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List of Pokémon: Black & White: Rival Destinies episodes

This is a list of episodes of Pokémon: Black & White: Rival Destinies (advertised as Pokémon: BW: Rival Destinies), the fifteenth season of the Pokémon animated series, covering the continuing adventures of series protagonist Ash Ketchum as he continues traveling though Unova with Cilan and Iris to take on his remaining five gym badges. In Japan, this is still considered the Pocket Monsters: Best Wishes! (ポケットモンスター ベストウイッシュ, Poketto Monsutā Besuto Uisshu, literally "Pocket Monsters: Best Wish") series.

Pokémon: Black & White:
Rival Destinies
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Bottom: Japanese Pocket Monsters: Best Wishes! Season 2 title logo
Country of originJapan
No. of episodes49
Original networkTV Tokyo
Original releaseSeptember 22, 2011 (2011-09-22) –
October 4, 2012 (2012-10-04)
Season chronology
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Black & White

In Japan, starting with the episode airing on June 21, 2012, a new sub-season began under the title Pocket Monsters: Best Wishes! Season 2 (ポケットモンスター ベストウイッシュ シーズン2, Poketto Monsutā Besuto Uisshu Shīzun Tsū). Beginning its premiere run on June 21, 2012 (the week after Pokémon Black 2 and White 2 were released in Japan), its first 13 episodes comprise the final quarter of Rival Destinies. In these episodes, Ash and his friends travel over to the eastern side of Unova, where they begin a new set of adventures. They reunite with Ash's old friend Dawn. Sinnoh League Champion Cynthia houses them as they all prepare for the Pokémon World Tournament Junior Cup, which is hosted by Unova League Champion Alder. They train for the upcoming Unova Pokémon League conference and meet the legendary Pokémon Meloetta. The Best Wishes! Season 2 episodes continue through the subsequent international season BW: Adventures in Unova.

The Japanese opening songs are "Best Wishes!" and "Be an Arrow!" by Rica Matsumoto. The ending songs are "Can You Name All the Pokemon? BW" by Takeshi Tsuruno, "Seven-colored Arch" by Aki Okui, Toshiko Ezaki, and Fumie Akiyoshi, and "Look Look*Here" by Momoiro Clover Z. The English opening song is "Rival Destinies" by Alex Nackman and Kathryn Raio.



The division between seasons of Pokémon is based on the English version openings of each episode, and may not reflect the actual production season. The English episode numbers are based on their first airing in the United States either in syndication on Cartoon Network, or in Canada on YTV. Other English-speaking nations largely follow either this order or the Japanese order.

The first episode of this season aired on September 22, 2011 in Japan and premiered in the United States on February 18, 2012.[1] It premiered in Canada on April 7, 2012[citation needed], and in the United Kingdom on April 14, 2012. The airing in the United Kingdom is shown on CITV and Disney XD respectively, each beginning to air it on the same day. There is a difference, however, in their scheduling: CITV airs a new episode once a week[2] on a Saturday morning, whereas Disney XD air two new episodes a week, one on a Saturday morning and one on a Sunday morning.[3] Pop also airs the series in the UK as of March 2018.


