List of Romanian Air Force units

This is a list of Romanian Air Force and Romanian Air Corps units, past and present.





  • Grupul 1 Escadrile (1st Squadron Group) - commanded by Cpt. Sturdza, assigned to the Romanian 1st Army. The group had 2 squadrons.
  • Grupul 2 Escadrile - commanded by Lt. Pașcanu (replaced by Lt. Negerscu), assigned to the Romanian 2nd Army.
  • Grupul 3 Escadrile - commanded by Cpt. Beroniade [ro], assigned to the Romanian 3rd Army. The group had 3 squadrons:
    • Escadrila "București"
    • Escadrila "Alexandria"
    • Escadrila "Budești"
  • Grupul 4 Escadrile - commanded by Lt. Giossanu, assigned to the Northern Army.


Organization in the summer of 1917 - Order No. 1247/1917

  • Grupul 1 Aeronautic Bacău, with its headquarters at Bacău and commanded by Maj. Alexandru Sturdza, assigned to the 2nd Romanian Army:
    • Escadrila F.2 - commanded by Cpt. Gheorghe Negrescu [ro] (until March), then by Captain Panait Cholet
    • Escadrila F.6 - commanded by Cpt. Scarlat Ștefănescu
    • Escadrila N.1 - commanded by Cpt. René Chambe [fr]
  • Grupul 2 Aeronautic Tecuci, with its headquarters at Tecuci and commanded by Maj. Andrei Popovici, assigned to the 4th Russian Army (will be re-assigned to the 1st Romanian Army):
    • Escadrila F.4 - commanded by Cpt. Haralambie Giossanu
    • Escadrila F.7 - commanded by Cpt. André Goulin
    • Escadrila N.3 - commanded by Cpt. Maurice Gond
    • Escadrila F.9 - commanded by Cpt. Bertrand de Fraguier
    • Escadrila N.11 - commanded by Cpt. Ștefan Protopopescu
    • Escadrila C.12
  • Grupul 3 Aeronautic Galați, with its headquarters at Galați and commanded by Cpt. Nicolae Capșa, assigned to the 1st Romanian Army (will be re-assigned to the 6th Russian Army):
    • Escadrila F.5 - commanded by Cpt. Radu Irimescu
    • Escadrila N.10 - commanded by Cpt. Paul Bléry
    • Escadrila B.M.8 - commanded by Cpt. Armand Délas


From January 1918:

  • Grupul 1 Aeronautic Bacău, commanded by Maj. Athanase Enescu:
    • Escadrila F.6 - renamed to Escadrila S.6 after receiving Sopwith 1½ Strutters
    • Escadrila F.2
    • Escadrila N.1
    All squadrons of this group were based at Bacău.
  • Grupul 2 Aeronautic Tecuci, commanded by Maj. Sever Pleniceanu:
    • Escadrila F.5 - with the aerodrome at Bârlad
    • Escadrila S.8 - ex-B.M.8
    • Escadrila N.11 - at Adjud
    • Escadrila N.3 - at Tecuci
  • Grupul 3 Aeronautic Roman, with the headquarters at Roman and commanded by Maj. Haralambie Giossanu:
    • Escadrila F.9 - aerodrome at Fălticeni
    • Escadrila S.12 - ex-C.12, with the aerodrome at Dorohoi
    • Escadrila N.10 - at Botoșani

From February 1918, a new group was formed in Bessarabia:

  • Grupul Aeronautic basarabean
    • Escadrila F.4
    • Escadrila N.3bis

Hungarian-Romanian War of 1919Edit

  • Grupul 5 Aeronautic ("5th Aeronautical Group"), with the headquarters at Sibiu and commanded by Major Athanase Enescu:
    • Escadrila S.2 - renamed to Escadrila B.2 after receiving Bréguet 14 aircraft
    • Escadrila N.7 - commanded by Lt. Iosif Răcășanu
    • Escadrila S.12 - based at Gherla


Fighter units

  • 1st Fighter Group (Grupul 1 Vânătoare)
    • 41st Fighter Squadron
    • 42nd Fighter Squadron
  • 2nd Fighter Group (Grupul 2 Vânătoare)
    • 45th Fighter Squadron
    • 46th Fighter Squadron
  • 5th Fighter Group (Grupul 5 Vânătoare)
    • 10th Fighter Squadron - 51st Fighter Squadron from October 1939
    • 11th Fighter Squadron - 52nd Fighter Squadron from October 1939
  • 6th Fighter Group (Grupul 6 Vânătoare)
    • 62nd Fighter Squadron
    • 63rd Fighter Squadron
  • 7th Fighter Group (Grupul 7 Vânătoare)
  • 8th Fighter Group (Grupul 8 Vânătoare) - 8th Assault Group (Grupul 8 Asalt) from May 1943
    • 59th Fighter Squadron
    • 60th Fighter Squadron
  • 9th Fighter Group (Grupul 9 Vânătoare)
    • 47th Fighter Squadron
    • 48th Fighter Squadron
  • 1st Night Fighter Squadron (Escadrila 1 Vânătoare de Noapte)

Bomber units

  • 1st Bomber Group (Grupul 1 Bombardament)
  • 2nd Bomber Group (Grupul 2 Bombardament)
  • 3rd Bomber/Dive Bomber Group (Grupul 3 Bombardament/picaj)
  • 4th Bomber Group (Grupul 4 Bombardament)
  • 5th Bomber Group (Grupul 5 Bombardament)
  • 6th Bomber / Dive Bomber Group (Grupul 6 Bombardament/picaj)
  • 18th Light Bomber Squadron

Reconnaissance Units

  • 1st Long Range Recon Group (Grupul 1 Recunoaștere Îndepărtată)
  • 1st Guard Group
  • 2nd Guard Group

Transport Units

  • Air Transport Group (Grupul de Aero-Transport)
    • 105th Transport Squadron
    • 106th Transport Squadron
    • 108th Light Transport Squadron - known as Escadrila Albă ("White Squadron")
    • 109th Glider Transport Squadron

Liaison Units

  • 111th, 112th, 113th, 115th, 116th Liaison Squadrons (Escadrile de Legătură)

Other unitsEdit

Aerostation UnitsEdit

  • 1st Aerostation Company (Compania 1 Aerostație)
  • 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th Aerostation Companies

Ground unitsEdit

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