
Манастир Поганово
before 1499  
Monastery of St. Roman
Манастир Свети Роман
Rsovci MonasteryМанастир Рсовци late 19th century   Located in Rsovci.
Sićevo Monastery

Манастир Сићево (Monastery of the Theotokos)

(Манастир Ваведење Пресвете Богородице)

1640-1655   Located in Sićevo.
Sinjac MonasteryМанастир Сињац before 1618 Located in Sinjac.
Smilovci Monastery

Манастир Смиловци (Monastery of Sts. Cyricus and Julitta)

Манастир Светих Кирика и Јулите у Смиловцима

10th century   Located in Smilovci.
Sukovo Monastery

Манастир Суково

15th century   Located in Sukovo.
Temska Monastery

Манастир Темска

14th century   Located in Temska.
Veta MonasteryВетански манастир

(Monastery of the Assumption of Mary)

(Манастир Успења Пресвете Богородице у Вети)

14th century   Located in Veta.
Visočka Ržana MonasteryРжански манастир(Monastery of the Theotokos)

Манастир Свете Богородице у Височкој Ржани

1853 Located in Visočka Ržana
Zavidince MonasteryМанастир Завидинце 1367 Located in Zavidince.

Eparchy of Braničevo edit

Name Foundation Image Notes
Bradača Monastery
Манастир Брадача
end of 14th century Located in Požarevac.
Gornjak Monastery
Манастир Горњак
1376   Located in Breznica.
Izvor MonasteryМанастир Извор 14th century   Located in Izvor.
Koporin Monastery
Манастир Копорин
Manasija Monastery
Манастир Манасија
Miljkovo Monastery
Манастир Миљково
1374   Located in Gložane.
Nimnik Monastery
Манастир Нимник
1389   Located in Kurjače.
Pokajnica Monastery
Манастир Покајница
Radošin MonasteryМанастир Радошин 1427   Located in Radošin
Ravanica Monastery
Манастир Раваница
Reškovica MonasteryМанастир Решковица 14th century Located in Ždrelo.
Rukumija Monastery
Манастир Рукумија
second half of the 14th century Located in Bradarac.
Sisojevac Monastery
Манастир Сисојевац
1389   Located in Sisevac.
Tomić MonasteryМанастир Томић 15th century Located in Vojska.
Trška Crkva MonasteryТршка црква 13th century   Located in Trg.
Tuman monastery
Манастир Туман
before 1389   Located 12 km (7.5 mi) south-east of Golubac.
Vitovnica monastery
Манастир Витовница
Zaova monastery
Манастир Заова
before 1467 Located in Veliko Selo.
Ždrelo MonasteryМанастир Ждрело

(Holy Trinity Monastery)

(Манастир Свете Тројице)

1998   Located in Ždrelo.
Zlatenac monastery
Манастир Златенац
1410s   Located in Gložane.

Eparchy of Mileševa edit

Source: [11]

In Serbia edit

Name Foundation Image Notes
Banja Monastery
Манастир Бања
12th century   Located in Pribojska Banja.
Bistrica MonasteryМанастир Бистрица 13th century Located in Bistrica.
Davidovica Monastery
Манастир Давидовица
1281   Located in Grobnice.
Dubnica Monastery
Манастир Дубница
mid–17th century   Located in Nova Varoš. Founded by Serbian Patriarch Gavrilo Rajić-Rašković (1595-1659).
Jabuka MonasteryМанастир Јабука 2011 Located in Jabuka.
Janja Monastery
Манастир Јања
14th century   Located in Rutoši.
Kumanica Monastery
Манастир Куманица
14th century   Located in Tutiće.
Mažići Monastery
Манастир Мажићи
12th century   Located in Priboj.
Mileševa Monastery
Манастир Милешава
Pustinja Monastery
Манастир Пустиња
13th century Located in Karoševina.
Seljani MonasteryМанастир Сељани 14th century Located in Seljane
Vodena Poljana MonasteryМанастир Водена Пољана

(Monastery of Sts. Cosmas and Damian)

(Манастир Светих Козме и Дамјана)

2007 Located in Vodena Poljana

In Montenegro edit

Name Foundation Image Notes
Dovolja Monastery
Манастир Довоља
1513 Located in Premćani
Dubočica Monastery
Манастир Дубочица
before 1565   Located in Otilovići.
Đurđevića Tara MonasteryМанастир Ђуршевића Тара 15th century   Located in Đurđevića Tara
Monastery of the Holy Trinity of Pljevlja
Манастир Свете Тројице (Света Тројица Пљеваљска)
before 1573   Located in Pljevlja.

