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Sanford and Son is an American sitcom, based on the BBC sitcom Steptoe and Son, that aired Fridays at 8:00-8:30 pm (EST) on NBC from January 14, 1972, to March 25, 1977. Starring Redd Foxx and Demond Wilson, the series follows Fred G. Sanford and his son Lamont Sanford as they operate a junk and antique dealership out of their home.


Series overviewEdit

SeasonEpisodesOriginally airedNielsen ratings[1]
First airedLast airedRankRatingTied with
114January 14, 1972 (1972-01-14)April 14, 1972 (1972-04-14)625.2N/A
224September 15, 1972 (1972-09-15)March 16, 1973 (1973-03-16)227.6N/A
324September 14, 1973 (1973-09-14)March 29, 1974 (1974-03-29)327.5N/A
425September 13, 1974 (1974-09-13)April 25, 1975 (1975-04-25)229.6N/A
524September 12, 1975 (1975-09-12)March 19, 1976 (1976-03-19)724.4Rhoda
625September 24, 1976 (1976-09-24)March 25, 1977 (1977-03-25)2720.3N/A


Pilot (1971)Edit

TitleDirected byWritten byOriginal air dateProd.
"Crossed Swords"Bud Yorkin & Norman LearBud YorkinFebruary 21, 1971 (1971-02-21)1

Season 1 (1972)Edit

No. in
TitleDirected byWritten byOriginal air dateProd.
11"Crossed Swords"Bud YorkinAaron RubenJanuary 14, 1972 (1972-01-14)1
Lamont (Demond Wilson) buys a porcelain figure for $15 from a silent movie star. After having it appraised, Lamont and Fred (Redd Foxx) decide to sell it at an auction. They attend the auction pretending to be buyers to bid the price even higher. However, to Lamont's dismay, things go awry. The first of 16 stories adapted from Steptoe and Son based on the episode with the same title and some parts from "The Offer" by Ray Galton and Alan Simpson.
22"Happy Birthday, Pop"Bud YorkinAaron RubenJanuary 21, 1972 (1972-01-21)2
During his birthday celebration, Fred is overwhelmed by a visit to a fancy bar, a movie theater to see Fiddler on the Roof, and dinner at a Chinese restaurant. Based on "65 Today" by Ray Galton and Alan Simpson.
33"Here Comes the Bride, There Goes the Bride"Bud YorkinAaron RubenJanuary 28, 1972 (1972-01-28)3
Lamont is excited about his upcoming wedding, but on the big day he quickly finds himself the only one who is. The bride dumps him at the altar, and his relatives beg to get back their wedding gifts. Based on "And Afterwards At..." by Ray Galton and Alan Simpson.
44"The Copper Caper"Bud YorkinAaron RubenFebruary 4, 1972 (1972-02-04)4
Fred and Lamont buy a load of copper from a man who has been stealing it from people in the neighborhood. Based on "The Lead Man Cometh" by Ray Galton and Alan Simpson.
55"A Matter of Life and Breath"George TyneAaron RubenFebruary 11, 1972 (1972-02-11)5
Concerned about his father's smoker's cough, Lamont brings Fred in for a free tuberculosis screening at the American Lung Association's Breathmobile. The test results take his breath away. Based on "T.B. or Not T.B." by Ray Galton and Alan Simpson.
66"We Were Robbed"Coby RuskinAaron RubenFebruary 18, 1972 (1972-02-18)6
O, what a tangled web Fred weaves when he fakes a robbery to cover-up his careless destruction of Lamont's prized porcelain and glass collection. Based on "Robbery with Violence" by Ray Galton and Alan Simpson.
77"A Pad for Lamont"Bob LaHendroAaron RubenFebruary 25, 1972 (1972-02-25)7
Fed up with his father frustrating his love life, Lamont strikes out on his own and rents a swingin' bachelor pad. Based on "A Box in Town" by Ray Galton and Alan Simpson.
88"The Great Sanford Siege"Peter BaldwinAaron RubenMarch 3, 1972 (1972-03-03)8
The Sanfords haven't been paying their bills and now find themselves trapped in their home in a standoff with a process server and a collection agency ready to repossess their unpaid furniture. Based on "The Siege of Steptoe Street" by Ray Galton and Alan Simpson.
99"Coffins for Sale"Charles S. DubinAaron RubenMarch 10, 1972 (1972-03-10)9
Lamont's keeping a pair of coffins in the living room spooks superstitious Fred. Based on "The Wooden Overcoats" by Ray Galton and Alan Simpson.
1010"The Barracuda"Charles S. DubinAaron RubenMarch 17, 1972 (1972-03-17)10
Fred's in love and engaged to be married, but not if Lamont can help it. Based on "The Stepmother" by Ray Galton and Alan Simpson.
1111"TV or Not TV"Peter BaldwinAaron RubenMarch 24, 1972 (1972-03-24)11
In need of a new color television, Fred is upset when Lamont decides to spend the money instead on a new car. Lamont has a change of heart, however, when Fred wanders away from home and is taken to the hospital - with an apparent case of amnesia. Based on "The Colour Problem" by Ray Galton and Alan Simpson.
1212"The Suitcase Case"Peter BaldwinEverett Greenbaum & Jim FritzellMarch 31, 1972 (1972-03-31)12
Lamont's daily haul of junk includes a tattered briefcase stuffed with stolen cash. Will Fred and Lamont decide whether to keep it or turn it over to the police before the crook it belongs to comes looking for it?
1313"The Return of the Barracuda"Peter BaldwinAaron RubenApril 7, 1972 (1972-04-07)13
Fred and Donna kiss and make up, sparking Lamont to hatch new plans for putting the kibosh on Cupid.
1414"The Piano Movers"Bruce BilsonAaron RubenApril 14, 1972 (1972-04-14)14
It's putting the match to the powder keg when rough and tumble Fred and Lamont are engaged to remove a piano from the lavish Beverly Hills apartment of a cultured antiques collector. Based on "The Piano" by Ray Galton and Alan Simpson.

