21st Parliament of Turkey

This is a list of the 550 Members of Parliament elected in the 1999 general election held in Turkey. The MPs are listed by province. Turkey uses a D'Hondt proportional representative system to elect Members of Parliament. These MPs formed the 21st Parliament of Turkey. An overview of the parliamentary composition is shown in the table below.

Party Members Change Proportion Parliament Provinces
Democratic Left Party 136 Increase60 24.7% TBMM1999.svg

Turkish general election 1999.png

Nationalist Movement Party 129 Increase129 23.5%
Virtue Party 111 Increase111 20.2%
Motherland Party 86 Decrease46 15.6%
True Path Party 85 Decrease50 15.5%
Independents 3 Increase3 0.5%
Total 550 100%
Members elected in 1995 (20th Parliament) Members elected in 2002 (22nd Parliament)


Member Party
Mehmet Ali Bilici Motherland Party
Musa Öztürk Motherland Party
Ali Tekin Democratic Left Party
Arif Sezer Democratic Left Party
İbrahim Yavuz Bildik Democratic Left Party
İsmet Vursavuş Democratic Left Party
Tayyibe Gülek Democratic Left Party
Mehmet Halit Dağlı True Path Party
Ali Gören Virtue Party
Yakup Budak Virtue Party
Adnan Fatin Özdemir Nationalist Movement Party
Recai Yıldırım Nationalist Movement Party
Ali Halaman Nationalist Movement Party
Mehmet Metanet Çulhaoğlu Nationalist Movement Party


Member Party
Mahmut Bozkurt Motherland Party
Mahmut Nedim Bilgiç True Path Party
Dengir Mir Mehmet Fırat Virtue Party
Mahmut Göksu Virtue Party
Mehmet Özyol Virtue Party
Hasari Güler Nationalist Movement Party


Member Party
Halil İbrahim Özsoy Motherland Party
Gaffar Yakın Democratic Left Party
İsmet Attila True Path Party
Sait Açba Virtue Party
Abdülkadir Akcan Nationalist Movement Party
Mehmet Telek Nationalist Movement Party
Müjdat Karayerli Nationalist Movement Party


Member Party
Yaşar Eryılmaz Motherland Party
Musa Konyar True Path Party
Celal Esin Virtue Party
Nidai Seven Nationalist Movement Party


Member Party
Murat Akın True Path Party
Ramazan Toprak Virtue Party
Kürşat Eser Nationalist Movement Party
Sadi Somuncuoğlu Nationalist Movement Party


Member Party
Gönül Saray Alphan Democratic Left Party
Ahmet İyimaya True Path Party
Akif Gülle Virtue Party
Adanan Uçaş Nationalist Movement Party


Member Party
Birkan Erdal Motherland Party
Nejat Arseven Motherland Party
Yıldırım Akbulut Motherland Party
Yücel Seçkiner Motherland Party
Aydın Tümen Democratic Left Party
Ayşe Gürocak Democratic Left Party
Esvet Özdoğu Democratic Left Party
Halis Uluç Gürkan Democratic Left Party
Hikmet Uluğbay Democratic Left Party
Hüseyin Tayfun İçli Democratic Left Party
Melda Bayer Democratic Left Party
Mehmet Zeki Sezer Democratic Left Party
Oğuz Aygün Democratic Left Party
Mustafa Cihan Paçacı True Path Party
Saffet Arıkan Bedük True Path Party
Cemil Çiçek Virtue Party
Eyyüp Sanay Virtue Party
Mehmet Zeki Çelik Virtue Party
Oya Akgönenç Muğisuddin Virtue Party
Rıza Ulucak Virtue Party
Abdurrahman Küçük Nationalist Movement Party
Ali Işıklar Nationalist Movement Party
Hayrettin Özdemir Nationalist Movement Party
Koray Aydın Nationalist Movement Party
Mehmet Arslan Nationalist Movement Party
Sedat Çevik Nationalist Movement Party
Şefkat Çetin Nationalist Movement Party
Şevket Bülend Yahnici Nationalist Movement Party


