List of MPs elected in the 1710 British general election

List of Members of Parliament elected in the 1710 British general election.

1st Parliament (1705-1708)
2nd Parliament (1708)
3rd Parliament (1710)
4th Parliament (1713)
5th Parliament (1715)

This is a list of the 558 MPs or Members of Parliament elected to the 314 constituencies of the Parliament of Great Britain in 1710, the 3rd Parliament of Great Britain, and their replacements returned at subsequent by-elections, arranged by constituency.[1]

The reference, in the constituency section of the table, to the numbers of seats in a constituency has no relevance except to make clear how many members were elected in a particular constituency. Peers of Ireland are differentiated from the holders of courtesy titles by including the succession number to the peerage, i.e. The 1st Earl of Upper Ossory is an Irish peer and Viscount Dupplin is the holder of a courtesy title.

Elections took place in October, 1710

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Aberdeen Burghs (seat 1/1) James Scott – unseated on petition
Replaced by William Livingston 1711
Aberdeenshire (seat 1/1) Sir Alexander Cumming Tory
Abingdon (seat 1/1) Sir Simon Harcourt - ennobled
Replaced 1710 by James Jennings
Aldborough (seat 1/2) Robert Monckton Whig
Aldborough (seat 2/2) William Jessop Whig
Aldeburgh (seat 1/2) Sir Henry Johnson Tory
Aldeburgh (seat 2/2) William Johnson Tory
Amersham (seat 1/2) John Drake
Amersham (seat 2/2) Francis Duncombe Tory
Andover (seat 1/2) John Smith Whig
Andover (seat 2/2) William Guidott Whig
Anglesey (seat 1/1) The 4th Viscount Bulkeley Tory
Anstruther Easter Burghs (seat 1/1) Sir John Anstruther, Bt – unseated on petition
Replaced by George Hamilton 1712
Appleby (seat 1/2) Edward Duncombe Tory
Appleby (seat 2/2) Thomas Lutwyche
Argyllshire (seat 1/1) Sir James Campbell Whig
Arundel (seat 1/2) Viscount Lumley Whig
Arundel (seat 2/2) The 8th Earl of Thomond
Ashburton (seat 1/2) Roger Tuckfield – unseated on petition
Replaced by Richard Reynell 1711
Ashburton (seat 2/2) Richard Lloyd – unseated on petition
Replaced by George Courtenay 1711 - sat for Newport
Replaced by Andrew Quick 1711
Aylesbury (seat 1/2) Simon Harcourt
Aylesbury (seat 2/2) John Essington
Ayr Burghs (seat 1/1) Charles Oliphant
Ayrshire (seat 1/1) John Montgomerie


Banbury (seat 1/1) Hon. Charles North Tory
Banffshire (seat 1/1) Alexander Abercromby Whig
Barnstaple (seat 1/2) Nicholas Hooper Tory
Barnstaple (seat 2/2) Richard Acland Tory
Bath (seat 1/2) Samuel Trotman Tory
Bath (seat 2/2) John Codrington
Beaumaris (seat 1/1) Hon. Henry Bertie Tory
Bedford (seat 1/2) John Cater
Bedford (seat 2/2) William Farrer Whig
Bedfordshire (seat 1/2) Lord Edward Russell Whig
Bedfordshire (seat 2/2) Sir William Gostwick, Bt
Bere Alston (seat 1/2) Sir Peter King Whig
Bere Alston (seat 2/2) Lawrence Carter
Berkshire (seat 1/2) Sir John Stonhouse, Bt Tory
Berkshire (seat 2/2) Henry St John – ennobled
Replaced by Robert Packer 1712
Berwickshire (seat 1/1) George Baillie Whig
Berwick-upon-Tweed (seat 1/2) Hon. William Kerr
Berwick-upon-Tweed (seat 2/2) Jonathan Hutchinson - died
Replaced by Richard Hampden 1711
Beverley (seat 1/2) Sir Charles Hotham, Bt Whig
Beverley (seat 2/2) Sir Michael Warton Tory
Bewdley (seat 1/1) Anthony Lechmere - unseated on petition
Replaced by Salwey Winnington 1710
Bishop's Castle (seat 1/2) Robert Raymond
Bishop's Castle (seat 2/2) Richard Harnage Whig
Bletchingley (seat 1/2) George Evelyn Whig
Bletchingley (seat 2/2) Thomas Onslow Whig
Bodmin (seat 1/2) Hon. Russell Robartes
Bodmin (seat 2/2) Hon. Francis Robartes Whig
Boroughbridge (seat 1/2) Sir Brian Stapylton, Bt Tory
Boroughbridge (seat 2/2) Craven Peyton Whig
Bossiney (seat 1/2) Hon. Francis Robartes - sat for Bodmin.
Replaced by Henry Campion 1710
Bossiney (seat 2/2) John Manley
Boston (seat 1/2) Richard Wynn Tory
Boston (seat 2/2) Hon. Peregrine Bertie – died
Replaced by William Cotesworth 1711
Brackley (seat 1/2) Hon. William Egerton Whig
Brackley (seat 2/2) Hon. Charles Egerton – unseated on petition
Replaced by John Burgh 1711
Bramber (seat 1/2) The 1st Viscount Windsor - sat for Monmouthshire
Replaced by William Shippen 1710
Bramber (seat 2/2) Hon. Andrews Windsor Tory
Brecon (seat 1/1) Edward Jeffreys Tory
Breconshire (seat 1/1) Sir Edward Williams Tory
Bridgnorth (seat 1/2) Richard Cresswell
Bridgnorth (seat 2/2) Whitmore Acton
Bridgwater (seat 1/2) Nathaniel Palmer
Bridgwater (seat 2/2) George Dodington Whig
Bridport (seat 1/2) Thomas Strangways TOry
Bridport (seat 2/2) William Coventry Whig
Bristol (seat 1/2) Edward Colston
Bristol (seat 2/2) Joseph Earle
Buckingham (seat 1/2) Sir Richard Temple, Bt Whig
Buckingham (seat 2/2) Thomas Chapman
Buckinghamshire (seat 1/2) The 1st Viscount Fermanagh
Buckinghamshire (seat 2/2) Sir Edmund Denton, Bt
Bury St Edmunds (seat 1/2) Joseph Weld – died
Replaced by Samuel Batteley 1712
Bury St Edmunds (seat 2/2) Aubrey Porter Ind
Buteshire (seat 0/0) Alternated with Caithness-unrepresented in this Parliament


