List of MPs elected in the 1754 British general election

9th Parliament (1741)
10th Parliament (1747)
11th Parliament (1754)
12th Parliament (1761)
13th Parliament (1768)
William Hogarth's painting series Humours of an Election portrayed the perceived corrupt and petty squabbles of the Tories and Whigs in 1754 Oxfordshire in an unflattering light.

This is a list of the 558 MPs or Members of Parliament elected to the 314 constituencies of the Parliament of Great Britain in 1754, the 11th Parliament of Great Britain.[1]

The candidates returned in contested elections are listed in the descending order of the number of votes received.

The Tory versus Whig party division, which had originated in the Exclusion Bill debates in the seventeenth century, was almost extinct by 1754. Whilst some members were still identifiable as being of a Tory or Whig persuasion, few contested elections turned on party cries. The hotly contested Oxfordshire and Reading elections were amongst the few where party in the old sense mattered at all and 1754 was the last such election in those areas. Identification by party in the list below is therefore of limited significance, particularly as to the future loyalties of the politician concerned.

For what it is worth the government electoral manager, Viscount Dupplin, reported to the Whig Prime Minister (Thomas Pelham-Holles, 1st Duke of Newcastle) that the outcome of the election was Administration 368, Tory 106, Opposition Whig 42 and doubtful 26.

Peers of Ireland are differentiated from the holders of courtesy titles by including the succession number to the peerage, i.e. The 1st Earl of Upper Ossory is an Irish peer and Viscount Dupplin is the holder of a courtesy title.

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Aberdeen Burghs (seat 1/1) David Scott Administration
Aberdeenshire (seat 1/1) Lord Adam Gordon Administration
Abingdon (seat 1/1) John Morton Tory
Aldborough (seat 1/2) William Pitt Administration
Aldborough (seat 2/2) Andrew Wilkinson Administration
Aldeburgh (seat 1/2) William Windham Administration
Aldeburgh (seat 2/2) Zachary Philip Fonnereau Administration
Amersham (seat 1/2) William Drake, Sr Tory
Amersham (seat 2/2) Isaac Whittington Tory
Andover (seat 1/2) John Griffin Whitwell Administration
Andover (seat 2/2) Francis Blake Delaval Opposition Whig
Anglesey (seat 1/1) Sir Nicholas Bayly, Bt Country (Admin.)
Anstruther Easter Burghs (seat 1/1) Sir Henry Erskine, Bt Administration
Appleby (seat 1/2) Philip Honywood Administration
Appleby (seat 2/2) William Lee Administration
Argyllshire (seat 1/1) Dugald Campbell Administration
Arundel (seat 1/2) George Colebrooke Opposition Whig
Arundel (seat 2/2) Thomas Griffin Administration
Ashburton (seat 1/2) John Harris of Hayne Administration
Ashburton (seat 2/2) The 3rd Viscount Midleton Administration
Aylesbury (seat 1/2) Thomas Potter doubtful
Aylesbury (seat 2/2) John Willes Administration
Ayr Burghs (seat 1/1) James Stuart-Mackenzie Administration
Ayrshire (seat 1/1) James Mure-Campbell Administration