Member Party
Cengiz Aydoğan Motherland Party
İbrahim Gürdal Motherland Party
Ahmet Sancar Sayın Democratic Left Party
Metin Şahin Democratic Left Party
Mustafa Vural Democratic Left Party
Kemal Çelik True Path Party
Mehmet Baysarı True Path Party
Salih Çelen True Path Party
Mehmet Zeki Okudan Virtue Party
Nesrin Ünal Nationalist Movement Party
Osman Müderrisoğlu Nationalist Movement Party
Tunca Toskay Nationalist Movement Party


Member Party
Faruk Demir Democratic Left Party
Saffet Kaya True Path Party


Member Party
Ergün Bayrak Democratic Left Party
Hasan Ekinci True Path Party


Member Party
Cengiz Altınkaya Motherland Party
Yüksel Yalova Motherland Party
Ertuğrul Kumcuoğlu Democratic Left Party
Sema Pişkinsüt Democratic Left Party
Halit Dikmen Democratic Left Party
Ali Rıza Gönül True Path Party
Ali Uzunırmak Nationalist Movement Party
Bekir Ongun Nationalist Movement Party


Member Party
Agah Oktay Güner Motherland Party
Mustafa Güven Karahan Democratic Left Party
Numan Gültekin Democratic Left Party
Tamer Kanber Democratic Left Party
İlhan Aytekin True Path Party
İlyas Yılmazyıldız True Path Party
İsmail Özgün Virtue Party
Aydın Gökmen Nationalist Movement Party
Hüseyin Kalkan Nationalist Movement Party


Member Party
Zeki Çakan Motherland Party
Cafer Tufan Yazıcıoğlu Democratic Left Party


Member Party
Ataullah Hamidi Motherland Party
Burhan İsen True Path Party
Faris Özdemir True Path Party
Alaattin Sever Aydın Virtue Party


Member Party
Suat Pamukçu Virtue Party
Şaban Kardeş Nationalist Movement Party


Member Party
Sebahat Vardar Democratic Left Party
Hüseyin Arabacı Nationalist Movement Party


Member Party
Necati Yöndar True Path Party
Hüsamettin Korkutata Virtue Party
Mahfuz Güler Virtue Party


Member Party
Edip Safder Gaydalı Motherland Party
Yahya Çevik True Path Party
Zeki Ergezen Virtue Party
İbrahim Halil Oral Nationalist Movement Party


Member Party
Avni Akyol Motherland Party
Mustafa Karslıoğlu Democratic Left Party
Necmi Hoşver True Path Party
İsmail Alptekin Virtue Party
Ersoy Özcan Nationalist Movement Party


Member Party
Hasan Macit Democratic Left Party
Mustafa Örs True Path Party
Süleyman Coşkuner Nationalist Movement Party


Member Party
Kenan Sönmez Motherland Party
Turhan Tayan Motherland Party
Ali Arabacı Democratic Left Party
Fahrettin Gülener Democratic Left Party
Ali Rahmi Beyreli Democratic Left Party
Hayati Korkmaz Democratic Left Party
Orhan Ocak Democratic Left Party
Recep Önal Democratic Left Party
Oğuz Tezmen True Path Party
Teoman Özalp True Path Party
Ahmet Sünnetçioğlu Virtue Party
Ertuğrul Yalçınbayır Virtue Party
Faruk Çelik Virtue Party
Mehmet Altan Karapaşaoğlu Virtue Party
Burhan Orhan Nationalist Movement Party
Orhan Şen Nationalist Movement Party


Member Party
Mustafa Cumhur Ersümer Motherland Party
Sadık Kırbaş Democratic Left Party
Nevfel Şahin True Path Party
Sıtkı Turan Nationalist Movement Party


