List of New South Wales government agencies

Logo of the New South Wales Government and its agencies.

The executive branch of the Government of New South Wales, Australia, is made up of a number of departments, state-owned corporations and other agencies. These are identified in the Government Sector Employment Act 2013 and other legislation. In 2009, most State government agencies – which at the time numbered more than 100 – were restructured into 13 'super agencies' or clusters.[1] This number was subsequently reduced to ten clusters in 2013;[2][3] and in July 2019 following the 2019 state election, it was further reduced to eight clusters.[4]

Agency typesEdit

The Government is made up of:

  • departments, which are the lead agencies in each cluster
  • executive agencies, which are agencies related to departments
  • separate agencies, which operate independently of departments but can still be within clusters
  • statutory authorities, which are established under legislation but sit outside clusters
  • state-owned corporations
  • subsidiaries of the NSW Government established under the Corporations Act
  • councils under the Local Government Act
  • universities.

There are also a number of advisory boards and committees, though these are not agencies in their own right.[5]


The NSW Public Sector employs more than 325,000 people (full-time equivalent), almost all of whom work within one of the eight clusters.[6] The restructure into eight clusters took effect on 1 July 2019.[7]

Cluster Office title(s) Officeholder(s) Employees
[citation needed]
Premier and Cabinet 1,198 [4][8]
The Treasury 1,156
Customer Service 7,075
Planning, Industry and Environment c. 30,000
Transport 25,526
Health 115,325
Education 91,070
Stronger Communities
(Communities and Justice)
c. 53,000

List of agenciesEdit


Agency Type Cluster Employees Notes
Department of Education Department Education [4]
Department of Communities and Justice Department Stronger Communities
Department of Customer Service Department Customer Service
Ministry of Health Department Health
Department of Planning, Industry and Environment Department Planning, Industry and Environment
Department of Premier and Cabinet Department Premier
Department of Transport Department Transport
Treasury Department Treasury

Separate agenciesEdit

Agency Cluster Employees Notes
Environment Protection Authority Planning, Industry and Environment
Greyhound Welfare and Integrity Commission Planning, Industry and Environment
Health Care Complaints Commission Health
Independent Pricing and Regulatory Tribunal Premier and Cabinet
Information and Privacy Commission Customer Service
Inspector of the Law Enforcement Conduct Commission Premier and Cabinet
Law Enforcement Conduct Commission Stronger Communities
Legal Aid Commission Stronger Communities
New South Wales Crime Commission Stronger Communities
New South Wales Electoral Commission Premier and Cabinet
NSW Education Standards Authority Education
Office of the Children's Guardian Stronger Communities
Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions Stronger Communities
Ombudsman Premier and Cabinet
Public Service Commission Premier and Cabinet
Technical & Further Education Commission Education

Executive agenciesEdit

This is a list of executive agencies of the NSW Government:

Agency Cluster Employees Notes
Art Gallery of New South Wales Trust Planning, Industry and Environment 225
Australian Museum Trust Premier and Cabinet 168
Crown Solicitor's Office Stronger Communities
Destination NSW Treasury 126
Fire & Rescue NSW Stronger Communities
Greater Sydney Commission Premier and Cabinet
Health Professional Councils Authority Health
Infrastructure NSW Premier and Cabinet
Local Land Services Planning, Industry and Environment
Mental Health Commission Health
Multicultural NSW Stronger Communities
Natural Resources Commission Premier and Cabinet[citation needed]
NSW Institute of Sport Stronger Communities
NSW Rural Fire Service Stronger Communities
NSW State Emergency Service Stronger Communities
Office of Sport Stronger Communities 724
Parliamentary Counsel's Office Premier and Cabinet
Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences Premier and Cabinet 246
SAS Trustee Corporation Treasury
Service NSW Customer Service
State Library of New South Wales Premier and Cabinet 297
Sydney Opera House Trust Premier and Cabinet 535

Statutory State-owned corporationsEdit

This is a list of statutory State-owned corporations of the NSW Government:

Agency Cluster Employees Notes
Essential Energy Planning, Industry and Environment 3,158
Forestry Corporation Planning, Industry and Environment
Hunter Water Corporation Planning, Industry and Environment 480
Landcom Planning, Industry and Environment
Port Authority of New South Wales Transport
Sydney Water Corporation Planning, Industry and Environment 2,555
Transport Asset Holding Entity Transport
Water NSW Planning, Industry and Environment

Other agenciesEdit

Agency Type Cluster Employees Notes
Audit Office of NSW Entity external to government n/a
Health Service Service Health 114,407
Independent Commission Against Corruption Entity external to government n/a
Judicial Commission Entity external to government n/a
Parliament of New South Wales Entity external to government n/a
NSW Police Force Service Stronger Communities 19,759
Teaching Service Service Education 66,381
Transport Service Service Transport 13,404


Agency Type Employees Notes
Charles Sturt University University
Macquarie University
University of New England
University of New South Wales
University of Newcastle
Southern Cross University
University of Sydney
University of Technology, Sydney
Western Sydney University
University of Wollongong


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