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List of Dallas (2012 TV series) characters

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Dallas is a continuation of the 1978–1991 series of the same name which tells the story of two rivalling families, the Ewing family and the Barnes family. The following is a list of characters and cast members who appeared on the show. The time durations below are only assigned to the certain actors.


Regular cast
Actor Character 1st
1 2 3
Josh Henderson John Ross Ewing III 1.01 Main
Jesse Metcalfe Christopher Ewing 1.01 Main
Jordana Brewster Elena Ramos 1.01 Main
Julie Gonzalo Pamela Rebecca Ewing 1.01 Main
Brenda Strong Ann Ewing 1.01 Main
Patrick Duffy Bobby Ewing 1.01 Main
Linda Gray Sue Ellen Ewing 1.01 Main
Larry Hagman J.R. Ewing 1.01 Main
Mitch Pileggi Harris Ryland 1.05 Recurring Main[1]
Emma Bell Emma Brown 2.01 Main[2]
Kuno Becker Drew Ramos 2.03 Main Recurring[3]
Juan Pablo Di Pace Nicolas Treviño 3.01 Main[4]
Recurring cast and notable guest stars
Actor Character 1st
Seasons and episode count
1 2 3
Leonor Varela Marta Del Sol / Veronica Martinez 1.01 8
Callard Harris Tommy Sutter 1.01 9
Marlene Forte Carmen Ramos 1.01 6 7
Charlene Tilton Lucy Ewing 1.01 3 2 1
Steve Kanaly Ray Krebbs 1.01 2 1 1
Castulo Guerra Carlos Del Sol 1.02 1 2
Brett Brock Clyde Marshall 1.02 2 3
Ken Kercheval Cliff Barnes 1.03 3 8 4
Carlos Bernard Vicente Cano 1.03 5 2
Faran Tahir 'Smiling' Frank 1.03 4 4
Kevin Page Steve "Bum" Jones 1.04 7 9
Jerry Jones Jerry Jones 1.05 1 1
Glenn Morshower Lou Rosen 1.05 5 5
Alex McKenna Rebecca Sutter 1.10 1 3
Judith Light Judith Brown-Ryland 2.02 8
Annie Wersching Alison Jones 2.04 4
Alex Fernandez Roy Vickers 2.04 8
Ted Shackelford Gary Ewing 2.07 3
Cathy Podewell Cally Harper 2.08 1
Deborah Shelton Mandy Winger 2.08 1
Mark Cuban Mark Cuban 2.08 1
Mike Rawlings Mike Rawlings 2.08 1
Joan Van Ark Valene Ewing 2.09 1
Lee Majors Ken Richards 2.10 3
Audrey Landers Afton Cooper 2.10 1 1
Steven Weber Governor Sam McConaughey 2.11 4
Sam Anderson Dr. David Gordon 2.14 2
AnnaLynne McCord Heather 3.01
Melinda Clarke Tracey McKay 3.12 2

Recurring charactersEdit

Judith Brown-RylandEdit

Judith Brown-Ryland
Dallas character
Portrayed byJudith Light (2013–14)
First appearanceJanuary 28, 2013
Venomous Creatures
Last appearanceSeptember 22, 2014
Brave New World
Created byCynthia Cidre
OccupationTexas Railroad Commissioner
Owner of Ryland Transport

Judith Ryland (née Brown) is a fictional character from the TNT prime time soap opera Dallas. The role has been portrayed by Tony and Emmy Award winning actress Judith Light. Judith first appeared in episode 2 of the second season.