Member Party
Hüseyin Karagöz Virtue Party
Hakkı Duran Nationalist Movement Party
İrfan Keleş Nationalist Movement Party


Member Party
Bekir Aksoy True Path Party
Yasin Hatiboğlu Virtue Party
Abdulhaluk Mehmet Çay Nationalist Movement Party
Melek Karaca Nationalist Movement Party
Vahit Kayrıcı Nationalist Movement Party


Member Party
Beyhan Aslan Motherland Party
Hasan Erçelebi Democratic Left Party
Mehmet Kocabatmaz Democratic Left Party
Mehmet Gözlükaya True Path Party
Mustafa Kemal Aykurt True Path Party
Ali Keskin Nationalist Movement Party
Salih Erbeyin Nationalist Movement Party


Member Party
Abdulbaki Erdoğmuş Motherland Party
Nurettin Dilek Motherland Party
Sebğatullah Seydaoğlu Motherland Party
Abdulsamet Turgut Democratic Left Party
Mehmet Selim Ensarioğlu True Path Party
Nurettin Atik True Path Party
Salih Sümer True Path Party
Osman Aslan Virtue Party
Ömer Vehbi Hatipoğlu Virtue Party
Sacit Günbey Virtue Party
Seyyit Haşim Haşimi Virtue Party


Member Party
Evren Bulut Motherland Party
Ali Ahmet Ertürk Democratic Left Party
Mustafa İlimen Democratic Left Party
Şadan Şimşek Democratic Left Party


Member Party
Mehmet Kemal Ağar Independent
Ali Rıza Septioğlu True Path Party
Ahmet Cemil Tunç Virtue Party
Latif Öztek Virtue Party
Mustafa Gül Nationalist Movement Party


Member Party
Sebahattin Karakelle True Path Party
Tevhit Karakaya Virtue Party
Mihrali Aksu Nationalist Movement Party


Member Party
Ayvaz Gökdemir True Path Party
Zeki Ertugay True Path Party
Aslan Polat Virtue Party
Fahrettin Kukaracı Virtue Party
Lütfü Esengün Virtue Party
Cezmi Polat Nationalist Movement Party
İsmail Köse Nationalist Movement Party
Mücahit Himoğlu Nationalist Movement Party


Member Party
İbrahim Yaşar Dedelek Motherland Party
Mahmut Erdir Democratic Left Party
Mehmet Mail Büyükerman Democratic Left Party
Necati Albay Democratic Left Party
Mehmet Sadri Yıldırım True Path Party
Süleyman Servet Sazak Nationalist Movement Party


Member Party
Mustafa Rüştü Taşar Motherland Party
Ali Ilıksoy Democratic Left Party
Mustafa Yılmaz Democratic Left Party
İbrahim Konukoğlu True Path Party
Mehmet Bedri İncetahtacı Virtue Party
Nurettin Aktaş Virtue Party
Ali Özdemir Nationalist Movement Party
Mehmet Ay Nationalist Movement Party
Mehmet Hanifi Tiryaki Nationalist Movement Party


Member Party
Burhan Kara Motherland Party
Hasan Akgün Democratic Left Party
Rasim Zaimoğlu True Path Party
Turhan Alçelik Virtue Party
Mustafa Yaman Nationalist Movement Party


Member Party
Lütfi Doğan Virtue Party
Bedri Yaşar Nationalist Movement Party


Member Party
Mecit Piruzbeyoğlu Motherland Party
Hakki Töre True Path Party
Evliya Parlak Virtue Party


Member Party
Hakkı Oğuz Aykut Motherland Party
Levent Mıstıkoğlu Motherland Party
Ali Günay Democratic Left Party
Namık Kemal Atahan Democratic Left Party
Mehmet Dönen True Path Party
Mustafa Geçer Virtue Party
Süleyman Metin Kalkan Virtue Party
Mehmet Nuri Tarhan Nationalist Movement Party
Mehmet Şandır Nationalist Movement Party
Süleyman Turan Çirkin Nationalist Movement Party


