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List of Gnostic sects


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  1. ^ See Against the Heracleonites by Epiphanius
  2. ^ See Against the Ptolemaeans by Epiphanius
  3. ^ The followers of the gnostic Satornilus. See Against Satornilus by Epiphanius
  4. ^ See Against the Lucianists by Epiphanius
  5. ^ The followers of Menander, who led a schism in Simonianism. See Against Menander by Epiphanius
  6. ^ See Abelites - Jewish Encyclopedia
  7. ^ See Against the Angelics by Epiphanius for a more detailed description.
  8. ^ Apparently another name for the Borborites. Epiphanius also references them as a different sect in the Panarion. He mentions them three times in the book. See here [1].
  9. ^ A gnostic sect mentioned in the Panarion, Against the Nicolaitans, 2,1 They be identified as the Borborites.
  10. ^ Another name for the Gnostics according to Epiphanius. It may be a different Gnostic sect altogether. See Proem I, 5,4
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  12. ^ See Against the Secundians by Epiphanius
  13. ^ See for more information
  14. ^ See [2] for more information
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