Season 2 (1972–73)Edit

No. in
TitleDirected byWritten byOriginal air dateProd.
151"By the Numbers"Peter BaldwinTerry RyanSeptember 15, 1972 (1972-09-15)17
Freeloading family and friends flock to fleece the golden sheep when Fred plays the numbers.
162"Whiplash"Rick EdelsteinAllan Katz & Don ReoSeptember 22, 1972 (1972-09-22)19
Fred's fine following his fender bender with a Cadillac, but Bubba convinces him to claim whiplash and then lay claim to a gold mine in monetary damages.
173"The Dowry"Jack SheaRichard Pryor & Paul MooneySeptember 29, 1972 (1972-09-29)21
Cousin Grady's overweight stepdaughter stands to receive a $10,000 dowry on her wedding day, which sets Fred to playing matchmaker with Lamont.
184"Jealousy"Jack SheaEverett Greenbaum & Jim FritzellOctober 6, 1972 (1972-10-06)22
When Donna said she would be bringing a patient to dinner, Fred didn't expect the spry and sophisticated Osgood Wilcox.
195"Tooth or Consequences"Peter BaldwinIlunga Adell (credited as Adell Stevenson)October 13, 1972 (1972-10-13)23
After all else fails, fraidy-cat Fred finally agrees to see a dentist for his toothache.
206"The Card Sharps"Peter BaldwinAaron RubenOctober 27, 1972 (1972-10-27)18
Lamont won't heed Fred's warnings that he's being played for a sucker by some canny card sharps. Based on "Full House" by Ray Galton and Alan Simpson.
217"Have Gun, Will Sell"Rick EdelsteinIlunga Adell (credited as Adell Stevenson)November 3, 1972 (1972-11-03)20
After Fred and Lamont scare away a burglar, they realize that he left his gun at their house. Lamont and Rollo then pressure Fred into going to a pawn shop to try and sell the gun.
228"The Puerto Ricans Are Coming!"Peter BaldwinAllan Katz & Don ReoNovember 10, 1972 (1972-11-10)25
Fred's fighting mad to find that his new neighbor is a Puerto Rican man with a goat.
239"The Shootout"Peter BaldwinAllan Katz & Don ReoNovember 17, 1972 (1972-11-17)24
Lamont brings home an antique Revolutionary War rifle and Fred finds out whether it can still fire after 200 years.
2410"Blood Is Thicker Than Junk"Peter BaldwinAllan Katz & Don ReoNovember 24, 1972 (1972-11-24)16
After a nasty spat Sanford and Son split up. Fred hires a new man to replace Lamont, who signs on to work with a competing junk dealer.
2511"Sanford and Son and Sister Makes Three"Rick EdelsteinRichard Pryor & Paul MooneyDecember 1, 1972 (1972-12-01)27
A husband-seeking old flame of Fred's returns with a shocking revelation about her daughter, who has sparked a flaming passion in Lamont's heart.
2612"A Guest in the Yard"Jack SheaIlunga AdellDecember 8, 1972 (1972-12-08)29
Fred and Lamont discover that no good deed goes unpunished when the homeless man they help plays the Sanfords for suckers, resisting their every effort to throw him out.
2713"Fred & Carol & Fred & Donna"Rick EdelsteinLloyd Garver & Ken HechtDecember 15, 1972 (1972-12-15)28
Two-timing Fred's in the soup when he accidentally double books his dining room table by inviting both his fiancée Donna and the attractive saleswoman Carol over for supper on the same evening.
2814"The Light Housekeeper"Peter BaldwinStory by : Lee Kalcheim
Teleplay by : Lee Kalcheim and Aaron Ruben
December 22, 1972 (1972-12-22)15
Lamont hires a housekeeper, but Fred isn't wild about her being white.
2915"The Big Party"Jack SheaStory by : Odie Hawkins
Teleplay by : Odie Hawkins and Aaron Ruben
January 5, 1973 (1973-01-05)30
Behind on their bills, Fred and Lamont look to raise money by throwing a house party and charging admission. LaWanda Page makes her first appearance as Aunt Esther.
3016"A Visit from Lena Horne"Jack SheaAllan Katz & Don ReoJanuary 12, 1973 (1973-01-12)26
Fast-thinking Fred fools Lena Horne into visiting the Sanford home after he spins her a sob story about little lame Lamont who looks upon Lena as a second mother.
3117"Lamont Goes African"Jack SheaIlunga AdellJanuary 19, 1973 (1973-01-19)31
Lamont looks to reinvent himself by adopting an African name and lifestyle.
3218"Watts Side Story"Jack SheaLloyd Garver & Ken HechtJanuary 26, 1973 (1973-01-26)32
Lamont just met a girl named Maria (Migdia Chinea), but she's Julio's Puerto Rican sister, and the possibility of an interracial romance ruffles the feathers of both Fred and Mrs. Fuentes.
3319"The Infernal Triangle"Sid McCoyAaron RubenFebruary 2, 1973 (1973-02-02)34
Fred announces his engagement to Judy, a woman young enough to have been his daughter-in-law, who is also Lamont's ex-girlfriend. Based on "Two's Company" by Ray Galton and Alan Simpson
3420"Pops 'n' Pals"Rick EdelsteinAllan Katz & Don ReoFebruary 9, 1973 (1973-02-09)33
Jealous of Lamont's friendship with Julio, Fred tries to be a buddy to his son.
3521"Home Sweet Home for the Aged"Peter BaldwinAaron RubenFebruary 16, 1973 (1973-02-16)35
Before setting off to sail the world aboard a tramp steamer, Lamont must convince Fred to move into a retirement home. Based on "Homes Fit for Heroes" by Ray Galton and Alan Simpson.
3622"Pot Luck"Peter BaldwinAaron RubenFebruary 23, 1973 (1973-02-23)36
Lamont takes advantage of an ignorant seller and buys an antique commode for $20, greedily anticipating reselling it for a tremendous profit. Based on "The Three Feathers" by Ray Galton and Alan Simpson.
3723"The Kid"Jack SheaEverett Greenbaum & Jim FritzellMarch 9, 1973 (1973-03-09)37
A lonely latchkey kid stows away on Lamont's truck and spends a day with the Sanfords.
3824"Rated X"Peter BaldwinIlunga AdellMarch 16, 1973 (1973-03-16)38
Fred tags along to a movie casting call that Lamont and Rollo hope will make them respected black actors, not suspecting this film is blue.