Member Party
Ali Güner Virtue Party
Abbas Bozyel Nationalist Movement Party


Member Party
Erkan Mumcu Motherland Party
Ramazan Gül True Path Party
Mustafa Zorlu Nationalist Movement Party
Osman Gazi Aksoy Nationalist Movement Party


Member Party
Abdul Ahat Andican Motherland Party
Ali Emre Kocaoğlu Motherland Party
Aydın Ağan Ayaydın Motherland Party
Bülent Akarcalı Motherland Party
Ediz Hun Motherland Party
Güneş Taner Motherland Party
İsmail Sühan Özkan Motherland Party
Mehmet Ali İrtemçelik Motherland Party
Mehmet Cavit Kavak Motherland Party
Nesrin Nas Motherland Party
Sadettin Tantan Motherland Party
Şadan Tuzcu Motherland Party
Şamil Ayrım Motherland Party
Yılmaz Karakoyunlu Motherland Party
Ahmet Güzel Democratic Left Party
Ahmet Tan Democratic Left Party
Ahmet Ziya Aktaş Democratic Left Party
Bahri Sipahi Democratic Left Party
Bülent Ersin Gök Democratic Left Party
Cahit Savaş Yazıcı Democratic Left Party
Erdoğan Toprak Democratic Left Party
Erol Al Democratic Left Party
Fadlı Ağaoğlu Democratic Left Party
Hasan Hüsamettin Özkan Democratic Left Party
Hüseyin Mert Democratic Left Party
İbrahim Nami Çağan Democratic Left Party
İsmail Aydınlı Democratic Left Party
Masum Türker Democratic Left Party
Mehmet Tahir Köse Democratic Left Party
Mustafa Bülent Ecevit Democratic Left Party
Mustafa Düz Democratic Left Party
Nazire Karakuş Democratic Left Party
Necdet Saruhan Democratic Left Party
Osman Kılıç Democratic Left Party
Perihan Yılmaz Democratic Left Party
Rıdvan Budak Democratic Left Party
Sulhiye Serbest Democratic Left Party
Süleyman Yağız Democratic Left Party
Yücel Erdener Democratic Left Party
Zafer Güler Democratic Left Party
Celal Adan True Path Party
Hayri Kozakçıoğlu True Path Party
Tansu Çiller True Path Party
Abdülkadir Aksu Virtue Party
İrfan Gündüz Virtue Party
Mehmet Fuat Fırat Virtue Party
Mehmet Gül Nationalist Movement Party
Bozkurt Yaşar Öztürk Nationalist Movement Party
Mehmet Pak Nationalist Movement Party
Hüseyin Kansu Virtue Party
Azmi Ateş Virtue Party
Nazif Okumuş Nationalist Movement Party
Mustafa Murat Sökmenoğlu Nationalist Movement Party
Mehmet Ali Şahin Virtue Party
Ahmet Çakar Nationalist Movement Party
Mustafa Baş Virtue Party
Mukadder Başeğmez Virtue Party
Süleyman Arif Emre Virtue Party
Aydın Menderes Virtue Party
Ali Coşkun Virtue Party
Mustafa Verkaya Nationalist Movement Party
Esat Öz Nationalist Movement Party
Nevzat Yalçıntaş Virtue Party
Ayşe Nazlı Ilıcak Virtue Party
İsmail Kahraman Virtue Party
Osman Yumakoğulları Virtue Party
Bahri Zengin Virtue Party