Caernarvon Boroughs (seat 1/1) William Griffith Tory
Caernarvonshire (seat 1/1) Sir John Wynn, Bt Tory
Caithness (seat 1/1) Hon. Sir James Dunbar, Bt
Callington (seat 1/2) Sir William Coryton, Bt - died
Replaced by Henry Manaton 1712
Callington (seat 2/2) Samuel Rolle Tory
Calne (seat 1/2) William Hedges and Edward Bayntun - double return
William Hedges elected 1710
Calne (seat 2/2) James Johnston and George Duckett - double return
James Johnston elected 1710
Cambridge (seat 1/2) John Hynde Cotton Tory
Cambridge (seat 2/2) Samuel Shepheard Tory
Cambridgeshire (seat 1/2) John Bromley Tory
Cambridgeshire (seat 2/2) John Jenyns
Cambridge University (seat 1/2) Hon. Dixie Windsor Tory
Cambridge University (seat 2/2) Thomas Paske
Camelford (seat 1/2) Bernard Granville – took office
Replaced by Sir Bourchier Wrey 1712
Camelford (seat 2/2) Jasper Radcliffe – died
Replaced by Henry Manaton 1711 – unseated on petition
Replaced by Paul Orchard 1711
Canterbury (seat 1/2) John Hardres
Canterbury (seat 2/2) Henry Lee
Cardiff Boroughs (seat 1/1) Sir Edward Stradling, Bt
Cardigan Boroughs (seat 1/1) John Meyrick – took office
Replaced by Owen Brigstocke 1712
Cardiganshire (seat 1/1) Sir Humphrey Mackworth
Carlisle (seat 1/2) Thomas Stanwix Whig
Carlisle (seat 2/2) Sir James Montagu Whig
Carmarthen (seat 1/1) Richard Vaughan Whig
Carmarthenshire (seat 1/1) Sir Thomas Powell, Bt
Castle Rising (seat 1/2) Hon. William Feilding
Castle Rising (seat 2/2) Robert Walpole - sat for King's Lynn
Replaced by Horatio Walpole 1710
Cheshire (seat 1/2) Sir George Warburton, Bt
Cheshire (seat 2/2) Charles Cholmondeley
Chester (seat 1/2) Sir Henry Bunbury, Bt Tory
Chester (seat 2/2) Peter Shakerley Tory
Chichester (seat 1/2) Sir Richard Farington, Bt Whig
Chichester (seat 2/2) Sir John Miller, Bt
Chippenham (seat 1/2) Sir James Long, Bt Tory
Chippenham (seat 2/2) Joseph Ashe – unseated on petition
Replaced by Francis Popham1711
Chipping Wycombe (seat 1/2) Sir Thomas Lee, Bt
Chipping Wycombe (seat 2/2) Charles Godfrey Whig
Christchurch (seat 1/2) William Ettrick Tory
Christchurch (seat 2/2) Peter Mews
Cirencester (seat 1/2) Allen Bathurst – ennobled
Replaced by Thomas Master 1712
Cirencester (seat 2/2) Charles Coxe Tory
Clackmannanshire (seat 0/0) Alternated with Kinross-shire and unrepresented in this Parliament
Clitheroe (seat 1/2) Christopher Parker – died
Replaced by Thomas Lister 1713
Clitheroe (seat 2/2) Edward Harvey Tory
Cockermouth (seat 1/2) Nicholas Lechmere
Cockermouth (seat 2/2) James Stanhope Whig
Colchester (seat 1/2) Sir Isaac Rebow Whig
Colchester (seat 2/2) Sir Thomas Webster, Bt – unseated on petition
William Gore 1711
Corfe Castle (seat 1/2) John Bankes Tory
Corfe Castle (seat 2/2) Richard Fownes Tory
Cornwall (seat 1/2) George Granville – ennobled
Replaced by Sir Richard Vyvyan 1712
Cornwall (seat 2/2) John Trevanion
Coventry (seat 1/2) Robert Craven died
Replaced by Clobery Bromley 1710 – died
Replaced by Sir Christopher Hales 1711
Coventry (seat 2/2) Thomas Gery
Cricklade (seat 1/2) Edmund Dunch Whig
Cricklade (seat 2/2) Samuel Robinson
Cromartyshire (seat 0/0) Hon. Sir Kenneth Mackenzie, Bt
Cumberland (seat 1/2) James Lowther Whig
Cumberland (seat 2/2) Gilfrid Lawson Tory