Season 3 (1973–74)Edit

Note: Twenty-five episodes were written for Season Three, but the nineteenth was never taped due to contract disputes with Redd Foxx and producers of the show. The negotiations led to Foxx being absent from the last six episodes, but he returned to the series at the beginning of Season Four.

No. in
TitleDirected byWritten byOriginal air dateProd.
391"Lamont as Othello"Peter BaldwinIlunga AdellSeptember 14, 1973 (1973-09-14)40
Fred is uneasy with Lamont's rehearsing Othello with a white actress in their home, so Marilyn invites Fred and Lamont to come to her home in Beverly Hills.
402"Libra Rising All Over Lamont"Jack SheaIlunga AdellSeptember 21, 1973 (1973-09-21)43
As an astrologer tells Lamont that as a Libra he must avoid strife and arguing, hypochondriac Fred is home suffering from gas after eating eight-day-old collard greens.
413"Fred, the Reluctant Fingerman"Jack SheaGene FarmerSeptember 28, 1973 (1973-09-28)44
Fred, fearing retaliation after witnessing a robbery at Julio's, is unwilling to get involved by describing the burglars to the police.
424"Presenting the Three Degrees"Peter BaldwinIlunga AdellOctober 5, 1973 (1973-10-05)42
The Three Degrees, the Philadelphia-based singing trio, are the Sanfords' house-guests. The ladies perform "I Didn't Know" for Fred.
435"This Little TV Went to Market"Peter BaldwinGene FarmerOctober 12, 1973 (1973-10-12)41
Grady claims the television Fred got for a steal from Guy's Groovy Grabbag was indeed stolen--from him.
446"Lamont, Is That You?"Peter BaldwinJames R. Stein & Robert IllesOctober 19, 1973 (1973-10-19)39
Fred fears Lamont and Rollo are homosexuals after Bubba reports seeing them go into the Gay Blade Bar.
457"Fuentes, Fuentes, Sanford & Chico"Jack SheaGene FarmerOctober 26, 1973 (1973-10-26)45
Feeling betrayed when Lamont starts a sideline business with Julio, Fred moves out and into a downtown flophouse.
468"Superflyer"Peter BaldwinStory by : Charles T. Williams
Teleplay by : Charles T. Williams and Ilunga Adell
November 2, 1973 (1973-11-02)48
Fred's Uncle Leotis dies and leaves him $1,500, but the catch to collecting it is Fred and Lamont must fly to St. Louis and oversee the funeral arrangements. But steady Freddy isn't sure he's ready to take his first flight in an airplane.
479"The Members of the Wedding"
"The Engagement"
Jack SheaJames R. Stein & Robert IllesNovember 9, 1973 (1973-11-09)49
Fred and Donna are to be married on Sunday, but Lamont plots to put them asunder before the Lord joins them together by inviting to the wedding his Aunt Esther and the rest of Fred's irascible in-laws.
4810"The Blind Mellow Jelly Collection"
"The Chameleon"
Mark WarrenPhil MishkinNovember 16, 1973 (1973-11-16)47
Lamont becomes annoyed that Fred is constantly playing old blues records featuring a band named Blind Mellow Jelly. Then, he finds out the records are rare and could be worth several hundred dollars.
4911"A House is Not a Pool Room"Jack SheaWinston MossNovember 23, 1973 (1973-11-23)46
Lamont suffers buyer's remorse after the pool table he gave Fred for his birthday brings the boys over for billiards every day while Fred's work and girlfriend Donna go neglected.
5012"Grady, the Star Boarder"Jack SheaGene FarmerNovember 30, 1973 (1973-11-30)50
Fred seizes a financial opportunity when Grady gripes about his neighbors' fighting: invite Grady to come live in serenity for $60 a month with him and Lamont.
