List of national coordinate reference systems

The list of national coordinate reference systems (CRS) lists map projections officially recommended for existing countries. Given that every projection gives deformations, each country's needs are different in order to reduce these distortions. These national projections, or national Coordinate Reference Systems are officially announced by the relevant national agencies. The list below is a collection of available official national projected Coordinate Reference Systems.

For Europe, recommendation are available for each country (Annoni & al. 2001:43-44), as well as for the European Union of 15, of 27, and of the larger geographic Europe (Annoni & al. 2001:16).

The most important project collecting Coordinate Reference Systems is the EPSG Registry. These projections and frames are publicly available online on various sites.[1]


Country CRS name EPSG code[2] Area of interest[A]
France Lambert-93[3] Metropolitan France
Greece Greek Grid EPSG:2100
Iraq Iraq National Grid EPSG:3893
Ireland Irish grid reference system Ireland including Northern Ireland
Israel Israeli Transverse Mercator
Netherlands Stelsel van de Rijksdriehoeksmeting (RD)[4] EPSG:28992 European Netherlands
New Zealand New Zealand Transverse Mercator[5] EPSG:2193
Sweden Swedish grid
Switzerland LV95 EPSG:2056 Switzerland & Liechtenstein
United Kingdom British National Grid EPSG:27700 Great Britain
United States United States National Grid
AIf the CRS covers more or less than the country


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