List of New York City Ballet 2010 repertory

New York City Ballet dances Winter, Spring and – since 2010 – Fall seasons each year at the David H. Koch Theater, Lincoln Center, as well as a Summer season at Saratoga Springs and tours. From Thanksgiving to New Year's they perform George Balanchine's Nutcracker; this is the performance list of ballets with casts for the 2010 season beginning with the gala, Tuesday, November 20, 2009, and ending with the matinée and evening performances of The Nutcracker, Sunday, January 2, 2011.[1]



Winter gala Edit

notes for winter galaEdit

Week one, January 5–10Edit

Tuesday, January 5, Tradition And InnovationEdit

[Winter 4th Ring week 1, 1]

Wednesday, January 6Edit

Thursday, January 7Edit

[Winter 4th Ring week 1, 2]

Friday, January 8Edit

[Winter Dancer Chats 1] [Winter 4th Ring week 1, 3]

Saturday matinée, January 9Edit

Saturday evening, January 9, Tradition And InnovationEdit

Sunday matinée, January 10Edit

[Winter 4th Ring week 1, 4]

notes for week oneEdit

Week two, January 11–17Edit

Monday, January 11Edit

[Winter seminar 1]

Tuesday, January 12Edit

[Winter 4th Ring week 2, 1]

Wednesday, January 13Edit

Thursday, January 14, Tradition And InnovationEdit

[Winter studio 1] [Winter 4th Ring week 2, 2]

Friday, January 15Edit

[Winter Dancer Chats 2] [Winter 4th Ring week 2, 3]

Saturday matinée, January 16Edit

Saturday evening, January 16, Short StoriesEdit

[Winter 4th Ring week 2, 4]

Sunday matinée, January 17Edit

notes for week twoEdit

Week three, January 19–24Edit

Tuesday, January 19, Short StoriesEdit

Wednesday, January 20, All RussianEdit

[Winter 4th Ring week 3, 1]

Thursday, January 21Edit

[Winter 4th Ring week 3, 2]

Friday, January 22, Balanchine's birthday one-time-only programEdit

Saturday matinée, January 23, All RussianEdit

[Winter 4th Ring week 3, 3]

Saturday evening, January 23Edit

Sunday matinée, January 24, Short StoriesEdit

[Winter 4th Ring week 3, 4]

notes for week threeEdit

Week four, January 27–31, The Sleeping BeautyEdit

Wednesday, January 27Edit

[Winter 4th Ring week 4, 1]

Thursday, January 28Edit

[Winter studio 2] [Winter 4th Ring week 4, 2]

Friday, January 29Edit

Saturday matinée, January 30Edit

Saturday evening, January 30Edit

[Winter 4th Ring week 4, 3]

Sunday matinée, January 31Edit

[Winter 4th Ring week 4, 4]

Sunday evening, January 31Edit

notes for week fourEdit

Week five, February 1–7; The Sleeping BeautyEdit

Monday, February 1Edit

[Winter seminar 2]

Tuesday, February 2Edit

Wednesday, February 3Edit

[Winter 4th Ring week 5, 1]

Thursday, February 4Edit

[Winter 4th Ring week 5, 2]

Friday, February 5Edit

[Winter Dancer Chats 3]

Saturday matinée, February 6Edit

[Winter 4th Ring week 5, 3]

Saturday evening, February 6Edit

Sunday matinée, February 7Edit

[Winter 4th Ring week 5, 4]

notes for week fiveEdit

Week six, February 9–14Edit

Tuesday, February 9, All RussianEdit

[Winter 4th Ring week 6, 1]

Wednesday, February 10, Swan LakeEdit

[Winter 4th Ring week 6, 2]

Thursday, February 11, Swan LakeEdit

[Winter studio 3]

Friday, February 12, Swan LakeEdit

Saturday matinée, February 13, Swan LakeEdit

[Winter 4th Ring week 6, 3]

Saturday evening, February 13, Swan LakeEdit

Sunday matinée, February 14, Swan LakeEdit

[Winter 4th Ring week 6, 4]

notes for week sixEdit

Week seven, February 16–21Edit

Tuesday, February 16, All BalanchineEdit

Wednesday, February 17, All BalanchineEdit

Thursday, February 18, All RobbinsEdit

[Winter 4th Ring week 7, 1]