Eparchy of Ras and Prizren edit

Source: [12]

In Central Serbia edit

Name Foundation Image Notes
Crna Reka Monastery
Манастир Црна Река
13th century   Located in Ribariće.
Đurđevi stupovi
Ђурђеви Ступови
1171   Located in Novi Pazar. It was founded by Grand Prince Stefan Nemanja. World Heritage Site.
Končul Monastery (Nikoljača)

Манастир Кончул (Никољача)

11th century   Located in Gnjilica.
Sopoćani Monastery
Манастир Сопоћани
1260   Located near Novi Pazar. Founded by King Stefan Uroš I. World Heritage Site.
Tušimlja MonasteryМанастир Тушимља 11th century Located between Raška and Novi Pazar

In Kosovo edit

Name Foundation Image Notes
Monastery of the Holy Archangels
Манастир Свети Арханђели
1343   Burnt down in 1999 and 2004. Under reconstruction.
Banjska Monastery
Манастир Бањска
Budisavci Monastery
Манастир Будисавци
14th century
Monastery of the Assumption of the Theotokos

Манастир Успења Пресвете Богородице

16th century Destroyed in 2004, reestablished in 2007.

Located in Gjakova.

Ceranjska Reka MoansteryМанастир Церањска Река

(Monastery of St. Paraskevi)

(Манастир Свете Петке)

2011 Located in Ceranjska Reka near Leposavić.
Devič Monastery
Манастир Девич
1434   Destroyed in 1999, reestablished in 2004.
Devine Vode MonasteryМанастир Девине Воде 2009 Between Zvečan and Zubin Potok
Draganac Monastery
Манастир Драганац
1381   Located in Draganac near Gjilan.
Duboki Potok Monastery
Манастир Дубоки Поток
14th century Located near Zubin Potok.
Gorioč Monastery
Манастир Гориоч
early 14th century  
Gračanica Monastery
Манастир Грачаница
Sočanica MonasteryМанастир Сочаница 13th century Located in Sočanica near Leposavić.
Sokolica Monastery
Манастир Соколица
14th century   Located near Boletin.
Ulije MonasteryМанастир Улије(Monastery of St. Paraskevi)

Манастир Свете Петке

13th century

re-established in 2018

Located in Ulije near Leposavić.

Visoki Dečani Monastery
Манастир Високи Дечани
Vračevo Monastery
Манастир Врачево
1316 Located in Vračevo near Leposavić.
Zočište Monastery
Манастир Зочиште
before 1327   Destroyed in 1999, reestablished in 2004.

Metropolitanate of Montenegro and the Littoral edit

Source: [13]

Name Foundation Image Notes
Bijelići MoansteryМанастир Бијелићи 2008 Located in Krtoli.
Cetinje Monastery
Цетињски манастир
1701–04   Located in Cetinje. Seat of the Metropolitanate of Montenegro and the Littoral.
Dajbabe Monastery
Манастир Дајбабе
1897   Located in Podgorica
Donji Brčeli Monastery
Манастир Доњи Брчели
before 1443   Located in Bar.
Gradište Monastery
Манастир Градиште
Kom Monastery
Манастир Ком
1415–27 Located near Žabljak Crnojevića.
Kosmač MonasteryМанастир Космач 14th century Located on an island in the Skadar Lake.
Monastery of Holy Archangel Michael
Манастир Светог Архангела Михаила
early 13th century   Located on Miholjska prevlaka, Tivat. In ruins, with planned reconstruction.
Morača Monastery
Манастир Морача
Moračnik Monastery
Манастир Морачник
1417   Located on the Moračnik island in the Skadar Lake.
Orahovo Monastery
Манастир Орахово
early 15th century
Ostrog Monastery
Манастир Острог
1665   Located in Danilovgrad. Founded by bishop Basil of Ostrog (1610–1671). Popular pilgrim site.
Podmaine Monastery
Манастир Подмаине
15th century  
Praskvica Monastery
Манастир Праскавица
Rečine MonasteryМанастир Речине 2003 Located in Mujića Rečine near Kolašin.
Reževići Monastery
Манастир Режевићи
Ribnjak MonasteryМанастир Рибњак 13th century   Located in Zupci.
Savina Monastery
Манастир Савина
Stanjevići Monastery
Манастир Стањевићи
13th century
Stara Varoš MonаsteryМанастир Стара Варош

