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List of presidents of Queens' College, Cambridge

This is a list of Presidents of Queen's College, Cambridge. While the head of most colleges are called Masters, the head of Queens' College, Cambridge has been called the President since 1448. Below is the list of Presidents that have served the college:

Name Portrait Dates Notes
Andrew Dokett 1448–1484 English churchman and academic
Thomas Wilkynson 1484–1505 Vicar, Canon of Ripon
John Cardinal Fisher John Fisher (painting).jpg 1505–1508 Catholic Bishop of Rochester; executed by Henry VIII for refusing to accept him as head of the Church of England in 1535,
canonised in 1935. Namesake of the Fisher Building.
Robert Bekensaw 1508–1519 English churchman and academic
John Jenyn 1519–1525 Cleric
Thomas Forman 1525–1527 Rector of All Hallows, London. Early Reformer.
William Frankleyn 1527–1529 English churchman, dean of Windsor
Simon Heynes 1529–1537 Theologian. Early reformer.
William May 1537–1553,
Theologian and dean of St Paul's Cathedral; his report saved the Cambridge colleges from dissolution under Henry VIII
William Glyn 1553–1557 Also Bishop of Bangor
Thomas Pecocke 1557–1559 Theologian
John Stokes 1560–1568 Also Archdeacon of York
William Chaderton Bp William Chaderton.jpg 1568–1579 Later Bishop of Chester and Bishop of Lincoln
Humphrey Tyndall 1579–1614 Theologian, Dean of Ely and Archdeacon of Stafford
John Davenant John Davenant.jpg 1614–1622 Later Bishop of Salisbury
John Mansell 1622–1631 Churchman, theologian, philosopher
Edward Martin 1631–1644,
Sent the college silver to King Charles I; imprisoned in the Tower of London by Oliver Cromwell;
restored to presidency under Charles II
Herbert Palmer Herbert Palmer.jpg 1644–1647 Puritan and member of the Westminster Assembly; installed as President by Cromwell
Thomas Horton 1647–1660 Theologian; removed by the restoration of the monarchy
Anthony Sparrow Bp Anthony Sparrow.jpg 1662–1667 Later Bishop of Exeter and Bishop of Norwich
William Wells 1667–1675 Archdeacon of Colchester
Henry James Henry James Pres-Queens.jpg 1675–1717 Theologian
John Davies John Davies Pres-Queens.jpg 1717–1732 Philosopher, Churchman
William Sedgwick William Sedgwick Pres-Queens.jpg 1732–1760 Philosopher
Robert Plumptre Robert Plumptre Pres-Queens.jpg 1760–1788 English churchman and academic
Isaac Milner Isaac-Milner.gif 1788–1820 Mathematician, an inventor. Lucasian Professor of Mathematics
Henry Godfrey 1820–1832 English academic
Joshua King Joshua King by William Beechey.jpg 1832–1857 Lucasian Professor of Mathematics
George Phillips George Phillips, Oriental Scholar (1804-1892).jpg 1857–1892 Author in Mathematics and Oriental languages
William Magan Campion William Campion (1820–1896.jpg 1892–1896 Mathematician
Herbert Edward Ryle Dr HE Ryle NPG.jpg 1896–1901 Later Bishop of Exeter, Bishop of Winchester and Dean of Westminster
Frederic Henry Chase 1901–1906 Later Bishop of Ely
Thomas Cecil Fitzpatrick 1906–1931 Namesake of the Fitzpatrick Hall in Cripps Court
John Archibald Venn 1931–1958 British economist, son of the logician John Venn
Arthur Armitage 1958–1970 Namesake of the Armitage Room above the Fitzpatrick Hall
Sir Derek Bowett 1970–1982 International lawyer
Lord Oxburgh Official portrait of Lord Oxburgh crop 2.jpg 1982–1988 Eminent geologist and geophysicist
Sir John Polkinghorne Johnpolkinghorne.jpg 1988–1996 KBE; FRS; physicist and theologian; extensive writer on science-faith relations;
Templeton Prize 2002; member of General Synod
Lord Eatwell Official portrait of Lord Eatwell crop 2.jpg 1997 – Previously chief economic adviser to Neil Kinnock and chairman of the British Library;
Opposition Spokesman for the Treasury in the House of Lords.