Judith Light was cast in Dallas in a mystery role as "an authoritative and controlling battleaxe who will fight to the death to protect the people she loves" on October 8, 2012.[5][6][7] Later it was announced that Light would be playing Judith Brown-Ryland, Harris Ryland's evil mother and Emma Brown's grandmother.[8] Judith Light is only three years older than her screen son Mitch Pileggi. Light was born on February 9, 1949, while Pileggi was born three years later, on April 5, 1952. The Huffington Post called it a candidate for "Worst Casting Ever" in television history.[9]


Judith Brown-Ryland arrives in Dallas with her granddaughter Emma in 2013. She is the manipulative mother of Harris Ryland and ex-mother-in-law of Ann Ewing. She hates Ann and with Harris kidnapped Ann's daughter Emma at 18 months. In her last appearance in Season 2, Harris sent Judith to an asylum after she wanted to replace him as head of Ryland Transportation with Emma.[10]

Carmen RamosEdit

Carmen Ramos
Dallas character
Portrayed byMarlene Forte (2012–14)
First appearanceJune 13, 2012
Changing of the Guard
Last appearanceSeptember 22, 2014
Brave New World
Created byCynthia Cidre
OccupationHousekeeper for the Ewings.

Carmen Ramos is a fictional character from the TNT prime time soap opera Dallas. The role has been portrayed by actress Marlene Forte as of pilot episode broadcast on June 13, 2012.[11]


Marlene Forte originally was cast as a series regular on April 21, 2011,[12] but was dropped to recurring status after pilot episode was filmed.


Carmen has worked for the Ewing family for many years.[13] She is the mother of Elena Ramos and Drew Ramos. She is not fond of John Ross Ewing III or his father, J.R., but loves Christopher, Bobby and Ann. Her husband worked for Ewing Oil, and died in a rig accident. She turns against the Ewings when Elena reveals that J.R. had swindled her husband out of a share of land, leading to his death.

Steve "Bum" JonesEdit

Steve "Bum" Jones
Dallas character
Portrayed byKevin Page (2012–14)
First appearanceJune 13, 2012
Changing of the Guard
Last appearanceSeptember 22, 2014
Brave New World
Created byCynthia Cidre
OccupationPrivate Investigator for J.R. Ewing

Steve "Bum" Jones is a fictional character from the TNT prime time soap opera Dallas. The role has been portrayed by actor Kevin Page as of season one.


J.R. said that Bum "can be resourceful" and he is said to have a knack for finding people that don't want to be found. J.R. used Bum to spy on Sue Ellen and see whom she was dating. Bum also gathered information on Cliff Barnes's right-hand man Frank Ashkani and also kept J.R. up-to-date on John Ross.

After J.R.'s death, Bum worked for John Ross and later with Bobby, Sue Ellen, and Christopher enacting J.R.'s masterpiece. Bum revealed that J.R., dying from cancer and with only a few days left to live, asked him (Bum) to shoot him so that J.R. could pin his death on longtime rival Cliff Barnes ending the Barnes-Ewing feud as part of J.R.'s final masterplan. Bum said that J.R.'s final request was the hardest thing he ever had to do but John Ross understood he was only following J.R.'s wishes. In his final letter J.R. said Bum was "the best friend I didn't deserve to have".