J# E# English title
Japanese title
Original air date English air date
708702"Enter Elesa, Electrifying Gym Leader!" (The Gym Leader is a Charisma Model! Kamitsure Appears!!)
Transcription: "Jimu Rīdā wa Karisuma Moderu! Kamisure Tōjō!!" (Japanese: ジムリーダーはカリスマモデル!カミツレ登場!!)
September 22, 2011 (2011-09-22)February 18, 2012
Ash has returned to Nimbasa City and is excited to finally have his Gym Battle to get his fourth badge. Shortly before wanting to walk towards the Gym, Bianca comes charging in and throws Ash, once again, in water. Ash wants to go into the Gym, but Bianca wants to battle first. Bianca talks about how the Gym Leader, Elesa, is a super model. They go to the Gym only to find out that she is in the middle of a fashion show and cannot battle at the moment. Bianca decides to take a look at the fashion show, and the others follow. They watch the show and Elesa notices Ash and his Pikachu. She jumps over to them and they introduce themselves to Elesa. Ash and Bianca explain to her that they are challengers and that they have come to challenge the Gym, but Elesa tells them to return after the fashion show is over. When they return to the Gym, they climb into a cart that they soon find out it is a roller coaster car. Once they reach the end of the roller coaster, they meet Elesa once again. Bianca claims that she had made an appointment for a Gym Battle and gets to battle first. However, Bianca's father shows up, having come to end Bianca's journey and take her home but, she refuses to go. Elesa suggests using the Gym Battle to prove how much she has grown. Bianca and her father agree that if she loses she will end her journey and go home. The battle between Bianca and Elesa is about to begin with a three on three battle. The gym leader calls out Zebstrika and Bianca calls out Shelmet. Bianca starts it off with Acid followed by Energy Ball, which both miss. Zebstrika uses Flame Charge followed by Double Kick which takes out Shelmet. Next is Mincinno. It uses Double Slap which misses, as well as Swift. Zebstrika uses Flame Charge and Mincinno uses Hyper Voice followed by Swift but misses. Zebstrika uses Flame Charge once again and hits Mincinno, taking it out. Next, Bianca calls out Pignite. It uses Flamethrower which misses. Zebstrika uses Double Kick which misses as well. Pignite uses Flame Charge which lands a direct hit and Zebstrika uses Flame Charge while Pignite counters with Flamethrower. Pignite uses Heat Crash which lands a direct hit. Zebstrika uses Flame Charge, once again, causing its speed to go up. Zebstrika immediately follows it up with Wild Charge and takes out Pignite. As promised, Bianca agrees to go home with her father. Before Bianca and her father return home, they have lunch with Ash, Iris, and Cilan. Ash convinces Bianca's father to have a battle - wagering that if he wins, Bianca can continue traveling and if he loses, he will return to Kanto. Bianca's father claims that he was called the "Red Meteor" when he was younger, and calls out Darmanitan. Ash's Oshawott shows that he wants to battle and Ash lets him. Bianca's father ultimately wins the match, but he realizes that his daughter has good friends on her journey and that traveling on a journey only makes one stronger. He agrees to let them continue on their respective journeys.
709703"Dazzling the Nimbasa Gym!" (Raimon Gym! Splendid Lightning Battle!!)
Transcription: "Raimon Jimu! Kareinaru Dengeki Batoru!!" (Japanese: ライモンジム!華麗なる電撃バトル!!)
September 29, 2011 (2011-09-29)February 25, 2012
It is finally Ash's turn for a Gym Battle. As Cilan and Iris try to get him, he has locked himself up in his room, trying to think of a strategy to overcome Elesa's Pokémon. He believes that Pikachu should not participate in the Gym Battle, as he is an Electric-Type Pokémon and it would not be effective. They arrive at the Gym, and Ash hands Pikachu over to Cilan before he begins his match against Elesa. Elesa calls out Zebstrika while Ash calls out Palpitoad. Palpitoad uses Mud Shot while Zebstrika uses Flame Charge. It uses Flame Charge once again to increase its speed. Palpitoad uses Hydro Pump, but it misses. Zebstrika uses Double Kick and lands a direct hit, before using a Quick Attack. Palpitoad uses Supersonic followed by Mud Shot and then by Hydro Pump, taking out Zebstrika. Palpitoad is clearly worn out when Elesa sends out her Emolga. Palpitoad uses Supersonic, but it misses due to Emolga's Acrobatics. Emolga uses Attract on Palpitoad, making him fall in love with her. Emolga finishes the match with Aerial Ace. Ash, however, has forgotten to take all of his Pokémon with him, so he runs off the field to go get Snivy. Snivy and Emolga both use Attract on each other, but it does not work as they are both female, a fact Ash has forgotten about his own Snivy. He reveals to be further off his game when he forgets Emolga is also a Flying-Type Pokémon, which is strong against Grass-Types. After a long fight, Emolga knocks out Snivy, all the while Pikachu has been getting angry over being left out. Ash does not know how to proceed when Pikachu uses Thunderbolt on him and yells at him. Finally, Ash realizes that he has been going at this the wrong way and realizes that the bond with his Pokémon is much more important than strategy. He chooses Pikachu for his final Pokémon, and Pikachu uses a Quick Attack to knock out Emolga. Elesa then calls out her strongest Pokémon: Tynamo. It starts off using Tackle, which slams Pikachu into a wall, followed up by another Tackle that slams Pikachu into the floor, repeating its Tackle attacks against Pikachu, leading Ash to realize that Tynamo is trying to trap Pikachu in the battleground terrain. Pikachu uses Thunderbolt everywhere to destroy the field and with an Iron Tail attack takes out Tynamo and wins the battle. Elesa awards Ash the Bolt Badge, but she tells him that because the Driftveil Drawbridge is still raised, Ash cannot move on to Driftveil City yet to challenge the Gym Leader there.
710704"Lost at the Stamp Rally!" (Satoshi and Dent vs. the Subway Masters!)
Transcription: "Satoshi, Dento Tai Sabuwei Masutā!" (Japanese: サトシ、デントVSサブウェイマスター!)
October 6, 2011 (2011-10-06)March 3, 2012
After the Gym match, Cilan decides that he wants to go back to the subway so he can challenge the Subway Masters Ingo and Emmet in a match by collecting enough stamps. Ash and Iris decide that they want to see the rest of Nimbasa City, so they take another subway train to explore. They go to see the sports arenas, having a tennis match, and then head off to see a Pokémon Musical, before spending time at the amusement park. Ash spots an Axew with a bow on her tail, and they take her with them upon realizing that it has lost its trainer. In the subway, Cilan meets up with a trainer named Erina who says she has lost her Axew. Ash and Iris go back to the trains, when the Axew runs off to someone who she thinks is her trainer, but it is another trainer whose Swadloon is not happy to see Axew. In the fray, Iris's Emolga uses Discharge on everyone in the train car. A subway guard reprimands them after the incident, when Erina's Axew gets an idea to leave a note for Erina by stamping her hand into the stamp ink and then Iris drawing a ferris wheel on a stamp sheet, indicating that they will be waiting at the amusement park. As Cilan and Erina get off a train at the same station, she sees the stamped card and asks Cilan to come with her to the amusement park. Cilan realizes it is the last stamp he needs in order to face the Subway Masters and heads with her. Eventually, Ash and Iris meet up with Cilan and Erina, and Erina is reunited with her Axew. Cilan reveals they went to see Ingo and Emmet to find Ash and Iris, and just as Cilan prepares to hand in his card for his Battle Subway challenge, he realizes he is missing one stamp. However, Erina has the missing stamp, and the Subway Masters allow it to count for Ash and Cilan, to challenge them, in a two-on-two match. Ash sends out Tepig and Cilan sends out Pansage, while Ingo sends out Chandelure and Emmet sends out Eelectross. While Pansage and Tepig give a good fight, Chandelure and Eelectross knock them out. The Subway Masters wish Ash well on his journey to Driftveil City, before the gang enjoys their last night in Nimbasa City, watching the sunset on the ferris wheel with Erina.
711705"Ash Versus the Champion!" (Satoshi vs. Champion Adeku!)
Transcription: "Satoshi Tai Chanpion Adeku!" (Japanese: サトシVSチャンピオン・アデク!)
October 13, 2011 (2011-10-13)March 10, 2012
As Ash, Iris, and Cilan leave Nimbasa City, they pass through a street festival and meet back up with Trip. Ash shows that he has won his fourth Gym Badge, but Trip shows that he has five Badges. He retells his story of what pushes him to be a Pokémon Master when they spot the Unova League's Champion Alder bothering an Officer Jenny, and hitting on her. After introductions, Ash challenges Alder to a match: Bouffalant vs. Pikachu. Bouffalant's strong defenses prevent Pikachu from winning, but a badly-targeted Afro Break from Bouffalant hits Alder, ending the match abruptly. The event causes Trip to lose faith in his idol, and he leaves. At a Pokémon Center, Alder hits on Nurse Joy, before he has lunch with Ash and his friends. Their lunch is interrupted when Nurse Joy tells him that a Gigalith is rampaging in the festival. After tempting it with an apple and failing, Alder manages to stop the rampaging Pokémon with his bare hands, flipping it over. This allows Alder to spot a nail digging into the Gigalith's foot and he removes it, cheering up the Gigalith. Officer Jenny goes to scold Alder for his reckless actions when a light pole nearly falls on her, until the Gigalith saves her. After they see the Gigalith off into the forest, Alder takes Ash and his friends to the Driftveil Drawbridge to see them off on the rest of their journey.
712706"A Maractus Musical!" (To the Other Side of the Rainbow! Musical Maracacchi!!)
Transcription: "Niji no Kanata e! Marakatchi de Myūjikaru!!" (Japanese: 虹の彼方へ!マラカッチでミュージカル!!)
October 27, 2011 (2011-10-27)March 17, 2012
