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List of Episcopal bishops of the United States

The following is a list of bishops who currently lead dioceses of the Episcopal Church in the United States and its territories. Also included in the list are suffragan bishops, provisional bishops, coadjutor bishops, and assistant bishops. The dioceses are grouped into nine provinces, the first eight of which, for the most part, correspond to regions of the US. Province IX is composed of dioceses in Latin America.

Map of dioceses of the Episcopal Church, colored by province

Dioceses and bishopsEdit

Province Diocese Diocese Map Bishop Title
Province I Diocese of Connecticut   Ian Theodore Douglas Bishop of Connecticut
Laura Jean Ahrens Suffragan Bishop of Connecticut
Diocese of Maine   Thomas J. Brown Bishop of Maine
Diocese of Massachusetts   Alan McIntosh Gates Bishop of Massachusetts
Gayle Elizabeth Harris Suffragan Bishop of Massachusetts
Diocese of New Hampshire   A. Robert Hirschfeld Bishop of New Hampshire
Diocese of Rhode Island   William Nicholas Knisely, Jr. Bishop of Rhode Island
Diocese of Vermont   Thomas Clark Ely Bishop of Vermont
Diocese of Western Massachusetts   Douglas John Fisher Bishop of Western Massachusetts
Province II Diocese of Albany   William Howard Love Bishop of Albany
Diocese of Central New York   DeDe Duncan-Probe Bishop of Central New York
Diocese of Long Island   Lawrence C. Provenzano Bishop of Long Island
Geralyn Wolf Assistant Bishop of Long Island
Ralph William Franklin Assistant Bishop of Long Island
Diocese of New Jersey   William Hallock Stokes Bishop of New Jersey
Diocese of New York   Andrew M. L. Dietsche Bishop of New York
Allen K. Shin Suffragan Bishop of New York
Mary Douglas Glasspool Assistant Bishop of New York
Diocese of Newark   Carlye J. Hughes Bishop of Newark
Diocese of Rochester   Prince Grenville Singh Bishop of Rochester
Diocese of the Virgin Islands   Edward Ambrose Gumbs Bishop of the Virgin Islands
Diocese of Western New York   Sean W. Rowe Provisional Bishop of Western New York
Province III Diocese of Bethlehem   Kevin D. Nichols Provisional Bishop of Bethlehem
Diocese of Central Pennsylvania   Audrey Cady Scanlan Bishop of Central Pennsylvania
Diocese of Delaware   Kevin S. Brown Bishop of Delaware
Diocese of Easton   Santosh Kumar Marray Bishop of Easton
Diocese of Maryland   Eugene Taylor Sutton Bishop of Maryland
Diocese of Northwestern Pennsylvania   Sean W. Rowe Bishop of Northwestern Pennsylvania
Diocese of Pennsylvania   Daniel G. P. Gutierrez Bishop of Pennsylvania
Diocese of Pittsburgh   Dorsey Winter Marsden McConnell Bishop of Pittsburgh
Diocese of Southern Virginia   Herman Hollerith IV Bishop of Southern Virginia
Diocese of Southwestern Virginia   Mark Allen Bourlakas Bishop of Southwestern Virginia
Diocese of Virginia   Bishop of Virginia
Susan Ellyn Goff Suffragan Bishop of Virginia
Edwin F. Gulick Jr. Assistant Bishop of Virginia
Diocese of Washington   Mariann Edgar Budde Bishop of Washington
Chilton Richardson Knudsen Assistant Bishop of Washington
Diocese of West Virginia   William Michie Klusmeyer Bishop of West Virginia
Province IV Diocese of Alabama   John McKee Sloan Bishop of Alabama
Diocese of Atlanta   Robert Christopher Wright Bishop of Atlanta
Don Adger Wimberly Assistant Bishop of Atlanta
Diocese of Central Florida   Gregory Orrin Brewer Bishop of Central Florida
Diocese of the Central Gulf Coast   James Russell Kendrick Bishop of Central Gulf Coast
Diocese of East Carolina   Robert Stuart Skirving Bishop of East Carolina
Diocese of East Tennessee   Brian Lee Cole Bishop of East Tennessee
Diocese of Florida   Samuel Johnson Howard Bishop of Florida
Charles Lovett Keyser Assistant Bishop of Florida
Dorsey Felix Henderson Jr. Assistant Bishop of Florida
Diocese of Georgia   Scott Anson Benhase Bishop of Georgia
Diocese of Kentucky   Terry Allen White Bishop of Kentucky
Diocese of Lexington   Mark Van Koevering Provisional Bishop of Lexington
Diocese of Louisiana   Morris King Thompson Bishop of Louisiana
Diocese of Mississippi   Brian Richard Seage Bishop of Mississippi
Diocese of North Carolina   Samuel Sewall Rodman III Bishop of North Carolina
Anne Hodges-Copple Suffragan Bishop of North Carolina
Diocese of South Carolina   Gladstone B. Adams III Provisional Bishop of South Carolina
Diocese of Southeast Florida   Peter David Eaton Bishop of Southeast Florida
Diocese of Southwest Florida   Dabney Tyler Smith Bishop of Southwest Florida