Banbury (seat 1/1) Lord North Administration
Banffshire (seat 1/1) Hon. James Duff Whig (doubtful)
Barnstaple (seat 1/2) John Harris of Pickwell Tory
Barnstaple (seat 2/2) George Amyand Administration
Bath (seat 1/2) Sir John Ligonier Administration
Bath (seat 2/2) Robert Henley Administration
Beaumaris (seat 1/1) Richard Thelwall Price Tory
Bedford (seat 1/2) Francis Herne Tory
Bedford (seat 2/2) Robert Ongley Tory
Bedfordshire (seat 1/2) The 1st Earl of Upper Ossory Opposition Whig
Bedfordshire (seat 2/2) Thomas Alston Opposition Whig
Bedwyn see Great Bedwyn ...
Bere Alston (seat 1/2) Sir Francis Henry Drake Administration
Bere Alston (seat 2/2) John Bristow Administration
Berkshire (seat 1/2) Peniston Powney Tory
Berkshire (seat 2/2) Henry Pye Tory
Berwickshire (seat 1/1) Alexander Hume-Campbell Administration
Berwick-upon-Tweed (seat 1/2) Thomas Watson Administration
Berwick-upon-Tweed (seat 2/2) John Delaval Opposition Whig
Beverley (seat 1/2) Sir William Codrington, Bt Opposition Whig
Beverley (seat 2/2) John Jolliffe Tufnell Administration
Bewdley (seat 1/1) William Henry Lyttelton Administration
Bishops Castle (seat 1/2) John Dashwood-King Tory
Bishops Castle (seat 2/2) Barnaby Backwell Tory
Bletchingley (seat 1/2) Sir Kenrick Clayton, Bt Administration
Bletchingley (seat 2/2) William Clayton Administration
Bodmin (seat 1/2) Sir William Irby, Bt Administration
Bodmin (seat 2/2) George Hunt Administration
Boroughbridge (seat 1/2) William Murray Administration
Boroughbridge (seat 2/2) Lewis Watson Administration
Bossiney (seat 1/2) Hon. Edwin Sandys Administration
Bossiney (seat 2/2) Edward Wortley Montagu Opposition Whig
Boston (seat 1/2) Lord Robert Bertie Administration
Boston (seat 2/2) Charles Amcotts Tory
Brackley (seat 1/2) Marshe Dickinson Tory
Brackley (seat 2/2) Thomas Humberston Administration
Bramber (seat 1/2) Viscount Malpas Administration
Bramber (seat 2/2) Nathaniel Newnham Administration
Brecon (seat 1/1) Thomas Morgan, Jr Administration
Breconshire (seat 1/1) Thomas Morgan Administration
Bridgnorth (seat 1/2) John Grey Administration
Bridgnorth (seat 2/2) William Whitmore Administration
Bridgwater (seat 1/2) The 2nd Earl of Egmont Opposition Whig
Bridgwater (seat 2/2) Robert Balch Administration
Bridport (seat 1/2) John Frederick Pinney Tory
Bridport (seat 2/2) Thomas Coventry Administration
Bristol (seat 1/2) Robert Nugent Administration
Bristol (seat 2/2) Richard Beckford Tory
Buckingham (seat 1/2) George Grenville Administration
Buckingham (seat 2/2) James Grenville Administration
Buckinghamshire (seat 1/2) Sir William Stanhope doubtful
Buckinghamshire (seat 2/2) Richard Lowndes Tory
Bury St Edmunds (seat 1/2) Viscount Petersham Administration
Bury St Edmunds (seat 2/2) election void see note c
Buteshire (seat 0/0) unrepresented in this Parliament ...


Caernarvon Boroughs (seat 1/1) Sir William Wynn Administration
Caernarvonshire (seat 1/1) Sir John Wynn, Bt Administration
Caithness (seat 1/1) John Scott Administration
Callington (seat 1/2) Sewallis Shirley Tory
Callington (seat 2/2) John Sharpe Administration
Calne (seat 1/2) William Northey Tory
Calne (seat 2/2) Thomas Duckett Administration
Cambridge (seat 1/2) Viscount Dupplin Administration
Cambridge (seat 2/2) Thomas Bromley Administration
Cambridgeshire (seat 1/2) Marquess of Granby
Cambridgeshire (seat 2/2) Viscount Royston Administration
Cambridge University (seat 1/2) Edward Finch
Cambridge University (seat 2/2) Thomas Townshend
Camelford (seat 1/2) Samuel Martin
Camelford (seat 2/2) John Lade
Canterbury (seat 1/2) Sir James Creed
Canterbury (seat 2/2) Matthew Robinson Morris
Cardiff Boroughs (seat 1/1) Herbert Mackworth, Sr
Cardigan Boroughs (seat 1/1) John Symmons
Cardiganshire (seat 1/1) John Lloyd Administration
Carlisle (seat 1/2) Sir Charles Howard
Carlisle (seat 2/2) John Stanwix
Carmarthen (seat 1/1) Griffith Philipps
Carmarthenshire (seat 1/1) George Rice
Castle Rising (seat 1/2) Hon. Thomas Howard
Castle Rising (seat 2/2) Horatio Walpole (1717–1797)
Cheshire (seat 1/2) Charles Cholmondeley
Cheshire (seat 2/2) Samuel Egerton
Chester (seat 1/2) Sir Robert Grosvenor, Bt
Chester (seat 2/2) Richard Grosvenor
Chichester (seat 1/2) John Page
Chichester (seat 2/2) Viscount Bury
Chippenham (seat 1/2) Edward Bayntun-Rolt
Chippenham (seat 2/2) Samuel Fludyer
Chipping Wycombe (seat 1/2) The 1st Earl of Shelburne
Chipping Wycombe (seat 2/2) John Waller
Christchurch (seat 1/2) Sir Thomas Robinson
Christchurch (seat 2/2) John Mordaunt
Cirencester (seat 1/2) Benjamin Bathurst Tory
Cirencester (seat 2/2) John Dawnay Tory
City of Durham see Durham (City of) ...
City of London see London (City of) ...
Clackmannanshire (seat 0/0) unrepresented in this Parliament ...
Clitheroe (seat 1/2) Thomas Lister
Clitheroe (seat 2/2) Assheton Curzon
Clyde Burghs see Glasgow Burghs ...
Cockermouth (seat 1/2) Sir John Mordaunt
Cockermouth (seat 2/2) Percy Wyndham-O'Brien
Colchester (seat 1/2) John Olmius Administration
Colchester (seat 2/2) Charles Gray Tory
Corfe Castle (seat 1/2) Henry Bankes doubtful
Corfe Castle (seat 2/2) John Bond
Cornwall (seat 1/2) Sir John Molesworth, Bt
Cornwall (seat 2/2) James Buller
County Durham see Durham (County) ...
Coventry (seat 1/2) Samuel Greatheed
Coventry (seat 2/2) William Grove
Cricklade (seat 1/2) Thomas Gore
Cricklade (seat 2/2) William Rawlinson Earle
Cromartyshire (seat 1/1) Sir John Gordon, Bt
Cumberland (seat 1/2) Sir James Lowther, Bt
Cumberland (seat 2/2) Sir John Pennington, Bt