5113"Wine, Women & Aunt Esther"
"Leaving the Nest"
Peter BaldwinStory by : James R. Stein & Robert Illes
Teleplay by : Ilunga Adell
December 14, 1973 (1973-12-14)52
Depressed about death and growing old, Fred and his drinking buddies determine to think young and go for the gusto by throwing a wild party, inviting topless waitress Fast Fanny and four of her fast friends to spice it up.
5214"Mama's Baby, Papa's Maybe"Jack SheaIlunga AdellJanuary 4, 1974 (1974-01-04)51
Fred's feathers get ruffled when an old friend from St. Louis comes to town claiming to be Lamont's actual father.
5315"Fred Sanford, Legal Eagle"Bob LaHendroStory by : Paul Mooney and Gene Farmer
Teleplay by : Gene Farmer
January 11, 1974 (1974-01-11)53
When Lamont gets a traffic ticket, Fred convinces him to fight it in court, where the poor man's Perry Mason steps up to defend his son against the system.
5416"This Land is Whose Land?"Peter BaldwinIlunga AdellJanuary 18, 1974 (1974-01-18)54
Fred, petty and prejudiced against his Puerto Rican neighbor, hires a surveyor to mark the legal property line to ensure Julio keeps his stuff off the Sanford side.
5517"Fred's Cheating Heart"Stan LathanIlunga AdellFebruary 1, 1974 (1974-02-01)55
After learning about the dangers and high risk of heart disease, Lamont plots to get his heart attack-prone father to the hospital for a cardio check-up.
5618"The Party Crasher"Stan LathanGene FarmerFebruary 8, 1974 (1974-02-08)56
Lamont and Rollo don't want to invite fuddy-duddy Fred to their party with a pair of live-wire women from Detroit.
5719"Lamont Goes Karate"Bud YorkinIlunga AdellFebruary 15, 1974 (1974-02-15)57
Lamont learns karate to defend himself against bully Jo Jo Jackson.
5820"Will the Real Fred Sanford Please Do Something"Stan LathanAaron RubenFebruary 22, 1974 (1974-02-22)58
A woman Fred wooed over one too many boilermakers comes looking to take him up on his marriage proposal. Betty is bent on getting satisfaction and skeptical of Grady's insisting he's not Fred.
5921"Tyranny, Thy Name Is Grady"Stan LathanGene FarmerMarch 1, 1974 (1974-03-01)59
With Fred away in St. Louis, Grady is put in charge of the house. He quickly makes his presence known by keeping Aunt Esther out and preventing Lamont from bringing girls home.
6022"Aunt Esther & Uncle Woodrow Pfft..."Bud YorkinIlunga AdellMarch 8, 1974 (1974-03-08)60
Grady gives Uncle Woody an empowering man-to-man talk and sends him home to reclaim his castle. But Aunt Esther doesn't appreciate Grady's making a man of her mouse and shows that hell hath no fury like the wife of a worm turned.
6123"The Way to Lamont's Heart"Hal CooperStory by: Paul Wayne & George Burditt
Teleplay by: Paul Wayne & George Burditt and Aaron Ruben
March 15, 1974 (1974-03-15)61
Lamont's looking for a little lovin', but new girlfriend Judy is looking to settle down. When Lamont tells Judy he can't get married because his godfather Grady would disapprove, Judy sets to winning Grady's approval with a smile and a smoked pork butt, which sets Grady jumping to conclusions.
6224"Hello Cousin Emma, Goodbye Cousin Emma"Hal CooperBill ManhoffMarch 29, 1974 (1974-03-29)62
Grady's cousin Emma blows in from the Windy City and promises to make the living easy for the two men, but Lamont has his doubts, especially after being bumped from his bedroom and having to share a bed with Grady.