(Lavra of St. Simeon the Myrrh-flowing)

(Лавра Светог Симеона Мироточивог)

15th century Located in Podgorica.
Starčeva Gorica Monastery
Манастир Старчева Горица
1376 Located on an island in the Skadar Lake.
Tophana Monastery 11th century Located on an island in the Skadar Lake.
Vranjina Monastery
Манастир Врањина
early 13th century
Žanjicе Monastery
Манастир Жањице
12th century Located on Žanjice Island near Luštica.
Banja Monastery
Манастир Бања
13th century   Located near Risan.
Beška Monastery
Манастир Бешка
1440 Located on Beška Island in the Skadar Lake.
Boan Kadića MonasteryМанастир Боан Кадића 2016 Located in Boan Kadića.
Bunovići MonasteryМанастир Буновићи 15th century

reestablished in 2008

Located in Bunovići
Bjeloševići MonasteryМанастир Бјелошевићи

(Monastery of St. Matrona of Moscow)

2006 Located in Kovači.
Ćelija Piperska
Манастир Ћелија Пиперска
1637   Located at the village of Gornji Crnci near Podgorica.
Ćirilovac MonasteryМанастир Ћириловац

(Monastery of Sts. Cyril and Methodius)

(Манастир Светог Кирила и Методија)

Dobrska Ćelija monastery
Манастир Добрска Ћелија
15th century
Duga Moračka Monastery
Манастир Дуга Морачка
1755   Located in Podgorica
Duljevo Monastery
Манастир Дуљево
early 14th century
Gornji Brčeli monastery
Манастир Горњи Брчели
late 14th century  
Gostilje MonasteryМанастир Гостиље 2009 Located in Gostilje Martinićko
Mikulići MonasteryМанастир Микулићи 2009   Located in Veliki Mikulići
Prekobrđe MonasteryМанастир Прекобрђе 1996 Located in Morača.
Monastery of Saint Nicholas (Obod Monastery)
Манастир Светог Николе - Обод
1485 Located near Rijeka Crnojevića.
Pelev Brijeg MonasteryМанастир Пелев Бријег 1252

reestablished in 2003

Located in Pelev Brijeg near Podgorica.
Podlastva Monastery
Манастир Подластва
1350   Located in Lastva Grbaljska, in Grbalj.
Monastery of the Mother of God of Krajina
Манастир Богородица Крајинска (Пречиста Крајинска)
11th century  
Rustovo MonasteryМанастир Рустово 14th century

reestablished in 2003

  Located in Čelobrdo near Sveti Stefan.
Savina Glavica MonasteryМанастир Савина Главица 13th century

reestablished in 2010

  Located in Glavati.
Vojnić MonasteryМанастир Војнић 10th century Located in Vojnići.
Ždrebaonik Monastery
Манастир Ждребаоник
1818 Located in Sekulići.
Zlatica MonasteryМанастир Златица 9th century Located in Podgorica

Eparchy of Budimlja and Nikšić edit

Source: [14]

Name Foundation Image Notes
Bijela Monastery
Манастир Бијела
before 1656 Located in Šavnik.
Bliškova Monastery
Манастир Блишкова
13th century  
Brezojevica Monastery
Манастир Брезојевица
13th century Located in Brezojevica.
Crnča MonasteryМанастир Црнча 11th century Located in Crnča near Bijelo Polje.
Dobrilovina Monastery
Манастир Добриловина
late 16th century  
Đurđevi stupovi
Ђурђеви ступови
1213   Located in Berane.
Kosijerevo Monastery
Манастир Косијеревео
early 14th century Located in Petrovići, Nikšić.
Majstorovina Monastery
Манастир Мајсторовина
14th century Located in Bijelo Polje.
Nikoljac Monastery
Манастир Никољац
13th century   Located in Bijelo Polje.
Voljavac Monastery
Манастир Вољавац
early 13th century Located in Bijelo Polje.
Kaludra MonasteryМанастир Калудра 13th century Located in Kaludra.
Kičava Monastery (Kladnik)

