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List of Royal Society of Chemistry medals and awards

RSC award medals have a variety of designs. This is the Robert Boyle Prize for Analytical Science.
Jeremy Knowles Award
Stephanie L Kwolek Award
The reverse of most medals is plain. This is the 2014 Stephanie L Kwolek Award.
The medals, made by Thomas Fattorini Ltd of Birmingham, are presented in a box. This is the Hickinbottom Award.

The Royal Society of Chemistry grants a number of medals and awards.

All those named "prize" (except the Beilby Medal and Prize) are awarded with a £5,000 bursary. The Chemistry World Entrepreneur of the Year award has one of £4,000.

As of 2014, these are:[1]

Discontinued awards (incomplete list)Edit

  • Hugo Müller Lectureship, discontinued 2008
  • Solid State Chemistry Award, discontinued 2008

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