Ash is excited to have reached Driftveil City when he finds out it really is not Driftveil City. They see a trainer with 3 dancing Maractus. The trainer tells his Maractus to practice the "Over the Rainbow" move but, they fail. They introduce themselves and he explains that his name is Tobio and the Maractus are called, Mara, Actus, and Tussy and that they are headed to the Nimbasa City Pokémon Musical Audition. He also wants to participate in the Pokémon Musical Contest. The gang offer to help out. The Pokémon are given instruments but their rhythm is not working out as expected and Axew unknowingly accidentally throws one of his Maractus and hits Oshawott. Oshawott gets upset a Pansage. Axew throws the second one and it hits Pikachu and Pansage. They get angry at each other and fight. They begin to practice again and attempt "Over the Rainbow" but, it fails. Iris decides to leave it to Emolga to help Tussy to successfully jump. After several attempts, it manages to jump successfully. They try their move on the ground and prove they are out of sync. They decide to have a triple battle to help the Maractus gain synchronization. Tobio uses Mara, Actus, and Tussy while Ash uses, Snivy, Pikachu, and Tepig. They begin to battle until they finally manage to pull off "Over the Rainbow" but, Tussy reveals that it is afraid of heights and causes the move to fail again. They end the battle. They head over to the Pokémon Musical contest. He explains how he met Maractus. Tobio decides to squeeze in one more round of practice. Tussy gets scared again and messes up again. Tobio scolds it and it runs away. The Performance contest is now open. They spot Tussy and it runs into a Scolipede. Tobio goes to help it. Tussy finally overcomes its fear of heights and manages to pull off the move. The Pokémon Performance Contest is drawing to an end and Iris decides to stall for time by dancing. They arrive just in time for the last performance. They begin to dance. They execute "Over the Rainbow" along with Tussy's Sunny Day and pull it off successfully. They win the Performance Contest. Tobio and the 3 Maractus head over to Nimbasa City to audition in hopes of restoring the population in his hometown. The day ends with a gorgeous rainbow lit in the sky.
713707"The Four Seasons of Sawsbuck!" (Mebukijika! Seasonal Line-Up!!)
Transcription: "Mebukijika! Shunkashūtō Seizoroi!!" (Japanese: メブキジカ!春夏秋冬勢揃い!!)
November 3, 2011 (2011-11-03)March 24, 2012
At a Pokémon Center, Ash and his friends meet Pokémon Photographer Robert who wants to take pictures of Pikachu. The gang introduces themselves and Robert shows them the photo book with a Pokémon that Ash, Iris, and Cilan have never seen. Robert tells them it is a Sawsbuck and he tells them that he once saw a photo of Sawsbuck when he was little that had all four of its seasonal forms together, and he has wanted to recreate this photo ever since. In the forest, they find a Deerling and they try to take a picture of it. Elswehere, Woobat watches them, before flying off to report to Team Rocket. Pikachu discovers some weird-looking Poké Balls, but they are actually Foongus. Robert tries to save Pikachu before the Foongus attacks. At night, Robert tells another story of when he was little. In the morning, the Deerling licks Ash, wanting to go somewhere to take a picture. Deerling stops and Robert takes pictures until they spot the Foongus. Robert tries to save Deerling, running away, but he is hit by Foongus's attack, falling ill. Ash carries Robert on the back when he finds a Deerling and a Sawsbuck. The Sawsbuck then calls the others to come, revealing four Sawsbuck, all of different seasonal forms. Robert starts to feel better and takes a photo of them. They then catch up with Iris and Cilan, but when Robert shows them the photo it is blurry. Even though he missed his chance to recreate the photo, Robert thanks Ash for helping him.
714708"Scraggy and the Demanding Gothita!" (Zuruggu and the Selfish Gothimu!)
Transcription: "Zuruggu to Wagamama Gochimu!" (Japanese: ズルッグとわがままゴチム!)
November 10, 2011 (2011-11-10)March 31, 2012
On the way to Driftveil City, Ash and Iris decide to have a Pokémon battle with Scraggy and Axew. After knocking each other out, they take a break and play with each other. Scraggy runs into a Gothita which immediately gets fixated on Scraggy. They meet its trainer, Katharine. They eat lunch together after introducing themselves. Gothita takes a liking to Scraggy that it wants Katharine to trade Scraggy with one of her Pokémon. Ash explains that he is not interested in trading and that he wishes to raise them on his own. Gothita gets upset and wants to have a battle and the winner gets Scraggy. Ash refuses but gets taunted by Katharine. He accepts the challenge and chooses Tepig while Katharine chooses Mandibuzz. They battle it out with Tepig winning the battle and Scraggy staying with Ash. It begins to rain and they all spend the night in a cabin together. Gothita wakes up and wakes Scraggy and they leave the cabin together. Gothita tries to charm Scraggy into coming with it. Meanwhile, Axew has a bad dream a wakes up to find both Gothita and Scraggy missing. Snivy follows shortly to see what is going on. Soon after Pikachu wakes up to find everyone missing and the gang soon follows to find everyone. Axew and Gothita fight until it wakes up a Garbodor and begins to attack everyone. When they reunite they fight and eventually calm down the Garbodor using Katharine's Deerling. Gothita gets agitated with Snivy and wants to battle it first thing tomorrow. They have a fierce battle and in the end Snivy wins. Gothita gets upset and taunted by Snivy and runs away. They abruptly depart from the gang and their journey continues to Driftveil City.
715709"The Lonely Deino!" (Iris and Monozu! Training at the Day Care!!)
Transcription: "Airisu to Monozu! Sodateya Shugyō!!" (Japanese: アイリスとモノズ!育て屋修行!!)
November 24, 2011 (2011-11-24)April 7, 2012
Continuing to Driftveil City, Ash and Cilan decide to have a practice battle. However, the battle is brought to an early end when two Deino show up and cause disruption. They begin to try to catch them, but the Poké Ball fails. A daycare worker named Bobby shows up claiming that he is watching them. The gang accompany Bobby to the daycare where they see various Pokémon having fun. They offer to help him out at the daycare for a while until Pikachu and Axew find a shy Deino. They discover that it does not want to come out and it does not eat its food, and Iris decides to get Deino to come out of its shell. Bobby gives them a cart full of Pokémon food that they distribute among the Pokémon. At the end of the day, everybody is worn out and they all grab a bite to eat. Iris is trying to get Deino to come out, but still has no luck. Meanwhile, Team Rocket is heading to Milos Island for their next plot. Everybody is sleeping when Pikachu and Ash notice that Iris missing. CIlan wakes up and they all go out to find Iris and Axew telling a story to the shy Deino, which starts to come out a little bit. The next day, they feed and play with the Pokémon. Deino still does not come out until late night where it begins to try some Pokémon food. The next day, the gang find that it has eaten all of the food. Two trainers have come to pick up their two Deino. The shy Deino comes to Iris asking for its trainer. They decide to wait together for its trainer to come. They next day has come and Deino's trainer still has not come. Iris decides to stay at the daycare until Deino's trainer picks it up, and the others decide to stay and help out as well. Another day ends and the shy Deino's trainer still has not come to pick him up. Suddenly a trainer into dancing comes in to pick up his Pokémon, and Iris thinks he is Deino's trainer. Iris asks Deino to come with her, but its trainer finally appears to pick it up and explains that he got lost in Chargestone Cave going after a Tynamo. Iris watches Deino depart and they help out once more by feeding the Pokémon. Meanwhile Team Rocket are planning their nefarious scheme.
716710"The Mighty Accelguard to the Rescue!" (Happy Hero A☆gilder vs. Freege-Man!)
Transcription: "Kaiketsu A☆girudā Tai Furīji-Otoko!" (Japanese: 快傑ア☆ギルダーVSフリージ男!)
December 1, 2011 (2011-12-01)April 14, 2012
Ash and the gang have arrived in Driftveil City and they decide to go to the Gym. They run into the gym leader where he claims he does not have time to do gym battle and that he has to examine a new vein. They decide to go back to the Pokémon Center until they come across a man named Charles. They go to the Driftveil Market together where the gang receive merchandise for being with Charles. Suddenly a Ducklett starts stealing food from the market and uses Scald on Ash when they give chase. Ducklett meets up with a thief in the car and they take off. Suddenly a character who goes by Mighty Hero Accelguard appears who has come to defeat the thief. He performs an Accelguard kick but lands on the pavement. Accelguard orders Accelgor to intercept them and it uses Double Team. Accelguard uses his motorcycle to catch up to them but runs out of gas. Suddenly a Timburr appears and stops the car with its wooden beam along with its trainer Linda. Officer Jenny thanks Linda for her assistance and departs. They suddenly realize that Charles is Accelguard except for Ash. A Vanillite truck drives by and stop at a warehouse commandeered by Doctor Ferrara. They appear to be hijacking food from different sectors of Unova and storing it into their warehouse. Charles departs from the gang stating that Accelguard will make his appearance at the storehouse that night. Ash being clueless decides to head there at night. Meanwhile, Team Rocket yank out the Wind Wedge. Linda decides to check out the Vanillite freight truck and the storehouse it is parked by. The gang are heading down to the storehouse when Iris stops Ash and asks him why he does not go to Charles if he wants to see Mighty Hero Accelguard. They run into Charles, Ash still clueless, and they greet him. Linda inside the warehouse discovers all of the stolen food and gets caught by the Vanillite Gang. She calls out Timburr and they battle it out with her getting caught and tied up. Charles realizes what Linda has done and goes after to help her. The gang find Linda and the gang and they begin to battle. The gang uses a smoke bomb to escape. When it comes time for Accelguard to make his appearance Ash is enlightened by Iris that Charles is Accelguard. Charles changes to Accelguard form and starts to fight the Vanillite gang. Doctor Ferrara puts on a Cryogonal mask and claims he is Cryogonal Man and calls out his Vanillish. Timburr and Pikachu join the battle. They all battle it out with the Vanillite gang losing. Accelguard uses Accelguard Kick on Cryogonal Man and gets knocked out and reveals that getting a Cryogonal was to difficult a Pokémon to capture which is why he used Vanillish. Officer Jenny arrives with Accelguard departing. Meanwhile, something mysterious is happening at the shrine of Tornadus.
717711"A Call for Brotherly Love!" (Dent and Pod's Brother Battle! Baoppu vs. Yanappu!!)
Transcription: "Dento to Poddo Kyōdai Batoru! Baoppu Tai Yanappu!!" (Japanese: デントとポッド兄弟バトル!バオップVSヤナップ!!)
December 8, 2011 (2011-12-08)April 21, 2012