Dartmouth (seat 1/2) Walter Carey
Dartmouth (seat 2/2) John Jeffreys
Denbigh Boroughs (seat 1/1) Richard Myddelton
Denbighshire (seat 1/1) Sir Lynch Salusbury Cotton
Derby (seat 1/2) Lord Frederick Cavendish Administration
Derby (seat 2/2) George Venables-Vernon
Derbyshire (seat 1/2) Lord George Cavendish
Derbyshire (seat 2/2) Nathaniel Curzon
Devizes (seat 1/2) John Garth
Devizes (seat 2/2) William Willy
Devon (seat 1/2) Sir William Courtenay
Devon (seat 2/2) Sir Richard Warwick Bampfylde
Dorchester (seat 1/2) The 1st Baron Milton
Dorchester (seat 2/2) John Pitt
Dorset (seat 1/2) George Pitt
Dorset (seat 2/2) Humphry Sturt Tory
Dover (seat 1/2) William Cayley
Dover (seat 2/2) Lord George Sackville
Downton (seat 1/2) James Cope
Downton (seat 2/2) James Hayes
Droitwich (seat 1/2) Robert Harley
Droitwich (seat 2/2) Thomas Foley
Dumfries Burghs (seat 1/1) Archibald Douglas
Dumfriesshire (seat 1/1) Lord Charles Douglas
Dunbartonshire (seat 1/1) John Campbell (1693–1770)
Dunwich (seat 1/2) Sir Jacob Garrard Downing, Bt
Dunwich (seat 2/2) Soame Jenyns
Durham (City of) (seat 1/2) Henry Lambton
Durham (City of) (seat 2/2) John Tempest
Durham (County) (seat 1/2) Viscount Barnard
Durham (County) (seat 2/2) George Bowes
Dysart Burghs (seat 1/1) James Oswald


East Grinstead (seat 1/2) Joseph Yorke
East Grinstead (seat 2/2) Sir Whistler Webster
East Looe (seat 1/2) John Buller
East Looe (seat 2/2) Francis Gashry
East Retford (seat 1/2) John White Administration
East Retford (seat 2/2) John Shelley
Edinburgh (seat 1/1) William Alexander Administration
Edinburghshire (seat 1/1) Robert Dundas
Elgin Burghs (seat 1/1) William Grant
Elginshire (seat 1/1) Sir Ludovick Grant, Bt
Essex (seat 1/2) Sir John Abdy, Bt Tory
Essex (seat 2/2) William Harvey
Evesham (seat 1/2) Sir John Rushout, 4th Baronet
Evesham (seat 2/2) John Porter
Exeter (seat 1/2) John Tuckfield
Exeter (seat 2/2) John Rolle Walter
Eye (seat 1/2) Nicholas Hardinge
Eye (seat 2/2) Courthorpe Clayton


Fife (seat 1/1) James St. Clair
Flint Boroughs (seat 1/1) Sir John Glynne, 6th Baronet
Flintshire (seat 1/1) Sir Thomas Mostyn
Forfarshire (seat 1/1) The 1st Earl Panmure
Fowey (seat 1/2) Jonathan Rashleigh
Fowey (seat 2/2) George Edgcumbe


