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* For a more detailed list see : List of German exonyms for places in Croatia

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  • German exonyms in the Vosges department :
  • Vosges Wasgenwald or Vogesen / Wasgau
  • German exonyms in the Meuse department :




Province of AostaEdit

Province of BellunoEdit

Province of GoriziaEdit

Province of PordenoneEdit

Province of SondrioEdit

Between 1512 and 1797 Valtellina and Valchiavenna were under the Graubünden domination.

Province of TrentoEdit

Trentino was under Austrian administration between 1815 and 1918.

Province of TriesteEdit

Province of UdineEdit



see List of cities and towns in East Prussia


Note that this list only includes towns whose German name is significantly different from the official (mainly French) spelling. Towns that differ in the ending only (-ange/-ingen), e.g. Wormeldange=Wormeldingen are not included in this list.




  • Trondheim Drontheim (shortly used during World War II)


For further German places names see : List of German exonyms for places in Poland and List of cities and towns in East Prussia

Polish cities with German namesEdit

In addition there are several modern Polish cities that were settled with German names




Russian cities with German namesEdit

In addition there are several Russian cities that were settled with German names
Cities renamed
  • Engels (founded as Pokrovskaya sloboda, renamed Pokrovsk in 1914. In 1931, when it became the capital of the Volga German SSR, now a part of Saratov, it was renamed after Friedrich Engels)[dubious ]
  • Jamburg (Settled as Yama or Yamsky Gorodok, renamed Jamburg, then Yamburg', now Kingisepp, Russian: Кингисе́пп)


For German place names in the Vojvodina region, please see: German exonyms (Vojvodina)



For a more detailed list see: List of German exonyms for places in Slovenia




Ukrainian settlements with German namesEdit

In addition there are several Ukrainian settlements that were settled with German names


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Exonyms for places outside of EuropeEdit


Most place names in German East Africa continued to bear German spellings of the local names, such as Udjidji for Ujiji and Kilima-Ndscharo or Kilimandscharo for Mount Kilimanjaro. (Kigoma was known for a time as Rutschugi.) The few exceptions to the rule included

as well as German translations of some local phrases, such as Kleinaruscha for Arusha-Chini and Neu-Moschi for the settlement that is now known as Moshi. Lake Eyasi was known as the "Hohenlohe Sea", and the mission town of Sankt-Michael (St. Michael) near Kahama was formerly more important[citation needed].




Names in full useEdit

While the list above includes all German traditional names, either dated or modern, the following list only consists of city names which have widespread use among German-speaking media even today.

Language Native Name German Exonym
  Albania Albanien
Albanian Tiranë Tirana
  Algeria Algerien
Arabic Al-Jazā'ir Algier
Wahrān Oran
Qusanṭīnah Constantine
  Belgium Belgien
Dutch Brugge Brügge
Leuven Löwen
Oostende Ostende
Dutch - French Brussel - Bruxelles Brüssel
French Liège Lüttich
  China China
Chinese Beijing Peking
  Cyprus Zypern
Greek - Turkish Lefkosía - Lefkoşa Nikosia
  Czech Republic Tschechien
Czech Brno Brünn
České Budějovice Budweis
Karlovy Vary Karlsbad
Olomouc Olmütz
Plzeň Pilsen
Praha Prag
  Denmark Dänemark
Danish København Kopenhagen
  Egypt Ägypten
Arabic Qāhirah Kairo
  France Frankreich
French Mulhouse Mülhausen
Strasbourg Straßburg
Nice Nizza
  Greece Griechenland
Greek Athína Athen
Patra Patras
Pireas Piräus
  Italy Italien
Italian Agrigento Agrigent
Firenze Florenz
Genova Genua
Milano Mailand
Napoli Neapel
Padova Padua
Rome Rom
Siracusa Syrakus
Taranto Tarent
Trieste Triest
Torino Turin
Venezia Venedig
  Poland Polen
Polish Wrocław Breslau
Gdańsk Danzig
Kraków Krakau
Poznań Posen
Szczecin Stettin
Warszawa Warschau
  Portugal Portugal
Portuguese Lisboa Lissabon
  Romania Rumänien
Romanian Bucureşti Bukarest
  Russia Russland
Russian Moskva Moskau
Sankt Peterburg Sankt Petersburg
  Serbia Serbien
Serbian Beograd Belgrad
  Spain Spanien
Spanish Zaragoza Saragossa
   Switzerland die Schweiz
French Delémont Delsberg
Geneva Genf
Neuchâtel Neuenburg
Sion Sitten
Language Native Name German Exonym

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