Ash is training for the upcoming gym battle with Clay until Cilan's brother Chili shows up. Chili challenges Cilan to a Pokémon battle and he accepts. Chili uses Pansear while Cilan uses Pansage. They begin to battle and Pansear loses the match. Pansear gets angry at Chili,Chili gets angry at Pansear and Pansear runs away. Cilan calls Cress who claims Chili ran away after contemplating why Chili lost gym battles one after another. They go to a doughnut shop where they find Chili eating his stress away. They are able to calm Chili down. After Chili explains what happens they set out to find Pansear. They find it eats its stress away too. Cilan sends Pansage to talk to it. Chili soon follows and asks Pansear for another chance. Meanwhile, Team Rocket pulls out the Thunder Wedge and destroys it. Cilan performs a compatibility test between Chili and Pansear. They are a perfect match. He suggests that Pansear should learn the move Solar Beam. They go to train Pansear to use Solar Beam by putting it through rigorous training. After it has completed its training, Pansear tries and succeeds in using Solar Beam. Cilan gives Chili some more advice on how to battle more effectively. After taking in his advice, Chili wants to battle and Ash offers to and decides to use Oshawott. They battle it out with Chili taking Cilan's advice and using it. Chili has Pansear enduring Oshawott's attacks to focus its rage into a Solar Beam that takes out Oshawott. Chili decides to head back home to apply his new strategy in battle. Nurse Joy comes running out saying Clay has returned to Driftveil City. Meanwhile, suspicious activity is building on Milos Island.
718712"Stopping the Rage of Legends!: Episode 1" (Tornelos vs. Voltolos vs. Landlos!: Episode 1)
Transcription: "Torunerosu Tai Borutorosu Tai Randorosu! (Zenpen)" (Japanese: トルネロスVSボルトロスVSランドロス!(前編))
December 15, 2011 (2011-12-15)April 28, 2012
The revival herbs of Milos Island are withering away and something mysterious is happening there. Thundurus's shrine gets hit with thunder. Meanwhile Ash and the gang head to Driftveil Gym to challenge Clay, but he refuses claiming he has no Revival Herbs and he will not battle Ash unless he receives more. The gang heads to the market where they ask Charles for assistance. They find a Revival Herb but cannot have it because it is to be delivered to the Pokémon Center, so they take a trip to Milos Island to get some instead. They run into a young man named Lewis who harvests the herbs. He says he cannot give them any because all the herbs are withering away and the Grass Pokémon are getting sick. Lewis tells a tale about why Revival Herbs only grow on Milos Island. A Gothorita belonging to Lewis comes in with a withered Revival Herb trying to help. It quickly grows fond of Axew. The next morning, Lewis is performing a rainmaking ritual, and some rainclouds appear but quickly summon Tornadus. It immediately attacks the gang, starting off with Hurricane then followed by Air Slash knocking down several trees. They attempt to retailiate but it responds with Hidden Power. They flee to check on the monument of Tornadus only to find that the wedge which is needed to fulfill its role has been destroyed. They immediately check Thundurus's monument only to find the same result. Meanwhile Cilan and Pansage are distracting Tornadus. Shortly after, the monument gets struck with lightning and Thundurus appears and immediately uses Discharge and heads for Milos Island. Pansage is taken out by Thundurus and Tornadus and they soon battle each other sending Air Slash and Discharge at each other. Tornadus uses Hidden Power while Thundurus uses Spark. Snivy is sent out to use Leaf Storm but with no effect. Up next is Excadrill who uses Focus Blast but is overpowered by Tornadus's Hidden Power. Up next is Axew who uses Dragon Rage which lands a hit but has no effect. Thundurus retaliates with Discharge and Stunfisk retaliates with Mud Shot. Meanwhile, Team Rocket is quietly observing. Snivy uses Leaf Storm and Excadrill uses Drill Run but both are taken out by the legendary Pokémon. Stunfisk and Pikachu use Thunderbolt with no luck and are both taken out. Once again the two legendary Pokémon battle each other. The gang decides to summon Landorus and Iris gets dressed for the part. Meanwhile, the island is getting destroyed. Using four mysterious stones, they begin to pray which begins to call Landorus at its designated monument. The monument responds.
719713"Stopping the Rage of Legends!: Episode 2" (Tornelos vs. Voltolos vs. Landlos!: Episode 2)
Transcription: "Torunerosu Tai Borutorosu Tai Randorosu! (Kōhen)" (Japanese: トルネロスVSボルトロスVSランドロス!(後編))
December 22, 2011 (2011-12-22)May 5, 2012
While the two legendary Pokémon are wreaking havoc on Milos island, the gang summons Landorus and ask it to stop the fight between Thundurus and Tornadus. Tornadus goes up to chase them out of the clouds. The 2 begin to fight Landorus with one attack after the other. Landorus retaliates with Extrasensory and sends them flying into the mountain. They retaliate and send it flying into the mountain. Landorus retaliates with Hyper Beam. Meanwhile Team Rocket are getting ready to execute their plan. A huge amounts just broke off from the mountain, caused by Tornadus, severely injuring both Axew and Gothorita. They head back to the lodge where they are given one of the last revival herbs. They are both healed immediately. They return to the fight scene and discovering that they are fighting in the clouds. They try to halp Landorus when possible. Landorus uses Hyper Beam and weaken them. it then tries to convince them to stop. Suddenly laser beams coming from the sky trap the three legendary Pokémon and Team Rocket makes their appearance. It is discovered that they destroyed the wedges to the monuments to summon the three. Everybody is infuriated with Team Rocket. They begin to attack the laser boxes using various attacks from different Pokémon but with no effect. Suddenly, Dr. Seger's helicopter appears to collect the Pokémon in the laser boxes. They try to attach the cages again but no luck. They decide to attack the helicopter cargo that is powering the cages and successfully damage it. Team Rocket releases the cargo and make an emergency retreat from the island. The rubble crashes onto Landorus and injures it. Thundurus and Tornadus relentlessly attack it while it's weak. Lewis quickly runs to his cabin to get the final herb and to give it to Landorus. Thundurus and Tornadus try to attack before Landorus receives the herb but fail. Landorus has recovered. The two try to attack it up close but Landorus uses Extrasensory to repel them. It finishes the job with a double Hyper Beam which completely drains the two of their energy. Landorus approaches up close to convey its feelings to them. The fight between the three is over. The three gather where they together regrow the revival herbs. The forest and the island has completely recovered. The three legendary Pokémon depart Milos Island as well as the gang where they return to Driftveil City to give Clay his revival herbs.
720714"Battling the King of the Mines!" (Underground Gym Battle! Vs. Yacon!!)
Transcription: "Chitei no Jimu Sen! Tai Yākon!!" (Japanese: 地底のジム戦!VSヤーコン!!)
January 5, 2012 (2012-01-05)May 12, 2012
Ash and the gang have returned from Milos Island. They head over to the gym where they give Clay a bag full of revival herbs. Clay accepts Ash's challenge and head to an underground battlefield. The first Pokémon Clay sends out is Krokorok. Pikachu is excited to battle but is stopped when Ash decides to use more effective Pokémon during the gym battle. Ash's first choice is Oshawott. He starts off with Aqua Jet but, Krokorok dodges with Dig. Up next is Sandstorm which affects Oshawott. Krokorok uses Bite. Oshawott tries to use Razor Shell but fails. Krokorok uses Stone Edge next. Oshawott uses Water Gun on the field to suppress the Sand Storm and flush his eyes out. Krokorok uses dig but Oshawott uses Water Gun in the hole followed by Aqua Jet and then, Razor Shell and takes Krokorok out. Up next is Palpitoad. They use Water Gun and Hydro Pump but Oshawott's Water Gun is overpowered. Oshawott tries to use Razor Shell but gets hit with Sludge Bomb first. With Oshawott frantically trying to find its Scalchop, Palpitoad uses Rock Smash and takes out Oshawott. Up next is Snivy. Ash has her starting off with Attract which affects Palpitoad. Snivy uses one attack after the other successfully taking out Palpitoad. Clay freaks out calling Ash an unfair battler. Up next is Excadrill. Snivy uses one attack after another only to have it deflect all of it using Rapid Spin. Excadrill uses Horn Drill which immediately takes out Snivy. Up next is Roggenrola and it starts off with Sandstorm. Excadrill constantly uses Dig and Drill Run and hits Roggenrola. Excadrill uses Horn Drill and lands a direct hit but Roggenrola's Sturdy ability prevents it from getting knocked out and it starts to evolve to Boldore regaining some of its lost energy. Excadrill uses Horn Drill in an attempt to take out Boldore but its Sturdy ability is still active. Excadrill uses Drill Run but Boldore catches it. Boldore uses Rock Blast and lands direct hits. Up next is and engagement of Rock Smashes but Boldore overpowers Excadrill and takes it out. Ash has won the Quake Badge making it badge 5 of 8. The gang are at the Pokémon Center to heal the Pokémon and prepare to set off to Mistralton City.
721715"Crisis at Chargestone Cave!" (Bachuru, Dentula! Electric Rock Cave!!)
Transcription: "Bachuru, Denchura! Denkiishi no Horaana!!" (Japanese: バチュル、デンチュラ!電気石の洞穴!!)
January 12, 2012 (2012-01-12)May 19, 2012
Heading to Mistralton City, the gang are about to arrive at Chargestone Cave. Suddenly Pikachu's energy appears to be drained by a Joltik. When they go to recharge Pikachu, Iris and Cilan discover that two other Joltik have sucked the energy out of their electric Pokémon. They hurry to the Pokémon Center to get them healed. When they come out fully recovered, they hear Bianca charging in and again, knocking Ash into water. Apparently, her X-Transceiver is dead. In the meantime, they are talking on the phone with Professor Juniper. Suddenly the power goes out and the Professor Juniper's team discover something strange in the cave. The gang discover Galvantula sucking out power from the center. The gang discover that something suspicious is going on and along with the Professor, head out to investigate. Meanwhile, Team Rocket is excavating the cave for their future mission. The gang heads out and Bianca calls out her Minccino to use Thunderbolt to lure the Galvantula. They lure 2 Galvantula and take it out using Swift. Suddenly they are surrounded and Pikachu and Minccino are captured. They use Excadrill to destroy the electric threads they are creating. Suddenly Ash and Bianca fall off the edge of a mountain and slide down. Meanwhile Minccino and Pikachu are brought to the Galvantula's nest where a buch of Joltik are hungry for electricity. Ash reaches the bottom of the mountain with Bianca following and smashing him into a pond. They continue to search for Pikachu and Minccino when Bianca decides to use her X-Transceiver to lure Galvantula and lead them to the nest. Iris and Cilan meet up with Professor Juniper. Meanwhile Ash and Bianca found Pikachu and Minccino. Iris, Cilan, and Professor Juniper come across a door blocking the cave. Iris notices something coming and they encounter Team Rocket. They battle it out with Cilan's Dwebble evolving and with the Galvantula and Joltik. Ash and Bianca notice what is going on and soon follow. Team Rocket's vehicle gets destroyed and an emergency transport pack flies out and Team Rocket escapes with their jet packs. The gang have restored the cave and all is normal again.