J. Michael Garrison Assistant Bishop of Southwest Florida
Barry Robert Howe Assistant Bishop of Southwest Florida
Diocese of Tennessee   John Crawford Bauerschmidt Bishop of Tennessee
Diocese of Upper South Carolina   William Andrew Waldo Bishop of Upper South Carolina
Diocese of West Tennessee   Phoebe Allison Roaf Bishop of West Tennessee
Diocese of Western North Carolina   José Antonio McLoughlin Bishop of Western Carolina
Province V Diocese of Chicago   Jeffrey Lee Bishop of Chicago
Diocese of Eastern Michigan   Catherine Waynick Provisional Bishop of Eastern Michigan
Diocese of Eau Claire   William Jay Lambert III Bishop of Eau Claire
Diocese of Fond du Lac   Matthew Alan Gunter Bishop of Fond du Lac
Diocese of Indianapolis   Jennifer Baskerville-Burrows Bishop of Indianapolis
Diocese of Michigan   Wendell Nathaniel Gibbs, Jr. Bishop of Michigan
Diocese of Milwaukee   Steven Andrew Miller Bishop of Milwaukee
Diocese of Missouri   George Wayne Smith Bishop of Missouri
Diocese of Northern Indiana   Douglas Everett Sparks Bishop of Northern Indiana
Diocese of Northern Michigan   Rayford Jeffrey Ray Bishop of Northern Michigan
Diocese of Ohio   Mark Hollingsworth, Jr. Bishop of Ohio
William Persell Assistant Bishop of Ohio
Arthur Benjamin Williams, Jr. Assistant Bishop of Ohio
Diocese of Southern Ohio   Thomas Edward Breidenthal Bishop of Southern Ohio
Diocese of Springfield   Daniel Hayden Martins Bishop of Springfield
Diocese of Western Michigan   Whayne Miller Hougland, Jr. Bishop of Western Michigan
Province VI Diocese of Colorado   Kimberly Lucas Bishop of Colorado
Diocese of Iowa   Alan Scarfe Bishop of Iowa
Diocese of Minnesota   Brian Norman Prior Bishop of Minnesota
Diocese of Montana   Bishop of Montana
Diocese of Nebraska   Joseph Scott Barker Bishop of Nebraska
Diocese of North Dakota   Bishop of North Dakota
Diocese of South Dakota   John Thomas Tarrant Bishop of South Dakota
Diocese of Wyoming   John Sheridan Smylie Bishop of Wyoming
Province VII Diocese of Arkansas   Larry R. Benfield Bishop of Arkansas
Diocese of Dallas   George Robinson Sumner Bishop of Dallas
Diocese of Fort Worth   James Scott Mayer Provisional Bishop of Fort Worth
Rayford B. High, Jr. Assistant Bishop of Fort Worth
Sam Byron Hulsey Assistant Bishop of Fort Worth
Diocese of Kansas   Foster Mays President of the Council of Trustees
Diocese of Northwest Texas   James Scott Mayer Bishop of Northwest Texas
Diocese of Oklahoma   Edward J. Konieczny Bishop of Oklahoma
Diocese of the Rio Grande   Michael Buerkel Hunn Bishop of the Rio Grande
Diocese of Texas   Charles Andrew Doyle Bishop of Texas
Jeff Wright Fisher Suffragan Bishop of Texas
Dena Harrison Suffragan Bishop of Texas
Hector Monterroso Assistant Bishop of Texas
Diocese of West Missouri   Martin Scott Field Bishop of West Missouri
Diocese of West Texas   David Mitchell Reed Bishop of West Texas
Jennifer Brooke-Davidson Suffragan Bishop of West Texas
Diocese of Western Kansas   Mark Cowell Bishop of Western Kansas
Diocese of Western Louisiana   Jacob Wayne Owensby Bishop of Western Louisiana
Province VIII Diocese of Alaska   Mark Andrew Lattime Bishop of Alaska
Diocese of Arizona   Jennifer Anne Reddall Bishop of Arizona
Diocese of California   Marc Handley Andrus Bishop of California
Diocese of Eastern Oregon   Patrick W. Bell Bishop of Eastern Oregon
Diocese of El Camino Real   Mary Gray-Reeves Bishop of El Camino Real
Diocese of Hawaii   Robert Leroy Fitzpatrick Bishop of Hawaii
Diocese of Idaho   Brian J. Thom Bishop of Idaho
Diocese of Los Angeles   John H. Taylor Bishop of Los Angeles
Diane Jardine Bruce Suffragan Bishop of Los Angeles
Diocese of Navajoland   David Earle Bailey Bishop of Navajoland
Diocese of Nevada   James E Waggoner, Jr. Assisting Bishop of Nevada
Diocese of Northern California   Megan McClure Traquair Bishop of Northern California
Diocese of Olympia   Gregory Harold Rickel Bishop of Olympia
Diocese of Oregon   Michael Joseph Hanley Bishop of Oregon
Diocese of San Diego   Katharine Jefferts Schori Assisting Bishop of San Diego
Diocese of San Joaquin   David Rice Bishop of San Joaquin
Diocese of Spokane   Gretchen Rehberg Bishop of Spokane
Diocese of Utah   Scott B. Hayashi Bishop of Utah
Province IX Diocese of Puerto Rico   Rafael Morales Bishop of Puerto Rico
Armed Services Diocese of the Armed Services Carl Wright Bishop of the Armed Services

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