Season 4 (1974–75)Edit

No. in
TitleDirected byWritten byOriginal air dateProd.
631"The Surprise Party"Norman AbbottSaul Turteltaub & Bernie OrensteinSeptember 13, 1974 (1974-09-13)71
Fred returns from St. Louis to a welcome home surprise party. Lamont must exercise diplomacy and peacekeeping after he bruises the feelings of both Fred and Grady.
642"Matchmaker, Matchmaker"Bill FosterJerry RossSeptember 20, 1974 (1974-09-20)69
Lamont stands to inherit $7,000 if within a year he marries and has a son named after his late uncle George. Fred sees dollar signs, so he and Grady set to making marriage bells ring by turning to a computer dating service.
653"Ol' Brown Eyes is Back"Bill FosterRick MittlemanSeptember 27, 1974 (1974-09-27)68
Fred is celebrating 35 years in the junk business and snoops and finds his intended gift: a signet ring with his initials on it that Rollo got for a good price. Then Fred learns that among the items recently stolen from Frank Sinatra's hotel room was an initialed signet ring.
664"Grady and His Lady"Stan LathanGene FarmerOctober 4, 1974 (1974-10-04)70
Fred fears wedding bells will break up his beautiful friendship after Grady announces he's engaged to Dolly, so Fred plots to puncture the romance.
675"There'll Be Some Changes Made"Norman AbbottJerry Ross and Earl PomerantzOctober 11, 1974 (1974-10-11)66
Lamont moves out after a fight with Fred, but Fred lures his son back by agreeing to allow Lamont's eccentric encounter group to hold its meeting in their home. This episode introduces the recurring character Ah Chew.
686"Going Out of Business"Norman AbbottSaul Turteltaub & Bernie OrensteinOctober 18, 1974 (1974-10-18)67
To get a better tax break and increase their income, Lamont gets a job as a clerk at a haberdashery and Fred considers closing down Sanford & Son.
697"Home Sweet Home"Norman AbbottTed BergmanOctober 25, 1974 (1974-10-25)73
A Japanese real estate firm wants to buy and tear down all the properties on the Sanfords' block in order to build a brewery.
708"My Kingdom For a Horse"Bill FosterArnie RosenNovember 1, 1974 (1974-11-01)72
Fred buys a retired thoroughbred racehorse, betting on a big profit after selling him as a breeding stud.
719"Sanford and Niece"Norman AbbottSaul Turteltaub & Bernie OrensteinNovember 8, 1974 (1974-11-08)74
Fred's tender side is stirred when his niece Elizabeth comes to visit and bears a striking resemblance to his late wife.
7210"Julio and Sister and Nephew"Alan RafkinSaul Turteltaub & Bernie OrensteinNovember 15, 1974 (1974-11-15)76
Allergic to Chico the goat, Julio's sister and young nephew stay with the Sanfords. Controversy arises when young Roberto is placed down a grade in school because of his poor English skills.
7311"Fred's Treasure Garden"Herbert KenwithIlunga AdellNovember 29, 1974 (1974-11-29)63
Among the vegetables growing in Grady's garden is "wild parsley," only Lamont and Rollo recognize it by a different name: marijuana!
7412"Tower Power"Bill FosterCalvin KellyDecember 6, 1974 (1974-12-06)78
A visit to a gallery of abstract art inspires Fred to create his magnum opus: a towering heap of junk.
7513"A Little Extra Security"Herbert KenwithSaul Turteltaub & Bernie OrensteinDecember 13, 1974 (1974-12-13)65