Dartmouth (seat 1/2) Nathaniel Herne Tory
Dartmouth (seat 2/2) Frederick Herne Tory
Denbigh Boroughs (seat 1/1) John Roberts
Denbighshire (seat 1/1) Sir Richard Myddelton, Bt Tory
Derby (seat 1/2) Sir Richard Levinge, Bt – took office
Replaced by Edward Mundy 1711
Derby (seat 2/2) John Harpur
Derbyshire (seat 1/2) John Curzon Tory
Derbyshire (seat 2/2) Godfrey Clarke
Devizes (seat 1/2) Sir Francis Child
Devizes (seat 2/2) Thomas Richmond Webb
Devon (seat 1/2) Sir William Pole, Bt took office
Replaced by Sir William Courtenay 1712
Devon (seat 2/2) John Rolle
Dorchester (seat 1/2) Sir Nathaniel Napier, Bt
Dorchester (seat 2/2) Nathaniel Napier
Dorset (seat 1/2) Thomas Strangways Tory
Dorset (seat 2/2) Thomas Chafin -died
Replaced by Richard Bingham 1711
Dover (seat 1/2) Sir William Hardres, Bt
Dover (seat 2/2) Philip Papillon Whig
Downton (seat 1/2) Sir Charles Duncombe – died
Replaced by Thomas Duncombe 1711
Downton (seat 2/2) John Eyre Whig
Droitwich (seat 1/2) Edward Foley – took office
Replaced by Edward Jeffreys 1711
Droitwich (seat 2/2) Edward Jeffreys – took office
Replaced by Richard Foley 1711
Dumfries Burghs (seat 1/1) John Hutton - died
Replaced by Sir William Johnstone 1713
Dumfriesshire (seat 1/1) Sir William Grierson, Bt – unseated on petition
Replaced by James Murray 1711
Dunbartonshire (seat 1/1) Hon. John Campbell Whig
Dunwich (seat 1/2) Sir George Downing, Bt
Dunwich (seat 2/2) Richard Richardson
Durham (City of) (seat 1/2) Thomas Conyers Tory
Durham (City of) (seat 2/2) Henry Belasyse – expelled
Replaced by Robert Shafto 1712
Durham (County) (seat 1/2) Sir Robert Eden, Bt Tory
Durham (County) (seat 2/2) William Lambton
Dysart Burghs (seat 1/1) James Oswald


East Grinstead (seat 1/2) John Conyers
East Grinstead (seat 2/2) Leonard Gale
East Looe (seat 1/2) Sir Henry Seymour
East Looe (seat 2/2) Thomas Smith Whig
East Retford (seat 1/2) Thomas White – unseated on petition
Replaced by Bryan Cooke 1711
East Retford (seat 2/2) Thomas Westby – unseated on petition
Replaced by Willoughby Hickman 1711– died
Replaced by Francis Lewis 1713
Edinburgh (seat 1/1) Patrick Johnston
Edinburghshire (seat 1/1) George Lockhart
Elgin Burghs (seat 1/1) Alexander Reid, Bt.
Elginshire (seat 1/1) Alexander Grant
Essex (seat 1/2) Richard Child
Essex (seat 2/2) Thomas Middleton
Evesham (seat 1/2) Sir Edward Goodere
Evesham (seat 2/2) John Rudge
Exeter (seat 1/2) Sir Coplestone Bampfylde, Bt.
Exeter (seat 2/2) John Snell
Eye (seat 1/2) Sir Joseph Jekyll Whig
Eye (seat 2/2) Thomas Maynard


Fife (seat 1/1) Sir Alexander Erskine
Flint Boroughs (seat 1/1) Sir John Conway
Flintshire (seat 1/1) Sir Roger Mostyn
Forfarshire (seat 1/1) John Carnegie
Fowey (seat 1/2) Viscount Dupplin – ennobled
Replaced by Bernard Granville 1712
Fowey (seat 2/2) Henry Vincent