Gatton (seat 1/2) James Colebrooke
Gatton (seat 2/2) Thomas Brand
Glamorganshire (seat 1/1) Charles Edwin
Glasgow Burghs (seat 1/1) John Campbell (1723–1806)
Gloucester (seat 1/2) Charles Barrow
Gloucester (seat 2/2) George Augustus Selwyn
Gloucestershire (seat 1/2) Thomas Chester Tory
Gloucestershire (seat 2/2) Norborne Berkeley Tory
Grampound (seat 1/2) Merrick Burrell
Grampound (seat 2/2) Simon Fanshawe
Grantham (seat 1/2) Lord George Manners
Grantham (seat 2/2) Sir John Cust, Bt
Great Bedwyn (seat 1/2) Sir Robert Hildyard
Great Bedwyn (seat 2/2) William Sloper
Great Grimsby (seat 1/2) William Lock
Great Grimsby (seat 2/2) John Gore
Great Marlow (seat 1/2) Charles Churchill
Great Marlow (seat 2/2) Daniel Moore
Great Yarmouth (seat 1/2) Hon. Charles Townshend
Great Yarmouth (seat 2/2) Sir Edward Walpole
Guildford (seat 1/2) Richard Onslow
Guildford (seat 2/2) Sir John Elwill, 4th Baronet


Haddington Burghs (seat 1/1) Andrew Fletcher
Haddingtonshire (seat 1/1) Sir Hew Dalrymple
Hampshire (seat 1/2) Lord Harry Powlett (1691–1759)
Hampshire (seat 2/2) Alexander Thistlethwayte
Harwich (seat 1/2) John Phillipson
Harwich (seat 2/2) Edward Coke
Haslemere (seat 1/2) James More Molyneux
Haslemere (seat 2/2) Philip Carteret Webb
Hastings (seat 1/2) James Pelham
Hastings (seat 2/2) Andrew Stone
Haverfordwest (seat 1/1) William Edwardes
Hedon (seat 1/2) Charles Saunders
Hedon (seat 2/2) Peter Denis
Helston (seat 1/2) Francis Godolphin
Helston (seat 2/2) John Evelyn
Hereford (seat 1/2) Charles Fitzroy Scudamore
Hereford (seat 2/2) John Symons
Herefordshire (seat 1/2) Velters Cornewall
Herefordshire (seat 2/2) Baron Harley
Hertford (seat 1/2) Nathaniel Brassey
Hertford (seat 2/2) George Harrison
Hertfordshire (seat 1/2) Paggen Hale Administration
Hertfordshire (seat 2/2) Charles Gore Administration
Heytesbury (seat 1/2) Pierce A'Court-Ashe Administration
Heytesbury (seat 2/2) William A'Court Administration
Higham Ferrers (seat 1/1) John Yorke
Hindon (seat 1/2) Bisse Richards
Hindon (seat 2/2) James Dawkins
Honiton (seat 1/2) Henry Reginald Courtenay
Honiton (seat 2/2) George Yonge
Horsham (seat 1/2) Charles Ingram
Horsham (seat 2/2) Sir Lionel Pilkington
Huntingdon (seat 1/2) Edward Montagu
Huntingdon (seat 2/2) Robert Jones
Huntingdonshire (seat 1/2) The 1st Baron Carysfort
Huntingdonshire (seat 2/2) Coulson Fellowes
Hythe (seat 1/2) Sir Thomas Hales
Hythe (seat 2/2) William Glanville


Ilchester (seat 1/2) Thomas Lockyer
Ilchester (seat 2/2) John Talbot
Inverness Burghs (seat 1/1) John Campbell of Cawdor (1695–1777)
Inverness-shire (seat 1/1) Pryse Campbell
Ipswich (seat 1/2) Edward Vernon
Ipswich (seat 2/2) Samuel Kent


Kent (seat 1/2) Lewis Watson Administration
Kent (seat 2/2) Robert Fairfax Administration
Kincardineshire (seat 1/1) Sir James Carnegie, Bt
King's Lynn (seat 1/2) Sir John Turner
King's Lynn (seat 2/2) Horatio Walpole (1723–1809)
Kingston upon Hull (seat 1/2) Richard Crowle
Kingston upon Hull (seat 2/2) Lord Robert Manners
Kinross-shire (seat 1/1) Robert Colvile
Kirkcudbright Stewartry (seat 1/1) John Mackye
Knaresborough (seat 1/2) Hon. Richard Arundell Administration
Knaresborough (seat 2/2) Sir Henry Slingsby