Манастир Кичава

13th century Located in Kičava.
Piva Monastery
Манастир Пива
Podmalinsko Monastery
Манастир Подмалинско
Podvrh Monastery
Манастир Подврх
Ottoman period Located in Mokri Lug.
Samograd MonasteryМанастир Самоград 13th century Located in Prijelozi.
Somina Monastery
Манастир Сомина
Šudikovo Monastery
Манастир Шудиково
13th century   Located in Berane.
Monastery of St. Sava (Golija)

Манастир Светог Саве (Голија)

2012 Located in Golija.
Uroševica Monastery
Манастир Урошевица
14th century Located in Gornje Zaostro.
Zagrađe MoansteryМанастир Заграђе 15th century Located in Šćepan Polje.
Župa Nikšićka Monastery
Манастир Жупа Никшићка
early 13th century Located in Župa Nikšićka near Nikšić.

Metropolitanate of Dabar and Bosnia edit

Source: [15]

Name Foundation Image Notes
Čajniče MonasteryМанастир Успења Пресвете Богородице Чајничке 1492   Located in Čajniče.
Dobrun Monastery
Манастир Добрун
1340   Located near Višegrad.
Dobrunska Rijeka MonasteryМанастир Добрунска Ријека

(Monastery of St. Nicholas)

(Манастир Светог оца Николаја)

2006   Located in Dobrunska Rijeka
Gornja Lijeska MonasteryМанастир Горња Лијеска 2008 Located near Višegrad.
Karno Monastery
Манастир Карно
1896   Located near Srebrenica.
Knežina Monastery
Манастир Кнежина
1962   Located near Sokolac. Built on a late medieval foundation.
Ravna Romanija Monastery (Sokolica)

Манастир Соколица (Равна Романија)

2002   Located in Ravna Romanija.
Ozerkovići Monastery
Манастир Озерковићи
2002   Located near Sokolac.
Pjenovac Monastery
Манастир Пјеновац
2001   Located near Han Pijesak.
Sase Monastery
Манастир Сасе
13th century  
Toplica MonasteryМанастир Топлица 14th century Located in Toplica.
Donje Vardište MonasteryМанастир Доње Вардиште

(Monastery of the Ascension of Lord)

(Манастир Вазнесења Господњег)

1991   Located in Donje Vardište.
Vozuća Monastery
Манастир Возућа
16th century   Located in Vozuća, near Zavidovići.

Eparchy of Zvornik and Tuzla edit

Source: [16]

Name Foundation Image Notes
St. Alexandar Nevsky Monastery

Манастир Светог Александра Невског

2020 Located in Ugljevik.
St. Basil of Ostrog Monastery
Манастир Светог Василија Острошког
1996–2001   Located in Bijeljina.
Bišnja Monastery
Манастир Бишња
2002–06   Located in Donja Bišnja, near Derventa.
Donji Detlak MonasteryМанастир Детлак 1303   Located in Donji Detlak.
Dragaljevac Monastery
Манастир Драгаљевац
1909   Located near Bijeljina. Altar dating to 1310.
Duga Njiva Monastery
Манастир Дуга Њива
1992   Located near Modriča.
Five Lakes Monastery
Манастир Пет језера
2005   Located in Bijeljina.
Lomnica Monastery
Манастир Ломница
1570s   Located in Šekovići.
Monastery of St. Nicholas
Манастир Светог Николе
2006   Located near Bijeljina.
Ozren Monastery
Манастир Озрен
16th century  
Papraća Monastery
before 1550   Located near Šekovići.
Podnovlje MonasteryМанастир Подновље 2008 Located in Podnovlje.

Metochion of the Duga Njiva Monastery.

Ritešić Monastery
Манастир Ритешић(Monastery of St. Matrona of Moscow)
2014   Located in Ritešić.
Rožanj Monastery
Манастир Рожањ
13th century   Located in Rožanj, Sapna municipality
Tavna Monastery
Манастир Тавна
late 13th century   Located near Bijeljina.
True Cross Monastery
Манастир Часног крста
1997   Located in Suvo Polje.

