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List of Iranian assassinations refers to a list of alleged and confirmed assassinations, reported to have been conducted by the Islamic Republic of Iran and previously by the Pahlavi Dynasty and several underground Resistance Opposition groups.

It includes attempts on notable persons who were reported to have been specifically targeted by the various Iranian security and intelligence, most notably Kurdish dissidents of the Kurdish Democratic Party of Iran in 1980s and 1990s.

Prior to the establishment of the Islamic Republic in 1979, the Organization of Intelligence and National Security also allegedly performed a number of political motivated assassinations against dissidents and opposition leaders.

By Pahlavi regime (1953–1979)Edit

Date City Country Target Position Killer
August 12, 1970 Baghdad   Iraq Teymur Bakhtiar Former founder of SAVAK. Alleged SAVAK operation.
June 29, 1976   Iran Hamid Ashraf Leader of Organization of Iranian People's Fedai Guerrillas. A SAVAK operation.

By the Islamic Republic of IranEdit

Date City Country Target Position Killer
7 December 1979 Paris   France Shahriar Shafiq Head of the Iran Azad Group, nephew of the last Shah of Iran Muslim Liberation Group
22 July 1980 Bethesda, Maryland   United States Ali Akbar Tabatabaei President of the Iran Freedom Foundation, former press attache to the Iranian embassy Dawud Salahuddin
7 February 1984 Paris   France Gholam Ali Oveisi former Chief Commander of the Imperial Iranian Armed Forces Islamic Jihad Organization
19 May 1987 Vienna   Austria Hamid Reza Chitgar Representative of Labor Party of Iran Suspected Iranian agents
July 13, 1989 Abdul Rahman Ghassemlou Head of the Democratic Party of Iranian Kurdistan
Abdullah Ghaderi Azar Assistant to the Head of Democratic Party of Iranian Kurdistan
1 April 1990 Nynäshamn   Sweden Karim Mohammedzadeh Iranian Kurdish dissident Reza Taslimi
24 April 1990 Coppet    Switzerland Kazem Rajavi Representative of the National Council of Resistance of Iran.Former Ambassador of Iran to the UN Suspected Iranian agents
6 September 1990 Västerås   Sweden Efat Ghazi Member of the Kurdistan Democratic Party of Iran
12 July 1991 Tsukuba   Japan Hitoshi Igarashi Japanese translator of Salman Rushdie's novel The Satanic Verses. Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps
6 August 1991 Suresnes   France Shapour Bakhtiar former Prime Minister of Iran.Head of the National Resistance Movement of Iran Ali Vakili Rad
August 7 1992 Bonn   Germany Fereydoun Farrokhzad Iranian dissident Suspected Iranian agents
September 17 1992 Berlin Sadegh Sharafkandi Head of the Democratic Party of Iranian Kurdistan Mykonos restaurant assassinations
Fattah Abdoli One of the leaders of the Democratic Party of Iranian Kurdistan
Homayoun Ardalan
Nouri Dehkordi
6 July 1996 Stockholm   Sweden Kamran Hedayati Iranian Kurdish dissident Suspected Iranian agents
29 April 2017 Istanbul   Turkey Saeed Karimian Iranian television executive, owner of Dubai-based GEM TV VAJA
17 July 2019 Erbil   Iraqi Kurdistan Osman Köse Turkish Diplomat Turkish Kurd Assassins backed by VAJA

By Resistance Opposition groupsEdit

Date City Country Target Description Killer
March 11, 1946 Tehran   Iran Ahmad Kasravi Iranian linguist, historian and Democrat Party member Fada'iyan-e Islam
5 November 1949 Abdolhossein Hazhir Prime Minister of Iran
March 7, 1951 Haj Ali Razmara
27 January 1965 Hassan Ali Mansur
April 23, 1979   Iran Mohammad-Vali Gharani Chief-of-Staff of the Iranian Army Forghan group
1 May 1979 Morteza Motahhari President of Council of Islamic Revolution
2 November 1979 Tabriz Mohammad Ali Qazi Tabatabaei Representative of the Supreme Leader in East Azerbaijan People's Mujahedin of Iran
28 June 1981 Tehran Mosa Kalantari Ministry of Roads & Urban Development
Mohammad Beheshti Chief Justice of Iran
Mohammad Montazeri member of the Islamic Revolutionary Guards
30 August 1981 Mohammad-Ali Rajai President of Iran
Mohammad-Javad Bahonar Prime Minister of Iran
21 September 1981 Tabriz Mir Asadollah Madani Representative of the Supreme Leader in East Azerbaijan
22 August 1998 Tehran Asadollah Lajevardi Iranian prosecutor
10 April 1999 Ali Sayad Shirazi Iranian Army Commander
August 2 2005 Masoud Ahmadi Moghaddasi Iranian judge

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