Member Party
Güler Aslan Democratic Left Party
Saffet Başaran Democratic Left Party
Burhan Bıçakçıoğlu Democratic Left Party
Burhan Suat Çağlayan Democratic Left Party
Işın Çelebi Motherland Party
Mehmet Çümen Democratic Left Party
Salih Dayıoğlu Democratic Left Party
Hayri Diri Democratic Left Party
Şükrü Sina Gürel Democratic Left Party
Yusuf Kırkpınar Nationalist Movement Party
Hasan Metin Democratic Left Party
Atilla Mutman Democratic Left Party
Sümer Oral Motherland Party
Mehmet Özcan Democratic Left Party
Işılay Saygın Motherland Party
Rifat Serdaroğlu Motherland Party
Rahmi Sezgin Democratic Left Party
Hasan Ufuk Söylemez True Path Party
Suha Tanık Motherland Party
Ahmet Kenan Tanrıkulu Nationalist Movement Party
Hakan Tartan Democratic Left Party
Yıldırım Ulupınar True Path Party
Kemal Vatan Democratic Left Party
Oktay Vural Nationalist Movement Party


Member Party
Ali Doğan Motherland Party
Avni Doğan Virtue Party
Mustafa Kamalak Virtue Party
Mehmet Kaya Nationalist Movement Party
Metin Kocabaş True Path Party
Edip Özbaş Nationalist Movement Party
Mehmet Sağlam True Path Party
Ali Sezal Virtue Party
Nevzat Taner Nationalist Movement Party


Member Party
Mustafa Eren True Path Party
Erol Karan Democratic Left Party
İlhami Yılmaz Nationalist Movement Party


Member Party
Fikret Ünlü Democratic Left Party
Zeki Ünal Virtue Party
Hasan Çalış Nationalist Movement Party


Member Party
Çetin Bilgir Democratic Left Party
İlhan Aküzüm Motherland Party
Arslan Aydar Nationalist Movement Party


Member Party
Murat Başesgioğlu Motherland Party
Muharrem Hadi Dilekci Democratic Left Party
Mehmet Serdaroğlu Nationalist Movement Party
Nurhan Tekinel True Path Party


Member Party
Hamdi Baktır Nationalist Movement Party
İsmail Cem Democratic Left Party
Sabahattin Çakmakoğlu Nationalist Movement Party
Sevgi Esen True Path Party
Abdullah Gül Virtue Party
Salih Kapusuz Virtue Party
Hasan Basri Üstünbaş Nationalist Movement Party
Sadık Yakut Nationalist Movement Party


Member Party
Kemal Albayrak Virtue Party
Osman Durmuş Nationalist Movement Party
Hacı Filiz True Path Party
Nihat Gökbulut Motherland Party


Member Party
Cemal Özbilen Motherland Party
Nural Karagöz Democratic Left Party
Necdet Tekin Democratic Left Party


Member Party
Mustafa Haykır Motherland Party
Ramazan Mirzaoğlu Nationalist Movement Party
Fikret Tecer Democratic Left Party


Member Party
Doğan Güreş True Path Party
Mehmet Nacar Nationalist Movement Party


Member Party
Meral Akşener True Path Party
Ahmet Arkan Democratic Left Party
Mehmet Batuk Virtue Party
Halil Çalık Democratic Left Party
Cumali Durmuş Nationalist Movement Party
Sefer Ekşi Motherland Party
Mehmet Vecdi Gönül Virtue Party
Muhammet Turhan İmamoğlu Democratic Left Party
Kemal Köse Nationalist Movement Party
Osman Pepe Virtue Party


Member Party
Hüseyin Arı Virtue Party
Faruk Bal Nationalist Movement Party
Abdullah Turan Bilge Democratic Left Party
Veysel Candan Virtue Party
Remzi Çetin Virtue Party
Ali Gebeş Nationalist Movement Party
Mehmet Gölhan True Path Party
Mustafa Sait Gönen Nationalist Movement Party
Teoman Rıza Güneri Virtue Party
Mehmet Emrehan Halıcı Democratic Left Party
Ömer İzgi Nationalist Movement Party
Hasan Kaya Nationalist Movement Party
Mehmet Keçeciler Motherland Party
Özkan Öksüz Virtue Party
Lütfi Yalman Virtue Party
Mehmet Ali Yavuz True Path Party