722716"Evolution Exchange Excitement!" (The Trade Evolution! Chevargo and Agilder!!)
Transcription: "Tsūshin Kōkan Shinka! Shubarugo to Agirudā!!" (Japanese: 通信交換進化!シュバルゴとアギルダー!!)
January 19, 2012 (2012-01-19)May 26, 2012
Having saved the Galvantula and Joltik from Team Rocket, Bianca and Professor Juniper proceed to trade their Shelmet and Karrablast in a procedure they call trade evolution. Bianca wants to trade immediately however Professor Juniper would like to put the two in battle first. Bianca and Professor Juniper begin their battle with Cilan as the referee. Bianca calls out Shelmet, while Professor Juniper calls out Karrablast. Karrablast starts out with Peck while Shelmet uses Protect. Next is Take Down with still no effect. Suddenly, their computers crash and freeze up along with the link trade system as well. Bianca freaks out when they find out. Something strange is happening in Area 7 so they go to investigate. They discover a bunch of Klink and proceed further to the source of the mystery. They discover a Klinklang (the final evolved form of Klink) who can't seem to rotate. After managing to calm it down, Professor Juniper discover a pen stuck in Klinklang's gears. She contemplates about who the pen belongs to. Bianca and the Professor trade their Pokémon upon returning. Professor Juniper calls out Shelmet which immediately evolves into Accelgor. Bianca calls out Karrablast which immediately evolves into Excavalier, however, it goes on an immediate rampage and starts to attack Bianca. Bianca returns it to its Pokéball. They proceed to start a tag battle with Bianca and Professor Juniper on one side and Ash and Cilan on the other. Ash calls out Boldore while Cilan calls out Crustle. Bianca and Professor Juniper call out the same Pokémon from before. Boldore starts with Rock Smash which hits Excavalier. The proceeds with Excavalier being disobedient. They both focus their attacks on Excavalier. Accelgor protects it but takes a lot of damage. Boldore uses Flash Cannon and Crustle uses Rock Slide. Excavalier protects Accelgor and starts to listen to Bianca. They continue and use a double Hyper Beam which takes out Boldore. Crustle uses Shell Smash followed by two Rock Wreckers which take out both Excavalier and Accelgor leaving the win to Cilan and Ash. Bianca and Excavalier finally get along and the two depart from the group. Suddenly Professor Juniper's father shows up all wiped out.
723717"Explorers of the Hero's Ruin!" (The Ruins of the Black Hero! Symboler and Desukarn!!)
Transcription: "Kuroki Eiyū no Iseki! Shinborā to Desukān!!" (Japanese: 黒き英雄の遺跡!シンボラーとデスカーン!!)
January 26, 2012 (2012-01-26)June 2, 2012
After witness the link trade evolution between Shelmet and Karablast, Professor Juniper's father, Cedric Juniper, enters the site and collapses to the floor. After being fed and rested, he tells the gang he researches legendary Pokémon. The gang ask to come along and Cedric grants them permission to join the adventure all the while stopping in the middle of replying as he thinks. They head off to the Black Hero's Ruins and once there head inside. The come upon a dead end with ancient writing written of the wall. Located in the door a Venepede statue. The professor deciphers the ancient writing and states that turning the statue to the left, Cilan in the meantime turns it to the left, is a bad idea. The set of the trap and a giant spherical boulder starts hurling at them. They manage to avoid getting squished by having Pansage use Dig. Cedric gives the gang their first piece of advice which is to always let people finish talking. They continue down the path and reach two bridges. Cedric says the right bridge should not be crossed, so Ash and Cilan proceed to cross the left bridge. Meanwhile the professor says the left one shouldn't be crossed either. The bridge collapses and Ash and Cilan hang on for dear life. Cedric gives the gang their second piece of advice, never make assumptions. Axew finds an alternate path and the gang proceed down the cave. They arrive at three entrances shaped like the heads of Darumaka, Krokorok, and Golett. They proceed through the Darumaka cave first and hit a dead end and fire is erected behind them. They have Stunfisk use Mud Bomb to put out the fire and escape. They proceed through the Krokorok cave next and the walls begin to close on them. Iris calls out Excadrill to use Metal Swipe. They quickly escape before getting squashed. They proceed through the Golett cave where Cedric knew all along that had to be the right cave as it was the right cave back then too. They enter a room filled with coffins but continue to a revolving door. They enter through it and find a large chamber where the Golden Dark Stone is located. Ash proceeds to pick it up but Cedric stops him and warn him of the potential a very deadly trap leading to give him his third piece of advice, keep danger at a moderate level. Suddenly an angry Sigilyph appears and starts to attack the gang. More of them appear, the group sheltering inside the coffins. Cedric, Ash and Cilan come out but Iris doesn't – what does come out is a Cofagrigous that mummified her. Cilan fights back while Ash is immobilized. Everyone is freed and a door opens where they run into more Cofagrigous and Sigilyph. It is revealed that Cedric took the Dark Stone with him after all. They are sent into a chamber where the professor uses the Stone to highlight the markings on the wall. They get out of the chamber and enter back into the main chamber. They put the Dark Stone back. Suddenly, Sigliyph and Cofagrigous appears to send them flying into the sky and free-falling back down. They realize that in order to be saved, their hearts have to be one with the Pokémon. The attacking Pokémon stop their fall and they exit out of the cave. As the gang bids Cedric Juniper farewell and continue their journey to Mistralton City, they are suddenly greeted by the Sunglasses-wearing Krokorok.
724718"Battling the Bully!" (Double Battle! Pikachu and Waruvile vs. Pendror and Gamageroge!!)
Transcription: "Daburu Batoru! Pikachū, Warubiru Tai Pendorā, Gamageroge!!" (Japanese: ダブルバトル!ピカチュウ・ワルビルVSペンドラー・ガマゲロゲ!!)
February 2, 2012 (2012-02-02)June 9, 2012
After greeting Krokorok, Krokorok saids that it followed the gang. Then they decided to have a battle. In the battle, Krokorok used a move which knocked Pikachu away too far. Pikachu falls onto a boy, named Mick, who thinks is the pre-evolved form of Zekrom. He takes them to his friends, Glenn and Shawn, to show it off where Shawn says it's actually a Pikachu. Glenn wants to battle the boy with the Pikachu using the Pokémon from Shawn. Mick takes off saying he has things to do. Meanwhile, the gang look for Pikachu but run into Krokorok who is also looking for Pikachu. The gang and Krokorok find Mick and Pikachu and Mick asks Ash if he could borrow Pikachu to use in a battle. Meanwhile, Glenn and Shawn are having a battle with Patrat and Blitzle but, get into a fight. Back at the gang, Ash agrees to let Mick borrow but insists that Mick receives a crash course in battling first. Ash and Krokorok and Mick and Pikachu start having practice battles and Mick starts to learn quickly. Meanwhile, Glenn searches for Mick. As Shawn gets more Pokémon from his dad as Blitzle and Patrat have been worn out. Glenn shows up during Mick's training with Pikachu and demands to battle Pikachu. Mick goes to battle Glenn. Shawn gives Glen Scolipede and Seismitoad. Mick uses Pikachu and Krokorok. The two battle fiercely but Glenn and Shawn keep arguing. Scolipede and Seismitoad are both taken out and Glen gets really mad at Mick. Shawn gets mad at Glenn and refuses to hang out with him. Glenn realizes that winning isn't everything and the three become great friends again. Krokorok wants to finish the battle with Pikachu. Pikachu and Krokorok battle and Krokorok loses. Ash offers it to join the gain and Krokorok accepts with Ash capturing it with a Pokéball. The gang continue their journey to Mistralton City.
725719"Baffling the Bouffalant!" (Afro is a GO! Buffalon is a NO!!)
Transcription: "Afuro de Gō! Baffuron wa Nō!!" (Japanese: アフロでGO!バッフロンはNO!!)
February 16, 2012 (2012-02-16)June 16, 2012
Ash and friends continue their journey to Mistralton City as they head through a forest. They stop for a lunch break when suddenly they get attacked by a Bouffalant. After running away, the gang gets separated. They proceed to find each other. Iris comes across Nurse Joy and Audino wearing Afro Wigs. Nurse Joy informs them that the gang wondered onto Bouffalant territory and they attack anybody that doesn't have an Afro hairstyle. Iris and the others reluctantly put on Afro wigs. Tepig and Oshawott laugh at each other but then get mad at each other and begin attacking which sends Axew flying and losing its wig. It lands in a Bouffalant's hair and it starts charging. As it stops, Axew is sent flying lands in front of another Bouffalant. Scared it leaps through a bush and comes out with an Afro wig made out of leaves. Several Bouffalant start examining Axew as it slowly makes its way out of the heard. Meanwhile Ash and Cilan come across Nurse Joy and she explains the same thing. Everybody puts on a wig and Emolga takes a liking to the wig and her new hairstyle. She tells them where she last saw Iris. Axew makes it out of the heard and comes across a Sewaddle wear he pokes it and they fun. Suddenly a Pidove lands on Axew's head and takes its leaf wig. A Bouffalant sees that and starts charging after Axew. Iris and the Pokémon search for Axew until they see him running towards them with Bouffalant charging. Snivy quickly slaps a leave wig on top of Axew and the Bouffalant walks away. The gang continues to search for each other. Iris runs into an injure Bouffalant. She proceeds to treat it. They look for a herb that's high up on a cliff. Nobody seems to be able to reach it. Suddenly Snivy comes up with a plan and tosses both Tepig and Oshawott into the air with Tepig acting as a booster rocket pushes Oshawott further up allowing him to use Razor Shell to cut the herbs and retrieve it. Everyone loses their wigs in the process. They proceed back to the Bouffalant to heal it while it notices that they don't have any afro wigs. After treating it they head out to find the gang. A few Bouffalant spot them and start chasing them to a dead end. Suddenly the Bouffalant they healed steps in and stops them. They meet up with Cilan and Ash and the Bouffalant escorts them out of their territory where they meet Nurse Joy again. They hand back the wigs much to Emolga's displeasure. They part and continue their journey to Mistralton City.
726720"Cilan Takes Flight!" (Fukiyose Gym's Air Battle! Challenger Dent!?)
Transcription: "Fukiyose Jimu no Ea Batoru! Chōsensha Dento!?" (Japanese: フキヨセジムのエアバトル!挑戦者デント!?)
February 23, 2012 (2012-02-23)June 23, 2012

