List of professorships at the University of Glasgow

Professorships at the University of Glasgow can take either of two forms: an established chair or a personal professorship. An established chair is one which has been set up by endowment and is intended to last indefinitely, i.e. that when a chair is vacated, someone else will be appointed to it. Personal professorships are conferred on individuals and exist only so long as that individual continues to hold the post. While the first established chair at the university was created in 1637, personal professorships were first created by the university in 1964 to facilitate more flexibility in appointment. No difference in status is drawn between holders of established or personal professorships, and all are accorded ex-officio membership of the Academic Senate.[1]

University of Glasgow

The following is an incomplete list of established professorships at the University of Glasgow, organised by college. The title of the professorship is followed by the date of foundation. Dates in italics indicate the year of foundation of lectureships on which chairs were based.


Medical, Veterinary and Life SciencesEdit



  • Professor of Oral Surgery (1951)
  • Professor of Dental Prosthetics (1959)
  • Professor of Dental Primary Care (1971)

Veterinary MedicineEdit

  • Professor of Equine Clinical Studies (1956)

Life SciencesEdit

Science and EngineeringEdit

Physical SciencesEdit

Information and Mathematical SciencesEdit


Social SciencesEdit


  • Adam Smith Chair of Political Economy (1896)(1892)
  • Johnstone Smith Professor of Accountancy (1925)
  • Alec Cairncross Chair of Applied Economics (1949)
  • Bonar-Macfie Chair of Political Economy (1962)
  • Professor of Business Policy (1974)
  • Ernst & Young Professor of Accounting (1986)
  • Professor of Marketing (1996)


  • Professor of Education (1949) (1984)


Social SciencesEdit

  • James Bryce Chair of Politics (1965)
  • Chair of Business History (1988)
  • Chair of Housing and Urban Studies (1988)
  • Chair of Environmental Economics (2000)


  • Professor of Agriculture (1954)
  • Professor of Architecture (1965), based in Mackintosh School of Architecture
  • Hannah Chair (1970), held by the Director of the Hannah Dairy Research Institute


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