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A list of notable flat horse races which take place annually in Italy, including all conditions races which currently hold Group 1, 2 or 3 status in the European Pattern.

Group 1Edit

Month Race Name Racecourse Dist. (m) Age/Sex
Sept / Oct Premio Lydia Tesio Capannelle 2,000 3yo+ f

Group 2Edit

Month Race Name Racecourse Dist. (m) Age/Sex
May Premio Presidente della Repubblica Capannelle 2,000 4yo+
May Derby Italiano Capannelle 2,200 3yo c&f
May / June Oaks d'Italia San Siro 2,200 3yo f
June Gran Premio di Milano San Siro 2,400 3yo+
September Premio Federico Tesio San Siro 2,200 3yo+
Sept / Oct Premio Vittorio di Capua San Siro 1,600 3yo+
October Gran Criterium San Siro 1,600 2yo c&f
October Gran Premio del Jockey Club San Siro 2,400 3yo+
November Premio Roma Capannelle 2,000 3yo+

Group 3Edit

Month Race Name Racecourse Dist. (m) Age/Sex
April Premio Ambrosiano San Siro 2,000 4yo+ f
April Premio Parioli Capannelle 1,600 3yo c
April / May Premio Regina Elena Capannelle 1,600 3yo f
May Premio Carlo d'Alessio Capannelle 2,400 4yo+
May Premio Tudini Capannelle 1,200 3yo+
May / June Premio Carlo Vittadini San Siro 1,600 3yo+
June / July Premio Primi Passi San Siro 1,200 2yo
June / July Premio del Giubileo San Siro 1,800 3yo+
Sept / Oct Premio Elena e Sergio Cumani San Siro 1,600 3yo+ f
October Premio Verziere San Siro 2,000 3yo+ f
October Premio Dormello San Siro 1,600 2yo f
October Premio del Piazzale San Siro 1,600 3yo+
October St. Leger Italiano San Siro 2,800 3yo+
Oct / Nov Premio Guido Berardelli Capannelle 1,800 2yo
November Premio Carlo e Francesco Aloisi Capannelle 1,200 2yo+
November Premio Ribot Capannelle 1,600 3yo+

Former Group racesEdit

Month Race Name Racecourse Dist. (m) Age/Sex
March / April Premio Pisa Pisa 1,600 3yo
April Premio Carlo Chiesa Capannelle 1,200 3yo+ f
April Premio Natale di Roma Capannelle 1,600 4yo+
April Premio Emanuele Filiberto San Siro 2,000 3yo
April / May Premio Certosa San Siro 1,000 3yo+
May Coppa d'Oro di Milano San Siro 3,000 4yo+
May Premio Mario Incisa della Rocchetta San Siro 2,000 3yo f
June Criterium di Roma Capannelle 1,200 2yo
June Premio Royal Mares San Siro 1,600 3yo+ f
June Gran Premio d'Italia San Siro 2,200 3yo
July Premio Baggio San Siro 2,200 3yo+ f
July Premio Citta di Napoli Naples 1,000 3yo+
October Premio Omenoni San Siro 1,000 3yo+
October Premio Carlo Porta San Siro 2,000 3yo+
November Premio Roma Vecchia Capannelle 2,800 3yo+
November Premio Chiusura San Siro 1,400 2yo+