Ash is surprised to see a long line of Trainers waiting to challenge Skyla, the Mistralton City Gym Leader, and is even more surprised when he’s told he has to make an appointment for their battle! He learns that Skyla has a passion for flying, and to make sure she has enough time to pursue her hobby, she keeps a very tight schedule at her Gym.

And that’s not the only unusual thing about Skyla’s style! As our heroes watch the morning challenges, they learn how Skyla can fit so many battles into a single day: they’re not physical battles, but something she calls "Air Battles," which take place only in her mind! Skyla envisions the outcome of each battle, and within moments, the winners and losers are decided without actually battling.

This infuriates Cilan, who challenges Skyla, Gym Leader to Gym Leader, in an effort to show her what Gym battles should be. She accepts...and wins, much to Cilan’s dismay!

Skyla decides that’s enough for one day, and cancels all her afternoon battles. She’s about to leave when Ash runs up and challenges her, saying that her Air Battles are boring and that Trainers and their Pokémon have to battle for real. Skyla looks over Ash’s Pokémon and declares that she’d beat him easily, so there’s no point in battling, but Ash insists that she has to give him a chance! Can he convince her to battle him for real?
727721"An Amazing Aerial Battle!" (Fukiyose Gym! Vs. Fūro Mid-Air Match!!)
Transcription: "Fukiyose Jimu! Tai Fūro Kūchū Kessen!!" (Japanese: フキヨセジム!VSフウロ空中決戦!!)
March 1, 2012 (2012-03-01)June 30, 2012

After some convincing by a group of young challengers and Skyla’s grandfather, Skyla takes Ash up on his Gym Battle challenge. Skyla remains convinced she’s going to win (after mentally envisioning what Pokémon Ash will use), but Ash has other ideas! The three-on-three match begins with Ash’s Krokorok versus Skyla’s Swoobat. Swoobat’s aerial attacks prove to be too much for Krokorok, and Ash is soon down one Pokémon.

Next, Ash chooses Tranquill, in a battle of two Flying types! They appear to be evenly matched, but Tranquill’s speed quickly proves to be too much for Swoobat, who’s worn out from its first battle.

When Skyla calls for Unfezant, Ash switches Tranquill out for Pikachu—and Pikachu takes Unfezant down easily with a supereffective Electro Ball! Skyla calls on her Swanna next, and Ash is preparing for a quick victory—but Skyla has figured out how to overcome Swanna’s huge type disadvantage, and uses Aqua Ring to deflect Pikachu’s Electric-type attacks! Pikachu just can’t get through Swanna’s defenses, and Swanna is victorious.

But it’s not over yet, because Ash’s Tranquill can still battle! At first it struggles against the much faster Swanna—but in the heat of battle, it evolves into Unfezant! This amazing event makes things much more evenly matched, and a fierce Flying-type battle ensues. Unfezant’s new moves prove to be too much for Swanna, and Ash wins the match!

