List of Emmerdale characters

Emmerdale is a British television soap opera first broadcast on ITV on 16 October 1972. The following is a list of characters who are currently appearing in the series, listed in order of appearance. In the case that more than one actor has portrayed a character, the current actor portraying the character is listed first.

Present charactersEdit

Regular charactersEdit

Character Actor(s) Duration
Eric Pollard Chris Chittell 1986–
Kim Tate Claire King 1989–1999, 2018–
Victoria Sugden Isabel Hodgins 1994–
Hannah Midgley
Jessica Haywood
Zak Dingle Steve Halliwell 1994–
Sam Dingle James Hooton 1995–1998, 2000–
Mandy Dingle Lisa Riley 1995–2001, 2019–
Jamie Tate Alexander Lincoln 1996–1999, 2019–
Bradley White
Oliver Carroll
Sam Silson
Elliott Suckley
Jake Meays
Marlon Dingle Mark Charnock 1996–
Paddy Kirk Dominic Brunt 1997–
Belle Dingle Eden Taylor-Draper 1998–
Emily Mather
James Mather
Diane Sugden Elizabeth Estensen 1999–
Cain Dingle Jeff Hordley 2000–2006, 2009–
Charity Dingle Emma Atkins 2000–2005, 2009–
Bob Hope Tony Audenshaw 2000–
Rodney Blackstock Patrick Mower 2000–
Nicola King Nicola Wheeler 2001–
Rhona Goskirk Zoe Henry 2001–2002, 2010–
Gabby Thomas Rosie Bentham 2001–
Annelise Manojlovic
Jemma Giles
Laurel Thomas Charlotte Bellamy 2002–
Chas Dingle Lucy Pargeter 2002–
Debbie Dingle Charley Webb 2002–
Pearl Ladderbanks Meg Johnson 2003–
Aaron Dingle Danny Miller 2003–2004, 2006, 2008–2012, 2014–
Danny Webb
Jimmy King Nick Miles 2004–
Noah Dingle Jack Downham 2004–2005, 2009–
Sam Duffy
Alfie Mortimer
Sarah Sugden Katie Hill 2005–
Sophia Amber Moore
Amber Child-Cavill
Lucy Warren
Lily-May Bartley
David Metcalfe Matthew Wolfenden 2006–
Douglas Potts Duncan Preston 2007–2011, 2014–
Brenda Walker Lesley Dunlop 2008–
Leyla Harding Roxy Shahidi 2008–2011, 2013–
Moira Barton Natalie J. Robb 2009–
Matty Barton Ash Palmisciano 2009–2012, 2018–
Grace Cassidy
Jai Sharma Chris Bisson 2009–
Priya Sharma Fiona Wade 2009–
Effie Woods
Jacob Gallagher Joe-Warren Plant 2010–
Amy Wyatt Natalie Ann Jamieson 2010–2013, 2019–
Chelsea Halfpenny
Rishi Sharma Bhasker Patel 2011–
Amelia Spencer Daisy Campbell 2011–
Dan Spencer Liam Fox 2011–
Kerry Wyatt Laura Norton 2012–
Vanessa Woodfield Michelle Hardwick 2012–
Harriet Finch Katherine Dow Blyton 2013–
Pete Barton Anthony Quinlan 2013–2020
Liam Cavanagh Jonny McPherson 2014–
Tracy Shankley Amy Walsh 2014–
Pierce Harris Jonathan Wrather 2016–2017, 2020–
Liv Flaherty Isobel Steele 2016–
Lydia Hart Karen Blick 2016−
Leanna Cavanagh Mimi Slinger 2018–
Dawn Taylor Olivia Bromley 2018−
Ryan Stocks James Moore 2018–
Manpreet Sharma Rebecca Sarker 2018–
Ellis Chapman Aaron Anthony 2018–
Asan N'Jie
Billy Fletcher Jay Kontzle 2018–
Vinny Bradley Johnson 2019–
Bear Wolf Joshua Richards 2019–
Will Taylor Dean Andrews 2019–
Nate Robinson Jurell Carter 2019–
Andrea Tate Anna Nightingale 2019–
Wendy Posner Susan Cookson 2019–
Al Chapman Michael Wildman 2019–
Luke Posner Max Parker 2019–
Cara Robinson Carryl Thomas 2020–

Recurring and guest charactersEdit

Character Actor(s) Duration
PC Mike Swirling Andy Moore 2004–
Samson Dingle Sam Hall 2006–
Bradley Milnes
Ben Shooter
Charlie Pell
Cathy Hope Gabrielle Dowling 2007–
Ella Whitehouse-Downes
Heath Hope Sebastian Dowling 2007–
Lilith Kitching
Arthur Thomas Alfie Clarke 2007–
Billy Harrower
Luis Townley
Angelica King Rebecca Bakes 2009–
Sophie Firth
Elliot Windsor Luca Hoyle 2011–2012, 2016–
Jackson Charles Cummins
Oliver Brooke
Leo Goskirk Harvey Rogerson 2011–
Theo Tasker
Harry Whittaker
Kyle Winchester Huey Quinn 2011, 2013, 2015–
Molly and Isaac Ainsworth
Jack Sugden Seth Ball 2012–
Archie Breckle Kai Assi 2012–2015, 2019–
Liyana Shahzad
Aadam Wahab Shahzad
April Windsor Amelia Flanagan 2014–
Amba Metcalfe Ava Jayasinghe 2014–
Carl Holliday Charlie Joyce 2014, 2016–
Moses Dingle Arthur Cockroft 2015–
Johnny Woodfield Luca Hepworth 2015–
Dotty Thomas Tilly-Rue Foster 2016−
Ellerie Carroll
DS Jason Wise Neil Roberts 2016–2017, 2019−
Isaac Dingle Bobby Dunsmuir 2017–
Sebastian White Opie Atkinson 2017–
Lily Westmoreland
Irene Stocks Eithne Browne 2018–
Millie Tate Willow Bell 2019–
Danny Harrington Louis Healy 2019–
Eve Dingle Billy and Bonnie Clement 2019–
Terry René Zagger 2019–
Beth Finn Jasmine Percival 2019–
Agatha Finn Judith Barker 2019–
Sean Mark Holgate 2019–
Barbara Sandra Duncan 2019–
Theo Metcalfe Eve Rowlinski and Talitha Taylor 2019–
Harry Sugden Brody and Teddy Hall 2020–

Cast changesEdit

Departing charactersEdit

Character Actor Departure date Ref(s)
Pete Barton Anthony Quinlan 2020 [1]

Past charactersEdit

Lists of characters by year of introductionEdit


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