Friday, February 19, All BalanchineEdit

[Winter Dancer Chats 4] [Winter 4th Ring week 7, 2]

Saturday matinée, February 20, All RobbinsEdit

Saturday evening, February 20, All BalanchineEdit

[Winter 4th Ring week 7, 3]

Sunday matinée, February 21, All RobbinsEdit

[Winter 4th Ring week 7, 4]

notes for week sevenEdit

Week eight, February 23–28Edit

Tuesday, February 23, All RobbinsEdit

[Winter 4th Ring week 8, 1]

Wednesday, February 24, All RobbinsEdit

Thursday, February 25JewelsEdit

[Winter studio 4]

Friday, February 26 JewelsEdit

[Winter 4th Ring week 8, 2]

Saturday matinée, February 27 JewelsEdit

Saturday evening, February 27 JewelsEdit

Sunday matinée, February 28 JewelsEdit

notes for week eightEdit

notes for WinterEdit


Week oneEdit

Thursday, April 29, Spring galaEdit

Sunday matinée, May 2, All BalanchineEdit

Notes for week oneEdit

Week twoEdit

Tuesday, May 4, All BalanchineEdit

Wednesday, May 5, Balanchine/RatmanskyEdit

Thursday, May 6, All BalanchineEdit

Friday, May 7, All RobbinsEdit

Saturday matinée, May 8, Balanchine/RobbinsEdit

Saturday evening, May 8, Balanchine/RatmanskyEdit

Sunday matinée, May 9, Ratmansky/RobbinsEdit

Notes for week twoEdit

Week threeEdit

Tuesday, May 11, All RobbinsEdit

Wednesday, May 12, Balanchine/RatmanskyEdit

Thursday, May 13, Robbins/BalanchineEdit

Friday, May 14, Balanchine/McGregorEdit

Saturday matinée, May 15, Balanchine/RobbinsEdit

Saturday evening, May 15, Balanchine/McGregorEdit

Sunday matinée, May 16, Balanchine/RobbinsEdit

Notes for week threeEdit

Week fourEdit

Tuesday, May 18, Balanchine/McGregorEdit

Wednesday, May 19, Balanchine/MartinsEdit

Thursday, May 20, Balanchine/McGregor/RobbinsEdit

Friday, May 21, Balanchine/McGregorEdit

Saturday matinée, May 22, Balanchine/Millepied/RobbinsEdit

Saturday evening, May 22, Balanchine/Millepied/RobbinsEdit

Sunday matinée, May 23, Balanchine/MartinsEdit

Notes for week fourEdit

Week fiveEdit

Tuesday, May 25, Balanchine/MartinsEdit

Wednesday, May 26, Balanchine/Millepied/RobbinsEdit

Thursday, May 27, Martins/Millepied/BalanchineEdit

Friday, May 28, Balanchine/RobbinsEdit

Saturday matinée, May 29, Balanchine/Martins/RobbinsEdit

Saturday evening, May 29, Balanchine/WheeldonEdit

Sunday matinée, May 30, All BalanchineEdit

Notes for week fiveEdit

Week sixEdit

Tuesday, June 1, Balanchine/WheeldonEdit

Wednesday, June 2, Balanchine/MartinsEdit

Thursday, June 3, Balanchine/Millepied/RobbinsEdit

Friday, June 4, Balanchine/Wheeldon/RobbinsEdit

Saturday matinée, June 5, Balanchine/MartinsEdit

Saturday evening, June 5, Robbins/Barak/BalanchineEdit

Sunday matinée, June 6, Yvonne Borree farewell, Wheeldon/BalanchineEdit

Notes for week sixEdit

Week sevenEdit

Tuesday, June 8, Robbins/Balanchine/MartinsEdit

Wednesday, June 9, Robbins/Barak/BalanchineEdit

Thursday, June 10, Wheeldon/Bigonzetti/BalanchineEdit

Friday, June 11, Balanchine/WheeldonEdit

Saturday matinée, June 12, Martins/Bigonzetti/BalanchineEdit

Saturday evening, June 12, Wheeldon/Bigonzetti/BalanchineEdit

Sunday matinée, June 13, Philip Neal farewell, Balanchine/BarakEdit

Notes for week sevenEdit

Week eightEdit

Tuesday, June 15, All BalanchineEdit

Wednesday, June 16, Balanchine/Miroshnichenko/RobbinsEdit

Thursday, June 17, Balanchine/Wheeldon/RobbinsEdit

Friday, June 18, Balanchine/BigonzettiEdit

Saturday matinée, June 19, Balanchine/Bigonzetti/RobbinsEdit

Saturday evening, June 19, Balanchine/Miroshnichenko/RobbinsEdit

Sunday matinée, June 20, Albert Evans farewell, Balanchine/Forsythe/MiroshnichenkoEdit