Gatton (seat 1/2) William Newland
Gatton (seat 2/2) Paul Docminique
Glamorganshire (seat 1/1) Sir Thomas Mansel – ennobled
Replaced by Robert Jones 1712
Glasgow Burghs (seat 1/1) Thomas Smith
Gloucester (seat 1/2) Thomas Webb
Gloucester (seat 2/2) John Blanch
Gloucestershire (seat 1/2) John Symes Berkeley
Gloucestershire (seat 2/2) Matthew Ducie Moreton
Grampound (seat 1/2) Thomas Coke
Grampound (seat 2/2) James Craggs
Grantham (seat 1/2) Marquess of Granby
Grantham (seat 2/2) Sir William Ellys
Great Bedwyn (seat 1/2) Lord Bruce - sat for Marlborough
Replaced by Thomas Millington 1711
Great Bedwyn (seat 2/2) Sir Edward Seymour, Bt. 16 June 1711
Great Grimsby (seat 1/2) Robert Vyner
Great Grimsby (seat 2/2) Arthur Moore
Great Marlow (seat 1/2) Sir James Etheridge
Great Marlow (seat 2/2) George Bruere and James Chase - double return
George Bruere elected
Great Yarmouth (seat 1/2) Richard Ferrier
Great Yarmouth (seat 2/2) George England
Guildford (seat 1/2) Denzil Onslow
Guildford (seat 2/2) Robert Wroth
Replaced by Morgan Randyll 1711


Haddington Burghs (seat 1/1) Hon. Sir David Dalrymple
Haddingtonshire (seat 1/1) John Cockburn
Hampshire (seat 1/2) George Pitt
Hampshire (seat 2/2) Sir Simeon Stuart, Bt.
Harwich (seat 1/2) Kenrick Edisbury
Harwich (seat 2/2) Thomas Frankland
Haslemere (seat 1/2) Sir John Clerke, Bt
Haslemere (seat 2/2) Theophilus Oglethorpe
Hastings (seat 1/2) Hon. William Ashburnham
Hastings (seat 2/2) Sir Joseph Martin
Haverfordwest (seat 1/1) John Laugharne
Hedon (seat 1/2) William Pulteney
Hedon (seat 2/2) Hugh Cholmley
Helston (seat 1/2) George Granville - sat for Cornwall
Replaced by Robert Child
Helston (seat 2/2) Sidney Godolphin
Hereford (seat 1/2) Hon. James Brydges
Hereford (seat 2/2) Thomas Foley
Herefordshire (seat 1/2) The 3rd Viscount Scudamore
Herefordshire (seat 2/2) John Prise – resigned
Replaced by Sir Thomas Morgan
Hertford (seat 1/2) Charles Caesar
Hertford (seat 2/2) Richard Goulston
Hertfordshire (seat 1/2) Ralph Freman
Hertfordshire (seat 2/2) Thomas Halsey
Heytesbury (seat 1/2) Edward Ashe
Heytesbury (seat 2/2) William Ashe
Higham Ferrers (seat 1/1) Hon. Thomas Watson-Wentworth
Hindon (seat 1/2) Edmund Lambert
Hindon (seat 2/2) Reynolds Calthorpe and George Morley – double return
George Morley elected 1710– died
Replaced by Henry Lee Warner 1711
Honiton (seat 1/2) Sir William Drake
Honiton (seat 2/2) Sir Walter Yonge and James Sheppard – double return
Replaced by James Sheppard elected 1711
Horsham (seat 1/2) Charles Eversfield - sat for Sussex
Replaced by John Middleton 1710
Horsham (seat 2/2) John Wicker
Huntingdon (seat 1/2) Edward Wortley Montagu
Huntingdon (seat 2/2) Francis Page
Huntingdonshire (seat 1/2) John Proby – died
Replaced by Sir John Cotton 1710
Huntingdonshire (seat 2/2) John Pocklington
Hythe (seat 1/2) Hon. John Fane – unseated on petition
Replaced by John Boteler 1711
Hythe (seat 2/2) The Viscount Shannon– unseated on petition
Replaced by William Berners 1711 - died
Replaced by The Viscount Shannon 1712


Ilchester (seat 1/2) Samuel Masham – took office
Replaced by Sir James Bateman 1712
Ilchester (seat 2/2) Edward Phelips
Inverness Burghs (seat 1/1) George Mackenzie
Inverness-shire (seat 1/1) Alexander Mackenzie
Ipswich (seat 1/2) William Churchill
Ipswich (seat 2/2) Sir William Barker


Kent (seat 1/2) Sir Cholmeley Dering, Bt – shot in duel
Replaced by Sir William Hardres 1711
Kent (seat 2/2) Percival Hart
Kincardineshire (seat 1/1) Sir Alexander Ramsay, Bt
King's Lynn (seat 1/2) Sir Charles Turner
King's Lynn (seat 2/2) Robert Walpole – expelled and void election
Replaced by John Turner 1712
Kingston upon Hull (seat 1/2) Sir William St Quintin
Kingston upon Hull (seat 2/2) William Maister
Kinross-shire (seat 1/1) Mungo Graham - unseated on petition
Replaced by Sir John Malcolm, Bt 1711
Kirkcudbright Stewartry (seat 1/1) John Stewart
Knaresborough (seat 1/2) Christopher Stockdale
Knaresborough (seat 2/2) Robert Byerley


