List of Hotchkiss School alumni

This is a list of notable alumni of the Hotchkiss School in Lakeville, Connecticut. Former pupils are known as Pythians (even entrance year) or Olympians (odd entrance year).

The Hotchkiss School
11 Interlaken Road


United States
TypePrivate, coeducational boarding
MottoMoniti Meliora Sequamur
(After instruction, let us move on to pursue higher things.)
Religious affiliation(s)Nonsectarian[2]
Established1891 (132 years ago) (1891)[1]
Grades9–12, PG[1]
Enrollment598 (2014–15):[1]
93% boarding, 7% day;[1]
50% male, 50% female;[1]
43% diverse (21% international)[3]
Average class size12 students

Dates listed are the graduation year.




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