Eparchy of Bihać and Petrovac edit

Source: [17]

Name Foundation Image Notes
Glogovac Monastery
Манастир Глоговац
before 1463   Located in Babići, near Šipovo. Reconstructed by Omar Pasha in 1867.
Klisina Monastery
Манастир Клисина
Late 15th century   Located in Prijedor.
Medna MonasteryМанастир Медна 15th century Located in Medna
Milanovac MonasteryМанастир Милановац 2015 Located in Bosanski Milanovac
Rmanj Monastery
Манастир Рмањ
late 15th or early 16th century[4]   Located in Martin Brod, near Drvar.
Treskavac Monastery[5][6]
Манастир Трескавац
Before 1888 Located near Ribnik.
Veselinje Monastery
Манастир Веселиње
1975 Located in Vrba, near Glamoč. Built on the location of an older church built in 1865, destroyed by the Ustashe in 1941.

Eparchy of Banja Luka edit

Name Foundation Image Notes
Gomionica Monastery
Манастир Гомионица
before 1536[7]   Located in Kmećani, near Banja Luka. Official site
Krupa na Vrbasu MonasteryМанастир Крупа на Врбасу 1987   Located in Krupa na Vrbasu.
Liplje Monastery
Манастир Липље
15th century   Located near Teslić. According to folklore founded by Saint Sava in 1219.
Moštanica Monastery
Манастир Моштаница
Before 1556   Located near Kozarska Dubica. According to folklore founded by the Nemanjić dynasty.
Osovica Monastery
Манастир Осовица
13th or 14th century   Located near Srbac. Reconstructed in 2003.
Stuplje Monastery
Манастир Ступље
15th century   Destroyed in 1690. Rebuilt and consecrated at the end of 2008.

Eparchy of Zahumlje and Herzegovina edit

Source: [18]

Name Foundation Image Notes
Dobrićevo Monastery
Манастир Добрићево
  Located in Orah, near Bileća. Relocated due to floodings.
Duži Monastery
Манастир Дужи
1694   Located near Trebinje, in the Popovo field.
Hercegovačka Gračanica
Херцеговачка Грачаница
1999   Located in Trebinje.
Petropavlov Monastery
Манастир Петропавлов
20th century   Located near Trebinje. Built on medieval foundations.
Tvrdoš Monastery
Манастир Тврдош
1509   Located near Trebinje.
Zavala Monastery
Манастир Завала
16th century   Located in Zavala. Damaged in World War II and Bosnian War.
Žitomislić Monastery
Манастир Житомислић
16-17th century   Located near Mostar. Destroyed in 1941 by Ustashe, and by Croat forces in 1992.
Zubci MonasteryМанастир Зубци 16th century   Located in Grab

Metropolitanate of Zagreb and Ljubljana edit

Source: [19]

Name Foundation Image Notes
Bršljanac MonasteryМанастир Бршљанац 1715 Located in Moslavačka gora
Lepavina Monastery
Манастир Лепавина
1550[8]   Located in Orah, near Bileća. Relocated due to floodings.
Marča MonasteryМанастир Марча 1578-1597  
Saint Parasceva Monastery
Манастир Свете Петке
1936 Located in Zagreb.

Eparchy of Osječko Polje and Baranja edit

Source: [20]

Name Foundation Image Notes
Daljska Planina MonasteryМанастир Даљска Планина

(Monastery of the Dormition of Theotokos)

(Манастир Успења Пресвете Богородице)

1758   Located in Daljska Planina near Erdut

Eparchy of Slavonia edit

Source: [21]

Name Foundation Image Notes
Monastery of St. Anne

Манастир Свете Ане

1412 Located in Donja Vrijeska near Daruvar
Jasenovac Monastery
Манастир Јасеновац
Orahovica MonasteryМанастир Ораховица 1583[9]  
Pakra Monastery
Манастир Пакра

Eparchy of Gornji Karlovac edit

Source: [22]

Name Foundation Image Notes
Gomirje Monastery
Манастир Гомирје
Gorica MonasteryМанастир Горица 1685   Located in Donji Budački.
Komogovina Monastery
Манастир Комоговина
17th century[12]
Medak MonasteryМанастир Медак 1688 Located in Medak.

Eparchy of Dalmatia edit

Source: [23]

Name Foundation Image Notes
St. Basil of Ostrog Monastery

Манастир Светог Василија Острошког

(Crnogorci Monastery)

(Манастир Црногорци)

2005 Located in Crnogorci near Imotski.
Dragović Monastery
Манастир Драговић
16-17th century  
Oćestovo Monastery
Манастир Оћестово(Monastery of St. Kyriaki)
20th century   Located in Oćestovo
Krka Monastery
Манастир Крка
16-17th century  
Krupa Monastery
Манастир Крупа
16-17th century  
Holy Lazarica Monastery
Манастир Света Лазарица

Eparchy of Timisoara edit

Name Image Foundation Notes
Bazjaš monastery
Манастир Базјаш
  1225 Located in Baziaş.