Lanarkshire (seat 1/1) James Vere
Lancashire (seat 1/2) Lord Strange
Lancashire (seat 2/2) Peter Bold
Lancaster (seat 1/2) Francis Reynolds
Lancaster (seat 2/2) Edward Marton
Launceston (seat 1/2) Sir George Lee
Launceston (seat 2/2) Humphry Morice
Leicester (seat 1/2) James Wigley
Leicester (seat 2/2) George Wrighte
Leicestershire (seat 1/2) Sir Thomas Palmer
Leicestershire (seat 2/2) Edward Smith
Leominster (seat 1/2) Sir Charles Hanbury Williams
Leominster (seat 2/2) Richard Gorges
Lewes (seat 1/2) Sir Francis Poole
Lewes (seat 2/2) Thomas Sergison
Lichfield (seat 1/2) Viscount Trentham
Lichfield (seat 2/2) Thomas Anson Administration
Lincoln (seat 1/2) George Monson
Lincoln (seat 2/2) John Chaplin
Lincolnshire (seat 1/2) Robert Vyner Tory
Lincolnshire (seat 2/2) Thomas Whichcot
Linlithgow Burghs (seat 1/1) John Murray
Linlithgowshire (seat 1/1) Charles Hope-Weir
Liskeard (seat 1/2) Edmund Nugent
Liskeard (seat 2/2) Philip Stanhope
Liverpool (seat 1/2) John Hardman
Liverpool (seat 2/2) Thomas Salusbury
London (City of) (seat 1/4) Sir John Barnard
London (City of) (seat 2/4) Slingsby Bethell
London (City of) (seat 3/4) Sir Robert Ladbroke
London (City of) (seat 4/4) William Beckford
Lostwithiel (seat 1/2) James Edward Colleton
Lostwithiel (seat 2/2) Thomas Clarke
Ludgershall (seat 1/2) Sir John Bland
Ludgershall (seat 2/2) Thomas Hayward
Ludlow (seat 1/2) Richard Herbert
Ludlow (seat 2/2) Henry Bridgeman
Lyme Regis (seat 1/2) Francis Fane
Lyme Regis (seat 2/2) Thomas Fane
Lymington (seat 1/2) Sir Charles Powlett
Lymington (seat 2/2) Harry Burrard


Maidstone (seat 1/2) Gabriel Hanger
Maidstone (seat 2/2) Lord Guernsey
Maldon (seat 1/2) John Bullock
Maldon (seat 2/2) Robert Colebrooke
Malmesbury (seat 1/2) Lord George Bentinck
Malmesbury (seat 2/2) Brice Fisher
Malton (seat 1/2) Henry Finch
Malton (seat 2/2) John Mostyn
Marlborough (seat 1/2) Sir John Hynde Cotton
Marlborough (seat 2/2) John Ward
Marlow see Great Marlow ...
Melcombe Regis see Weymouth and Melcombe Regis ...
Merionethshire (seat 1/1) William Vaughan
Middlesex (seat 1/2) Sir William Beauchamp-Proctor, Bt Administration
Middlesex (seat 2/2) George Cooke Tory
Midhurst (seat 1/2) Sir John Peachey
Midhurst (seat 2/2) John Sargent
Milborne Port (seat 1/2) Edward Walter
Milborne Port (seat 2/2) Thomas Medlycott
Minehead (seat 1/2) Charles Whitworth
Minehead (seat 2/2) Daniel Boone
Mitchell (seat 1/2) Robert Clive
Mitchell (seat 2/2) John Stephenson
Monmouth Boroughs (seat 1/1) Benjamin Bathurst
Monmouthshire (seat 1/2) William Morgan Administration
Monmouthshire (seat 2/2) Capel Hanbury Administration
Montgomery (seat 1/1) William Bodvell
Montgomeryshire (seat 1/1) Edward Kynaston
Morpeth (seat 1/2) Thomas Duncombe
Morpeth (seat 2/2) Robert Ord
Much Wenlock (seat 1/2) see Wenlock ...