Grady receives an extra Social Security check by mistake and wastes no time celebrating his windfall, but the wind falls from his sails when he learns Mr. Hastings from the Social Security office is on his way over to the house.
7614"The Merger"Bill FosterJerry RossDecember 20, 1974 (1974-12-20)77
The Sanfords and Julio agree to merge their competing junkyards and bank on business booming after they broadcast a television commercial.
7715"Once a Thief"Herbert KenwithWinston MossDecember 27, 1974 (1974-12-27)64
Grady gets uptight when Lamont brings his ex-convict friend Herman home to stay until he can find a job.
7816"The Stand-Ins"Bill FosterSaul Turteltaub & Bernie OrensteinJanuary 17, 1975 (1975-01-17)82
The Sanfords welcome Fred's buddies Bow Legs and Al, who are bringing their song, dance and comedy act to an LA nightclub. When Al hurts his back, Fred and Lamont step up and step out in this revue episode highlighted by Billy Eckstine singing "Jelly Jelly."
7917"Strange Bedfellows"Norman AbbottTed BergmanJanuary 24, 1975 (1975-01-24)75
Praise for Lamont's impassioned call into a radio political program sparks him to run for the state assembly. Will it be Mr. Sanford goes to Sacramento?
8018"The Masquerade Party"Norman AbbottStory by : Redd Foxx
Teleplay by : Ted Bergman
January 31, 1975 (1975-01-31)80
In this spoof of "Let's Make a Deal," Fred, Grady and Bubba appear as contestants on "Wheel and Deal," hoping to win a birthday present for Lamont.
8119"Golden Boy"Norman AbbottGeorge Yanok & Bob GarlandFebruary 7, 1975 (1975-02-07)81
Fred hopes to get rich quick by becoming co-owner of a boxer dubbed Junior Joe Louis. It then becomes Fred and Grady's job to get Junior into fighting shape before Friday's bout.
8220"My Brother-in-Law's Keeper"Norman AbbottTed BergmanFebruary 14, 1975 (1975-02-14)79
Fred is bothered and bewildered by his baby sister's marriage to a white man.
8321"The Headache"Bill FosterArnie RosenFebruary 21, 1975 (1975-02-21)83
Lamont's headache drives him to the psychologist's couch, where it is suggested the pain in Lamont's head is caused by the pain in the neck he lives with.
8422"The Stung"Alan RafkinGeorge Yanok & Bob GarlandFebruary 28, 1975 (1975-02-28)85
Tired of Lamont telling him he's a loser at cards, Fred and his professional gambler friend play a prank on Lamont and his poker pals. But will Fred be left holding the dead man's hand?
8523"The Older Woman"Alan RafkinTed BergmanMarch 7, 1975 (1975-03-07)84
Fred and Grady don disguises to discover the cougar who has her claws in Lamont's heart.
8624"The Over-the-Hill Gag"Stan LathanMatt RobinsonMarch 14, 1975 (1975-03-14)87
Lamont misunderstands the doctor and believes Fred has only six months to live and lavishes love and kindness upon him. Fred's content to ride the gravy train, though it may land him in the soup.
8725"The Family Man"Bud YorkinSaul Turteltaub & Bernie OrensteinApril 25, 1975 (1975-04-25)86
The story of Grady and his eyebrow-raising gift to his daughter and son-in-law just before their cocktail party for stuffy university professors. This episode serves as the pilot for the spin-off Grady.

