List of PlayStation games incompatible with PlayStation 2

The PlayStation 2 was designed to be backward compatible with PlayStation games. However, not all PlayStation games work on the PlayStation 2. In addition, later models of the PlayStation 2 console could not play all of the games that were released for prior versions of the PlayStation 2. This article provides a list of some of the PlayStation and PlayStation 2 games that are not compatible with all models of the PlayStation 2. The list should be read with caution, because some people add games without proof.

All modelsEdit

These PlayStation games have compatibility issues with all models of PlayStation 2:[1][2]

PlayStation games

SCPH-750XX to SCPH-900XXEdit

The following games are incompatible with the SCPH-750XX, SCPH-770XX, SCPH-790XX & SCPH-900XX "slim", model PlayStation 2:[2][3][4][5][6][7]

PlayStation gamesEdit

PlayStation 2 gamesEdit


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