Nairnshire (seat 0/0) unrepresented in this Parliament ...
Newark (seat 1/2) John Manners
Newark (seat 2/2) Job Staunton Charlton
Newcastle-under-Lyme (seat 1/2) John Waldegrave
Newcastle-under-Lyme (seat 2/2) Baptist Leveson-Gower
Newcastle-upon-Tyne (seat 1/2) Sir Walter Calverley Blackett
Newcastle-upon-Tyne (seat 2/2) Matthew Ridley
Newport (Cornwall) (seat 1/2) John Lee
Newport (Cornwall) (seat 2/2) Edward Bacon Administration
Newport (Isle of Wight) (seat 1/2) Thomas Lee Dummer
Newport (Isle of Wight) (seat 2/2) Ralph Jenison
New Radnor Boroughs (seat 1/1) Thomas Lewis
New Romney (seat 1/2) Sir Francis Dashwood, Bt
New Romney (seat 2/2) Henry Furnese
New Shoreham (seat 1/2) Robert Bristow
New Shoreham (seat 2/2) Richard Stratton
Newton (Lancashire) (seat 1/2) Peter Legh
Newton (Lancashire) (seat 2/2) Randle Wilbraham
Newtown (Isle of Wight) (seat 1/2) Sir John Barrington
Newtown (Isle of Wight) (seat 2/2) Harcourt Powell
New Windsor (seat 1/2) Henry Fox Administration
New Windsor (seat 2/2) John Fitzwilliam
New Woodstock (seat 1/2) The 2nd Viscount Bateman
New Woodstock (seat 2/2) Anthony Keck
Norfolk (seat 1/2) George Townshend Administration
Norfolk (seat 2/2) Armine Wodehouse Tory
Northallerton (seat 1/2) Edwin Lascelles
Northallerton (seat 2/2) Daniel Lascelles
Northampton (seat 1/2) George Compton
Northampton (seat 2/2) Charles Montagu
Northamptonshire (seat 1/2) Sir Edmund Isham, Bt Tory
Northamptonshire (seat 2/2) Valentine Knightley
Northern Burghs see Tain Burghs ...
Northumberland (seat 1/2) Sir William Middleton
Northumberland (seat 2/2) Sir Henry Grey, 2nd Baronet
Norwich (seat 1/2) Lord Hobart
Norwich (seat 2/2) Horatio Walpole (1678–1757)
Nottingham (seat 1/2) The 3rd Viscount Howe Administration
Nottingham (seat 2/2) Sir Willoughby Aston, Bt Tory
Nottinghamshire (seat 1/2) Lord Robert Manners-Sutton
Nottinghamshire (seat 2/2) John Thornhagh later Hewett


Okehampton (seat 1/2) Sir George Lyttelton, Bt
Okehampton (seat 2/2) Robert Vyner
Old Sarum (seat 1/2) Viscount Pulteney
Old Sarum (seat 2/2) Thomas Pitt
Orford (seat 1/2) Henry Bilson Legge
Orford (seat 2/2) John Offley
Orkney and Shetland (seat 1/1) James Douglas
Oxford (seat 1/2) Robert Lee Tory
Oxford (seat 2/2) Thomas Rowney Tory
Oxfordshire (seat 1/2) Viscount Parker Admin. (see note a)
Oxfordshire (seat 2/2) Sir Edward Turner Admin. (see note a)
Oxford University (seat 1/2) Sir Roger Newdigate, Bt Tory
Oxford University (seat 2/2) Peregrine Palmer Tory


Peeblesshire (seat 1/1) John Dickson
Pembroke Boroughs (seat 1/1) Hugh Barlow
Pembrokeshire (seat 1/1) Sir William Owen
Penryn (seat 1/2) Richard Edgcumbe
Penryn (seat 2/2) George Boscawen
Perth Burghs (seat 1/1) Thomas Leslie
Perthshire (seat 1/1) Lord John Murray
Peterborough (seat 1/2) Edward Wortley Montagu
Peterborough (seat 2/2) Matthew Lamb
Petersfield (seat 1/2) William Gerard Hamilton
Petersfield (seat 2/2) William Beckford
Plymouth (seat 1/2) The 2nd Viscount Barrington
Plymouth (seat 2/2) Samuel Dicker
Plympton Erle (seat 1/2) George Treby
Plympton Erle (seat 2/2) William Baker Administration
Pontefract (seat 1/2) The 2nd Viscount Galway
Pontefract (seat 2/2) Sambrooke Freeman Administration
Poole (seat 1/2) Sir Richard Lyttelton
Poole (seat 2/2) Joseph Gulston
Portsmouth (seat 1/2) Sir William Rowley
Portsmouth (seat 2/2) Sir Edward Hawke
Preston (seat 1/2) Nicholas Fazackerley
Preston (seat 2/2) Edmund Starkie


Queenborough (seat 1/2) Charles Frederick
Queenborough (seat 2/2) Sir Peircy Brett