Lanarkshire (seat 1/1) Sir James Hamilton of Rosehall
Lancashire (seat 1/2) Hon. Charles Zedenno Stanley
Lancashire (seat 2/2) Richard Shuttleworth
Lancaster (seat 1/2) Robert Heysham
Lancaster (seat 2/2) William Heysham
Launceston (seat 1/2) Lord Hyde – succeeded to peerage
Replaced by George Clarke 1711
Launceston (seat 2/2) Francis Scobell
Leicester (seat 1/2) Sir George Beaumont
Leicester (seat 2/2) James Winstanley
Leicestershire (seat 1/2) Marquess of Granby – succeeded to peerage
Replaced by Sir Thomas Cave 1711
Leicestershire (seat 2/2) Geoffrey Palmer
Leominster (seat 1/2) Edward Harley
Leominster (seat 2/2) Edward Bangham
Lewes (seat 1/2) Peter Gott – died
Replaced by John Morley Trevor 1712
Lewes (seat 2/2) Thomas Pelham
Lichfield (seat 1/2) Richard Dyott
Lichfield (seat 2/2) John Cotes
Lincoln (seat 1/2) Richard Grantham
Lincoln (seat 2/2) Thomas Lister
Lincolnshire (seat 1/2) Lewis Dymoke
Lincolnshire (seat 2/2) Lord Willoughby d'Eresby
Linlithgow Burghs (seat 1/1) Hon. George Douglas
Linlithgowshire (seat 1/1) John Houston
Liskeard (seat 1/2) William Bridges
Liskeard (seat 2/2) Philip Rashleigh
Liverpool (seat 1/2) Sir Thomas Johnson
Liverpool (seat 2/2) John Cleiveland
London (City of) (seat 1/4) Sir William Withers
London (City of) (seat 2/4) Sir Richard Hoare
London (City of) (seat 3/4) Sir George Newland
London (City of) (seat 4/4) Sir John Cass
Lostwithiel (seat 1/2) John Hill
Lostwithiel (seat 2/2) Hugh Fortescue
Ludgershall (seat 1/2) John Richmond Webb
Ludgershall (seat 2/2) Thomas Pearce
Ludlow (seat 1/2) Sir Thomas Powys
Ludlow (seat 2/2) Acton Baldwyn
Lyme Regis (seat 1/2) Henry Henley
Lyme Regis (seat 2/2) John Burridge
Lymington (seat 1/2) Paul Burrard
Lymington (seat 2/2) Lord William Powlett


Maidstone (seat 1/2) Sir Thomas Culpeper
Maidstone (seat 2/2) Sir Robert Marsham
Maldon (seat 1/2) John Comyns
Maldon (seat 2/2) Thomas Richmond – died
Replaced by William Fytche 1711 – resigned
Replaced by Thomas Bramston 1712
Malmesbury (seat 1/2) Thomas Farrington – died
Replaced by Sir John Rushout 1713
Malmesbury (seat 2/2) Joseph Addison
Malton (seat 1/2) William Palmes
Malton (seat 2/2) William Strickland
Marlborough (seat 1/2) Lord Bruce – ennobled
Replaced by Richard Jones 1712
Marlborough (seat 2/2) Hon. Robert Bruce
Merionethshire (seat 1/1) Richard Vaughan
Middlesex (seat 1/2) Hon. James Bertie
Middlesex (seat 2/2) Hugh Smithson
Midhurst (seat 1/2) Lawrence Alcock
Midhurst (seat 2/2) Robert Orme – died
Replaced by John Pratt 1711
Milborne Port (seat 1/2) Sir Thomas Travell
Milborne Port (seat 2/2) James Medlycott
Minehead (seat 1/2) Sir John Trevelyan
Minehead (seat 2/2) Sir Jacob Bancks
Mitchell (seat 1/2) Abraham Blackmore
Mitchell (seat 2/2) Richard Belasyse
Monmouth Boroughs (seat 1/1) Clayton Milborne
Monmouthshire (seat 1/2) John Morgan
Monmouthshire (seat 2/2) The 1st Viscount Windsor – ennobled
Replaced by James Gunter 1712 – died
Replaced by Thomas Lewis 1713
Montgomery (seat 1/1) John Pugh
Montgomeryshire (seat 1/1) Edward Vaughan
Morpeth (seat 1/2) Sir Richard Sandford
Morpeth (seat 2/2) Christopher Wandesford


