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List of Labes on Mars

Labes is also the German name of Łobez, Poland. As well as an extinct mammal.

Labes (plural: labes) is a Latin word used by exogeologists to refer to chaotic regions, featuring ridges and steep valleys, in the Valles Marineris region of Mars. Labes are named after the nearest classical albedo feature.

List of labesEdit

This is a list of all named labes. Coordinates are given as planetocentric latitude with east longitude.[citation needed]

Feature name Latitude Longitude Diameter (km)
Candor Labes 4.75 S 283.8 E 130.0
Coprates Labes 11.77 S 292.1 E 39.0
Ius Labes 7.52 S 281.4 E 53.0
Melas Labes 8.5 S 288.3 E 90.0
Ophir Labes 10.98 S 291.5 E 89.0