List of Royal Navy ships in North America

List of Royal Navy ships in North America is an annotated list of some of the Royal Navy ships serving in Canada, the Thirteen Colonies and Caribbean under the North American Station. For ships under the Pacific Station, see List of Royal Navy ships in the Pacific Northwest.

Ship names and details
 Ship name  Type  Launched  Ship details  Fate
HMS Sapphire 32-gun ship of the line 1675 Harwich, England Cornered in Bay Bulls Harbour by a French squadron in September 1696. Her master, Captain Thomas Cleasby, in fear that the French would capture the ship, scuttled her.
HMS Leopard 50-gun ship of the line 1775 in Portsmouth, England Destroyed in 1814 off Anticosti Island, Quebec
HMS Speedy Schooner 1798 – Kingston, Ontario Sunk in Lake Ontario off Brighton, Ontario in 1804
HMS Sir Isaac Brock N/A N/A Unfinished vessel was being built in York, Upper Canada – now Toronto Burned and destroyed during War of 1812
HMS Detroit (1812) 6-gun brig; 200 tons 1812 – Detroit, Michigan Captured by British forces and renamed Detroit Burned in 1813
HMS Detroit (1813) 12- or 14-gun schooner, 305 tons 1813 in Amherstburg, Ontario Captured by Americans and renamed USS Detroit in 1813 Sold in 1825
HMS Confiance 36-gun frigate 1814 in Île aux Noix, Lake Champlain – near Plattsburgh, New York Served on Lake Champlain Captured by Americans and sold in 1825
HMS Linnet 16-gun brig 1814 in Île aux Noix, Lake Champlain – near Plattsburgh, New York Served on Lake Champlain; capture 1814
HMS Chub (I) 4-gun schooner 1807 in Bermuda Sunk off Halifax, Nova Scotia 1812
HMS Finch / HMS Chubb (II) / HMS Shannon 11-gun sloop captured from the Americans (ex-USS Growler); 110 tons 1812? Served on Lake Champlain; captured 1813 and renamed Shannon (and later as Chubb) Recaptured by the Americans in 1814 and sold 1815 in Whitehall, New York
HMS Nancy 6-gun schooner 1789 in Detroit, Michigan Served in upper Great Lakes; fitted with six 4-pounder carriage guns and six swivel guns Sank in Nottawasaga River in 1814 after being chased by Niagara, Tigress, and Scorpion
HMS Duke of Gloucester 10-gun brig 1813 in Kingston, Ontario Captured by Americans in 1813, renamed York
HMS Royal George 20-gun sloop 1809 in Kingston, Ontario Took part in several engagements on Lake Ontario Renamed Niagara (1814) and later laid up and broken up in 1833
HMS Toronto 4-gun sloop 1799 in York, Upper Canada (now Toronto) Built as government ferry Sank 1811 off Hanlan's Point
HMS St. Lawrence 112-gun ship of the line 1814 in Kingston, Ontario Only ship to be built and operated on Great Lakes Decommissioned in 1815? and broken up
HMS Hamilton Schooner; 53 tons 1812 from American builder on Lake Ontario Captured as USS Growler 1813; re-captured by Americans 1813 and re-captured by RN in 1814 Renamed HMS Hamilton 1814; fate unknown
HMS Erebus 18-gun sloop; converted rocket vessel 1807
HMS Nymph Sloop 1778 at Chatham Dockyard, Kent, England Flounder in Road Town, British Virgin Islands
HMS Resolute Arctic exploration ship Purchased in 1850 as Ptarmigan Retired 1879 and broken up
HMS Halifax (1768) Schooner 1768 Built at Halifax, Nova Scotia, the first Royal Navy ship built in Canada Lost 1775
HMS Halifax (1780) Sloop 1777 as United States Navy USS Ranger Captured 1780 Decommissioned in 1781
HMS Halifax (1806) Sloop 1806 Built at the Halifax, Nova Scotia Decommissioned and broken up in 1814
HMS Drake Sloop Purchased as Resolution in 1777 Captured by USS Ranger, 24 April 1778
HMS Sultana Schooner 1767 in Boston Shipyard Patrolled the American coast from 1768 through 1772 Sold 1772
HMS Antelope 54-gun ship of the line Formerly Antelope from 1803 served in the Seven Years' War and the American Revolutionary War. Sold 1783
HMS Fame 74-gun ship of the line 1759 in Deptford, near London, England Served later as prison ship Sold 1814
HMS Invincible 74-gun ship of the line Built in London 1765 Served in Seven Years' War, American Revolutionary War, Battle of Cape St. Vincent in 1780, Battle of the Chesapeake in 1781 and Battle of St. Kitts in 1782 Sank 1801


A list of shipyards of NAS:

  • Halifax Naval Yard, Nova Scotia
  • Oswego, New York
  • Pointe au Baril, Quebec
  • Navy Island, Ontario
  • Niagara
  • Detroit, Michigan
  • Oswegatchie
  • Carleton Island
  • Raven Creek
  • Kingston, Ontario
  • Prince Edward County, Ontario
  • York, Upper Canada
  • Amherstburg, Ontario
  • Cleveland, Ohio
  • Black Rock
  • Presqu'Ile, Pennsylvania
  • Erie, Pennsylvania
  • Quebec, Quebec
  • Penetanguishene, Ontario
  • Chippawa, Ontario
  • Ganaoque, Ontario
  • Cobourg, Ontario
  • Grand Island, New York
  • Montreal, Quebec
  • Buffalo, New York
  • Sorel, Quebec
  • Levis, Quebec
  • Stromness
  • Sarnia, Ontario

Some ships were shipped over from yards in England:

  • Newcastle
  • Portsmouth