Nairnshire (seat 0/0) Alternated with Cromartyshire-unrepresented in this Parliament
New Radnor Boroughs (seat 1/1) Robert Harley – ennobled
Replaced by Lord Harley 1711
New Romney (seat 1/2) Walter Whitfield – died
Replaced by Edward Watson 1713
New Romney (seat 2/2) Robert Furnese
New Shoreham (seat 1/2) Sir Gregory Page
New Shoreham (seat 2/2) Nathaniel Gould
New Windsor (seat 1/2) Richard Topham
New Windsor (seat 2/2) William Paul – died
Replaced by Samuel Masham 1711 – ennobled
Replaced by Charles Aldworth 1712
New Woodstock (seat 1/2) Sir Thomas Wheate
New Woodstock (seat 2/2) William Cadogan
Newark (seat 1/2) Sir Thomas Willoughby, Bt – ennobled
Replaced by Richard Sutton 1712
Newark (seat 2/2) Richard Newdigate
Newcastle-under-Lyme (seat 1/2) Rowland Cotton
Newcastle-under-Lyme (seat 2/2) William Burslem
Newcastle-upon-Tyne (seat 1/2) Sir William Blackett, Bt.
Newcastle-upon-Tyne (seat 2/2) William Wrightson
Newport (Cornwall) (seat 1/2) Sir Nicholas Morice
Newport (Cornwall) (seat 2/2) George Courtenay
Newport (Isle of Wight) (seat 1/2) John Richmond Webb - sat for Ludgershall
Replaced by William Seymour 1710
Newport (Isle of Wight) (seat 2/2) William Stephens
Newton (Lancashire) (seat 1/2) Thomas Legh
Newton (Lancashire) (seat 2/2) John Ward
Newtown (Isle of Wight) (seat 1/2) Sir James Worsley
Newtown (Isle of Wight) (seat 2/2) Henry Worsley
Norfolk (seat 1/2) Sir John Wodehouse
Norfolk (seat 2/2) Sir Jacob Astley, Bt.
Northallerton (seat 1/2) Roger Gale
Northallerton (seat 2/2) Robert Raikes
Northampton (seat 1/2) William Wykes
Northampton (seat 2/2) George Montagu
Northamptonshire (seat 1/2) Sir Justinian Isham
Northamptonshire (seat 2/2) Thomas Cartwright
Northumberland (seat 1/2) Earl of Hertford
Northumberland (seat 2/2) Thomas Forster Tory
Norwich (seat 1/2) Robert Bene
Norwich (seat 2/2) Richard Berney
Nottingham (seat 1/2) John Plumptre
Nottingham (seat 2/2) Robert Sacheverell
Nottinghamshire (seat 1/2) The 1st Viscount Howe
Nottinghamshire (seat 2/2) William Levinz


Okehampton (seat 1/2) John Dibble
Okehampton (seat 2/2) Christopher Harris
Old Sarum (seat 1/2) Thomas Pitt
Old Sarum (seat 2/2) William Harvey
Orford (seat 1/2) Clement Corrance
Orford (seat 2/2) Sir Edward Turnour
Orkney and Shetland (seat 1/1) Sir Alexander Douglas
Oxford (seat 1/2) Sir John Walter
Oxford (seat 2/2) Thomas Rowney
Oxfordshire (seat 1/2) Sir Robert Jenkinson
Oxfordshire (seat 2/2) Francis Clerke
Oxford University (seat 1/2) Sir William Whitelock
Oxford University (seat 2/2) Wiliam Bromley


Peeblesshire (seat 1/1) Alexander Murray
Pembroke Boroughs (seat 1/1) Sir Arthur Owen – unseated on petition
Replaced by Replaced by Lewis Wogan 1712
Pembrokeshire (seat 1/1) John Barlow
Penryn (seat 1/2) Samuel Trefusis
Penryn (seat 2/2) Alexander Pendarves
Perth Burghs (seat 1/1) George Yeaman
Perthshire (seat 1/1) Lord James Murray
Peterborough (seat 1/2) Viscount Milton
Peterborough (seat 2/2) Charles Parker
Petersfield (seat 1/2) Leonard Bilson
Petersfield (seat 2/2) Norton Powlett
Plymouth (seat 1/2) Charles Trelawny
Plymouth (seat 2/2) Sir George Byng
Plympton Erle (seat 1/2) Richard Edgcumbe
Plympton Erle (seat 2/2) George Treby
Pontefract (seat 1/2) Sir John Bland
Pontefract (seat 2/2) Robert Frank
Poole (seat 1/2) Thomas Ridge – expelled
Replaced by William Lewen 1711
Poole (seat 2/2) Sir William Phippard
Portsmouth (seat 1/2) Sir Charles Wager – unseated on petition
Replaced by Sir James Wishart 1711
Portsmouth (seat 2/2) Sir John Jennings – unseated on petition
Replaced by Sir William Gifford 1711
Preston (seat 1/2) Henry Fleetwood
Preston (seat 2/2) Sir Henry Hoghton, Bt


Queenborough (seat 1/2) Colonel Thomas King
Queenborough (seat 2/2) James Herbert III