Season 5 (1975–76)Edit

No. in
TitleDirected byWritten byOriginal air dateProd.
881"Earthquake II"Bill FosterJerry RossSeptember 12, 1975 (1975-09-12)95
An earthquake shakes up the Sanfords, and the threat of an even bigger quake sparks Fred to sell the house and seek shelter in Las Vegas.
892"Divorce, Sanford Style"Alan RafkinTed BergmanSeptember 19, 1975 (1975-09-19)91
Following a fight with Woodrow, Aunt Esther moves in with Fred and Lamont. Fred works overtime engineering a reconciliation so she'll return home.
903"Bank on This"Alan RafkinSaul Turteltaub & Bernie OrensteinSeptember 26, 1975 (1975-09-26)92
Fred and Lamont are applying for a loan to finance their purchase of Julio's former property when a pair of robbers burst into the bank. This episode marked an early acting role for future Sesame Street regular Roscoe Orman.
914"The Sanford Arms"Mark WarrenTed BergmanOctober 3, 1975 (1975-10-03)94
With the bank ready to foreclose, Fred and Lamont desperately seek to find tenants for the Sanford Arms.
925"Steinberg and Son"James SheldonSaul Turteltaub & Bernie OrensteinOctober 10, 1975 (1975-10-10)97
The series spoofs itself when the characters in the new television show "Steinberg and Son" turn out to be Borscht Belt parallels to those in the life of Fred G. Sanford.
936"Brother, Can You Spare an Act?"Bill FosterSaul Turteltaub & Bernie OrensteinOctober 17, 1975 (1975-10-17)96
When Fred's white brother-in-law Rodney lands a job emceeing a local vaudeville revival, Fred, Lamont and Smiley Rogers help out by providing the song and dance.
947"Della, Della, Della"Mark WarrenSaul Turteltaub & Bernie OrensteinOctober 31, 1975 (1975-10-31)100
When two competing politicians each seek to use Fred's junkyard for a campaign headquarters, Della Reese appeals to Fred to stand by her man.
958"Donna Pops the Question"James SheldonSaul Turteltaub & Bernie OrensteinNovember 7, 1975 (1975-11-07)89
After receiving a proposal from another man, Donna gives Fred one final chance to marry her.
969"My Fair Esther"James SheldonJerry RossNovember 14, 1975 (1975-11-14)98
Fred becomes a latter-day Henry Higgins when he undertakes the task of transforming ugly duckling Esther into a swan so she can win the Mrs. Watts Businessman's Contest and net Fred half the prize money.
9710"Sanford and Rising Son"Mark WarrenTed Bergman and Garry ShandlingNovember 21, 1975 (1975-11-21)102
Fred and Ah Chew team up and turn the Sanford home into a Japanese restaurant.
9811"The Olympics"Mark WarrenMadelyn Davis & Bob Carroll, Jr.December 5, 1975 (1975-12-05)90
Jealous of Donna's athletic new boyfriend, Fred begins training so he can challenge him in the Senior Olympics.
9912"Ebenezer Sanford"James SheldonSaul Turteltaub & Bernie OrensteinDecember 12, 1975 (1975-12-12)104
Tightfisted Fred gets a ghostly wake-up call in this spoof of "A Christmas Carol."
10013"The Oddfather"James SheldonSaul Turteltaub & Bernie OrensteinJanuary 2, 1976 (1976-01-02)88
Fred is wounded while witnessing a mob hit and is hospitalized under police protection until he can identify Mr. Big.
10114"Can You Chop This?"Mark WarrenJoni RhodesJanuary 9, 1976 (1976-01-09)101
Fred plans to get rich quick by selling Whopper Chopper food processors, using Lamont's acting school tuition money to make his initial investment.
10215"Greatest Show in Watts"Sid McCoyJerry RossJanuary 16, 1976 (1976-01-16)99
While babysitting an elephant, Fred holds a circus in the junkyard, allowing the cast to display their talents, especially Aunt Esther as the Bronze Goddess.
10316"Fred Sanford Has a Baby"James SheldonJay BurtonJanuary 23, 1976 (1976-01-23)103
A very pregnant woman rents Lamont's room for the week he's away on a fishing trip.
10417"The TV Addict"Mark WarrenJerry RossJanuary 30, 1976 (1976-01-30)93
Fred's lifestyle of too much TV and too little exercise has Lamont concerned for his father's health, so Fred undergoes hypnotism to break his addiction to television.
10518"Lamont in Love"Alan RafkinTed BergmanFebruary 6, 1976 (1976-02-06)105
When Lamont falls in love with a mysterious woman, Fred and Esther play amateur sleuths to learn more about her.
10619"The Escorts"Alan RafkinJerry RossFebruary 13, 1976 (1976-02-13)106
When Fred's friend Elroy can't find a date, Fred's inspired to launch his latest get-rich-quick scheme: an escort service for seniors.
10720"The Engagement Man Always Rings Twice"Lewis GomavitzTed BergmanFebruary 20, 1976 (1976-02-20)107
Lamont musters the courage to pop the question to Janet.
10821"The Director"Alan RafkinGarry ShandlingFebruary 27, 1976 (1976-02-27)110
Starstruck Fred assumes the director's chair when the champ George Foreman comes to star in a play for Lamont's theater workshop.
10922"A Pain in the Neck"Alan RafkinRick MittlemanMarch 5, 1976 (1976-03-05)108
Fred's friends have got his back, as he discovers when he suffers from a backache on the day he is to receive the Watts Businessman's award and his friends rush to his aid with all kinds of quack cures.
11023"Sergeant Gork"Bill WyseStory by : Redd Foxx and Ted Bergman
Teleplay by : Ted Bergman
March 12, 1976 (1976-03-12)111
Fred regales young Roger with tall tales of his World War II exploits that draw more from the late movie than the history books.
11124"Camping Trip"Alan RafkinGarry ShandlingMarch 19, 1976 (1976-03-19)109
Lamont brings Fred along on a camping trip to have some solitude and quality time together. Fred is no friend of nature and does nothing but complain...when the truck won't start they are stranded and begin to reminisce about old times.