After awarding Ash the Jet Badge and resolving to battle for real from now on, Skyla tells him the closest Gym is in Icirrus City. Our heroes decide to make that their next destination, and Ash is excited to realize that he only needs two more badges to enter the Unova League!
728722"Climbing the Tower of Success!" (Breakthrough Challenge!! Climb the Tower of Heaven)
Transcription: "Nankan Toppa!! Tenkū no Tō o Nobore!!" (Japanese: 難関突破!!天空の塔を登れ!!)
March 8, 2012 (2012-03-08)July 7, 2012
After winning his sixth badge, Ash and friends bump into Stephan. He is in town to compete in the Bell of Wishes Festival that is being held that day. Ash, Iris, and Cilan, after finding out that the winner gets to ring the bell atop Mistralton Tower and get a wish granted, decide to compete in the festival.
729723"The Clubsplosion Begins!" (The Donamite Begins! Zuruggu vs. Yanakkie!!)
Transcription: "Donnamaito Kaimaku! Zuruggu tai Yanakkī!!" (Japanese: ドンナマイト開幕!ズルッグVSヤナッキー!!)
March 15, 2012 (2012-03-15)July 14, 2012
At Ambiga Town, the local Don George holds a tournament called "Clubsplosion" to showcase Fighting-Type Pokémon, but all are welcome. Ash, Stephan, Bianca, Trip, and Georgia all enter the tournament, with Ash using his Scraggy. Ash and Scraggy's first opponent is Angus and his Simisage.
730724"Search for the Clubultimate!" (The Continuing Donamite! Crimgan vs. Kirikizan!!)
Transcription: "Dondon Tsuzuku yo Donnamaito! Kurimugan tai Kirikizan!!" (Japanese: どんどん続くよドンナマイト!クリムガンVSキリキザン!!)
March 22, 2012 (2012-03-22)July 21, 2012
The Clubsplosion tournament continues. Iris and Excadrill face off against Burgundy and Dewott. Bianca and Emboar face off against Trip and Conkeldurr. And Dragon Buster Georgia and Bisharp face off against newcomer Gale and her Druddigon.
731725"A Clubsplosion of Excitement!" (The Burning Fights of Donamite! Kirikizan vs. Enbuoh!!)
Transcription: "Nettō Donnamaito! Kirikizan tai Enbuō!!" (Japanese: 熱闘ドンナマイト!キリキザンVSエンブオー!!)
March 29, 2012 (2012-03-29)July 28, 2012
The first round of the Clubsplosion tournament ends with Bianca's and Trip's battle. As the second round gets underway, the remaining contestants battle for the chance to enter the Top 4 in the Clubsplosion semi-finals.
732726"Commanding the Clubsplosion Crown!" (The Donamite Deciding Match! Nageki vs. Dageki!!)
Transcription: "Kessen Donnamaito! Nageki tai Dageki!!" (Japanese: 決戦ドンナマイト!ナゲキVSダゲキ!!)
April 5, 2012 (2012-04-05)August 4, 2012
The Clubsplosion semifinals rage on. Bianca and Emboar battle Stephan and Sawk, while Ash and Scraggy battle Montgomery and his Throh. In the finals, Stephan and Sawk face Montgomery and Throh. Who will win the Clubsplosion Tournament?
733727"Battling the Leaf Thieves!" (Rescue Kibago! The Den of Durant!!)
Transcription: "Kibago Kyūshutsu! Aianto no Sōkutsu!!" (Japanese: キバゴ救出!アイアントの巣窟!!)
April 12, 2012 (2012-04-12)August 11, 2012
During a practice match against Iris' Emolga, Ash's Swadloon evolves into Leavanny. Leavanny's leaf-sewing process causes it to make costumes for the other Pokémon, but this causes Axew to be accidentally kidnapped by a pair of Durant who are building a den. They stop to think about how they are going to enter the Durant's den, and to be able to rescue Axew.
734728"A Restoration Confrontation!: Episode 1" (The Fierce Fight at Mount Neji! Abagoura's Miracle!!: Episode 1)
Transcription: "Nejiyama no Gekitō! Abagōra no Kiseki!! (Zenpen)" (Japanese: ネジ山の激闘!アバゴーラの奇跡!!(前編))
April 19, 2012 (2012-04-19)August 18, 2012
Ash, Cilan, and Iris make their way to Twist Mountain where they come across a fossil dig that has discovered a fossil Tirtouga. However, Team Rocket arrives and steals the fossil.
735729"A Restoration Confrontation!: Episode 2" (The Fierce Fight at Mount Neji! Abagoura's Miracle!!: Episode 2)
Transcription: "Nejiyama no Gekitō! Abagōra no Kiseki!! (Kōhen)" (Japanese: ネジ山の激闘!アバゴーラの奇跡!!(後編))
April 26, 2012 (2012-04-26)August 25, 2012
The adventure with Mount Twist, Tirtouga, and Carracosta continues.
736730"Evolution by Fire!" (The Memory of Flames! Pokabu vs. Enbuoh!!)
Transcription: "Honō no Memorī! Pokabu tai Enbuō!!" (Japanese: 炎のメモリー!ポカブVSエンブオー!!)
May 3, 2012 (2012-05-03)September 1, 2012
Stopping at Abtilbe Town's Battle Club, Ash meets his Tepig's former trainer Shamus who abandoned Tepig because he felt he was too weak. Angry, Ash challenges Shamus to a double battle with Snivy and Tepig going up against Shamus's Emboar and Heatmor.
737731"Guarding the Guardian of the Mountain!" (Hachiku Appears! Ulgamoth's Holy Mountain!!)
Transcription: "Hachiku Tōjō! Urugamosu no Seinaru Yama!!" (Japanese: ハチク登場!ウルガモスの聖なる山!!)
May 10, 2012 (2012-05-10)September 8, 2012
Ash, Iris, and Cilan finally arrive in Icirus City. But before Ash can challenge movie star Brycen and his Beartic for his next Gym Badge, they must help Brycen save Volcarona from the Pokémon Hunter Rizzo and his two Jellicent.
738732"Caution: Icy Battle Conditions!" (Sekka Gym Battle! The Icy Battlefield!!)
Transcription: "Sekka Jimu Sen! Kōri no Batorufīrudo!!" (Japanese: セッカジム戦!氷のバトルフィールド!!)
May 17, 2012 (2012-05-17)September 15, 2012
Ash challenges Brycen for the Icicle Badge, putting Scraggy, Krokorok, and Pignite up against Vanillish, Cryogonal, and Beartic.
739733"Clash of the Connoisseurs!" (Pokémon Sommelier Showdown! Tasting Battle!!)
Transcription: "Pokemon Somurie Taiketsu! Teisutingu Batoru!!" (Japanese: ポケモンソムリエ対決!テイスティングバトル!!)
May 24, 2012 (2012-05-24)September 22, 2012
With only one more badge left, the group heads to Opelucid City so Ash can challenge the Gym Leader. Unfortunately for Ash, the Gym in Opelucid City is closed. When the group stops in Stonesthrow Town, Cilan meets little Marigold who is picking out her first Pokémon today. Cilan offers his skills as a Pokémon Connoisseur, but another A-Class Connoisseur named Ricard Nouveau offers up his services instead of Cilan's, and they have a battle to determine who is the better Connoisseur. All while the S-Class Connoisseur Fauxgundy watches, but they believe they have seen her somewhere before.
740734"Crisis at Ferroseed Research!" (Tesseed Institute! Airis and Bivanilla!!)
Transcription: "Tesshīdo Kenkyūjo! Airisu to Baibanira!!" (Japanese: テッシード研究所!アイリスとバイバニラ!!)
May 31, 2012 (2012-05-31)September 29, 2012
The group meets up with Dragon Buster Georgia who has a Vanilluxe now. They travel to the Ferroseed Institute to see the Moss Pokémon Ferroseed being studied, but when an accident forces an evacuation, Iris, her Axew, Ash's Oshawott, and Georgia's Vanilluxe are trapped inside. Iris has not yet overcome her crippling phobia of Ice-Types, and she must figure out a way out with Vanilluxe at her side.
741735"An Epic Defense Force!" (Movie Showdown! Sortie Out Isshu Defence Forces!!)
Transcription: "Eiga Taiketsu! Shutsugeki Isshu Bōeitai!!" (Japanese: 映画対決!出撃イッシュ防衛隊!!)
June 7, 2012 (2012-06-07)October 6, 2012

After Ash and the gang arrive in Virbank City and Cilan gives them a rundown of the area’s history, they run into their filmmaking friend Luke and his Zorua! Thanks to winning a film festival with the movie our heroes helped him make (The Legend of the Pokémon Knight), Luke is there to attend a preview event for Pokéstar Studios, a theme park opening soon within the film studio lots.

Luke then announces that he is going to enter a filmmaking competition, and he asks for his friends’ help once again. Our heroes excitedly agree, especially Cilan—who is, after all, a Film Connoisseur! The script for Luke’s film An Epic Defense Force is quickly complete and production begins, using all sorts of film tricks and technology.

During the shooting, Luke sends Ash to find an extra prop in the warehouse, where he has an unusual encounter with a mysterious and elusive Pokémon that Team Rocket has been tracking. He rescues it from a collapsing shelf, but before he can figure out who that Pokémon is, it’s disappeared again...