Radnorshire (seat 1/1) Thomas Harley
Reading (seat 1/2) Owen Buckingham
Reading (seat 2/2) John Dalby
Reigate (seat 1/2) Sir John Parsons
Reigate (seat 2/2) John Ward
Renfrewshire (seat 1/1) Sir Robert Pollock, Bt
Richmond (Yorkshire) (seat 1/2) John Yorke
Richmond (Yorkshire) (seat 2/2) Hon. Harry Mordaunt
Ripon (seat 1/2) John Aislabie
Ripon (seat 2/2) John Sharp
Rochester (seat 1/2) Admiral Sir John Leake
Rochester (seat 2/2) William Cage
Ross-shire (seat 1/1) Charles Ross
Roxburghshire (seat 1/1) Sir Gilbert Eliott
Rutland (seat 1/2) John Noel – unseated on petition
Replaced by Richard Halford 1711
Rutland (seat 2/2) Lord Finch
Rye (seat 1/2) Phillips Gybbon
Rye (seat 2/2) Sir John Norris


St Albans (seat 1/2) William Grimston
St Albans (seat 2/2) John Gape
St Germans (seat 1/2) Edward Eliot
St Germans (seat 2/2) John Knight
St Ives (seat 1/2) John Hopkins
St Ives (seat 2/2) John Praed
St Mawes (seat 1/2) Sir Richard Onslow
St Mawes (seat 2/2) John Tredenham – died
Replaced by John Anstis 20 January 1711
Salisbury (seat 1/2) Charles Fox
Salisbury (seat 2/2) Robert Pitt
Saltash (seat 1/2) Sir Cholmeley Dering, Bt - sat for Kent
Replaced by Jonathan Elford 1710
Saltash (seat 2/2) Alexander Pendarves - sat for Penryn
Replaced by Sir William Carew 1711
Sandwich (seat 1/2) Sir Henry Furnese – died
Replaced by John Michel 1713
Sandwich (seat 2/2) Josiah Burchett
Scarborough (seat 1/2) William Thompson
Scarborough (seat 2/2) John Hungerford
Seaford (seat 1/2) William Lowndes
Seaford (seat 2/2) Thomas Chowne
Selkirkshire (seat 1/1) John Pringle
Shaftesbury (seat 1/2) Edward Seymour - died
Replaced by Henry Whitaker 1711
Shaftesbury (seat 2/2) Edward Nicholas
Shrewsbury (seat 1/2) Richard Mytton
Shrewsbury (seat 2/2) Edward Cressett
Shropshire (seat 1/2) John Kynaston
Shropshire (seat 2/2) Robert Lloyd
Somerset (seat 1/2) Sir Thomas Wroth, Bt
Somerset (seat 2/2) Sir William Wyndham, Bt
Southampton (seat 1/2) Adam de Cardonnel – expelled
Replaced by Roger Harris 1712
Southampton (seat 2/2) Richard Fleming
Southwark (seat 1/2) Charles Cox
Southwark (seat 2/2) John Cholmley – died
Replaced by Edmund Halsey 1712 – unseated on petition
Replaced by Sir George Matthews 1712
Stafford (seat 1/2) Walter Chetwynd – unseated on petition
Replaced by Henry Vernon 1711
Stafford (seat 2/2) Thomas Foley – ennobled
Replaced by Walter Chetwynd 1712
Staffordshire (seat 1/2) Hon. Henry Paget – ennobled
Replaced by Charles Bagot 1712
Staffordshire (seat 2/2) William Ward
Stamford (seat 1/2) Hon. Charles Cecil
Stamford (seat 2/2) Hon. Charles Bertie
Steyning (seat 1/2) Sir Henry Goring, Bt
Steyning (seat 2/2) William Wallis – election void
Replaced by The Lord Bellew of Duleek 1711 – election void
Replaced by Robert Leeves 1713
Stirling Burghs (seat 1/1) Henry Cunningham
Stirlingshire (seat 1/1) Sir Hugh Paterson, Bt
Stockbridge (seat 1/2) The 4th Earl of Barrymore
Stockbridge (seat 2/2) George Dashwood
Sudbury (seat 1/2) John Mead
Sudbury (seat 2/2) Robert Echlin
Suffolk (seat 1/2) Sir Thomas Hanmer, Bt
Suffolk (seat 2/2) Sir Robert Davers, Bt
Surrey (seat 1/2) Sir Francis Vincent, Bt
Surrey (seat 2/2) Hon. Heneage Finch
Sussex (seat 1/2) Sir George Parker, Bt
Sussex (seat 2/2) Charles Eversfield
Sutherland (seat 1/1) Sir William Gordon