Season 6 (1976–77)Edit

No. in
TitleDirected byWritten byOriginal air dateProd.
"The Hawaiian Connection: Part 1"
"The Hawaiian Connection: Part 2"
Alan RafkinSaul Turteltaub & Bernie OrensteinSeptember 24, 1976 (1976-09-24)115
Luring Fred and Lamont to Hawaii, a trio of jewel thieves plot to make Fred their mule for smuggling stolen diamonds to California.
1143"The Hawaiian Connection: Part 3"Alan RafkinSaul Turteltaub & Bernie OrensteinOctober 1, 1976 (1976-10-01)117
Fred and Lamont visit Hawaii tourist attractions while running for their lives from the jewel thieves.
1154"California Crude"Norman AbbottAlan Eisenstock & Larry MintzOctober 8, 1976 (1976-10-08)119
While Fred and Lamont are digging a garden, oil is discovered underground at the junk yard. Fred sees millions but before any money can be paid it must first be tested.
1165"The Stakeout"Norman AbbottEarl BarretOctober 15, 1976 (1976-10-15)118
The police are looking for a fence named Alex Hacker who's been spotted coming in and out of The Sanford Arms. They use Fred and Lamont's home to stakeout the Arms. Meanwhile, Fred has a crush on a new lady tenant.
1176"I Dream of Choo-Choo Rabinowitz"Alan RafkinLarry Mintz & Alan EisenstockOctober 22, 1976 (1976-10-22)113
Fred is determined to break Choo-Choo Rabinowitz's official world record for the longest amount of time staying awake.
1187"The Winning Ticket"Alan RafkinBob DeVinneyNovember 5, 1976 (1976-11-05)114
A couple of con men sucker Fred into running a rigged lucky number contest for which the crooks secretly hold the winning ticket.
1198"Committee Man"Chuck LiottaGarry ShandlingNovember 12, 1976 (1976-11-12)120
Soon after Fred is appointed to serve on a mayor's committee he is sought out by a slumlord offering a bribe for political favors.
1209"Fred's Extra Job"Alan RafkinSaul Turteltaub & Bernie OrensteinNovember 19, 1976 (1976-11-19)112
Fred works nights as a bus boy in a fancy restaurant so he can begin paying back the $6,000 bank loan he took out in order to give Lamont an impressive wedding gift.
12110"Carol"Alan RafkinEarl BarretNovember 26, 1976 (1976-11-26)125
Fred's old friend Carol shows up after 40 years, stirring up memories and sparking a flashback to the Summer of 1936 when Fred was a pool hustler in Cleveland.
12211"Aunt Esther Has a Baby"Alan RafkinSaul Turteltaub & Bernie OrensteinDecember 3, 1976 (1976-12-03)121
Esther and Woody plan to be parents for the first time, but for it to happen Esther is going to need Fred's help.
12312"Aunt Esther Meets Her Son"Al RabinSaul Turteltaub & Bernie OrensteinDecember 10, 1976 (1976-12-10)122
Esther and Woody welcome their son Daniel, but quickly discover they must practice the forgiveness that Esther preaches.
12413"Sanford and Gong"Bill FosterSaul Turteltaub & Bernie OrensteinDecember 17, 1976 (1976-12-17)123
Fred, Lamont, Donna and Bubba attend a taping of "The Gong Show" and are inspired to audition as contestants, bringing their musical act onto the show.
12514"Here Today, Gone Today"Bill FosterWarren S. MurrayJanuary 7, 1977 (1977-01-07)126
Misunderstandings abound and compound when Fred's friends try to honor his fortieth year in business with a secret surprise.
12615"Fred Meets Redd"Bill FosterSaul Turteltaub & Bernie OrensteinJanuary 14, 1977 (1977-01-14)124
The fourth wall falls when Fred enters NBC's Redd Foxx look-alike contest and eagerly anticipates meeting his idol face to face.
12716"The Defiant One"
"Chinese Torture"
Russ PetrantoAlan Eisenstock & Larry MintzJanuary 21, 1977 (1977-01-21)127
Rehearsing his magic act, Grady snaps a pair of trick shackles onto Fred and Esther, only to discover the instructions for removing them are printed in Chinese.
12817"A Matter of Silence"Russ PetrantoJohn T. BellJanuary 28, 1977 (1977-01-28)128
Lamont fears Fred is going deaf, and Fred is content to play along and milk sympathy from Lamont and Donna.
12918"When John Comes Marching Home"Russ PetrantoAlan Eisenstock & Larry MintzFebruary 4, 1977 (1977-02-04)129
Lamont's engagement to Janet is jeopardized by the unexpected return of her ex-husband John.
13019"The Reverend Sanford"Russ PetrantoJim BelcherFebruary 11, 1977 (1977-02-11)130
To avoid paying taxes, Fred buys a mail-order clergy ordination and transforms his home into the Chapel on the Junkpile for the church of the Seventh-Day Junkists.
13120"The Will"Russ PetrantoSaul Turteltaub & Bernie OrensteinFebruary 18, 1977 (1977-02-18)131
Fred suffers amnesia after being bludgeoned with Esther's silver-plated Bible. Having looked death in the face, Fred wants to get his affairs in order and so prepares his last will and testament and summons his friends for its reading.
13221"Fred the Activist"Russ PetrantoRichard Freiman & Stephen YoungFebruary 25, 1977 (1977-02-25)132
Angered by the age discrimination policy of a local stereo dealer, Fred rallies a troop of Gray Foxes and leads the charge to change the policy.
13322"The Lucky Streak"Russ PetrantoJoseph R. HendersonMarch 4, 1977 (1977-03-04)133
Fred and Lamont need to raise $4,000 by Friday or lose the Sanford Arms. Fred plans to parlay his $500 savings into the needed amount by playing poker, betting on horses and letting it ride in Las Vegas.
13423"Funny, You Don't Look It"Russ PetrantoRabbi Joseph FeinsteinMarch 11, 1977 (1977-03-11)134
Inspired by Alex Haley's "Roots," Fred orders a family crest and genealogical scroll that states he's African royalty and a descendant of the Jewish Ethiopian Falashas.
13524"Fred Sings the Blues"Russ PetrantoLarry Mintz & Alan EisenstockMarch 18, 1977 (1977-03-18)135
Fred invites B.B. King to dinner at Sanford home and may give the famous singer another reason to sing the blues. B.B. King Guest stars.
13625"School Daze"Carl McCarthyRick MittlemanMarch 25, 1977 (1977-03-25)136
For a month Fred and Bubba have been sneaking out at night, concerning family and friends and leading Donna to fear that Fred has fallen for another woman.


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