According to folklore, the monastery was founded in 1225 by Archbishop Sava.[13]

Bezdin monastery
Манастир Бездин
  1539 Located near Munar.
Sveti Đurađ monastery

Манастир Свети Ђурађ

(Brzava Monastery)

  1485 Located in Sângeorge.
Kusić monastery
Манастир Кусић
14th century Located in Zlatiţa.
Zlatica monastery
Манастир Златица
13th century Located in Pârneaura,

Eparchy of Buda edit

Source: [24]

English Serbian Cyrillic Location Founded Image
Serbian Kovin Monastery Манастир Српски Ковин Hungary
(Ráckeve/ Srpski Kovin)
15th century  
Grabovac Monastery Манастир Грабовац Hungary
(Grábóc/ Grabovac)
14th century  

Eparchy of Western Europe edit

Source: [25]

Name Image Foundation Notes
Monastère de la Nativité de la très Sainte Mère de Dieu

(Monastère de Bois Salair)

2014 Located in Fontaine-Daniel, France

Monastère Orthodoxe St Hilaire – St Jean Damascène Located in Uchon, France.
Monastère Sts Clair et Maurin

(Monastère Saint-Gény)

Located in Lectoure, France.

Others edit

Name Eparchy Location Founded Image
Monastery of the Dormition of the Most Holy Theotokos

Kloster der Entschlafung der Allheiligen Gottesgebärerin

Манастир Успења Пресвете Богородице

Eparchy of Düsseldorf and all of Germany Himmelsthür, Germany 1979  
Skete of St. Spyridon

Skite des Ehrwürdigen Spyridon

Скит Светог Спиридона

Geilnau, Germany 1989  
New Gračanica Monastery

Нова Грачаница

Eparchy of New Gračanica and Midwestern America Third Lake, Illinois 1984  
Monastery of the Nativity of the Mother of God

Манастир Рождества Пресвете Богородице

New Carlisle, Indiana 1994
Holy Archangel Michael and All Angels Skete

(Includes the St. Xenia Sisterhood and the Protection of the Virgin Mary Sisterhood)

Weatherby, Missouri
New Marcha Monastery (Synaxis of the Holy Archangel Gabriel)

Манастир Нова Марча

Eparchy of Eastern America Richfield, Ohio
St. Mark Serbian Orthodox Monastery

Манастир Светог Марка

Sheffield, Ohio
Most Holy Mother of God Serbian Orthodox Monastery Springboro, Pennsylvania
Saint Herman of Alaska Monastery

Манастир преп. Германа Аљаскинског

Eparchy of Western America Platina, California 1967  
Serbian Orthodox Monastery of the Meeting of the Lord

Манастир Сретење

Escondido, California
St. Xenia Serbian Orthodox Monastery

Манастир Блажене Ксеније

Lake Wildwood, California
St. Archangel Michael Skete

Mанастир Свети Архангел Михаилo

Ouzinkie, Alaska
St. Nilus Serbian Orthodox Monastery

Манастир Светог Нила

Ouzinkie, Alaska 1999
Holy Transfiguration Monastery

Манастир Светог Преображења

Eparchy of Canada Campbellville, Ontario 1994  
St. Sava - New Kalenich Serbian Orthodox Monastery

Свети Сава - Нови Каленић

Eparchy of Australia and New Zealand Wallaroo, New South Wales  
Protection of the Most Holy Theotokos Serbian Orthodox Monastery Tallong, New South Wales
Saint Sava - Elaine Serbian Orthodox Monastery Elaine, Victoria
Nativity of the Most Holy Theotokos Skete - Inglewood Inglewood, South Australia

Cave monasteries edit

There are several cave monasteries (built into mountains and caves) of the Serbian Orthodox Church, including those of the Holy Annunciation, Kovilje, Crna Reka, Gornjak, Hermitage of St. Peter Koriški, Kađenica, Lukovo, Rsovci, Savina, in Serbia, and Ostrog monastery, in Montenegro.

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