List of Greek and Latin roots in English/P–Z

The following is an alphabetical list of Greek and Latin roots, stems, and prefixes commonly used in the English language from P to Z. See also the lists from A to G and from H to O.

Some of those used in medicine and medical technology are not listed here but instead in the entry for List of medical roots, suffixes and prefixes.


Lists of Greek and Latin roots in English beginning with other letters:


Root Meaning in English Origin language Etymology (root origin) English examples
pac- peace Latin pax, pacis appease, Pacific, pacifism, pacifist, pacify
pach-[1] thick Greek παχύς (pakhús), πάχος, πάχεος (pákhos, pákheos) pachydermata, pachyglossia, pachynsis, Pachypodium
pact- fasten Latin pangere "to fix, fasten" compact, impact, impaction, impinge, page, propagate
pact- agreement Latin pacisci "to covenant, to agree, make a treaty" pact
pae-[2] strike Greek παίειν (paíein), (paistos) anapaest, anapaestic, anapest, anapestic
paed-, ped-[3] child Greek παῖς, παιδός (paîs, paidós), παιδικός (paidikós) orthopedic, paediatric, paedogenesis, paedomorphism, page, pedagogue, pedagogy, pedant, pedantic, pediatric, pedodontics, pedophilia
pagin- page Latin pagina pagination
pal- stake Latin palus impale, impalement, pale, palisade, pole, travail, travel
palae-, pale-[4] ancient, old Greek παλαιός (palaiós) paleo diet, paleobiology, paleobotanic, Paleocene, Paleogene, Paleolithic, paleology, paleomagnetism, paleontology, paleopolyploidy, paleopsychology, Paleozoic
palin-, palim-[5] back Greek πάλιν (pálin) palimpsest, palindrome, palingenesis, palinspastic
pall- be pale Latin pallere pallid, pallor
palli- cloak Latin palliare "to cover, cloak", from pallium "cloak" pall, palliate, palliative, pallium
palm- palm Latin palma palmate
palp- touch Latin palpare palp, palpable, palpate, palpation, palpitant, palpitation
palustr- in marshes Latin paluster palustral
pan- Pan Greek πάειν, Πάν (Pán), Πανικός (Panikós) panic
pan-, pam-[6] all Greek πᾶς, παντός (pantós), πᾶν (pân), πασῶν, παντότης, πάντοθεν diapason, panacea, pandemic, pandemonium, panoply, panoptic, pantology, parrhesia
pan- bread Latin pānis accompaniment, accompany, appanage, companion, company, empanada, impanate, impanation, panelle, panetela, panetella, panettone, panivorous, pannier, pantry
pand-, pans- spread Latin pandere, pansus/passus compass, dispand, dispansion, encompass, encompassment, expand, expanse, expansion, expansive, expansivity, impassable, impasse, pace, pandiculate, pandiculation, passus, repand, spawn, subrepand
par-, para-[7] beside, near Greek παρά (pará) parable, parabola, parallel, parallelepiped, parameter, parapagus
par- equal Latin par compare, disparage, par, parity, peer, subpar
par- order, prepare, provide, procure Latin parare apparat, apparatus, co-emperor, comprador, disparate, disrepair, dissever, disseverance, emperor, empery, empire, empress, imperant, imperative, imperator, imperious, inseparable, irreparable, parade, pare, parison, parry, parure, preparation, preparative, preparatory, prepare, repair, reparable, reparation, reparative, separability, separable, separate, separation, separative, separator, separatory, separatrix, sever, severability, severable, several, severance, vituperate
par-, para-[8] beside, near Greek παρά (pará) parable, paradox, parallel, parameter, parody
parc-, pars- spare, save Latin parcere, parsus parcity, parsimonious, parsimony
pariet- wall Latin paries, parietis parietal
part- part Latin pars, partis apart, bipartite, compartment, depart, impartial, parcel, part, partial, participate, particle, partisan, partition
parthen-[9] virgin Greek παρθένος (parthénos) parthenocarpy, parthenogenesis, Parthenon, Parthenope
parv- little Latin parvus parvovirus, parvorder
pasc-, past- feed Latin pāscere, pāstus antepast, antipasto, pabulum, pastel, pastern, pastiglia, pastille, pastor, pastorage, pastoral, pastorale, pastorate, pastorium, pasturable, pasturage, pastural, pasture, repast, repasture
pass-[10] sprinkle Greek πάσσειν (pássein), παστός (pastós) paste
pass- pace, step Latin passus
passer- sparrow Latin passer passeriform, passerine
pat-[11] path Greek πάτος (pátos), πατεῖν (pateîn), πατητός, πατητής, πατητήριον peripatetic, peripateticism
pat- be open Latin patere impatent, patefaction, patella, patellar, patelliform, paten, patency, patent, patera, patin
path-[12] feeling, disease Greek πάσχειν (páskhein), παθητικός (pathētikós), πάθος (páthos) allopath, allopathy, antipathy, apathetic, apathy, empathy, etiopathogenesis, homeopathic, homeopathy, idiopathic, pathetic, pathoclisis, pathogen, pathogenesis, pathogenic, pathologist, pathology, pathos, psychopath, psychopathic, psychopathy, sympathectomy, sympathetic, sympathy
pater-, patr-[13] father Greek πατήρ, πατρός (patḗr, patrós), πατριά (patriá), πατριώτης (patriṓtēs) allopatric, allopatry, eupatrides, patriarch, patriarchy, patriot, patriotic, patriotism, patrology, patronym, patronymic, sympatric, sympatry
pater-, patr- father Latin pater (genitive patris) compadre, compaternity, compère, impetrate, impetration, impetrative, impetrator, Jupiter, padre, padrone, paterfamilias, paternal, paternity, paternoster, patriate, patriation, Patricia, patrician, patriciate, patricidal, patricide, Patrick, patriclinous, patricliny, patrifocal, patrilateral, patrilineage, patrilineal, patrilineality, patrilinear, patrilocal, patrilocality, patrimonial, patrimony, patron, patronage, patronal, patronate, patroness, patroon, patter, pattern, père, perpetrable, perpetrate, perpetration, perpetrator, repatriate, repatriation
pati-, pass- suffer, feel, endure, permit Latin pati, passus compassion, compassionate, compatibility, compatible, dispassion, dispassionate, impassible, impassion, impassive, impassivity, impatible, impatience, impatient, incompatibility, incompatible, interpatient, noncompatible, nonpassible, passibility, passible, passion, passional, passionary, passionate, passive, passivity, patible, patience, patient, patientive, perpession
pauc- few Latin paucus paucal, pauciloquent, paucity
pav- beat Latin pavire pavage, pave, pavement, pavior
pecc- sin Latin peccatum "sin, fault, error", from peccare "to miss, mistake" impeccable, peccadillo, peccant, peccavi
pect- fixed Greek πηκτός (pēktós) pectic, pectin
pector- chest Latin pectus, pectoris pectoral
pecu- property Latin pecunia "property", from pecu "cattle" peculiar, pecuniary, pecunious
ped- foot Latin pes, pedis biped, bipedal, centipedal, centipede, decempedal, expediency, expedient, expeditate, expedite, expedition, expeditionary, expeditious, impeach, impeachable, impeachment, impede, impediment, impedition, impeditive, inexpedient, interpetiolar, intrapetiolar, millipede, multiped, multipede, octopede, oppidum, pawn, pedal, pedate, pedatifid, pedestal, pedestrian, pedicel, pedicle, pedicure, pediform, pedigerous, pedigree, peduncle, pedunculate, peon, peonage, petiolar, petiolate, petiole, petiolular, petiolulate, petiolule, piedfort, piedmont, pioneer, quadruped, quadrupedal, repedation, revamp, semiped, semipedal, sesquipedal, stapes, stapedius, subpetiolate, suppedaneum, tripedal, trivet, vamp, velocipede
peg-, pect-[14] fix Greek πηγνύναι (pēgnúnai), πηκτός (pēktós), πηκτικός (pēktikós), πῆξις (pêxis),
πῆγμα (pêgma), πάγη (págē), πάγος (págos), πάγιος (págios), παγιότης (pagiótēs), πάσσαλος (pássalos)
hysteropexy, pagophobia, parapagus, pectic, pectin, rheopectic, rheopecty, rheopexy
pejor- worse Latin pejor pejorative
pel-[15] clay, mud Greek πηλός (pēlós) pelite, pelitic
pelag-[16] sea Greek πέλαγος (pélagos), πελαγικός (pelagikós) abyssopelagic, allopelagic, archipelagic, archipelago, bathypelagic, epipelagic, hadopelagic, mesopelagic, pelagic, pelagonym
pelarg-[17] stork Greek πελαργός (pelargós), πελαργώδης pelargonic, Pelargonium
pell-, puls- drive, push Latin pellere, pulsus appulse, compel, compulsory, dispel, expel, expulsion, impel, impulse, propel, propellent, propulsion, propulsive, propulsor, pulsate, pulse, push, repel, repellent, repulsive
pemp-, pomp- send Greek πέμπειν (pémpein), πομπή (pompḗ) apopemptic, hypnopompic, pomp, psychopomp
pen- almost Latin paene peninsula, penultimate, penumbra
pen-, poen-, puni- punish Latin punire "punish" (earlier poenire), from poena "punishment" impune, impunity, pain, penal, penalize, penalty, penance, penitence, penitent, penitentiary, pine, punish, punitive, repent, subpoena
pend-, pens- hang Latin pensare, frequentative of pendere append, penchant, pendant, pending, pendulum, pensive, prepense, suspend, suspense
penia- deficiency Greek πενία (penía) leukopenia
penn-, pinn- feather Latin penna, pinna pennate, pinnacle, pinnate, pinnule
pent-[18] five Greek πέντε (pénte), πεντάς, πεντάδος (pentás, pentádos), πεντάκις (pentákis) "five times", πενταπλάσιος (pentaplásios) "five-fold", πενταχοῦ diapente, pentachoric, pentad, pentagon, pentagram, pentalpha, pentapolis, pentatonic, pentatope, pentode
pentacosi-[19] five hundred Greek πεντακόσιοι (pentakósioi) pentacosiomedimni
pentecont-[20] fifty Greek πεντήκοντα (pentḗkonta), πεντηκοντάς, πεντηκοντάδος (pentēkontás, pentēkontádos) pentecontad, pentecontagon
pentecost-[21] fiftieth Greek πεντηκοστός (pentēkostós) Pentecost, pentecostalism
peper-[22] pepper Greek πέπερι, πεπέρεως paprika, pepper
pepon-[23] ripe Greek πέπων, πέπονος (pépōn, péponos) pumpkin
pept- digest Greek πέσσειν (péssein), πεπτός (peptós), πεπτικός (peptikós), πέψις (pépsis) dipeptide, dyspepsia, dyspeptic, eupepsia, eupeptic, monopeptide, oligopeptide, pepsin, peptic, peptide, peptone, polypeptide, tetrapeptide, tripeptide
per- wallet Greek πήρα (pḗra), πηρίδιον (pērídion) peridium
per-, pel- thoroughly, through Latin per pellucid, perfection, permeate, pernicious, persistence, peruse, pervade
peran- across, beyond Greek πέραν (péran) Perates
perdic-[24] partridge Greek πέρδιξ, πέρδικος (pérdix, pérdikos) Melanoperdix, partridge
peri-[25] around Greek περί (perí) Pericles, pericope, perigee, perihelion, perimeter, period, periphery, periscope
persic-[26] peach Greek περσικός (persikós)
pessim- worst Latin pessimus pessimal
pet- strive toward Latin petere appetite, compete, competition, impetus, petition, petulant, propitiate, repeat, repetition
petr-[27] rock Greek πέτρα (pétra) epipetric, petroglyph, petrographic, petrography, petroleum, petrology, petrosomatoglyph
phae-, phe-[28] dark Greek φαιός (phaiós) phaeohyphomycosis, phaeomelanin, pheochrome, pheochromocytoma
phag- eat Greek φαγεῖν (phageîn), φαγία (phagía) autophagosome, autophagy, bacteriophage, dysphagia, esophagitis, geophagia, hematophagy, macrophage, odynophagia, phagocyte, phagocytosis, phagolysosome, phagophilia, phagophobia, phagosome, phagy, polyphagia, pseudodysphagia, sarcophagus
phalang-[29] close formation of troops, finger bones Greek φάλαγξ, φάλαγγος (phálangos) aphalangia, phalanges, phalanx
phalar-[30] having a patch of white Greek φάλαρος (phálaros)[31] phalarope
pharmac-[32] drug, medicine Greek φάρμακον (phármakon) alexipharmic, pharmaceutics, pharmacodynamics, pharmacogenetics, pharmacogenomic, pharmacokinetics, pharmacology, pharmacophobia, pharmacy
phan-, phen-[33] to show, visible Greek φαίνειν (phaínein), φαντός (phantós), φαινόμενον (phainómenon), φάσις (phásis) diaphanous, emphasis, epiphany, fantasy, phanerozoic, phantasm, phantom, phase, phene, phenetic, phenology, phenomenon, phenotype, photic, prophase, sycophant, telophase, theophany, tryptophan
pheb-, phob-[34] fear Greek φέβεσθαι (phébesthai), φόβος (phóbos), φοβέω autophobia, hydrophobia, panphobia, phobophobia
pher-, phor-[35] bear, carry Greek φέρειν (phérein), φορά (phorá), φόρος (phóros) adiaphora, adiaphorism, anaphor, metaphor, pheromone, phoresis, phoresy, phosphor, prosphora, pyrophoric
pheug-, phyg-[36] (ΦΥΓ) flee Greek φεύγειν (pheúgein), φυγή, φυγάς, φυγάδος (phugás, phugádos) "fugitive", φυγαδικός apophyge, hypophyge
phil-, -phile[37] love, friendship Greek φίλος (phílos), φιλικός (philikós), φιλεῖν (phileîn), φιλία (philía), φίλτρον (phíltron) bibliophile, heterophil, hydrophile, paraphilia, philanthropy, philharmonic, philophobia, philosophy, philter, philtre, philtrum
phim-[38] muzzle Greek φῑμός (phīmós), φιμοῦν (phimoûn), φιμωτικός, φίμωσις (phímōsis) paraphimosis, phimosis, phimotic
phleb-[39] vein Greek φλέψ, φλεβός (phléps, phlebós), φλέβιον phlebitis, phlebography, phlebosclerosis, phlebotomist, phlebotomize, phlebotomy, thrombophlebitis
phleg-, phlog-[40] burn, heat, inflammation Greek φλέγειν (phlégein), φλέγμα (phlégma), φλόξ (phlóx) "flame" phlegm, phlegmasia, phlegmatic, phlegmon, phlegmonous, phlogistic, phlogiston, Phlox
phloe-[41] tree bark Greek φλοιός (phloiós) hypophloeodic, phlobaphene, phloem, phloeophagy
phob- fear Greek φόβος (phóbos) acrophobia, arachnophobia, claustrophobia, ergophobia, homophobia, hydrophobia, zeusophobia
phon-[42] sound Greek φωνή (phōnḗ), φωνητικός (phōnētikós), φώνημα (phṓnēma) acrophonic, acrophony, allophone, antiphon, antiphony, aphonia, aphonic, apophony, archiphoneme, cacophony, diaphony, diplophonia, dysphonia, euphonic, euphonious, euphonize, euphony, heterophonic, heterophony, homophone, homophonous, homophony, hypophonesis, ideophone, idiophone, isophone, logophonetic, megaphone, microphone, misophonia, monophonic, monophony, morphophonology, phonaesthesia, phonaesthetics, phone, phonemic, phonesthemic, phonetic, phonetics, phonics, phonogram, phonograph, phonology, phonophobia, phonosemantics, phonotactics, polyphonic, polyphony, stereophonic, symphonic, symphony, telephonic, telephony
phos-, phot- light Greek φῶς, φωτός (phōtós) aphotic, biophoton, cataphote, diphoton, euphotic, microphotograph, phosphor, phosphorus, photic, photo, photobiology, photocatalysis, photochromism, photoelectric, photogenic, photogram, photograph, photography, photolysis, photometer, photometric, photometry, photon, photoperiod, photophobia, photophone, photophore, photopic, photoptarmosis, photosynthesis, phototaxis, phototherapy, phototroph, telephoto
phrag-[43] (ΦΡΑΓ) fence Greek φράσσειν (phrássein), φράξις (phráxis), φράγμα (phrágma) diaphragm
phren-, phron-[44] mind Greek φρήν, φρενός (phrḗn, phrenós) euneirophrenia, euphrasy, Euphrosyne, frantic, frenetic, frenzy, oneirophrenia, phrenetic, -phrenia, phrenic, phrenitis, phrenology, phronema, phronesis, phronetic, schizophrenia, sophrosyne
phryn-[45] toad, toad-like Greek φρύνη (phrúnē) Phrynobatrachus
phtheg-[46] utter Greek φθέγγεσθαι (phthéngesthai), φθεγκτός, φθεγκτικός, φθέγξις, φθέγμα, φθέγματος (phthégma, phthégmatos), φθεγματικός, φθόγγος (phthóngos), φθογγή apophthegm, apophthegmatic, diphthong, diphthongize, monophthong, monophthongize
phyc-[47] seaweed Greek φῦκος, φύκεος (phûkos, phúkeos) phycology, Phycomyces, schizophyceous
phyl- tribe Greek φύλον (phúlon) phylogenetics, phylum
phyll-[48] leaf Greek φύλλον (phúllon) chlorophyll, phyllotaxis
phys-[49] bladder Greek φῦσα (phûsa) physogastric, physostomous, Triplophysa
physi- nature Greek φύσις (phúsis) physics, physician
physalid- bladder Greek φυσαλ(λ)ίς (phusal(l)is) physalis
phyt- plant Greek φύειν (phúein), φυτόν (phutón) archaeophyte, autophyte, bryophyte, dermatophyte, neophyte, phytonym, phytoplankton
pi- kind, devout, pity Latin pius expiate, impious, piety, pious, pity
pic- pitch Latin pix, picis piceous
piez-[50] squeeze Greek πιέζειν (piézein), πιεστός (piestós), πίεσις, πίεσμα, πίεσματος, πιεστήρ isopiestic, piezochromism, piezoelectric, piezometer
pil- hair Latin pilus depilatory, epilator
pil- pillar, ball Latin pila pile, pill, pillar, pillory
pin-[51] (ΠΟ) drink Greek πίνειν (pínein), πῶμα pinocytosis
pin- pine Latin pinus pineal gland
ping-, pict- paint Latin pingere, pictus depiction, picture, pigment
pingu- fat Latin pinguis Pinguicula, pinguitude
pir-[52] try Greek πεῖρα, πείρας (peîra, peíras), πειρᾶν (peirân), πειρατής (peiratḗs), πειρατικός (peiratikós), (peirāteía), πειράζω, πείρασις, πειρασμός antipiracy, apeirogon, apeirohedron, piracy, pirate, piratic
pir- pear Latin pirus piriformis muscle
pisc- fish Latin piscis Pisces, piscivore
pis-[53] pea Greek πίσος (písos) pisoid, pisolite
pithec-[54] ape, monkey Greek πίθηκος (píthēkos) australopithecine, Australopithecus, caenopithecine