Member Party
Cevdet Akçalı True Path Party
İsmail Karakuyu True Path Party
Emin Karaa Democratic Left Party
Ahmet Derin Virtue Party
Kadir Görmez Nationalist Movement Party
Seydi Karakuş Nationalist Movement Party


Member Party
Miraç Akdoğan Motherland Party
Tevfik Ahmet Özal Independent
Mehmet Recai Kutan Virtue Party
Oğuzhan Asiltürk Virtue Party
Yaşar Canbay Virtue Party
Basri Coşkun Nationalist Movement Party
Namık Hakan Durhan Nationalist Movement Party


Member Party
Ekrem Pakdemirli Motherland Party
Hasan Gülay Democratic Left Party
İsmail Bozdağ Democratic Left Party
Mustafa Cihan Yazar Democratic Left Party
Mehmet Necati Çetinkaya True Path Party
Rıza Akçalı True Path Party
Bülent Arınç Virtue Party
Ali Serdengeçti Nationalist Movement Party
Hüseyin Akgül Nationalist Movement Party
Mustafa Enöz Nationalist Movement Party


Member Party
Ömer Ertaş Motherland Party
Süleyman Çelebi Motherland Party
Mustafa Kemal Tuğmaner Democratic Left Party
Metin Musaoğlu True Path Party
Veysi Şahin True Path Party
Fehim Adak Virtue Party


Member Party
Ali Er Motherland Party
Rüştü Kazım Yücelen Motherland Party
Ayfer Yılmaz True Path Party
Turhan Güven True Path Party
Akif Serin Democratic Left Party
Edip Özgenç Democratic Left Party
Mustafa İstemihan Talay Democratic Left Party
Ali Güngör Nationalist Movement Party
Cahit Tekelioğlu Nationalist Movement Party
Enis Öksüz Nationalist Movement Party
Hidayet Kılınç Nationalist Movement Party
Yalçın Kaya Nationalist Movement Party


Member Party
Hasan Özyer Motherland Party
Fikret Uzunhasan Democratic Left Party
Nazif Topaloğlu Democratic Left Party
Tunay Dikmen Democratic Left Party
İbrahim Yazıcı True Path Party
Metin Ergun Nationalist Movement Party


Member Party
Erkan Kemaloğlu Motherland Party
Zeki Eker Democratic Left Party
Mümtaz Yavuz True Path Party
Sabahattin Yıldız Virtue Party


Member Party
Mehmet Elkatmış Virtue Party
İsmail Çevik Nationalist Movement Party
Mükremin Taşkın Nationalist Movement Party


Member Party
Eyüp Doğanlar Democratic Left Party
Doğan Baran True Path Party
Mükerrem Levent Nationalist Movement Party


Member Party
Sefer Koçak Motherland Party
Şükrü Yürür Motherland Party
Hasan Fehmi Konyalı Democratic Left Party
İhsan Çabuk Democratic Left Party
Yener Yıldırım True Path Party
Eyüp Fatsa Virtue Party
Cemal Enginyurt Nationalist Movement Party


Member Party
Şükrü Ünal Virtue Party
Birol Büyüköztürk Nationalist Movement Party
Devlet Bahçeli Nationalist Movement Party
Mehmet Kundakcı Nationalist Movement Party


Member Party
Ahmet Kabil Motherland Party
Ahmet Mesut Yılmaz Motherland Party
Mehmet Bekaroğlu Virtue Party


Member Party
Ersin Taranoğlu Anavatan Partisi
Şaban Ramis Savaş Democratic Left Party
Nevzat Ercan True Path Party
Cevat Ayhan Virtue Party
Nezir Aydın Virtue Party
Osman Fevzi Zihnioğlu Nationalist Movement Party