Radnor Boroughs see New Radnor Boroughs ...
Radnorshire (seat 1/1) Sir Humphrey Howorth
Reading (seat 1/2) William Strode Tory
Reading (seat 2/2) The 2nd Viscount Fane Opposition Whig
Reigate (seat 1/2) Charles Yorke
Reigate (seat 2/2) Charles Cocks
Renfrewshire (seat 1/1) William Mure
Richmond (Yorkshire) (seat 1/2) Earl of Ancram
Richmond (Yorkshire) (seat 2/2) John Yorke
Ripon (seat 1/2) William Aislabie doubtful
Ripon (seat 2/2) Sir Charles Vernon
Rochester (seat 1/2) Nicholas Haddock
Rochester (seat 2/2) John Byng
Romney see New Romney ...
Ross-shire (seat 1/1) Lord Fortrose
Roxburghshire (seat 1/1) Walter Scott
Rutland (seat 1/2) Thomas Noel Tory
Rutland (seat 2/2) Lord Burghley
Rye (seat 1/2) Phillips Gybbon
Rye (seat 2/2) George Onslow


St Albans (seat 1/2) James West
St Albans (seat 2/2) James Grimston
St Germans (seat 1/2) Edward Eliot
St Germans (seat 2/2) Anthony Champion
St Ives (seat 1/2) George Hobart
St Ives (seat 2/2) James Whitshed
St Mawes (seat 1/2) Robert Nugent
St Mawes (seat 2/2) Henry Seymour Conway
St Michael's see Mitchell ...
Salisbury (seat 1/2) Hon. William Bouverie see note (d)
Salisbury (seat 2/2) Julines Beckford see note (d)
Saltash (seat 1/2) Viscount Duncannon
Saltash (seat 2/2) George Clinton
Sandwich (seat 1/2) John Clevland
Sandwich (seat 2/2) Claudius Amyand Administration
Sarum see Old Sarum or for New Sarum see Salisbury ...
Scarborough (seat 1/2) William Osbaldeston
Scarborough (seat 2/2) Sir Ralph Milbanke
Seaford (seat 1/2) William Hall Gage
Seaford (seat 2/2) William Hay
Selkirkshire (seat 1/1) Gilbert Elliot
Shaftesbury (seat 1/2) James Brudenell
Shaftesbury (seat 2/2) Sir Thomas Clavering
Shoreham see New Shoreham ...
Shrewsbury (seat 1/2) Thomas Hill
Shrewsbury (seat 2/2) Robert More
Shropshire (seat 1/2) Sir John Astley, Bt Tory
Shropshire (seat 2/2) Richard Lyster Tory
Somerset (seat 1/2) Sir Charles Kemys Tynte
Somerset (seat 2/2) Thomas Prowse
Southampton (seat 1/2) Anthony Langley Swymmer
Southampton (seat 2/2) Hans Stanley
Southwark (seat 1/2) William Belchier
Southwark (seat 2/2) William Hammond
Stafford (seat 1/2) William Richard Chetwynd
Stafford (seat 2/2) Hon. William Richard Chetwynd
Staffordshire (seat 1/2) William Leveson-Gower Administration
Staffordshire (seat 2/2) William Bagot Tory
Stamford (seat 1/2) John Harvey-Thursby
Stamford (seat 2/2) Robert Barbor doubtful
Steyning (seat 1/2) Hitch Younge
Steyning (seat 2/2) Alexander Hume
Stirling Burghs (seat 1/1) George Haldane
Stirlingshire (seat 1/1) James Campbell
Stockbridge (seat 1/2) John Gibbons
Stockbridge (seat 2/2) George Hay
Sudbury (seat 1/2) Thomas Fonnereau
Sudbury (seat 2/2) Thomas Walpole
Suffolk (seat 1/2) Sir Cordell Firebrace Tory
Suffolk (seat 2/2) John Affleck Tory
Surrey (seat 1/2) Arthur Onslow (Speaker)
Surrey (seat 2/2) Thomas Budgen
Sussex (seat 1/2) Thomas Pelham
Sussex (seat 2/2) John Butler
Sutherland (seat 1/1) George Mackay


Tain Burghs (seat 1/1) Sir Harry Munro, Bt
Tamworth (seat 1/2) Thomas Villiers
Tamworth (seat 2/2) Sir Robert Burdett
Taunton (seat 1/2) The 3rd Baron Carpenter
Taunton (seat 2/2) John Halliday
Tavistock (seat 1/2) Richard Rigby
Tavistock (seat 2/2) Jeffrey French
Tewkesbury (seat 1/2) Nicolson Calvert
Tewkesbury (seat 2/2) John Martin
Thetford (seat 1/2) Lord Henry Beauclerk
Thetford (seat 2/2) Charles Fitzroy Scudamore
Thirsk (seat 1/2) Thomas Frankland
Thirsk (seat 2/2) Roger Talbot
Tiverton (seat 1/2) Sir William Yonge, Bt Administration
Tiverton (seat 2/2) Henry Pelham
Totnes (seat 1/2) Sir John Strange
Totnes (seat 2/2) Browse Trist
Tregony (seat 1/2) William Trevanion
Tregony (seat 2/2) John Fuller
Truro (seat 1/2) Edward Boscawen
Truro (seat 2/2) John Boscawen