Notes for week eightEdit

Week nineEdit

Tuesday, June 22, Balanchine/MartinsEdit

Wednesday, June 23, Balanchine/Martins/RobbinsEdit

Thursday, June 24, Maurice Kaplow farewell, Barak/Martins/BalanchineEdit

Friday, June 25, Wheeldon/Miroshnichenko/BalanchineEdit

Saturday matinée, June 26, Balanchine/MartinsEdit

Saturday evening, June 26, Balanchine/MartinsEdit

Sunday matinée, June 27, Darci Kistler farewell, Balanchine/MartinsEdit

Notes for week nineEdit

notes for SpringEdit

Summer Saratoga SpringsEdit

Week one, July 6–10Edit

Week two, July 13–17Edit


Week one, September 14–19Edit

Tuesday, September 14th, Opening nightEdit

[Playbill week 1, 1] [Repertory Week 1] [4th Ring week 1, 1]
The Four Seasons

Wednesday, September 15th, All BalanchineEdit

[Playbill week 1, 2] [Repertory Week 1][4th Ring week 1, 2]

Thursday, September 16th, All RobbinsEdit

[Playbill week 1, 3] [Repertory Week 1] [4th Ring week 1, 3]
The Four Seasons

Friday, September 17th, See the MusicEdit

[Playbill week 1, 4] [Repertory Week 1] [4th Ring week 1, 4]
The Four Seasons

Saturday, September 18th, matinée, Founding Choreographers: Robbins and BalanchineEdit

[Playbill week 1, 5] [Repertory Week 1] [4th Ring week 1, 5]

Saturday, September 18th, evening, Balanchine and StravinskyEdit

[Playbill week 1, 6] [Repertory Week 1] [4th Ring week 1, 6]

Sunday, September 19thEdit

[Playbill week 1, 7] [Repertory Week 1] [Repertory Week 1] [4th Ring week 1, 7]

Notes for week oneEdit

  1. ^ NYC rôle debut
  2. ^ a b c d e f g h i j k first time in rôle

Week twoEdit

Tuesday, September 21stEdit

[Playbill week 2, 1] [Repertory Week 2]
The Four Seasons

Wednesday, September 22nd, Founding Choreographers: Robbins and BalanchineEdit

[Playbill week 2, 2] [Repertory Week 2][4th Ring week 2, 1]

Thursday, September 23rdEdit

[Playbill week 2, 3] [Repertory Week 2] [4th Ring week 2, 2]

Friday, September 24thEdit

[Playbill week 2, 4] [Repertory Week 2] [Fall Dancer Chat 1]

Saturday, September 25th, matinéeEdit

[Playbill week 2, 5] [Repertory Week 2] [4th Ring week 2, 3]

Saturday, September 25th, evening, All 20th Century Violin ConcertosEdit

[Playbill week 2, 6] [Repertory Week 2] [4th Ring week 2, 4]

Sunday, September 26th, See the Music: All CalatravaEdit

[Playbill week 2, 7] [Repertory Week 2] [4th Ring week 2, 5] [Fall week 2, 4]

Notes for week twoEdit

  1. ^ a b c first time in rôle
  2. ^ Tiler Peck replaced Ashley Bouder in The Four Seasons.
  3. ^ a b NYC rôle debut
  4. ^ All ballets featured scenic designs by Santiago Calatrava.

Week threeEdit

Tuesday, September 28thEdit

Wednesday, September 29thEdit

Thursday, September 30thEdit

[Playbill week 3, 1] [Repertory Week 3]
Stars and Stripes

Friday, October 1stEdit

[Playbill week 3, 2] [Repertory Week 3] [4th Ring week 3, 1]