Tain Burghs (seat 1/1) Sir Robert Munro, Bt
Tamworth (seat 1/2) Joseph Girdler
Tamworth (seat 2/2) Samuel Bracebridge
Taunton (seat 1/2) Sir Francis Warre
Taunton (seat 2/2) Henry Seymour Portman
Tavistock (seat 1/2) Sir John Cope
Tavistock (seat 2/2) Henry Manaton – unseated on petition
Replaced by James Bulteel 1711
Tewkesbury (seat 1/2) William Bromley
Tewkesbury (seat 2/2) Henry Ireton – died
Replaced by William Dowdeswell 1712
Thetford (seat 1/2) Sir Thomas Hanmer - sat for Suffolk
Replaced by Sir Edmund Bacon 1710
Thetford (seat 2/2) Dudley North
Thirsk (seat 1/2) Sir Thomas Frankland – resigned
Replaced by Thomas Worsley 1711
Thirsk (seat 2/2) Ralph Bell
Tiverton (seat 1/2) John Worth – election void – re-elected
Tiverton (seat 2/2) Thomas Bere and |Richard Mervin Double return. election void
Replaced by |Sir Edward Northey 1710
Totnes (seat 1/2) Francis Gwyn
Totnes (seat 2/2) Thomas Coulson
Tregony (seat 1/2) Viscount Rialton – succeeded to peerage
Replaced by Edward Southwell 1713
Tregony (seat 2/2) John Trevanion sit for Cornwall
Replaced by George Robinson 1710
Truro (seat 1/2) Hugh Boscawen
Truro (seat 2/2) Henry Vincent


Wallingford (seat 1/2) Simon Harcourt
Wallingford (seat 2/2) Thomas Renda
Wareham (seat 1/2) Thomas Erle
Wareham (seat 2/2) George Pitt - sat for Hampshire
Replaced by Sir Edward Ernle 1710
Warwick (seat 1/2) Hon. Francis Greville – died
Replaced by Charles Leigh 1710
Warwick (seat 2/2) Hon. Dodington Greville
Warwickshire (seat 1/2) Lord Compton – ennobled
Replaced by Sir William Boughton 1712
Warwickshire (seat 2/2) Sir John Mordaunt
Wells (seat 1/2) Maurice Berkeley
Wells (seat 2/2) Edward Colston
Wendover (seat 1/2) Sir Roger Hill
Wendover (seat 2/2) Henry Grey
Wenlock (seat 1/2) George Weld
Wenlock (seat 2/2) Sir William Forester
Weobley (seat 1/2) John Birch
Weobley (seat 2/2) Henry Cornewall
West Looe (seat 1/2) Sir Charles Hedges
West Looe (seat 2/2) Arthur Maynwaring – died
Replaced by John Trelawny 1713
Westbury (seat 1/2) Hon. Henry Bertie
Westbury (seat 2/2) Francis Annesley
Westminster (seat 1/2) Thomas Medlycott
Westminster (seat 2/2) Sir Thomas Crosse, Bt
Westmorland (seat 1/2) Daniel Wilson
Westmorland (seat 2/2) James Grahme
Weymouth and Melcombe Regis (seat 1/4) Hon. Maurice Ashley
Weymouth and Melcombe Regis (seat 2/4) James Littleton– election void - unseated on petition
Replaced by Thomas Hardy 1711
Weymouth and Melcombe Regis (seat 3/4) William Betts – election void - unseated on petition
Replaced by William Harvey 1711
Weymouth and Melcombe Regis (seat 4/4) Anthony Henley – died
Replaced by Reginald Marriott 1711
Whitchurch (seat 1/2) Thomas Vernon
Whitchurch (seat 2/2) Frederick Tylney
Wigan (seat 1/2) Sir Roger Bradshaigh
Wigan (seat 2/2) Henry Bradshaigh – died
George Kenyon 22 April 1713
Wigtown Burghs (seat 1/1) William Cochrane
Wigtownshire (seat 1/1) Patrick Vanse – unseated on petition
Replaced by John Stewart 1711
Wilton (seat 1/2) John London - unseated on petition
Replaced by Peter Bathurst 1711
Wilton (seat 2/2) Charles Mompesson
Wiltshire (seat 1/2) Sir Richard Grobham Howe
Wiltshire (seat 2/2) Robert Hyde
Winchelsea (seat 1/2) Sir Francis Dashwood
Winchelsea (seat 2/2) Robert Bristow II
Winchester (seat 1/2) George Rodney Brydges
Winchester (seat 2/2) Thomas Lewis
Wootton Bassett (seat 1/2) Henry St John – sat for Berkshire
Replaced by Edmund Pleydell 1710
Wootton Bassett (seat 2/2) Richard Goddard
Worcester (seat 1/2) Thomas Wylde
Worcester (seat 2/2) Samuel Swift
Worcestershire (seat 1/2) Sir John Pakington
Worcestershire (seat 2/2) Samuel Pytts


Yarmouth (Isle of Wight) (seat 1/2) Henry Holmes
Yarmouth (Isle of Wight) (seat 2/2) Sir Gilbert Dolben, Bt
York (seat 1/2) Sir William Robinson
York (seat 2/2) Robert Benson
Yorkshire (seat 1/2) The 2nd Viscount Downe
Yorkshire (seat 2/2) Sir Arthur Kaye, Bt


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