Wallingford (seat 1/2) John Hervey
Wallingford (seat 2/2) Richard Neville Aldworth Opposition Whig
Wareham (seat 1/2) Henry Drax (see note b)
Wareham (seat 2/2) William Augustus Pitt (see note b)
Warwick (seat 1/2) The 1st Earl of Hillsborough
Warwick (seat 2/2) Henry Archer doubtful
Warwickshire (seat 1/2) Sir Charles Mordaunt
Warwickshire (seat 2/2) William Craven
Wells (seat 1/2) The 6th Baron Digby Administration
Wells (seat 2/2) Charles Tudway
Wendover (seat 1/2) The 2nd Earl Verney
Wendover (seat 2/2) John Calvert
Wenlock (seat 1/2) William Forester
Wenlock (seat 2/2) Brooke Forester
Weobley (seat 1/2) John Craster
Weobley (seat 2/2) Savage Mostyn
Westbury (seat 1/2) Chauncy Townsend
Westbury (seat 2/2) Peregrine Bertie
West Looe (seat 1/2) John Frederick
West Looe (seat 2/2) William Noel
Westminster (seat 1/2) Hon. Edward Cornwallis
Westminster (seat 2/2) Sir John Crosse, Bt
Westmorland (seat 1/2) George Dalston
Westmorland (seat 2/2) John Dalston
Weymouth and Melcombe Regis (seat 1/4) Lord John Cavendish
Weymouth and Melcombe Regis (seat 2/4) George Bubb Dodington
Weymouth and Melcombe Regis (seat 3/4) Welbore Ellis
Weymouth and Melcombe Regis (seat 4/4) John Tucker
Whitchurch (seat 1/2) William Powlett
Whitchurch (seat 2/2) Thomas Townshend
Wigan (seat 1/2) Richard Barry
Wigan (seat 2/2) Sir William Meredith, Bt
Wigtown Burghs (seat 1/1) John Hamilton
Wigtownshire (seat 1/1) James Stewart
Wilton (seat 1/2) Robert Herbert
Wilton (seat 2/2) William Herbert
Wiltshire (seat 1/2) Sir Robert Long, Bt
Wiltshire (seat 2/2) Edward Popham
Winchelsea (seat 1/2) Thomas Orby Hunter
Winchelsea (seat 2/2) Arnold Nesbitt
Winchester (seat 1/2) Marquess of Carnarvon
Winchester (seat 2/2) Henry Penton
Windsor see New Windsor ...
Woodstock see New Woodstock ...
Wootton Bassett (seat 1/2) John Probyn
Wootton Bassett (seat 2/2) Thomas Estcourt Cresswell
Worcester (seat 1/2) Henry Crabb-Boulton
Worcester (seat 2/2) Thomas Vernon
Worcestershire (seat 1/2) John Bulkeley Coventry
Worcestershire (seat 2/2) Edmund Pytts
Wycombe see Chipping Wycombe ...


Yarmouth (Isle of Wight) (seat 1/2) Thomas Holmes
Yarmouth (Isle of Wight) (seat 2/2) Henry Holmes
Yarmouth (Norfolk) see Great Yarmouth ...
York (seat 1/2) Sir John Armytage, Bt Administration
York (seat 2/2) George Fox Lane Tory
Yorkshire (seat 1/2) The 3rd Viscount Downe
Yorkshire (seat 2/2) Sir Conyers Darcy



  • (a) There was a double return for both seats at Oxfordshire. The House of Commons decided on 23 April 1755 that Viscount Parker and Sir Edward Turner were duly elected and rejected the claims of the 6th Viscount Wenman and Sir James Dashwood.
  • (b) There was a double return for both seats at Wareham. The House of Commons decided, on 30 December 1754, that Henry Drax and William Augustus Pitt were duly elected and rejected the claims of Thomas Erle Drax and John Pitt.
  • (c) There was a double return for the second seat at Bury St Edmunds as Augustus John Hervey and Felton Hervey were tied (with 15 votes each). The House of Commons declared the election for this seat void on 2 December 1754. Felton Hervey (Administration) was returned unopposed at a by-election on 9 December 1754.
  • (d) There was a triple return for the two seats at Salisbury. The House of Commons decided, on 26 November 1754, that William Bouverie and Julines Beckford were duly elected and rejected the claim of Edward Poore.

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