At the showing, a film made by Luke’s rival Jules receives warm (but not rousing) applause. Then they show Luke’s film—at first, the audience gives no response at all, and Luke thinks they didn’t like his work. But the silence only lasts for a moment, and as the cheering grows and grows, Luke wins the competition!
742736"Rocking the Virbank Gym!: Episode 1" (Fierce Battle at Tachiwaki Gym! Vs. Homika!!: Episode 1)
Transcription: "Gekitō Tachiwaki Jimu! Bui Esu Homika!! (Zenpen)" (Japanese: 激闘タチワキジム!VSホミカ!!(前編))
June 14, 2012 (2012-06-14)October 13, 2012
Ash heads to Virbank City to face off against its Gym Leader, punk rocker Roxie from the band Koffing and the Toxics, in order to obtain his eighth Unova League Gym Badge.
743737"Rocking the Virbank Gym!: Episode 2" (Fierce Battle at Tachiwaki Gym! Vs. Homika!!: Episode 2)
Transcription: "Gekitō Tachiwaki Jimu! Bui Esu Homika!! (Kōhen)" (Japanese: 激闘タチワキジム!VSホミカ!!(後編))
June 14, 2012 (2012-06-14)October 20, 2012
Ash's battle against Roxie for the Toxic Badge continues.
744738"All for the Love of Meloetta!" (Sing Meloetta! Love's Melody!!)
Transcription: "Utae Meroetta! Ai no Senritsu!!" (Japanese: 歌えメロエッタ!愛の旋律!!)
June 21, 2012 (2012-06-21)[a]October 27, 2012
After learning the Unova League conference will not be held for three more months, Ash, Iris, and Clian meet up with Cynthia, the Sinnoh Region Champion. She says she has come to Unova to participate in an exhibition match at the Pokémon World Tournament Junior Cup, held in Lacunosa Town, and Ash learns that the prize of the tournament is a battle with Alder, Unova's reigning Champion. As the four head out of Virbank City for Undella Town, they come across the legendary Melody Pokémon, Meloetta who seems to have fallen ill.
745739"Piplup, Pansage, and a Meeting of the Times!" (Pochama vs. Yanappu! The Magnificent Battle!!)
Transcription: "Potchama Tai Yanappu! Karei naru Batoru!!" (Japanese: ポッチャマVSヤナップ!華麗なるバトル!!)
June 28, 2012 (2012-06-28)November 3, 2012
Upon arriving in Undella Town, Cynthia leads the gang to her villa where Dawn and Piplup are waiting for them. Dawn has come to Unova to perfect her Coordinator skills, and Cilan decides to have a Tasting Battle to see exactly what she can do.
746740"Expedition to Onix Island!" (Survival on the Island of Iwark!)
Transcription: "Iwāku no Shima de Sabaibaru!" (Japanese: イワークの島でサバイバル!)
July 5, 2012 (2012-07-05)November 10, 2012
While Cynthia is preparing for the Junior Cup, Ash, Cilan, Iris, and Dawn take a trip to an uninhabited island for some relaxation. However, they soon discover the island is home to several Onix that begin to attack them.
747741"The Mystery of the Missing Cubchoo!" (Sommelier Detective Dent! The Mystery of the Missing Kumasyun!!)
Transcription: "Somurie Tantei Dento! Kieta Kumashun no Nazo!!" (Japanese: ソムリエ探偵デント!消えたクマシュンの謎!!)
July 19, 2012 (2012-07-19)November 17, 2012
While in Undella Town, Cilan helps a boy named Chris track down his missing Cubchoo. However, they instead find a roaming Beartic that might have once been Chris's Cubchoo.
748742"Iris and the Rogue Dragonite!" (Iris and the Roughneck Kairyu!)
Transcription: "Airisu to Abaremono Kairyū!" (Japanese: アイリスと暴れ者カイリュー!)
July 26, 2012 (2012-07-26)November 24, 2012
When the power goes out in Undella Town, the gang tries to help out when they discover a rampaging Dragonite may be to blame. When Iris discovers the Dragonite, she believes it is truly not bad but she is soon trapped in the room with the Dragonite along with Ash's Oshawott and Dawn's Piplup.
749743"Jostling for the Junior Cup!" (Junior Cup Opener! Kairyu vs. Tunbear!!)
Transcription: "Junia Kappu Kaimaku! Kairyū tai Tsunbeā!!" (Japanese: ジュニアカップ開幕!カイリューVSツンベアー!!)
August 2, 2012 (2012-08-02)December 1, 2012
The Pokémon World Tournament Junior Cup begins, with rivals such as Trip, Georgia, and Burgundy showing up to take part in the tournament. After an exhibition match between Sinnoh Champion Cynthia's Garchomp and Unova Elite Four member Caitlin's Gothitelle ends in a no official winner, the first round begins. Iris is up first against Georgia, with Iris's newly captured Dragonite being pitted up against Georgia's Beartic.
750744"Battling Authority, Once Again!!" (Power Battle! Iris vs. Hikari!!)
Transcription: "Pawā Batoru! Airisu tai Hikari!!" (Japanese: パワーバトル!アイ リスVSヒカリ!!)
August 23, 2012 (2012-08-23)December 8, 2012
The quarter-final matches of the Pokémon World Tournament Junior Cup take place, and Iris must go up against Dawn, pitting Dragonite against Mammoswine. In another match, Cilan and Crustle take on Trip and Serperior.
751745"Ash, Iris, and Trip: Then There Were Three!!" (Satoshi, Iris, and Shooty! The Last Battle!!)
Transcription: "Satoshi, Airisu, Shūtī! Saigo no Batoru!!" (Japanese: サトシ、アイリス、シューティー!最後のバトル!!)
August 30, 2012 (2012-08-30)December 15, 2012
With the semi-finals of the Pokémon World Tournament Junior Cup underway, and with the grand prize of having a battle with Alder on the line, Ash, Iris, and Trip go all out.
752746"Goodbye, Junior Cup - Hello Adventure!" (The Hellos and Goodbyes of the Junior Cup!)
Transcription: "Wakare to Deai no Junia Kappu!" (Japanese: 別れと出会いのジュニアカップ!)
September 6, 2012 (2012-09-06)December 22, 2012
After Trip's match against Alder, the Junior Cup draws to a close and the contestants bid each other farewell. Ash, Iris, and Cilan meet Cameron, a young naive trainer who wants to travel with them. Dawn bids farewell as well, but not before having a practice match against Ash.
753747"The Road to Humilau" (Seigaiha Gym Battle! Mantain vs. Daikenki!!)
Transcription: "Seigaiha Jimu Sen! Mantain tai Daikenki!!" (Japanese: セイガイハジム戦!マンタインVSダイケンキ!!)
September 13, 2012 (2012-09-13)January 5, 2013
Ash, Iris, and Cilan help Cameron get to Humilau City where he wants to challenge Marlon for his own eighth Unova League Gym Badge. On the way, Ash and Cameron are separated from the group. Ash almost falls off a cliff, but then Cameron saves his life. Cameron has a "great idea" and he gets out what seems to be a "map", which was a table cloth. As they continue heading down a road, it starts to rain and then they take shelter in a nearby cave. Realizing that they didn't have any food, Ash, Cameron and their Pokémon are hungry as Meloetta leaves only to come back with an apple. Meloetta leads them to an apple tree where they harvest the apples to bring them back to the cave to munch on them. After they ate the apples (and Cameron's Riolu hiccups adorably), they decide to stay the night in the cave until the rain stops. Ash and Cameron exchange their goals in life. Ash wanting to a Pokémon Master while Cameron wanting to be the best Pokémon Champion in the world.
754748"Unrest at the Nursery" (Big Fuss at the Pokémon Daycare! Washibon and Vulchai!)
Transcription: "Pokemon Hoikuen wa Ōsawagi! Washibon to Baruchai!" (Japanese: ポケモン保育園は大騒ぎ!ワシボンとバルチャイ!)
September 20, 2012 (2012-09-20)January 12, 2013
While still staying at Cynthia's villa and training for the Unova League conference, Ash and the gang come across a fighting pair of Rufflet and Vullaby. It turns out they have both escaped the inexperienced Day Care Nurse, Layla. Whilst the manager is away, Ash, Iris and Cilan help Layla in the Nursery, but the ongoing conflict between the two Pokémon both craving Layla's attention continues.
755749"Meloetta and the Undersea Temple" (Meloetta and the Undersea Temple!)
Transcription: "Meroetta to Kaitei no Shinden!" (Japanese: メロエッタと海底の神殿!)
September 27, 2012 (2012-09-27)January 19, 2013
Ash continues to train at Cynthia's villa until Ridley (a member of an ancient civilisation dedicated to protecting Meloetta) and his Golurk hear Meloetta's song and come to take Meloetta back. At first, Ridley assumes Ash is associated with the thieves, but this turns out not to be the case. Before Ridley can take Meloetta home, Team Rocket assaults the group and capture Meloetta and summon up the ancient Abyssal Temple through its power and song. The heroes try to fend off Team Rocket, but with Giovanni himself present they are too strong.
756750"Unova's Survival Crisis" (The Therian Formes Advance! Isshu's Greatest Crisis!!)
Transcription: "Reijū Forumu Sōshingeki! Isshu Saidai no Kiki!!" (Japanese: 霊獣フォルム総進撃!イッシュ最大の危機!!)
October 4, 2012 (2012-10-04)January 26, 2013
With Meloetta in their possession, Team Rocket's Giovanni controls Tornadus, Thundurus and Landorus in their more powerful Therian Formes though use of the reveal glass unlocked by Meloetta's presence and Meloetta's song. Ash, Cilan, Iris, Cynthia, and Ridley do their best to free Meloetta and save the world from Team Rocket. But forces stronger than Team Rocket are present, and Giovanni soon finds himself not able to control himself and sets Tornadus, Thundurus, and Landorus on a path to destroy Unova rather than take it over for Team Rocket.


  1. ^ This episode began Best Wishes! Season 2 in Japan.


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