plac-[55] plain, plate, tablet Greek πλάξ, πλακός (pláx, plakós) Aplacophora, placenta, placode
plac- calm Latin placare, placatus implacable, placable, placate, please, supple
plac-, plea- please Latin placēre, placitus complacent, complaisant, displease, placebo, placid, plea, please, pleasure
plag-[56] oblique Greek πλάγος (plágos), πλάγιος (plágios), πλαγιότης plage, plagiocephaly, plagioclase, plagiotropic, playa
plan-[57] wander Greek πλάνος, πλανάομαι, πλανᾶσθαι (planâsthai), (planáein), πλανητός (planētós), πλανήτης (planḗtēs) aplanetic, aplanogamete, aplanospore, exoplanet, planet, planetoid, planetonym, planoblast, planogamete, planospore, protoplanet
plan- flat Latin plānus applanate, applanation, aquaplane, complanar, complanate, coplanar, coplanarity, deplanate, deplane, emplane, esplanade, explain, explanation, explanatory, peneplain, pianissimo, piano, pianoforte, plain, plaintext, plan, planar, planarian, planary, planate, planation, plane, planification, planiform, planish, planula, planular, planulate
plang-, planct- strike, beat; lament, mourn Latin plangere, planctus plangent
plas-[58] mould Greek πλάσσειν (plássein), πλαστός (plastós), πλαστικός (plastikós), πλάσις (plásis), πλάσμα, πλάσματος (plásma, plásmatos), πλάθω (pláthō) plasma, plastic, plastique, plastochron, plastromancy, plastron, prosoplasia, protoplasm, pseudoplastic, symplast
plat-[59] flat, broad Greek πλατύς (platús), πλατεῖα (plateîa) piazza, place, plaice, plateau, platitude, platyhelminth, platypus, Platyrrhini, platysma, Platyzoa, plaza
plaud-, -plod-, plaus-, -plos- approve, clap Latin plaudere, plausus applaud, applause, explode, explosion, implode, plaudits, plausible
ple-[60] (ΠΛΕ) fill, full Greek πιμπλάναι (pimplánai), πλέως/πλέος, πλειότερος, πλειότης, πλήρης (plḗrēs), πληρόω, πλήρωσις (plḗrōsis), πλήρωμα (plḗrōma), πλήθειν (plḗthein), πλῆθος (plêthos), πληθύς, πληθύω, πληθύνω (plēthúnō), πληθυντικός, πληθώρα/πληθώρη (plēthṓra), πληθωρικός (plēthōrikós), πληθυσμός (plēthusmós) pleroma, plethodontid, plethora, plethoric, plethysm, plethysmograph, plethysmometry
ple-[61] sail, swim Greek πλεῖν (pleîn), πλεῦσις (pleûsis), πλόος pleon, pleopod, pleuston
ple-, plet- fill Latin plere complement, complete, deplete, implement, replete, suppletion, supply
pleb- people Latin plebs, plebis plebeian, plebs
plec-, ploc-[62] plait, interweave Greek πλέκειν (plékein), πλεκτός (plektós), πλεκτικός (plektikós), πλέξις (pléxis), πλέγμα (plégma), πλοκή (plokḗ), πλόκος plectics, plexogenic, ploce, symplectic, symplectomorphism, symploce
plect-, plex- plait Latin plectere, plexus perplex
pleg-[63] (ΠΛΗΓ) strike Greek πλήσσειν (plḗssein), πληκτός (plēktós), πλήκτης, πληγή (plēgḗ), πλῆξις (plêxis), πλῆγμα, πλήκτης, πλῆκτρον apoplectic, apoplexy, cataplectic, cataplexy, hemiplegia, monoplegia, paraplegia, plectrum, pleximeter, tetraplegia
plen- full Latin plenus plenary, plenitude, plenty, replenish
plesi- near Greek πλησίος (plēsíos), πλησιότης (plēsiótēs) plesiosaur
pleur-[64] rib, side Greek πλευρά (pleurá), πλευρόν (pleurón) metapleural, pleura, pleurisy, pleuritis, pleurodynia, pleuron
plic- fold Latin plicare, plicatus appliance, applicability, applicable, applicant, applicate, application, applicative, applicator, applicatory, appliqué, apply, centuplicate, centuplication, complicacy, complicant, complicate, complication, complice, complicity, conduplicate, conduplication, duplication, explicate, explicit, implicate, implicit, imply, plait, pleat, pliable, pliant, plight, ply, replica, replicate, replication, replicative, replicator, reply, splay, subduplicate, supplicant, supplicate, supplication, triplicate, triplicity
plinth-[65] brick Greek πλίνθος (plínthos) plinth, Plinthograptis
plor- cry out, complain Latin plorare deplorable, deploration, deplore, exploration, exploratory, explore, imploration, imploratory, implore
plu- rain Latin pluere, see also pluvia pluvial
plum- feather Latin pluma plumage, plumate
plumb- lead Latin plumbum plumber
plur-, plus- more Latin plus, pluris double, plural, pluralist, plus, quadruple, surplus, triple
plurim- most Latin plurimus plurimal
plut-[66] wealth Greek πλοῦτος (ploûtos) ploutonion, plutarchy, plutocracy, plutocrat, plutolatry, plutomania, plutonomics, Plutus
pne-[67] blow, breathe, lung Greek πνεῖν (pneîn), πνεῦμα (pneûma), πνεύμων (pneúmōn) anapnograph, anapnoic, apnea, apnoea, dyspnoea, pleuropneumonia, pneumatic, pneumatology, pneumonia, pneumonic, pneumotaxic
pnig-, pnict-[68] choke Greek πνίγειν (pnígein), πνῖγος, πνῖγμα, πνιγμός, πνικτός, πνικτικός pnictide, pnictogen
po-, pin-[69] (ΠΟ) drink Greek πίνειν (pínein), πόσις, πῶμα pinocytosis, pinosome, symposium
pod-[70] foot Greek πούς, ποδός (podós), ποδικός (podikós), ποδία (podía), πόδιον (pódion), πέδον (pédon), πεδίον, πέζα amphipod, antipode, decapod, podiatry, podium, podomancy, podomere, podopaediatric, polyp, polyposis, sympodium, tetrapod, tripod
pogon-[71] beard Greek πώγων, πώγωνος (pṓgōn, pṓgōnos), πωγωνίας (pōgōnías) pogonia, pogoniasis, pogonology, pogonophobia, pogonotrophy, Triplopogon
poie-, poe-[72] make Greek ποιϝέω, ποιεῖν (poieîn), ποιητός (poiētós) "made", ποιητικός (poiētikós), ποίησις (poíēsis), ποίημα (poíēma), ποιητής (poiētḗs) "maker" allopoiesis, autopoiesis, onomatopoeia, piyyut, poem, poesy, poet, poetaster, poetic, poiesis
pol-[73] pole Greek πόλος (pólos) dipole, polar
pole-[74] sell Greek πωλεῖν (pōleîn), πώλησις, πώλης "seller" duopoly, monopolist, monopolize, monopoly, oligopolist, oligopoly
polem-[75] war Greek πολεμεῖν (polemeîn), πόλεμος (pólemos), πολεμικός (polemikós) polemarch, polemic, polemology
poli-[76] city Greek πόλις, πόλιος (pólis, pólios), πολίτης (polítēs), πολιτικός (politikós) acropolis, biopolitics, cosmopolis, cosmopolitan, Decapolis, ecumenopolis, eperopolis, geopolitics, heptapolis, hexapolis, isopolity, megalopolis, megapolis, metropolis, pentapolis, police, policy, polis, politeia, politic, politicize, politics, politologist, politology, politonym, polity, propolis, tetrapolis, Tripoli
poli-[77] gray, grey Greek πολιός (poliós), πολιότης poliomyelitis, poliosis
poll-[78] many Greek πολλός (pollós)
pollic- thumb Latin pollex, pollicis pollicate
pollin- fine flour Latin pollen, pollinis pollination
poly-[79] many Greek πολύς (polús), πολλός (pollós), πολλότης (pollótēs), πολλάκις (pollákis) "many times", πολλαπλάσιος/πολυπλάσιος, πλείων (pleíōn) "more", πλεῖστος (pleîstos) "most", πολλοστός (pollostós) hoi polloi, pollakanth, polyadic, polyandry, polygamy, polygon, polyphase, polysaccharide, polytheistic
pomph-[80] blister Greek πομφός (pomphós), πομφόλυξ podopompholyx, pompholyx
pon-, posit- put Latin ponere, positus apposite, apropos, component, depose, deposit, exponent, expose, expound, impose, impound, opponent, position, positive, postpone, posture, propone, proponent, proposition, propound, repose
ponder- weight Latin pondus, ponderis, ponderare ponder, preponderance
pont- bridge Latin pons, pontis pontoon
popul- people Latin populus, populare population, popular, populous
por-[81] passage Greek πόρος (póros), πορεύω, πορίζειν (porízein), πόρισμα (pórisma) aporetic, aporia, emporium, gonopore, ozopore, polypore, pore, porism, porismatic
porc- pig Latin porcus porcine, pork
porn-[82] prostitute Greek πόρνη (pórnē) pornographic, pornography
porphyr-[83] purple Greek πορφύρα (porphúra) porphyrin, porphyritic, porphyrophobia, porphyry
port- carry Latin portare "to carry", porta "gate" comportment, deport, export, import, port, portable, portage, portal, porter, portfolio, purport, rapport, report, support, transport
portion- part, share Latin portio portion, proportion
post- after, behind Latin post posterior, posterity, postscript
pot- power Latin potere "be powerful", from potis "powerful, able" despot, impotent, possess, potent, potentate, potential, power
pot- drink Latin potus, potare potable, potion
potam-[84] river Greek ποταμός (potamós) autopotamic, hippopotamus, Mesopotamia, potamic, potamodromous, potamology, potamonym, potamophobia, potamoplankton
prag-[85] do Greek πράσσειν (prássein), πράττειν (práttein), πρασσόμενον, πρακτός (praktós), πρακτικός (praktikós), (prāktikḗ), πρᾶξις (prâxis), πρᾶγμα (prâgma) apraxia, dyspraxia, parapraxis, practic, practice, pragma, pragmatic, pragmatism, pragmatist, praxis
pras-[86] leek Greek πράσον (práson), πράσινος (prásinos) "leek-green", πρασιά chrysoprase, prasinous, prasinophobia
prat- meadow Latin pratum
prav- crooked Latin pravus depravity
pre- before Latin prae previous
prec- pray Latin precāri "to ask, beg, pray", from prex "prayer" deprecation, imprecation, pray, prayer, precarious
pred- prey Latin praedari "plunder", from praeda "prey" depredate, predation, predator, predatory, prey
prehend-, prend-, prehens- grasp Latin prehendere, prehensus apprehend, comprehend, comprehensive, enterprise, prehensility, prehension, prey, prison, prize, reprehend, surprise
prem-, -prim-, press- press Latin premere, pressus compress, compression, compressor, depress, depression, depressive, espresso, express, expression, expressive, impress, impression, impressive, imprimatur, imprint, oppress, oppression, oppressive, oppressor, press, pressure, print, repress, repression, repressive, reprimand, suppress, suppression, suppressor
presby-[87] old Greek πρέσβυς (présbus), πρεσβύτερος (presbúteros), (presbutérion) archpresbyter, presbyter, Presbyterianism, presbyterium, presbytery, priest, protopresbyter
preter- past Latin praeter preterite, pretermission
preti- price Latin pretium, pretiare
pri-[88] saw Greek πρίειν (príein), πρῖσις (prîsis), πρίων, πρίονος (príōn, príonos) prion
priap-[89] Greek πριάπος priapism, Priapus
prim- first Latin primus coprime, nonprime, prima facie, primacy, primal, primality, primary, primate, prime, primer, primeval, primine, primitive, primogeniture, primordial, primrose, Primula, semiprime, subprimal, subprime
prior- former Latin prior prior, priority, priory, pristine, repristinate, subprior
prism-[90] to saw, something sawed Greek πρίσμα, πρίσματος (prísma, prísmatos), πρισμάτιον (prismátion) antiprism, prism, prismatic, prismatoid
priv- own Latin privus, privare, privatus deprivation, deprive, privacy, private, privateer, privation, privative, privilege, privity, privy, semiprivate
pro-[91] before, in front of Greek πρό (pró), πρότερος (próteros) "former", πρῶτος (prôtos) prologue, prostate, prow
pro- for, forward Latin pro procrastinate, propel, propulsion
prob- worthy, good Latin probare "prove to be worthy", probus approbation, approve, disapprobation, opprobrium, probable, probation, probe, probity, proof, prove, reprobate, reprove
proct-[92] anus Greek πρωκτός (prōktós) Ectoprocta, Entoprocta, epiproct, hypoproct, paraproct, periproct, proctalgia, proctology
prodig- waste Latin prodigus "wasteful", from prodigere "drive away, waste" prodigal, prodigality
prodig- prodigy Latin prodigium "prodigy" prodigious, prodigy
propri- property; one's own Latin proprietas "appropriateness, property, ownership", from proprius "one's own" appropriate, proper, property, proprietary, proprietor, propriety
pros-[93] forth, forward Greek πρός (prós), πρόσθεν (prósthen), πρόσθιος (prósthios) prosenchyma, prosophobia, prosthesis, prosthion
prosop-[94] face Greek πρόσωπον (prósōpon) aprosopia, diprosopus, prosopography, prosoponym, prosopopoeia, prosopospasm
prot-[95] first Greek πρῶτος (prôtos) [note 1] amphiprotic, antiproton, protagonist, protanomaly, protanopia, protein, protist, protocol, proton, protoplasm, prototype, Protozoa
proter-[96] former Greek πρό (pró), πρότερος (próteros), προτερέω Proterozoic
proxim- nearest Latin proximus, proximare approximate, proximity
prun- plum Latin prunus prune
psa-[97] rub Greek ψᾶν (psân), ψαφαρός, ψήχειν, (psēstós) palimpsest
psall-[98] pluck Greek ψάλλειν (psállein), ψαλμός (psalmós) psalm, psalmodicon, psalmody, psalter, psaltery, psaltikon
psamath- sand Greek
psamm- sand Greek ψάμμος (psámmos), ψάμαθος (psámathos) psammite, psammitic, psammoma, psammophile, Psammophis, psammophyte, psammosere, psammous
pseph- pebble Greek ψάω, ψῆφος (psêphos), ψηφίζειν (psēphízein) isopsephy, psephite, psephitic, psephocracy, psephology
pseud-[99] false Greek ψεύδω, ψεῦδος (pseûdos) pseudonym
pseud- false Greek ψεύδομαι, ψευδής (pseudḗs) pseudonym
psil-[100] bare Greek ψιλοῦν (psiloûn), ψιλός (psilós), ψιλότης, ψίλωσις (psílōsis) epsilon, psilanthropism, psilanthropy, psilocybin, psilosis, psilotic, upsilon
psithyr-[101] whisper Greek ψίθυρος, ψιθυρίζω, ψιθυρισμός Psithyrisma
psittac-[102] parrot Greek ψιττακός, ψιττακοῦ (psittakós, psittakoû) psittacine, psittacism, psittacosis
psoph-[103] noise Greek ψόφος (psóphos), ψοφεῖν, ψοφητικός, ψόφησις, ψόφημα, ψοφοειδής Psophiidae, Psophocichla, psophometer, psophometric
psor-[104] itch Greek ψωρός (psōrós), ψώρα (psṓra), ψωριᾶν (psōriân), (psōríāsis) psora, psoriasis, psoric, psorosis
psych-[105] mind Greek ψύχειν (psúkhein), ψυχή (psukhḗ), ψυχικός (psukhikós) hylopsychism, panpsychism, psyche, psychedelia, psychedelic, psychiatry, psychic, psychoanalysis, psychologist, psychology, psychopathic, psychopathy, psychopomp, psychosis, psychotherapy, psychotic, psychoticism
psychr-[106] cold Greek ψύχω, ψυχρός (psukhrós), ψυχρότης psychroalgia, psychrometer, psychrophile, psychrophilic, psychrophily
pter-[107] wing Greek πτερόν, πτεροῦ (pterón, pteroû), πτέρυξ, πτέρυγος (ptérux, ptérugos), (pterugōtós), πτερίσκος apterous, apterygote, archaeopteryx, brachypterous, brachyptery, Chiroptera, chiropterologist, Endopterygota, exopterygote, helicopter, hemipterous, heteropterous, homopterous, Neoptera, peripteros, pterodactyl, pteron, pteropod, pterosaur, pterostigma, pterygote, tetrapterous
pterid-[108] fern Greek πτερίς, πτερίδος (pterís, pterídos) pteridology, pteridophyte, pteridosperm
pto-[109] fall Greek πίπτειν (píptein), πτωτός (ptōtós), πτωτικός (ptōtikós), πτῶσις (ptôsis), πτῶμα, πτῶματος (ptôma, ptômatos) anaptotic, asymptomatic, apoptosis, peripeteia, peripety, polyptoton, proptosis, proptotic, ptomaine, ptosis, ptotic, symptom, symptomatic, symptosis
ptoch-[110] poor Greek πτωχός (ptōkhós), πτωχότης ptochocracy, ptochology
pty-[111] spit Greek πτύειν, πτύον (ptúon), πτύσις (ptúsis), πτύαλον hemoptysis, ptyalin, pyoptysis
ptych-[112] fold, layer Greek πτύσσειν (ptússein), πτύγμα (ptúgma), πτύξ (ptúx), πτυχός (ptukhós), πτυχή (ptukhḗ) anaptyctic, anaptyxis, diptych, heptaptych, hexaptych, octaptych, pentaptych, polyptych, tetraptych, triptych
pub- sexually mature Latin pubes, puberis pubescent, pubic
public- public Latin publicus publication, publicity
pude- shame Latin pudere impudent, pudendum, repudiate
pug-, pugn- fight Latin pugnare "to fight", from pugnus "fist" impugn, pugilism, pugnacious, repugnant
pulchr- beautiful Latin pulcher, pulchri pulchritude
pulmon- lung Latin pulmo, pulmonis pulmonary
pulver- dust Latin pulvis, pulveris pulverize
pung-, punct- prick Latin pungere, punctus acupuncture, expunge, poignant, point, punch, punctual, punctuation, puncture, pungent
pup- doll Latin pupa pupa, pupate, puppet
pur- pure Latin purare "to purify", from purus "pure" impurity, pure, puree, purge, purify, purity
purg- cleanse Latin purgare expurgate, purgatory, purge
purpur- purple Latin purpura purpurate, purpureal
put- prune, reckon Latin putāre amputation, compute, dispute, impute, putative, reputation
py-[113] pus Greek πύον (púon), (pyeîn) empyema, pyemia, pyemesis, pyesis, pyocyst, pyogenesis, pyorrhea, pyorrhoea, pyosis, pyoureter
pyel-[114] trough Greek πύελος (púelos), πυελίς pyelectasis, pyelitis, pyelogram, pyelography, pyelonephritis, pyeloscopy
pyg-[115] rump Greek πυγή (pugḗ) callipygian, pygopagus, pygostyle, steatopygia
pyl-[116] gate Greek πύλη (púlē), πυλών, πυλῶνος (pulṓn, pulōnos) apopyle, micropyle, propylaea, prosopyle, pylon, pyloric, pylorus, tetrapylon, Thermopylae
pyr-[117] fire Greek πύρ, πυρός (púr, purós), πυρά (purá), πυρότης, πυρετός, πυρέττειν antipyretic, Empyreuma, pyre, pyrite, pyroclastic, pyrolysis, pyromancy, pyromania, pyromaniac, pyrometric, pyrophobia, pyrophoric, pyrosis, pyrosome, pyrotechnic
pyramid-[118] Greek πυραμίς, πυραμίδος dipyramid, pyramid, pyramidion
pyrrh-[119] flame-colored Greek πῦρ, πυρρός, πυρρότης, πυρράζω pyrrhic
Lists of Greek and Latin roots in English beginning with other letters:


Root Meaning in English Origin language Etymology (root origin) English examples
quadr- four Latin quattuor quadrangle, quadrennial, quadriceps, quadrifarious, quadrifid, quadrifolium, quadrifrons, quadrilateral, quadrilingual, quadriliteral, quadrillion, quadrimester, quadrinational, quadrinodal, quadrinomial, quadrinominal, quadripara, quadrireme, quadrisection, quadrivalent, quadrivium, quadruped, quadruple, quadruplet, quadruplex, quadruplicate, quatrain, quatre, quatrefoil
quadragen- forty each Latin quadrageni quadragenarian, quadragenary
quadragesim- fortieth Latin quadragesimus Quadragesima, quadragesimal
quart- fourth Latin quartus inquartation, interquartile, quadroon, quart, quartal, quartan, quartary, quarte, quarter, quartermaster, quartet, quartic, quartile, quartine, quarto, semiquartile
quasi- as if, almost Latin quasi quasar, quasiparticle
quatern- four each Latin quaternī biquaternion, quatern, quaternary, quaternate, quaternion, quaternity, quire
quati-, -cuti-, quass-, -cuss- shake Latin quatere cassate, cassation, concussion, concussive, conquassate, decussation, discuss, discussion, discussive, discutient, excuss, excussio, excussion, fracas, percuss, percussion, percussive, percussor, quash, quassation, recussion, repercussion, rescue, squash, squassation, subconcussive, succuss, succussation, succussion, succussive
quer-, -quir-, quesit-, -quisit- search, seek Latin quaerere, quaesītus acquest, acquire, acquiree, acquirement, acquisite, acquisition, acquisitive, acquisitory, conquer, conquest, corequisite, disquisition, exquire, exquisite, inquest, inquire, inquiry, inquisition, inquisitive, inquisitor, inquisitorial, inquisitory, perquisite, perquisition, prerequisite, quaere, quaestor, query, quest, question, questionable, questionary, questionnaire, questor, reconquer, reconquest, request, require, requirement, requisite, requisition, requisitive, requisitor, requisitory
qui- rest Latin quies, quiētus acquiesce, acquiescence, acquiescent, acquit, acquittal, acquittance, inquietude, quiescence, quiescent, quiet, quietude, quietus, quit, requiem, requiescat
quin- five each Latin quini biquinary, quinarius, quinary, quinate
quindecim- fifteenth Latin quindecimus quindecimal
quinden- fifteen each Latin quindeni quindenary
quinque- five Latin quinque cinquain, cinque, quinquefoil, quinquennial, quinquennium, quinquepartite, quinquevalent
quint- fifth Latin quintus biquintile, quint, quinta, quintal, quintan, quintant, quintary, quinte, quintessence, quintessential, quintic, quintile, quintipara, quintus, semiquintile
quot- how many, how great Latin quotiens quota, quotient, subquotient
Lists of Greek and Latin roots in English beginning with other letters:


Root Meaning in English Origin language Etymology (root origin) English examples
rad-, ras- scrape, shave Latin rādere, rāsus abrade, abrasion, abrasive, corrade, corrasion, erase, erasure, nonabrasive, radula, radular, raduliform, rase, rash, rasorial, raster, rasure, subradular
radi- beam, spoke Latin radius, radiāre radiance, radiation
radic- root Latin rādix, rādīcis eradicate, radical, radix
ram- branch Latin rāmus ramification, rammel, ramose, ramous, ramulose, ramulous
ran- frog Latin rāna Rana
ranc- rancidness, grudge, bitterness Latin rancere rancid, rancor
rap- rob, seize Latin rapere, raptus arreption, arreptitious, enrapt, enrapture, rapacious, rapacity, rape, rapid, rapidity, rapine, rapt, raptio, raptor, raptorial, rapture, rapturous, raptus, ravenous, ravine, ravish, subreption, subreptitious, surreptitious
rap- turnip Latin rāpum rapeseed
raph-[120] sew, seam Greek ῥάπτειν (rháptein), ῤαφή (raphḗ) raphae, raphe
rar- rare Latin rārus rarity
rauc- harsh, hoarse Latin raucus raucous
re-, red- again, back Latin re- recede, redact
rect-, reg-, -rig- straight, direct Latin regere "to direct, lead straight, guide", related rectus "straight, right" correct, direct, dirigible, erect, erection, ergo, rectangle, rectify, rectitude, rectum, regent, regime, regimen, regiment, region, surge
reg-, rex- king Latin rex (genitive regis) regal, regency, regicide, Regis, regulation, reign, rex, royal
regul- rule Latin rēgula "to rule" regular, regulate, regulation, rule
rem- oar Latin rēmus bireme, trireme
ren- kidney Latin rēnēs renal
rep-, rept- crawl, creep Latin rēpere, reptus reptile
resid- left behind Latin residere "remain behind" (see also sedere) reside, residence, resident, residual, residue
ret- net Latin rēte reticle, retina
retro- backward, behind Latin retrō retrograde, retrospective, retrovirus
rhabd-[121] rod Greek ῥάβδος (rhábdos) Rhabdodon, rhabdoid, rhabdom, rhabdomancy, rhabdomyolysis, rhabdomyosarcoma
rhach-, rach- [122] spine Greek ῥάχις, ῥάχεως (rhákhis, rhákheōs) rachipagus, rachis, rachischisis, rhachiodont, rhachis
rhag-, rheg-[123] rend, tear Greek ῥηγνύναι (rhēgnúnai), ῥαγίζω, ῥῆξις (rhêxis), ῥῆγμα (rhêgma) bronchorrhagia, hemorrhage, menorrhagia, regma, rhagades, rhegma, rhegmatogenous, rhexis
rhe-[124] flow Greek ῥεῖν (rheîn), ῥυτός (rhutós), ῥύσις (rhúsis), ῥεῦμα (rheûma), ῥοία (rhoía), ῥυθμός (rhuthmós) antiarrhythmic, arrhythmia, arrhythmic, diarrhoea, dysrhythmia, endorheic, eurhythmia, eurhythmic, eurhythmy, gonorrhoea, hemorrhea, logorrhea, polyrhythm, rheology, rheometer, rheostat, rheum, rheumatic, rheumatism, rheumatoid, rheumatology, rhythm, rhythmic, rhyton
rhetin-[125] resin Greek ῥητίνη (rhētínē), ῥητινώδης, ῥητινόω retinite
rhig-[126] chill Greek ῥῖγος (rhîgos) rhigosaurus
rhin-[127] nose, snout Greek ῥίς, ῥινός (rhís, rhinós) catarrhine, haplorhine, platyrrhine, rhinoceros, rhinophyma, rhinoplasty, strepsirrhine
rhiz-[128] root Greek ῥίζα (rhíza), ῥιζοῦν (rhizoûn), ῥίζωμα (rhízōma) ectomycorrhiza, rhizoid, rhizomatous, rhizome, rhizomorph, rhizomorphous, rhizophagous, rhizophagy, Rhizopogon, Rhizopus, rhizosphere
rho-[129] R, r Greek Ρ, ρ, ῥῶ (rhô) rho, rhotacism, rhotacize, rhotic
rhod-[130] rose Greek ῥόδον (rhódon) rhododendron, rhodophyte, rhodopsin, rhodophobia
rhomb- spinning top Greek ῥόμβος (rhómbos) orthorhombic, rhomb, rhombic, rhomboid, rhombus, rhumb
rhynch-[131] snout Greek ῥύγχος (rhúnkhos) Oncorhynchus, Rhynchobatus, rhynchophore
rid-, ris- laugh Latin ridere "to laugh" (past participle risus) deride, derision, ridicule, ridiculous, risible
robor- oak, strength Latin rōborāre "to strengthen", from rōbur, rōbus "strength" corroborant, corroborate, corroboration, corroborative, corroborator, robust
rod-, ros- gnaw Latin rōdere, rōsus corrode, erosion, rodent
rog- ask Latin rogāre abrogate, arrogant, arrogate, derogate, derogation, derogatory, interrogation, prerogative, prorogue, rogation, rogue, surrogate
rostr- beak, prow Latin rōstrum brevirostrate, curvirostral, lamellirostral, rostellate, rostelliform, rostellum, rostral, rostrate, rostriform, rostrulum, rostrum
rot- wheel Latin rota, rotāre arrondissement, circumrotation, contrarotation, control, controller, decontrol, enroll, enrollee, enrollment, irrotational, multirole, multiroll, redondilla, reenroll, rodeo, role, roll, rondeau, rondel, rondelle, rondo, rotary, rotate, rotation, rotational, rotator, rotatory, rotavirus, rotelle, rotifer, Rotifera, rotiferous, rotiform, rotula, rotund, rotunda, rotundifolious, rotundity, roulette, round, roundel, roundelay, roundlet, rowel, semiround
ruber-, rubr- red Latin ruber erubescence, erubescent, rubella, Rubio, rubious, rubric, rubricate, rubrication, rubricator, ruby
rudi- unskilled, rough, unlearned Latin rudis erudite, erudition, rude, rudiment, rudimentary, rudity
rug- wrinkle Latin rūga, rugare corrugant, corrugate, corrugation, erugate, rugose
rumin- throat Latin rūmen, rūminis rumen, rumenic acid, ruminal, ruminant, ruminate, rumination, ruminator
rump-, rupt- break, burst Latin rumpere, ruptus abrupt, abruption, corrupt, corruptible, corruption, corruptor, disrupt, disruption, disruptive, disruptor, disrupture, erumpent, erupt, eruption, eruptive, incorrupt, incorruptibility, incorruptible, interrupt, interruptible, interruption, irrupt, irruption, irruptive, maleruption, noneruptive, reroute, rout, route, routine, rupture, subroutine, supereruption
rur- countryside, farm Latin rūs, rūris nonrural, roister, roisterous, rural, rustic, rusticate, rustication, rusticity
Lists of Greek and Latin roots in English beginning with other letters:


Root Meaning in English Origin language Etymology (root origin) English examples
sacc-[132] bag Greek σάκκος (sákkos) sack
sacchar-[133] sugar Greek σάκχαρ, σάκχαρον (sákkharon) disaccharide, heteropolysaccharide, homopolysaccharide, lipooligosaccharide, lipopolysaccharide, monosaccharide, oligosaccharide, pentasaccharide, polysaccharide, saccharin, trisaccharide
sacr-, -secr- sacred Latin sacrare, from sacer (genitive sacri) consecrate, desecrate, sacrament, sacred, sacrosanct
sagac- wise Latin sagax, sagacis sagacious, sagacity
sagitt- arrow Latin sagitta sagittal plane, Sagittaria
sal- salt Latin sal, salis, salere, salarium salary, salinity
sali-, -sili-, salt- jump Latin salire, saltus assail, assailable, assailant, assailment, assault, assaultive, consilience, desultory, dissilience, dissilient, exult, exultant, exultation, insult, insultation, irresilient, resile, resilement, resilience, resiliency, resilient, result, resultant, salacious, salacity, salience, salient, sally, saltando, saltant, saltation, saltatorial, saltatory, saltigrade, saltire, salto, saltus, sault, sauté, sauteuse, sautille, sautoir, somersault, soubresaut, subsultory, transilience, transilient
salic- willow Latin salix, salicis salicin
salping-[134] trumpet Greek σάλπιγξ, σάλπιγγος (sálpinx, sálpingos) endosalpingiosis, hysterosalpingography, salpiglossis, salpinx
salu- health, welfare Latin salus salubrious, salubrity, salutary, salute
salv- save Latin salvus, salvare salvage, salvation, salve
san- healthy Latin sanus insane, insanity, sanatorium, sane, sanitarian, sanitarium, sanitary, sanitation, sanity
sanc- holy Latin sancire (past participle sanctus) sacrosanct, saint, sanctify, sanction, sanctuary
sanguin- blood Latin sanguis, sanguinis consanguinity, sanguinary, sanguine
sapi-, -sipi- taste, wise Latin sapere "to have a taste, be wise", related to sapor "taste, flavor" insipid, insipience, sapient
sapon- soap Latin sapo, saponis saponification
sapphir-[135] a precious stone Greek from Hebrew σάπφειρος (sáppheiros) sapphire, sapphirine
sapr-[136] rotten Greek σήπειν, σαπρός (saprós), σαπρότης sapraemia, saprogenic, saprophagous, saprophyte, saprotrophic
sarc-[137] flesh Greek σάρξ, σαρκός (sárx, sarkós) perisarc, sarcasm, sarcastic, sarcocele, sarcoid, sarcoidosis, sarcoma, sarcophagus, Sarcopterygii, sarcosine, sarcosinemia, sarcosome
sarc- tailor Latin sartor "tailor", from sarcire "to mend" consarcination, sartor, sartorial, sartorius
sati- enough Latin satis asset, sate, satiate, satiety, satisfy, saturate
saur-[138] lizard, reptile Greek σαύρα (saúra), σαῦρος (saûros) dinosaur, Saurischia, sauropod
sax- rock Latin saxum saxatile, saxicavous, saxicoline, saxifrage, saxifragous
scab- scratch Latin scabere scabies
scal- ladder, stairs Latin scala scalar, scale
scalen-[139] uneven Greek σκαληνός (skalēnós) scalene, scalene muscles, scalene triangle, scalenohedron
scand-, -scend-, scans-, -scens- climb Latin scandere ascend, ascendency, ascendent, ascension, ascent, condescend, condescendence, condescension, descend, descendent, descension, descent, scansion, transcend, transcendence, transcendent, transcendental
scandal- snare Greek σκάνδαλον (skándalon), σκανδαλίζω (skandalízō) scandal, scandalize
scap-[140] shaft Greek σκᾶπος (skâpos) scape, scapus
scaph- anything hollow, bowl, ship Greek σκάφη, σκάφος Scaphirhynchus, scaphoid bone, scaphopod
scat-[141] dung Greek σκῶρ, σκατός (skôr, skatós) scatemia, scatology, scatoma, scatomancy, scatophagy, scatoscopy
sced-[142] scatter Greek σκεδαννύναι (skedannúnai), σκέδασις (skédasis), (skedastós), (skedastikós) heteroscedastic, homoscedastic
scel-[143] leg, thigh Greek σκέλος, σκέλεος (skéleos) isosceles, triskele, triskelion
scen-[144] booth, tent Greek σκηνή (skēnḗ) parascenium, proscenium, scene, scenic, scenography
scept-, scop- look at, examine, view, observe Greek σκέπτεσθαι (sképtesthai), σκέψις (sképsis), σκέμμα, σκεπτικός (skeptikós), σκοπεῖν (skopeîn), σκοπός, σκοποῦ (skopós) Abroscopus, diascopic, diascopy, endoscope, endoscopic, endoscopy, epidiascope, episcope, episcopic, gastroscopy, kaleidoscope, macroscopic, microscope, microscopic, panendoscopy, periscope, periscopic, scope, scopophobia, skeptic, stereoscopic, stereoscopy, stethoscope, telescope, telescopic, Telescopium
schem- plan Greek σχῆμα (skhêma) schema, schematic, schematism, schematize, scheme
schid-[145] (ΣΧΙΔ)[146] split Greek σχίζειν (skhízein), σχιστός (skhistós), σχίσις (skhísis), σχίσμα (skhísma), σχίζα diaschisis, diaschisma, schisis, schism, schisma, schismatic, schizocarp, schizogamy, schizogony, schizoid, schizophrenia, schizotrichia
sci-[147] shade, shadow Greek σκιά (skiá), σκιάς sciamachy, sciaphobia
sci- know Latin scire conscience, conscious, conscientious, omniscious, omniscient, prescient, science, scienter
scind-, sciss- split Latin scindere rescind, scissors
scler-[148] hard Greek σκέλλειν (skéllein), σκληρός (sklērós), σκληρότης (sklērótēs) sclera, sclerectomy, scleredema, sclereid, sclerema, sclerenchyma, sclerite, scleritis, scleroderma, sclerophyll, sclerophyllous, sclerosis, sclerotic, sclerotium, sclerotize
scolec-[149] worm Greek σκώληξ, σκώληκος (skṓlēx, skṓlēkos) scolex
scoli-[150] crooked Greek σκολιός (skoliós), σκολιότης scoliokyphosis, scoliosis
scombr-[151] mackerel Greek σκόμβρος (skómbros) scombrid, scombroid
scop- Greek
scot-[152] darkness Greek σκότος, σκότου, σκοταῖος scotobiology, scotochromogen, scotogenic, scotograph, scotoma, scotoperiod, scotophase, scotophilia, scotophilic, scotophobe, scotophobia, scotophobic, scotophobotaxis, scotopic, scotoscope, scotosis, scototactic, scototaxis, scototherapy
scrib-, script- write Latin scribere, scriptus describe, inscribe, manuscript, prescribe, scribble, scribe, script, scripture, subscribe
scrupl- uneasiness Latin scrupus "sharp stone" scruple, scrupulous, unscrupulous
sculp- carve Latin sculpere, sculptus insculp, resculpt, sculp, sculpsit, sculpt, sculptile, sculptor, sculptress, sculptural, sculpture
scut- shield Latin scutum scute
scyph-[153] cup Greek σκύφος (skúphos) scyphoid, Scyphozoa, scyphus
se-, sed- away, apart Latin se secede, sedition, seditious, seduce
seb- tallow Latin sebum sebaceous, sebum
sec-, sect-, seg- cut Latin secare secant, section, segment
sed- settle, calm Latin sedare, sedatus sedative
sed-, -sid-, sess- sit Latin sedere, sessus assiduous, insidious, obsession, possess, preside, president, reside, resident, sedentary, sediment, sedimentary, sedulity, sedulous, session, subside, supersede
sedec- sixteen Latin sedecim sedecimal
seget- in cornfields Latin segetum
sei-[154] shake Greek σείειν (seíein),
σεισμός (seismós), σεῖστρον (seîstron)
aseismic, microseism, microseismic, paleoseismology, seism, seismic, seismogram, seismograph, seismology, seismometer, seismonasty, sistrum, teleseism, teleseismic
selen- moon Greek σελήνη (selḗnē) paraselene, selaphobia, Selene, selenium, selenocentric, selenography, selenology
sell- saddle, seat Latin sella sella turcica
sema- sign Greek σῆμα (sêma) aposematic, asemasia, asemia, asemic, pentaseme, polyseme, polysemic, polysemous, polysemy, semantics, semaphore, semasiology, sematic, seme, sememe, semiotic, tetraseme, triseme
semi- half Latin semis semiannual, semicolon, semiconductor, semiconscious, semifinal, seminatural
semin- seed Latin semen, seminis insemination
sen- old man Latin senex, senis senator, senescent, senile, senility, senior
sen- six each Latin seni senary
sent-, sens- feel Latin sentire, sensus assent, consensus, consent, dissent, resent, scent, sensation, sense, sensible, sensitive, sensory, sentence, sentient, sentience, sentiment
sep- [155] rot Greek σήψ (sḗps),
σήπειν (sḗpein), σηπτός (sēptós), σηπτικός (sēptikós), σῆψις (sêpsis),
σηπία (sēpía)
antisepsis, antiseptic, asepsis, aseptic, sepia, sepsis, septic
sept- fence, partition, enclosure Latin saeptum transept
sept- seven Latin septem septennial
septen- seven each Latin septeni septenary
septim- seventh Latin septimus septimal, septime
septuagen- seventy each Latin septuageni septuagenary
septuagesim- seventieth Latin septuagesimus septuagesima, septuagesimal
septuagint- seventy Latin septuaginta Septuagint
sequ-, secut- follow Latin sequere, from sequi, see also secutus consecutive, consequence, ensue, non sequitur, obsequious, prosecute, pursue, second, sequel, sequence, subsequent
ser-[156] silk Greek σήρ (sḗr), σηρικός sericin, serigraph
ser- sow Latin serere, satus disseminate, dissemination, insemination, postseason, preseason, sation, sative, season, seasonable, seasonal, semen, semenuria, seminal, seminar, seminarian, seminary, semination, seminiferous
ser- attach, join Latin serere, sertus assert, assertion, assertive, curviserial, desert, desertion, desertrix, dissert, dissertation, dissertator, exert, exertion, insert, insertion, multiseriate, reassert, reassertion, rectiserial, semidesert, serial, seriate, seriatim, series, sermon, uniseriate
ser- whey Latin serum serac, serosa, serous, subserous
ser- late Latin sērus serein, serotine, serotinous, serotiny, soiree
serp- crawl, creep Latin serpere, serptus serpent
serr- saw, saw-toothed Latin serra, serrare biserrate, serrate, serration, serrature, serriform, serrulate, sierra, sierran
serv- save, protect, serve Latin servare conserve, deserve, observe, preserve, reserve, servant, service, servile, servitude, subservient
sesqui- one and a half Latin sesqui sesquialteral, sesquicentennial, sesquipedal, sesquiplicate, sesquitertian
set- bristle, hair Latin saeta seta, setose
sever- stern, strict, serious Latin severus asseverate, asseveration, perseverance, perseverant, perseverate, perseveration, perseverative, persevere, severe, severity
sex- sexual Latin sexus sexual, sexuality, sex, Sexual Intercourse (abbr. "sex)
sex-, se- six Latin sex semester, sexangle, sexangular, sexavalent, sexennial, sexennium, sexireme, sexivalent, sexpartite, sexradiate, sextain
sexagen- sixty each Latin sexageni sexagenarian, sexagenary
sexagesim- sixtieth Latin sexagesimus Sexagesima, sexagesimal
sext- sixth Latin sextus bissextile, bissextus, semisextile, sestet, sestina, Sext, sextain, sextan, sextans, sextant, sextary, sextic, sextile, sextillion, siesta, sixte
sibil- hiss Latin sibilus, sibilare sibilance
sicc- dry Latin siccare "to dry", from siccus "dry, thirsty" desiccate, desiccation, sec, siccative
sicy- cucumber Greek σίκυος (síkuos) Sicyos
sider- iron Greek σίδηρος (sídēros), σιδήρεος siderodromophobia, siderophile
sider- star Latin sidus, sideris sidereal
sigm-[157] S, s Greek σίγμα, σῖγμα (sîgma) sigma, sigmatism, sigmatropic, sigmoid, sigmoidoscopy
sign- sign Latin signum design, designate, insignia, signal, signature, significant
sil- quiet or still Latin silere silence
silv-, sylv- forest Latin silva, sylva silviculture, sylvan, sylvatic
simi- ape, monkey Latin simia simian
simil-, simul- likeness, imitating Latin simulare "to emulate", from similis "alike" assimilate, dissimilate, dissemble, ensemble, resemble, semblance, similar, similarity, simile, similitude, simulacrum, simular, simulate, simulation, simulator, simultaneous, verisimilar, verisimilitude
sinap-[158] mustard Greek σίναπι (sínapi), (sināpízein), (sināpismós) sinapine, sinapism
singul- one each Latin singulus singular
sinistr- left Latin sinister, sinistri sinistral
sin- China, chinese Latin Sina sinology, Sinanthropus
sinu- (to draw) a line Latin sinuare insinuate
sinus- hollow, bay Latin sinus sinusoidal
siop-[159] silence Greek σιωπή (siōpḗ), σιωπᾶν (siōpân), σιωπητέος (siōpētéos), σιώπησις (siṓpēsis) aposiopesis, aposiopetic
siph-[160] tube Greek σίφων (síphōn) siphon, siphonoglyph
sist- cause to stand Latin sistere assist, consist, desist, exist, insist, persist, resist, solstice, subsist
sit-[161] food, grain, wheat Greek σῖτος, σίτου (sîtos, sítou) ectoparasite, endoparasite, endoparasitoid, epiparasite, hyperparasitism, kleptoparasitism, mesoparasite, parasite, parasitic, parasitism, parasitoid, sitology, syssitia
siz-[162] hiss Greek σίζω, σίξις (síxis)
smaragd-[163] emerald Greek σμάραγδος (smáragdos), σμαράγδινος (smarágdinos) smaragdine
smil-[164] carving knife Greek σμίλη (smílē), σμιλεύω, σμιλευτός, σμίλευμα smilodon
soci- group Latin socius, sociare associate, association, associative, consociate, consociation, consociational, disassociate, disassociation, dissociable, dissocial, dissociate, dissociation, dissociative, interassociation, nonassociative, sociability, sociable, social, sociality, societal, society
sol- sun Latin sol, solis circumsolar, extrasolar, insolate, insolation, solar, solarium, soliform, soliscence, solstice, subsolar
sol- comfort, soothe Latin solari consolation, console, solace
sol- alone, only Latin solus desolate, desolation, desolatory, saudade, sole, soliloquy, solitaire, solitary, solitude, solitudinarian, solitudinous, solivagous, solo, sullen
sole- accustomed Latin solere "be accustomed" insolence, insolent, obsolescence, obsolescent, obsolete
solen-[165] channel, pipe Greek σωλήν (sōlḗn) solenocyte, solenodon, solenogaster, solenoid, Solenopsis
solv-, solut- loosen, set free Latin solvere, solutus absolute, absolve, dissolute, dissolve, resolute, resolve, soluble, solute, solution, solve, solvent
soma-[166] body Greek σῶμα, σώματος (sôma, sṓmatos) allosome, asomatous, autosome, centrosome, chromosome, decasomy, disomic, disomy, episome, gonosome, heptasomy, heterochromosome, heterodisomic, heterodisomy, hexasomy, isodisomic, isodisomy, macrosomia, metasomatic, metasomatism, microsome, microsomia, monosome, monosomic, monosomy, pentasomic, pentasomy, plasmosome, polysomic, polysomy, pyrosome, somatic, somatomancy, somatoparaphrenia, somatopleure, somatotype, somite, tetrasomic, tetrasomy, trisomic, trisomy
somn- sleep Latin somnus insomnia, somnambulist, somnifacient, somniferous, somnific, somniloquy, somnolent
somni- dream Latin somnium somnial
son- sound Latin sonus absonant, ambisonic, assonance, assonant, assonate, consonance, consonant, consonous, dissonance, dissonant, inconsonance, inconsonant, infrasonic, infrasound, magnisonant, resonance, resonant, resonate, resound, sonance, sonant, sonata, sondage, sonnet, sonorant, sonority, soun, sound, subsonic, supersonic, triconsonantal, ultrasonic, ultrasound
soph-[167] wise Greek σοφός (sophós), σοφία (sophía), σόφισμα (sóphisma), σοφισμός (sophismós) antisophism, pansophism, pansophist, pansophy, philosophize, philosophy, sophism, sophist, sophistry, sophisticate, Sophocles, sophomania, sophomaniac, sophomore, sophomoric
sopor- deep sleep Latin sopor sopor, soporific
sorb-, sorpt- suck Latin sorbere absorb, absorbency, absorbent, absorption, absorptive, absorptivity, adsorb, adsorbent, adsorption, exsorption, insorption, malabsorption, resorb, resorption, resorptive, sorbent, sorbile, sorbition, sorption
sord- dirt Latin sordere, sordes sordes, sordid
soror- sister Latin soror cousin, sororal, sororate, sororicide, sorority
spa-[168] draw, pull Greek σπᾶν (spân), σπάσις (spásis), σπασμός (spasmós), σπάσμα (spásma), σπαστικός (spastikós), σπώμενον (spṓmenon), σπάδιξ (spádix), σπαδίζω antispasmodic, palinspastic, perispomenon, properispomenon, spadix, spasm, spasmatic, spasmodic, spasmogenic, spasmolytic, spastic, spasticity
spad-[169] eunuch Greek σπάδος (spádos), σπάδων (spádōn), σπαδοειδής epispadias, hypospadias
sparg-, -sperg-, spars-, -spers- scatter, sprinkle Latin spargere asperse, aspersion, aspersive, dispersal, disperse, dispersion, dispersive, insperse, inspersion, interspersal, intersperse, interspersion, nonaspersion, nondispersive, nonsparse, sparge, spargefaction, sparse, sparsity
spath- blade Greek σπάθη (spáthē) spade, spatha, spathe, spay
spati- space Latin spatium interspace, interspatial, space, spatial, spatiate, subspace
spec-, -spic-, spect- look Latin perspicuus, specere, spectare, speculari aspect, aspectual, auspicate, auspice, auspicious, biaspectual, bispecific, bispecificity, circumspect, circumspection, circumspective, conspecific, conspecificity, conspectus, conspicuous, despection, despicable, despiciency, despise, despite, disrespect, disrespectable, especial, expect, expectancy, expectant, expectation, inauspicious, incircumspect, inconspicuous, infraspecific, inspect, inspection, inspector, inspeximus, interspecies, interspecific, intraspecies, intraspecific, introspection, introspective, irrespective, multispecific, multispecificity, multispectral, nonspecific, perspective, perspicacious, perspicuity, perspicuous, prospect, prospective, prospector, prospectus, prospicience, prospicient, reinspect, respect, respectability, respectable, respectant, respective, respite, retrospection, retrospective, special, speciality, speciation, specie, species, specific, specification, specificity, specimen, speciosity, specious, spectacle, spectacular, spectacularity, spectant, spectation, spectator, spectatorial, spectral, spectre, spectrum, specular, speculate, speculation, speculative, speculator, speculatory, speculum, spice, spite, subspeciality, subspecies, suspect, suspicion, suspicious, transpicuous, trispecific, unispecific
speir-, spor-[170] sow Greek σπείρω (speírō), σπαρτός, σπορά, σποράς, σποράδος (sporás, sporádos), σποραδικός (sporadikós), σπόρος (spóros) aplanospore, archesporium, carpospore, chlamydospore, diaspora, diaspore, endospore, esparto, eusporangium, exospore, heterosporous, heterospory, homosporous, isosporous, leptosporangium, megasporangium, megaspore, microsporangium, microspore, mitospore, sporadic, sporangiospore, sporangium, spore, sporocarp, sporophyte, teliospore, tetraspore, tetrasporophytic, zygospore
spele- cavern Greek σπέος (spéos), σπήλαιον (spḗlaion) speleogen, speleogenesis, speleology, Speleomantes, speleomorphology, speleoseismite, speleothem, speleotherapy
spelyng-[171] cave Greek σπῆλυγξ, (spêlynx, spēlyng-) spelunk
spend-, spond-[172] Greek σπένδειν (spéndein), σπονδή, σπονδάς (spondḗ, spondás), σπονδεῖος, σπονδικός spondaic, Sponde, spondee
sper- hope Latin spes, sperare despair, desperado, desperate, desperation, esperance, prosper, prosperity, prosperous
sperm-[173] seed Greek σπέρμα, σπέρματος (spérma, spérmatos) angiosperm, endosperm, gymnosperm, perisperm, sperm, spermatid, spermatocyte, spermatogenesis, spermatogonium, spermatozoon, stenospermocarpy
sphal-[174] (ΣΦΑΛ[175]) cause to fall Greek σφάλλειν (sphállein), σφαλερός (sphalerós), σφαλλόμενον sphalerite, sphaleron
sphen-[176] wedge Greek σφήν, σφηνός (sphḗn, sphēnós) sphenic, Sphenodon, sphenoid
spher-[177] ball Greek σφαῖρα (sphaîra) aspheric, hemisphere, hypersphere, mesosphere, pseudosphere, sphere, spherics, spheroid, spherometer, spherulite, stratosphere, trimetasphere
sphing-, sphinct- strangle Greek σφίγγειν (sphíngein), Σφίγξ sphings, σφιγκτήρ sphincter
sphondyl- vertebra Greek σφόνδυλος, σφονδύλου (sphóndulos, sphondúlou) spondylitis, spondylolisthesis, spondylolysis, spondylosis, Temnospondyli
sphrag- seal Greek σφραγίς (sphragís), (sphragistikós), σφραγίζω sphragistic
sphyg- pulse Greek σφύζειν (sphúzein), σφυγμός (sphugmós), (sphugmikós), (sphúxis) asphyxia, sphygmic, sphygmochronograph, sphygmograph, sphygmomanometer, sphygmus
spic- spike Latin spica spica, spicate, spicose, spicosity, spicular, spiculate, spicule, spiculiform
spin- thorn Latin spina infraspinate, infraspinatus, interspinal, spinal, spine, spinel, spinescent, spiniferous, spiniform, spinose, spinous
spir- breathe Latin spirare aspire, conspire, expire, inspire, perspire, respiration, spirit
splen- spleen Greek σπλήν (splḗn), splēnikós asplenia, hypersplenism, hyposplenia, polysplenia, splenectomy, splenic, splenitis, splenoid, splenomegaly
spond- Greek
spond-, spons- a surety, guarantee; give assurance, promise solemnly Latin spondere, sponsus correspond, correspondence, correspondent, corresponsive, cosponsor, despond, despondency, despondent, desponsage, desponsate, desponsation, disespouse, espousage, espousal, espouse, interspousal, irresponsibility, irresponsible, irresponsive, nonresponsive, respond, respondee, respondence, respondent, response, responsibility, responsible, responsion, responsive, responsivity, riposte, sponsal, sponsion, sponsional, sponsor, spousal, spouse
spondyl- vertebra Greek σπόνδυλος (spóndulos) platyspondyly, spondylid, spondylolisthesis, spondylolysis, spondylopyosis, spondyloschisis, spondylosis, spondylosyndesis, Spondylus
spor- Greek
spu-, sput- spew, spit Latin spuere exspuition, sputum
squal- scaly, dirty, filthy Latin squalere squalid, squalidity, squalor
squam- scale Latin squama squamous
squarros- spreading at tips Latin squarrosus squarrose
st- (ΣΤΑ) cause to stand Greek ἵστημι histēmi, histánai, στατικός, στάσις, στατήρ, στήλη acrostatic, actinostele, anastasis, antistatic, apostasy, apostate, astasia, astasis, astatic, astatine, catastasis, chronostasis, diastase, diastasis, diastatic, diasystem, ecstasy, ecstatic, epistasis, episteme, epistemic, epistemology, eustasis, eustatic, eustele, haplostele, homeostasis, homeostatic, hydrostatic, hypostasis, hypostasize, hypostatic, hypostatize, mesostatic, metastasis, metastasize, metastatic, metasystem, orthostates, orthostatic, protostele, stasimon, stasis, stater, static, statoblast, statocyst, statolith, stela, stele, systasis, system, systematic, systematize, systematology, systemic, teleutostatic
st- stand Latin stare "to stand", also causative form statuere "to enact, set", from status "condition, position" antestature, arrest, arrestant, arrestee, bistability, bistable, bistate, circumstance, circumstantial, consist, constable, constabulary, constancy, constant, constitute, consubstantiation, contrast, distance, distant, equidistance, equidistant, establish, estate, extant, inconstancy, inconstant, instability, instance, instant, obstacle, presto, stable, stamen, stamina, stance, stanchion, stanza, state, station, stationary, statistic, statue, status, staunch, stay, substance, substantial, substantiality, substantiate, substantiation, substantive, substate, substation, substitute, superstation, superstition, superstitious, transubstantiate, transubstantiation, tristate
stagn- pool of standing water Latin stagnare stagnant
stala- dripping, trickling Greek σταλακτός (stalaktós) and σταλαγμός (stalagmós), both from σταλάζειν (stalázein) "to drip" stalactite, stalagmite
stann- tin Latin stannum stannous
staphyl-[178] bunch of grapes Greek σταφυλή (staphulḗ) staphyledema, staphylion, staphylococcus, staphyloderma, staphyloplasty
statu-, -stitu- stand Latin statuere institution, statute
steat-[179] fat, tallow Greek στέαρ, στέατος (stéar, stéatos) stearic acid, steatolysis, steatolytic, steatosis
steg-[180] cover Greek στέγειν, στέγη (stégē), στεγανός (steganós) steganography, steganopod, Stegosaurus
stell-, stol-[181] send Greek στέλλω (stéllō), στάλσις (stálsis), στολή (stolḗ) apostle, centrostaltic, diastole, epistle, epistolic, epistolize, epistolography, eusystole, hypodiastole, peristalsis, peristaltic, peristole, stole, systaltic, systole
stell- star Latin stella constellate, constellation, stellar
sten- stand Greek στεναί (stenaí) apostasy, apostate
sten-[182] narrow Greek στενός (stenós) stenography, stenosis
stere-[183] solid Greek στερεός (stereós) allosteric, stereochemistry, stereochromy, stereographic, stereography, stereoisomer, stereometry, stereophonic, stereopsis, stereoscope, stereoscopy, stereotaxis, stereotomy, stereotype, stereotypic, steric
stern-[184] breastbone Greek στέρνον (stérnon) metasternum, prosternum, sternum
stern-, strat- spread, strew Latin sternere, stratus consternation, prostrate, stratify, stratum, stratus, street
steth-[185] chest Greek στῆθος (stêthos) stethoscope
sthen-[186] strength Greek σθένος (sthénos) asthenia, asthenosphere, callisthenics, hyposthenia, sthène, sthenia
stich-[187] line, row Greek στείχειν (steíkhein), στίχος (stíkhos) acrostic, cadastre, distich, distichous, haplostichous, hemistich, heptastich, monostich, monostichous, orthostichy, pentastich, polystichia, polystichous, stich, stichic, stichomancy, stichometry, stichomythia, telestich
stich-[188] tunic Greek στίχη (stíkhē), στιχάριον (stikhárion) sticharion
stig-[189] mark, puncture Greek στίζειν (stízein), στίξις (stíxis), στίγμα, στίγματος (stígma, stígmatos) anastigmat, anastigmatic, astigmatic, astigmatism, stigma, stigmata, stigmatic
still- drip Latin stilla, stillare distillation, instill
stimul- goad, rouse, excite Latin stimulus stimulate
stin- stand Latin stinare destination, obstinate
stingu-, stinct- apart Latin stinguere distinction, distinguish
stoch-[190] aim Greek στόχος (stókhos), στοχαστικός (stokhastikós), στόχασμα stochastic
stom- mouth Greek στόμα, στόματος (stóma, stómatos) anastomosis, anastomotic, deuterostome, monostomous, ozostomia, pentastomid, protostome, stoma, stomach, stomatalgia, stomatic, stomatoplasty, -stome
stor-[191] (ΣΤΟΡ)[192] spread, strew Greek στορέννυμι (storénnumi), στόρνυμι, στρῶμα (strôma) biostrome, stroma
strat- army Greek στρατός (stratós), στρατηγία (stratēgía) stratagem, strategic, strategist, strategus, strategy, stratocracy, stratography, stratonic
streper- noise Latin strepere obstreperous
streph-, stroph-, strob-, stromb-[193] turn Greek στρέφειν (stréphein), στρεπτός (streptós), στροφή (strophḗ) anastrophe, antistrophe, apostrophe, boustrophedon, catastrophe, catastrophic, catastrophism, epistrophe, monostrophe, monostrophic, strophe, strophic
strept- twisted Greek στρέφειν, στρεπτός (streptós), στρεψίς (strepsís) Strepsiptera, strepsirrhine, streptococcus
strig- compress Latin strix, strigis strigogyps
strigos- having stiff bristles Latin strigosus from striga strigose
string-, strict- tight, upright, stiff Latin stringere, strictus astringent, constrain, constrict, constringe, restrict, strain, strict, stringent
stroph- turn Greek
stru-, struct- to make up, build Latin struere, structus construct, construction, construe, destroy, destruct, instruct, obstruct, structure
stud- dedication Latin studere étude, student
stup- wonder Latin stupere stupid, stupor
styg-[194] Styx Greek Στύξ, Στυγός (Stúx, Stugós), Στύγιος Stygian, stygiophobia
styl-[195] column, pillar Greek στῦλος (stûlos), στυλόω (stulóō) amphiprostyle, amphistyly, anastylosis, araeostyle, araeosystyle, blastostyle, diastyle, epistyle, eustyle, hexastyle, hyostyly, hypostyle, monostylous, octastyle, orthostyle, peristyle, prostyle, pycnostyle, stylite, Stylites, stylobate, styloid, stylus, systyle
su-, sut- sew Latin suere, sutus couture, suture
suad-, suas- urge Latin suadere, suasus persuasion
suav- sweet Latin suavis assuage, suave, suavity
sub-, su-, suf-, sug-, sup-, sus- below Latin sub submarine, submerge, suffix, suggest, support
subter- under Latin subter subterfuge
sucr- sugar Latin succarum sucrose
sud- sweat Latin sudare exudate, exude, sudarium, sudoriferous, transudate
sui- self Latin sui sui generis, suicide
sulc- furrow Latin sulcus sulcus
sum- sum Latin summare "to sum up", from summa "sum" consummate, consummation, sum, summa cum laude, summary, summation
sum-, sumpt- take Latin sumere, sumptus assume, assumption, consume, consumption, presumption, subsume
super- above, over Latin super insuperable, soprano, sovereign, summit, superable, superb, supercilious, supercomputer, superficial, superfluous, superimpose, superior, superlative, supermarket, supernal, supernatural, supernova, superposition, superpower, superscript, supersede, supersonic, superstition, supervene, supervise, supreme, supremum, surname, surplus, surround, survive
supin- lying back Latin supinus supination, supine
supra- above, over Latin supra supranationalism
surd- deaf Latin surdus absurdity
surg- rise Latin surgere insurgent, insurrection, resurgent, resurrection
sybar-[196] Sybaris Greek Σύβαρις, συβάρεως, Συβαρίτης Sybarī́tēs, Συβαριτικός Sybarite, sybaritic, sybaritism
syc- fig Greek συκῆ, σῦκον (sûkon) sycomancy, sycophant
syn-, sy-, syg-, syl-, sym-, sys-[197] with Greek σύν (sún) syllogism, symbol, symmetry, sympathy, synonym, synchronous, system
syring- pipe Greek σύριγξ, σύριγγος (súrinx, súringos) syringe, Syringodea, Syringoderma, Syringogaster, syringoma, syringomyelia, syrinx
Lists of Greek and Latin roots in English beginning with other letters:


Root Meaning in English Origin language Etymology (root origin) English examples
tac-, -tic- be silent Latin tacere, tacitus reticent, reticence, tacit, taciturn
tach- swift Greek ταχύς (takhús), τάχος (tákhos) tachometer, tachycardia, tachyrhythmia, tachytelic
taeni- ribbon Greek τείνειν (teínein), ταινία (tainía), ταινίδιον (tainídion) diplotene, leptotene, pachytene, taenia, taenidia, taenidium, taeniodont, Taeniolabis, zygotene
tag- (ΤΑΓ)[198] arrange, order Greek τάσσειν (tássein), τακτός (taktós), τακτικός (taktikós), τάξις (táxis), τάγμα (tágma) ataxia, chemotaxis, epitaxis, eutaxy, hypotaxis, magnetotaxis, metasyntactic, parataxis, phonotactic, phonotactics, phototaxis, rheotaxis, syntactic, syntagma, syntagmatic, syntax, tactic, tagma, taxis, taxonomy, thermotaxis
tal- ankle Latin talus talus
tang-, -ting-, tact-, tag- touch Latin tangere (past participle tactus) attain, contact, contagious, contingent, contingency, contiguous, intact, tactile, tangent, tangible
tapet- carpet Latin tapete, tapetis tapestry, tapetum, tapis
tarac- (ΤΑΡΑΧ)[199] stir Greek ταράσσειν (tarássein), ταρακτός, ταρακτικός, τάραγμα, θράσσω ataractic, ataraxia
tard- slow Latin tardus retard, tardigrade, tardy
tars- ankle Greek ταρσός (tarsós, "a flat basket") metatarsus, tarsal, tarsoclasis, tarsometatarsus, tarsus
taur- bull Greek ταῦρος (taûros) Minotaur, taurobolium, taurocholic, tauromachy
taur- bull Latin taurus Taurus
tec- (ΤΑΚ)[200] melt Greek τήκειν eutectic, eutectoid
tec-, toc- (ΤΕΚ)[201] childbirth Greek τίκτειν, τόκος (tókos) ditokous, dystocia, embiotocid, monotocous, teknonymous, teknonymy, tokophobia
techn- (ΤΕΚ)[202] art, skill Greek τίκτειν (tíktein), τέχνη (tékhnē), τέκτων, τέκτονος (téktōn, téktonos), τεκτονικός (tektonikós) architect, polytechnic, techne, technique, technocracy, technocrat, technogaianism, technology, technophilia, technophobia, tectonic
tecn- (ΤΕΚ)[203] child Greek τίκτω, τέκνον, τέκνου (téknon, téknou) teknonymous, teknonymy
teg-, tect- cover Latin tegere, tectus contection, detect, detectable, detection, detective, detector, integument, integumentary, obtect, pretectal, pretectum, protect, protection, protective, protector, protectorate, protectory, protectress, protectrix, protégé, protégée, tectrix, tectum, tegmen, tegmental, tegula, tegular, tegument, tile, tog, toga, togate, togavirus, toggery
tele- far, end Greek τῆλε (têle) telegram, telegraph, telemetry, telepathy, telephone, telescope, television
tele- complete Greek τέλος, τέλεος (télos, téleos), τέλεσις (télesis) atelectasis, ateleiosis, atelophobia, teleology, telesis, toll
tem-, tom- [204]
cut Greek τέμνειν (témnein), τομός (tomós), τόμος (tómos), τομή (tomḗ), τμῆσις (tmêsis) acrotomophilia, anatomy, apotemnophilia, atom, atomic, autotomy, diatom, dichotomous, dichotomy, ectomy, entomology, entomomancy, entomophagous, entomophilous, epitome, monatomic, pentatomic, polyatomic, polytomy, Temnospondyli, tmesis, tome, tomogram, tomography, trichotomous, trichotomy
temn-, tempt-  – Latin temnere contemn, contemnible, contempt, contemptible, contumacious, contumacy, contumelious, contumely
tempor- time Latin tempus, temporis contemporaneous, contemporary, extemporaneous, tempo, temporal, temporary
ten-, ton- [206]
stretch Greek τείνειν (teínein), τεινόμενον, τανύειν (tanúein), τετανός (tetanós), τόνος (tónos), τονικός (tonikós), τονή (tonḗ), τάσις (tásis), ταινία anhemitonic, atelectasis, atonic, atritonic, barytone, catatonia, catatoniac, catatonic, decatonic, diatonic, ditone, dodecatonic, dystonia, ectasia, enneatonic, entasia, entasis, epitasis, hemitonia, hemitonic, heptatonic, hexatonic, hyperisotonic, hypertonia, hypertonic, hypotenuse, hypotonia, hypotonic, isotonic, microtone, monotone, monotonic, monotonous, monotony, neoteny, octatonic, oxytone, paroxytone, pentatonic, peritoneum, polytonic, proparoxytone, protasis, pyelectasis, syntonic, tetanolysin, tetanospasmin, tetanus, tetany, tetratonic, tone, tonic, tonoplast, tritonic, tune
ten-, -tin-, tent- hold, keep Latin tenere, tentus abstain, abstention, abstinence, abstinent, appertain, appertinent, appurtenance, appurtenant, contain, containment, content, contentive, contentment, continence, continent, continental, continual, continuance, continuant, continuation, continuative, continue, continuity, continuous, continuum, contratenor, countenance, detain, detainder, detainee, detainer, detainment, detention, detinue, discontent, discontentment, discontinuance, discontinuation, discontinue, discontinuity, discontinuous, entertain, entertainment, equicontinuity, equicontinuous, impertinence, impertinent, incontinence, incontinent, intenible, intercontinental, irretentive, lieutenant, maintain, maintenance, malcontent, obtain, obtainment, obtention, pertain, pertinacious, pertinacity, pertinence, pertinent, purtenance, reobtain, retain, retainer, retainment, retention, retentive, retinue, se-tenant, sustenance, sustentacular, sustentaculum, sustentation, sustention, tenable, tenace, tenacious, tenacity, tenancy, tenant, tenet, tenor, tenure, tenurial, tenuto, transcontinental
tend-, tens- stretch, strain Latin tendere (past participle tensus) ambitendency, attempt, attend, attendee, attent, attention, attentive, coextend, coextension, coextensive, contend, contention, contentious, detent, détente, distend, distension, distent, distention, entendre, entente, extend, extensible, extension, extensional, extensionality, extensive, extensivity, extensor, extent, inattention, inattentive, inextensible, intend, intense, intensification, intension, intensional, intensity, intensive, intent, obtend, obtension, ostensible, ostension, ostensive, ostensory, ostent, ostentation, ostentatious, portend, portension, portent, portentous, pretend, pretense, pretension, subtend, subtense, superintend, superintendency, superintendent, tempt, temptation, tend, tendency, tendential, tendentious, tender, tense, tensible, tensile, tensility, tension, tensure, tent, tentacle, tentacular, tentage, tentation, tentative, tentiginous, tentorium
tenu- slender, thin Latin tenuare "make thin", from tenuis "thin" attenuate, extenuate, tenuous
tep- be warm Latin tepere subtepid, tepefaction, tepid, tepidarium, tepidity, tepor
ter-, trit- rub, wear Latin terere, tritus attrition, contrite, contrition, detriment, detrimental, detrital, detrition, detritivore, detritivorous, detritus, retriment, tribulation, trite, triturate, trituration, triture
tere- guard Greek τηρεῖν (tēreîn), τήρησις (tḗrēsis) synteresis
teret- rounded Latin teres, teretis subterete, teretial
terg-, ters- wipe Latin tergere, tersus absterge, abstergent, abstersion, abstersive, deterge, detergency, detergent, terse
termin- boundary, limit, end Latin terminus determine, interminable, terminal, termination
tern- three each Latin terni ternary, ternion
terr- earth Latin terra inter, subterranean, terrace, terracotta, terrain, terrarium, terrestrial, territory
terti- third Latin tertius tertian, tertiary
test- witness Latin testis attest, contest, detest, protest, testament, testify, testimony
tetart-[208] fourth Greek τέταρτος (tétartos) tetartanopsia, tetartohedric
tetr- four Greek τέτϝαρες, τέσσαρες, τεσσάρων (téssares, tessárōn) diatessaron, tetragon, tetrahedron, tetralogy, tetrameter, tetraphobia, tetrapod, tetrode
teuch- make Greek τεύχειν (teúkhein), τυγχάνω, τευκτός, τευκτικός, τεῦξις (teûxis), τεῦγμα (teûgma), τεῦχος, τεύχεος (teûkhos, teúkheos), τύχη (túkhē), τυκτός (tuktós) Heptateuch, octateuch, Pentateuch
tex-, text- weave Latin texere, textus context, subtle, pretext, text, textile, texture
thalam- chamber, bed Greek θάλαμος (thálamos) epithalamion, hypothalamus, prothalamion, thalamotomy, thalamus
thalass- sea Greek θάλασσα (thálassa) Panthalassa, thalassemia, thalassic, thalassophobia
than- (ΘΑΝ)[209][210] death Greek θνήσκειν, θάνατος (thánatos) euthanasia, thanatocoenosis, thanatoid, thanatology, thanatophobia, thanatophoric, thanatopsis
thaumat- miracle Greek θαυματ (thaumat) thaumatology, thaumaturge, thaumaturgy
the-, thus- god Greek θεός (theós) atheism, atheistic, ditheism, enthusiasm, monotheism, Pantheon, polytheism, Thea, theobromine, theocracy, theodicy, Theodore, theogony, theology, theophobia, Timothy, tritheism
the- (ΘΕ)[211] put Greek τιθέναι (tithénai), θετός (thetós), θετικός (thetikós), θέσις (thésis), θέμα (théma), θήκη (thḗkē) anathema, anathematic, antithesis, antithetic, apothecium, athematic, Bibliotheca, bodega, boutique, deem, doom, enthesis, enthetic, epenthesis, epenthetic, epitheca, epithet, hypothec, hypothesis, monothematic, nomothetic, oligosynthetic, parenthesis, parenthetic, polysynthetic, prosthesis, prosthetic, prothesis, prothetic, pseudothecium, synthesis, synthetic, theca, thecium, thematic, theme, Themis, thesaurus, thesis, treasure
thea- view Greek θεᾶσθαι (theâsthai), θέατρον (théatron) amphitheatre, metatheatre, theatre, theatric
thel- nipple Greek θηλή (thēlḗ) athelia, endothelium, epithelium, mesothelioma, mesothelium, thelium, thelial
theori- speculation Greek θεωρητικός (theōrētikós), θεώρημα (theṓrēma), θεωρία (theōría) theorem, theoretic, theorist, theorize, theory
ther- beast, animal Greek θήρ, θηρός (thḗr, thērós) therianthropy, theroid, theropod, theropsid
therap- serve Greek θεράπων (therápōn), θεραπεύειν (therapeúein), θεραπευτός, θεραπευτικός (therapeutikós), θεραπεία (therapeía) therapeutic, therapist, therapy
therm- heat, warm Greek θέρεσθαι (théresthai), θέρμη (thérmē), θερμός (thermós) thermal, athermancy, diathermancy, ectotherm, endotherm, endothermic, exothermic, geothermic, homeothermy, hyperthermia, hypothermia, isotherm, poikilotherm, thermobaric, thermochromism, thermodynamic, thermolysis, thermometer, thermophilic, thermophobia, thermoplastic, thermoplegia, thermos, thermosphere, thermostat, thermostatic
thig- (ΘΙΓ)[212] touch Greek θιγγάνειν (thingánein), θίξις (thíxis), θίγημα (thígēma) antithixotropic, thigmonasty, thigmotaxis, thixotropic, thixotropy
thorac- chest Greek θώραξ, θώρακος (thṓrax, thṓrakos) hemothorax, pneumothorax, thoracic, thorax
thym- mood Greek θυμός (thumós) dysthymia
thyr- door Greek θύρα (thúra) thyratron
thyre- large shield Greek θυρεός (thureós) Thyreophora, thyroid, thyrotropin, thyroxine
tim- be afraid Latin timere timid, timorous
ting-, tinct- (TING)[213] dye, moisten Latin tingere, tinctus aquatint, distain, mezzotint, tinct, tinctorial, tincture, tinge, tingent, tint
tom- cut Greek τομή (tomḗ), τόμος (tómos) anatomy, appendectomy, atom, dichotomy, ectomy, embolectomy, tome, tonsillectomy, vasectomy
ton- (ΤΑΝ)[214] stretch Greek τείνειν (teínein), τόνος (tónos), τονικός (tonikós) isotonic, monotone, tone
top- [215] place, location Greek τόπος (tópos) atopic, atopy, dystopia, ectopia, ectopic, entopic, epitope, eutopia, isotope, nomotopic, polytope, topiary, topic, topography, topology, toponomastics, toponym, toponymy, topos, utopia, zonotope
torn-[216] turn, rotate Latin from Greek tornare < τόρνος (tórnos) tornado, tournament, turn
torpe- be numb Latin torpere torpent, torpid, torpor
torqu-, tort- twist Latin torquere, tortus contort, distort, extort, extortion, retort, torque, torsion, tortuous, torture
tot- all, whole Latin totus subtotal, total, totality
tox-[217] arrow, bow, poison Greek τόξον (tóxon) anatoxin, antitoxin, autotoxin, exotoxin, intoxicate, neurotoxin, psychotoxic, toxic, toxin, toxoid, toxology, toxoplasmosis
trab- beam Latin trabs, trabis trabeculae
trach-[218] rough Greek τραχύς (trakhús) trachea, tracheids, tracheitis, tracheophyte, tracheostomy, tracheotomy, trachoma
trag-[219] he-goat Greek τράγος (trágos) tragedy, tragic, tragus
trah-, tract- draw, pull Latin tractare, frequentative of trahere, tractus abstract, attract, contract, detract, retract, subtract, subtrahend, tractable, traction, tractor
trans-, tra-, tran- across Latin trans intransigent, tradition, transact, transcend, transient, transitory, transparent, transport
trapez-[220] four-legged, table Greek τράπεζα (trápeza), τραπέζιον, (trapézion) trapeze, trapezium, trapezius, trapezohedron, trapezoid
traum-[221] wound Greek τραῦμα, τραῦματος (traûma, traûmatos) trauma, traumatic, traumatize, traumatophobia
trecent- three hundred Latin trecenti trecentennial, trecentillion
trech-, troch-[222] run, wheel Greek τρέχειν (trékhein), τρεχόμενον, τρόχος (tróchos), τροχός, τροχοῦ (trochós), τρόχωσις, τροχαῖος (trochaîos), τροχαϊκός (trochaïkós), τροχοειδής ditrochee, epitrochoid, hypotrochoid, trochaic, trochanter, trochee, trochelminth, trochlea, trochophore, trochoid
tredec- thirteen Latin tredecim tredecimal
treiskaidek- thirteen Greek τρεισκαίδεκα (treiskaídeka) triskaidekaphobia, triskaidecagon
trem- tremble Latin tremere tremor
trema- hole Greek τετραίνω, τρῆμα (trêma) monotrematous, monotreme, trema, tréma, trematode
trep-, trop-[223] turn Greek τρέπειν (trépein), τρέψις (trépsis), τρόπος, τρόπου (trópos), τροπή, τροπῆς (tropḗ), τροπικός (tropikós) allotrope, anisotropy, Atropos, ectropion, entropic, entropion, entropy, heliotropism, isentropic, isotrope, isotropic, isotropy, pleiotropic, pleiotropy, polytrope, protrepsis, protreptic, psychotropic, treponeme, treponematosis, treponemiasis, trope, tropic, tropism, tropopause, troposphere, trove
treph-, troph-[224] feed, grow Greek τρέφειν (tréphein), τροφός (trophós), τροφή (trophḗ), θρέμμα amyotrophic, atrophy, autotroph, auxotrophy, chemolithoautotroph, dystrophy, hemidystrophy, heterotroph, hypertrophy, lithoautotroph, lithotroph, mixotroph, organotroph, phagotrophy, photoheterotroph, phototroph, phototrophic, phototrophy, pogonotrophy, poliodystrophy, prototrophy, trophectoderm, trophic, trophobiosis, trophobiotic, trophoblast, trophoblastic, trophozoite
trepid- tremble Latin trepidare "to tremble, hurry", from trepidus "alarmed, scared" intrepid, trepid, trepidation
tri-[225] three Greek τρεῖς, τρία (tría), τριάς atritonic, triad, triadic, Triassic, tricycle, trigon, triode, tripod, trisyllabic, tritonic
tri- three Latin trēs triangle, triumvirate, trivia
trib-, tript-[226] rub Greek τρίβειν (tríbein), τριπτός, τρῖψις diatribe, tribochromism, tribology, trypsin, tryptic
tribu- pay Latin tribuere "to pay", from tribus attribute, contribute,distribute, retribution, tribe, tribulation, tribunal, tribune, tributary, tribute
tricen- thirty each Latin triceni tricenary
tricesim-, trigesim- thirtieth Latin tricesimus trigesimal
trich- hair Greek θρίξ, τριχός (trikhós) peritrichous, trichopathophobia, Trichoptera
trin- three each Latin trini trinary, trine, trinity
trit- [227] third Greek τρίτος (trítos) tritagonist, tritanomaly, tritanopia, trite, tritium
tritic- wheat Latin triticum triticale
troch- wheel Greek τροχός (trokhós) trochlea
trop- turn Greek τρόπος (tropos) contrive, heliotropism, isotrope, psychotropic, retrieve, trope, tropic, tropism, troposphere, troubadour, trove
troph- feed, grow Greek τροφή, τροφός (trophós) dystrophy, pogonotrophy, trophic
truc- fierce Latin trux, trucis truculence, truculency, truculent
trud-, trus- thrust Latin trudere, trusus abstrude, abstruse, abstrusion, abstrusity, detrude, detrusion, detrusor, extrude, extrusible, extrusion, extrusive, inobtrusive, intrude, intrusion, intrusive, nonintrusive, obtrude, obtrusion, obtrusive, protrude, protrudent, protrusile, protrusion, protrusive, retrude, retruse, retrusion, retrusive
trunc- cut off Latin truncare "to maim, mutilate", from truncus "mutilated, cut off" detruncate, detruncation, entrench, entrenchment, intrench, intrenchment, obtruncate, obtruncation, omnitruncation, retrench, retrenchment, tranche, tranchet, trench, trenchancy, trenchant, truncate, truncation, truncheon, trunk, trunnion
tryp-[228] bore Greek τρυπᾶν (trupân), τρύπανον (trúpanon) trepan, trypanophobia, trypanosome
tum- be swollen Latin tumere detumescence, detumescent, intumescence, tumefacient, tumefaction, tumesce, tumescence, tumescent, tumid, tumidity, tumor, tumorous, tumular, tumulose, tumulous, tumult, tumultuary, tumultuous, tumulus
turb- disturb Latin turba disturb, disturbance, nonperturbative, perturb, perturbance, perturbation, perturbative, trouble, troublous, turbid, turbidity, turbinate, turbine, turbulence, turbulent
tuss- cough Latin tussis, tussire pertussis, tussive
tymb-[229] mound Greek τύμβος (túmbos), τυμβεύω, τύμβευμα entomb, tomb
tympan- drum Greek τύμπανον (túmpanon) timbre, timpanist, tympani, tympanum
typ-[230] (ΤΥΠ[231]) stamp, model Greek τύπτειν (túptein), τύπος (túpos), τυπικός (tupikós), τύμπανον (túmpanon) allotype, archetype, ecotype, ectype, epitype, ergatotype, heterotype, heterotypic, holotype, homeotypic, homotype, homotypic, isosyntype, isotype, lectotype, logotype, monotypic, neotype, paralectotype, paratype, phenotype, prototype, schizotypic, syntype, type, typography, typology
typh-[232] smoke Greek τύφειν (túphein), τῦφος (tûphos), τυφώδης typhoid, typhous, typhus
tyrann-[233] terrible, tyrant Greek τύραννος (túrannos) tyrannize, tyrannosaurus, tyranny, tyrant
Lists of Greek and Latin roots in English beginning with other letters:


Root Meaning in English Origin language Etymology (root origin) English examples
uber- fruitful, udder Latin ūber, uberare exuberance, exuberant, exuberate, uberous, uberty
uligin- in marshes Latin uligo, uliginis uliginous
ul-[234] gums Greek οὖλον (oûlon) ulorrhea
ul-[235] woolly Greek οὖλος (oûlos) Ulotrichi
ultim- farthest Latin ultimus ultimate, ultimatum
ultra- beyond Latin ultra ultrasonic
umbilic- navel Latin umbilicus umbilical, umbilicate, umbilication
umbr- shade, shadow Latin umbra adumbral, adumbrant, adumbrate, adumbration, adumbrative, antumbra, inumbrate, obumbrant, obumbrate, obumbration, penumbra, penumbral, somber, sombrero, subumbellate, umbel, umbellate, umbelliferous, umbelliform, umbellulate, umbellule, umber, umbra, umbraculum, umbrage, umbrageous, umbral, umbrella, umbriferous, umbrose
un- one Latin ūnus, unius adunation, biunique, coadunate, coadunation, disunite, disunity, malunion, nonuniform, nonuniformity, nonunion, nonunique, nonunity, onion, reunification, reunion, reunite, triune, unanimous, unary, unate, unicorn, unific, unification, uniform, uniformity, unify, union, unique, unite, unity, universal, universe, university
unc- hook Latin uncus adunc, aduncity, aduncous, unciform, Uncinaria, uncinate, Uncinia
unci- ounce, twelfth Latin uncia inch, ounce, quincuncial, semiuncial, uncial
und- wave Latin unda abound, abundance, abundant, inundant, inundate, inundation, redound, redundancy, redundant, superabound, superabundance, superabundant, surround, undine, undulant, undulate, undulation, undulatory, undulatus, undulose
undecim- eleventh Latin undecimus undecimal
unden- eleven each Latin ūndēni undenary
ungu- claw, hoof, nail Latin unguis, ungula ungual, unguiferous, unguiform, ungular, ungulate, unguligrade
ur-[236] tail Greek οὐρά, οὐρᾶς (ourá, ourâs) anthurium, Anura, brachyurous, colure, cynosure, Diplura, Protura, uroborus, urochord, uroid, uropod
ur-[237] urine Greek οὐρεῖν (oureîn), οὖρον, οὔρου (oûron, oúrou), οὔρησις (oúrēsis), οὐρητήρ (ourētḗr), οὐρήθρα (ourḗthra) antidiuretic, cystinuria, diuresis, diuretic, dysuria, enuresis, homocystinuria, lithuresis, polyurea, polyuria, strangury, uraemia/uremia, urea, uremic, uresiesthesia, uresis, ureter, ureteroscopy, urethra, urology
uran-[238] heaven, sky Greek οὐρανός, οὐρανοῦ (ouranós, ouranoû), οὐρανόθεν (ouranóthen) uraninite, uranium, uranography, uranology, uranometry, uranophobia, Uranus
urb- city Latin urbs, urbis conurbation, exurb, exurban, interurban, inurbane, inurbanity, nonurban, suburb, suburban, suburbanite, urban, urbane, urbanity
urg- work Greek
urg- work Latin urgere urgency, urgent
urs- bear Latin ursus Ursa Major, ursine, Ursus
ut-, us- use Latin uti, usus abuse, disuse, use, usual, utilitarian, utility
uv- grape Latin uva uvea
uxor- wife Latin uxor uxoricide
Lists of Greek and Latin roots in English beginning with other letters:


Root Meaning in English Origin language Etymology (root origin) English examples
vac- empty Latin vacare evacuate, vacancy, vacant, vacate, vacation, vacuous, vacuum
vacc- cow Latin vacca vaccary, vaccination, vaccine
vacil- waver Latin vacillare "sway, be untrustworthy" vacillate, vacillation
vad-, vas- go Latin vadere evade, pervasive
vag- wander Latin vagus, vagare vagabond, vague
val- strength, worth Latin valere ambivalence, avail, equivalent, evaluate, prevail, valence, valiant, valid, valor, value
van- empty, vain, idle Latin vanus "empty", also vanescere "vanish" evanescent, vain, vanish, vanity
vap- steam Latin vapor evaporate, evaporation, evaporative, evaporator, evaporite, nonevaporative, vapid, vapidity, vapor, vaporescence, vaporescent, vaporific, vaporous
vari- vary Latin variare bivariate, covariate, covariation, intervarietal, invariable, invariance, invariant, variable, variance, variant, variate, variation, variegate, varietal, variety, variola, variolation, variorum, various, vary
varic- straddle Latin varicare "to straddle", from varus "bowlegged" prevaricate
veh-, vect- carry Latin vehere "to carry", vectus invective, inveigh, vector, vehement, vehicle
vel- veil Latin velum revelation, velate
vell-, vuls- pull Latin vellere, vulsus convulsion
veloc- quick Latin velox, velocis velocity
ven- vein Latin vena intravenous, venosity, venule
ven- poison Latin vena antivenomous, veneniferous, venom
ven- hunt Latin venari venison
ven-, vent- come Latin venire advent, adventure, avenue, circumvent, contravene, convene, convenient, convention, event, intervene, intervention, invent, prevent, revenue, souvenir, supervene, venue, venture
vend- sell Latin vendere vend, vendor
vener- respectful Latin venus, veneris venerable, veneration, venereal
vent- wind Latin ventus ventilation, ventilator
ventr- belly Latin venter, ventris ventral
ver- true Latin verus aver, veracious, verdict, verify, verisimilar, verisimilitude, verity, very
verb- word Latin verbum verbal, verbatim, verbosity
verber- whip Latin verber reverberation
verm- worm Latin vermis vermiform, vermin
vern- spring Latin ver, vernus vernal
vers-, vert- turn Latin versus, past participle of vertere adverse, adversity, advertise, anniversary, avert, controversy, controvert, conversant, conversation, converse, convert, diversify, divert, extrovert, introvert, inverse, invert, perverse, pervert, reverse, revert, subvert, tergiversate, transverse, universe, versatile, verse, version, versus, vertebra, vertex, vertical, vertigo
vesic- bladder Latin vesica vesical
vesper- evening, western Latin vespera vesperal
vest- clothing, garment Latin vestire "to clothe", related to vestis "garment" divest, invest, investiture, transvestite, travesty, vest, vestment
vestig- track Latin vestigium investigate, vestigial
vet- forbid Latin vetare veto
veter- old Latin vetus, veteris inveterate, veteran
vi- way Latin via deviate, obviate, obvious, via
vic- change Latin vicis vicar, vicarious, vice versa, vicissitude
vicen-, vigen- twenty each Latin viceni vicenary
vicesim-, vigesim- twentieth Latin vicesimus vicesimary, vicesimation, vigesimal
vid-, vis- see Latin videre, visus advice, advisable, advise, advisement, advisor, advisory, clairvoyance, clairvoyant, counterview, enviable, envious, envisage, envisagement, envision, envy, evidence, evident, evidential, evidentiality, evidentiary, improvidence, improvident, improvisation, improvisational, improvise, imprudence, imprudent, inadvisable, inevident, interview, interviewee, invidious, invisibility, invisible, nonevidentiary, nonsupervisory, nonvisual, preview, previse, provide, providence, provident, provision, provisional, provisionality, proviso, provisory, prudence, prudent, prudential, purvey, purveyance, purveyor, purview, review, reviewal, revisal, revise, revision, revisionary, revisit, supervise, supervision, supervisor, supervisory, survey, surveyor, surview, survise, videlicet, video, view, vis-à-vis, visa, visage, visibility, visible, vision, visionary, visit, visitation, visor, vista, visual, visuality, voilà, voyeur
vigil- watchful Latin vigil, also vigilare invigilate, reveille, surveillance, vigil, vigilance, vigilant, vigilante
vil- cheap Latin vilis revile, vile, vilify
vill- country house Latin villa villa, village, villain
vill- shaggy hair Latin villus intervillous, velour, velvet, villiform, villose, villosity, villous, villus
vin- wine Latin vinum vigneron, vignette, vinaceous, vinaigrette, vine, vineal, vinegar, viniculture, vinosity, vinous
vinc-, vict- conquer Latin vincere (past participle victus) convict, conviction, convince, evict, evince, invincible, province, vanquish, vanquishment, victor, victorious, victory
vir- man Latin vir decemvir, decemvirate, duumvirate, quadrumvirate, septemvir, septemvirate, triumvir, triumvirate, vigintivirate, virago, virile, virilescence, virility, virilocal, virilocality, virtual, virtuality, virtue, virtuosity, virtuoso, virtuous
vir- green Latin virere verdure, virid, viridescent, viridian, viridity
vir- poison, venom Latin vīrus retroviral, retrovirus, rotavirus, togavirus, viral, virality, viricidal, viricide, virucidal, virucide, virulence, virulent, virus
virg- rod, twig Latin virga virga, virgate, virgula, virgularian, virgulate, virgule
virgin- maiden Latin virgō, virginis virgin, virginal, virginity, Virgoan
visc- thick Latin viscum viscosity
viscer- internal organ Latin viscus, visceris eviscerate, visceral
vit- life Latin vita vital, vitality, vitamin
vitell- yolk Latin vitellus vitellogenesis
viti- fault Latin vitium vice, vitiate, vituperate
vitr- glass Latin vitrum vitreous, vitriol
viv- live Latin vivere "to live", related to vita "life" convivial, revive, survive, viable, victual, vivacious, vivacity, vivid, vivisection
voc- call, voice Latin vocare (to call), from vox "voice" (genitive vocis) advocacy, advocate, advocation, advocator, advocatory, advoke, advowson, avocation, avouch, avow, avowal, avowry, convocate, convocation, convocator, convoke, disavow, disavowal, equivocal, equivocate, equivocation, evocable, evocation, evocative, evocator, evoke, invocable, invocate, invocation, invocative, invocator, invoke, prevocational, provocate, provocateur, provocation, provocative, provocator, provoke, reavow, reinvoke, revocable, revocation, revoke, vocabulary, vocal, vocation, vocational, vocative, vociferous, voice, vouch, vouchee, voucher, vouchsafe
vol- fly Latin volare avolation, circumvolant, circumvolation, nonvolatile, volatile, volatility, volitant, volitation
vol- will Latin voluntas "will" from velle "to wish" benevolence, benevolent, involuntary, malevolence, malevolent, omnibenevolence, velleity, volitient, volition, volitional, volitive, voluntary, Voluntaryism, volunteer, voluptuary, voluptuous
volv-, volut- roll Latin volvere, volutus advolution, archivolt, circumvolute, circumvolution, circumvolve, coevolution, coevolutionary, coevolve, convolute, convolution, devolve, evolve, involve, revolve, valve, vault, volte, voluble, volume, voluminous, volva, Volvox, volvulus, voussoir, vulva
vom- discharge Latin vomere vomit, vomition, vomitory, vomitus
vor-, vorac- swallow Latin vorare, vorax carnivore, carnivorous, devoration, devoré, devour, herbivore, herbivorous, locavore, omnivore, omnivorous, voracious, voracity, voraginous
vov-, vot- vow Latin vovere, votus devote, devotee, devotion, devotional, devout, devove, devow, votary, vote, votive, vow
vulg- crowd Latin vulgus divulge, vulgarity, vulgate
vulner- wound Latin vulnus, vulneris vulnerable
vulp- fox Latin vulpēs, vulpis vulpine

Lists of Greek and Latin roots in English beginning with other letters:


Root Meaning in English Origin language Etymology (root origin) English examples
xanth-[239] yellow Greek ξανθός (xanthós), ξανθότης (xanthótēs) "yellowness" axanthism, heteroxanthine, xanthan, xanthelasma, xanthic, xanthine, Xanthippe, xanthium, xanthochromia, xanthochromism, xanthogenic, Xanthoidea, xanthoma, xanthomatosis, xanthophobia, xanthophore, xanthophyll, xanthopsia, xanthopterin, xanthosis, xanthous
xe-[240] scrape, shave Greek ξεῖν/ξέειν (xéein), ξέσις (xésis), ξέσμα (xésma) arthroxesis
xei-, xi-[241] ks Greek Ξ, ξ, ξεῖ/ξῖ xi
xen-[242] foreign Greek ξένϝος, ξένος (xénos), ξενικός, ξενία (xenía) axenic, Xenarthra, xenia, xenic, xenobiotic, xenoblast, xenogamy, xenograft, xenolith, xenology, xenon, xenophobia
xer-[243] dry Greek ξηρός (xērós), ξηρότης (xērótēs) elixir, xerasia, xerochilia, xeroderma, xerography, xeromorph, xerophagy, xerophile, xerophthalmia, xerophyte, xerosis
xiph-[244] sword Greek ξίφος (xíphos) xiphisternum, xiphoid, xiphopagus, xiphophyllous
xyl-[245] wood Greek ξύλον (xúlon) metaxylem, protoxylem, xylem, xylene, xylitol, xylocarp, Xylocarpus, xyloid, xylophagous, xylophobia, xylophone, xylostroma

Lists of Greek and Latin roots in English beginning with other letters:


Root Meaning in English Origin language Etymology (root origin) English examples
ze-[246] boil Greek ζεῖν (zeîn), ζεστός (zestós), ζέσις, ζέμα, ζέματος (zéma, zématos) eczema, eczematous
zel-[247] jealousy, zeal Greek ζῆλος (zêlos), ζηλωτής, ζηλωτοῦ (zēlōtḗs) zeal, zealot, zealous
zephyr-[248] west wind Greek Ζέφυρος (Zéphuros) zephyr
zet-[249] Z, z Greek Ζ, ζ, ζῆτα (zêta) zed, zeta
zete-[250] seek Greek ζητεῖν (zēteîn), ζητητός (zētētós), ζητητικός (zētētikós) zetetic
zizyph-[251] jujube Greek ζίζυφον (zízuphon) Ziziphus
zo-[252] animal, living being Greek ζῶ, ζῷον (zôion) anthrozoology, azoic, azotemia, cryptozoology, ectozoon, entozoon, epizoon, Eumetazoa, Mesozoic, Metazoa, protozoa, zoanthropy, zodiac, zoic, zoo, zoochore, zoogamete, zoogeography, zooid/zoöid, zoologic, zoology, zoomorphism, zoon, zoonosis, zoophagy, zoopoetics, zoospore, zootoxin, zooxanthella
zon-[253] belt, girdle Greek ζωννύναι (zōnnúnai), ζώνη (zṓnē), ζωστήρ (zōstḗr), ζῶστρον phylozone, zonal, zone, zonohedron, zonotope, zoster
zyg-[254] (ΖΥΓ)[255] yoke Greek ζευγνύναι (zeugnúnai), ζεῦγμα (zeûgma), ζυγωτός (zugōtós), ζυγός, ζυγόν (zugón) azygous, diazeugma, dizygotic, heterozygote, heterozygous, hyperzeuxis, hypozeugma, hypozeuxis, mesozeugma, monozygotic, prozeugma, synezeugmenon, zeugitae, zeugma, zygoma, zygomorphic, zygomorphism, zygomycosis, zygomycota, zygon, Zygoptera, zygote
zym-[256] ferment Greek ζέω, ζύμη (zúmē) alloenzyme, azyme, azymite, enzyme, lysozyme, microzyme, zymase, zyme, zymogen, zymology, zymolysis, zymosis, zymotic, zymurgy


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