Member Party
Mehmet Çakar Motherland Party
Şenel Kapıcı Democratic Left Party
Tarık Cengiz Democratic Left Party
Yekta Açıkgöz Democratic Left Party
Erdoğan Sezgin True Path Party
Kemal Kabataş True Path Party
Ahmet Demircan Virtue Party
Musa Uzunkaya Virtue Party
Ahmet Aydın Nationalist Movement Party
Vedat Çınaroğlu Nationalist Movement Party


Member Party
Nizamettin Sevgili Motherland Party
Takiddin Yarayan True Path Party
Ahmet Nurettin Aydın Virtue Party


Member Party
Yaşar Topçu Motherland Party
Metin Bostancıoğlu Democratic Left Party
Kadir Bozkurt True Path Party


Member Party
Mehmet Cengiz Güleç Democratic Left Party
Abdüllatif Şener Virtue Party
Musa Demirci Virtue Party
Temel Karamollaoğlu Virtue Party
Hüsnü Yusuf Gökalp Nationalist Movement Party
Mehmet Ceylan Nationalist Movement Party


Member Party
Eyyüp Cenap Gülpınar Motherland Party
Mehmet Güneş Motherland Party
Mehmet Fevzi Şıhanlıoğlu True Path Party
Mehmet Yalçınkaya True Path Party
Necmettin Cevheri True Path Party
Sedat Edip Bucak True Path Party
Ahmet Karavar Virtue Party
Yahya Akman Virtue Party
Zülfükar İzol Virtue Party
Mustafa Niyazi Yanmaz Virtue Party
Muzaffer Çakmaklı Nationalist Movement Party


Member Party
Mehmet Salih Yıldırım Motherland Party
Mehmet Sait Değer True Path Party
Abdullah Veli Seyda Virtue Party


Member Party
Enis Sülün Motherland Party
Nihan İlgün True Path Party
Fevzi Aytekin Democratic Left Party
Bayram Fırat Dayanıklı Democratic Left Party
Ahmet Zamantılı Democratic Left Party


Member Party
Ali Şevki Erek True Path Party
Bekir Sobacı Virtue Party
Mehmet Ergün Dağcıoğlu Virtue Party
Hasan Hüseyin Balak Nationalist Movement Party
Lutfi Ceylan Nationalist Movement Party
Reşat Doğru Nationalist Movement Party


Member Party
Ali Kemal Başaran Motherland Party
Eyüp Aşık Motherland Party
Hikmet Sami Türk Democratic Left Party
Ali Naci Tuncer True Path Party
Şeref Malkoç Virtue Party
Nail Çelebi Nationalist Movement Party
Orhan Bıçakçıoğlu Nationalist Movement Party


Member Party
Bekir Gündoğan Independent
Kamer Genç True Path Party


Member Party
Hasan Özgöbek Democratic Left Party
Mehmet Yaşar Ünal Democratic Left Party
Armağan Yılmaz Nationalist Movement Party


Member Party
Kamran İnan Motherland Party
Fetullah Gültepe True Path Party
Hüseyin Çelik True Path Party
Fethullah Erbaş Virtue Party
Maliki Ejder Arvas Virtue Party
Mustafa Bayram Virtue Party
Ayhan Çevik Nationalist Movement Party


Member Party
Yaşar Okuyan Motherland Party
Hasan Suna Democratic Left Party


Member Party
Lütfullah Kayalar Motherland Party
İlyas Arslan Virtue Party
Mehmet Çiçek Virtue Party
Ahmet Erol Ersoy Nationalist Movement Party
Mesut Türker Nationalist Movement Party
Şuayip Üşenmez Nationalist Movement Party


Member Party
Veysel Atasoy Motherland Party
Hasan Gemici Democratic Left Party
Ömer Üstünkol Democratic Left Party
Tahsin Baysık Democratic Left Party
Ömer Barutçu True Path Party
İsmail Cerrahoğlu Nationalist Movement Party