Other recurring charactersEdit

  • Brett Brock as Clyde Marshall (season 1 - 3), a private investigator hired by John Ross.
  • Akai Draco as Sheriff Derrick (season 1- present), the Braddock County sheriff.
  • Steve Kanaly as Ray Krebbs (season 1- 3),[14] Jock's illegitimate son and the half-brother of J.R., Bobby and Gary. A main character in the original series until he left for Europe during season 12.
  • Ken Kercheval as Cliff Barnes (season 1- 3),[15] the long time rival of J.R., as well as the half-brother of Christopher's adoptive mother and Bobby's first wife, Pamela Barnes Ewing. At the end of the original series, Cliff managed to gain control of Ewing Oil and now - wealthier than ever - his ongoing feud with the Ewings in general and J.R. in particular, continues. As shown in the first season finale, Cliff is behind Rebecca's scheming, as Rebecca's identity as Cliff's daughter is revealed. He was a main character in the original series, appearing throughout its run.
  • John McIntosh as Dr. Bennett (season 1- 3), Bobby's doctor.
  • Glenn Morshower as Lou Rosen (season 1- 3), Bobby's new attorney who takes over after Mitch Lobell skips town.
  • Charlene Tilton as Lucy Ewing (season 1- 3),[14] niece of J.R. and Bobby and the older cousin of John Ross and Christopher. She is the daughter of Gary and Valene Ewing and was a main character in the original series.
  • Joan Van Ark as Valene Ewing (season 2),[16] wife of Gary Ewing, mother of Lucy. The character originated on Dallas before moving to Knots Landing.
  • Ted Shackelford as Gary Ewing (season 2),[16] Lucy Ewing's father and J.R. and Bobby's brother, the "black sheep" of the family. Gary and Valene were recurring characters in the original series, and later became main characters in the spin-off series Knots Landing.
  • Audrey Landers as Afton Cooper[17] Pamela Rebecca Barnes' mother and Cliff's ex-girlfriend.
  • Lee Majors as Ken Richards, an old admirer of Sue Ellen's and a commissioner of T.E.S.H.A., a state agency looking into Christopher's rig explosion.
  • Steven Weber as Governor Sam McConaughey[18] Joins forces with Cliff Barnes and Harris Ryland to try and take down the Ewings. It was revealed that when Barnes and Ryland joined forces, McConaughey's campaign for governor was aided greatly by Ryland
  • AnnaLynne McCord as Heather (season 3),[19] ex-wife of Bo McCabe (played by Don Boaz). Works on Southfork ranch. Love interest of Christopher Ewing.
  • Leonor Varela as Veronica Martinez/Marta Del Sol (season 1),[20] a mentally unstable con artist who pretends to be a Mexican heiress. She is involved with J.R. and John Ross's plans to take over Southfork, until they turn on her and she is murdered by Vicente's gang.
  • Callard Harris as Tommy Sutter (season 1),[21] Rebecca's supposed older brother, involved in her plot to extort money from Christopher. It is eventually revealed he and Rebecca are not actually brother and sister, but lovers. As Rebecca's feelings for Christopher grow stronger, her and Tommy's relationship begins to crack, until Rebecca kills Tommy in self-defense during a fight.
  • Richard Dillard as Mitch Lobell (season 1), the Ewing family attorney. He double crosses Bobby in an agreement with J.R. and John Ross. He then skips town after his crooked dealings are revealed and J.R. turns on him.
  • Faran Tahir as Frank Ashkani (season 1- 2), Cliff's menacing right-hand man. Born Rahid Durani in Islamabad, he was taken off the streets by Cliff some 30 years ago. Cliff gave him a proper education, eventually hired him as his private driver, and "adopted" him as a son. Marginalized and betrayed by Cliff, Askani began colluding with J.R. Cliff learned of the defection, he set up Ashkani to take the rap for Tommy's murder and convinced him to make a statement at the clearing Rebecca, and to afterwards commit suicide by swallowing a poison pill Cliff gave him. Ashkani made the statement and committed suicide while being arraigned for Tommy Sutter's murder.
  • Carlos Bernard as Vicente Cano (season 1-2), a Venezuelan businessman who finances J.R. and John Ross' deal with Veronica. When the Ewings fail to hold up their end of the deal, he turns violent. He eventually is sentenced to prison, after federal agents raid his house. In season 2, he escapes from the supervision of the Venezuelan consul general while awaiting extradition. He holds the Ewings hostage at Southfork to force Christopher to turn over his methane extraction technology, but this attempt fails and he is shot dead by Elena's brother Drew.
  • Angelica Celaya as Lucia Treviño (season 3), wife of Nicolas and mother of his sons.
  • Emily Kosloski as Rhonda Simmons (seasons 2-3), paid by the Ewings to claim Cliff Barnes was in Nuevo Laredo the night J.R. died.
  • Currie Graham as Stanley Babcock (season 3), Railroad Commissioner blackmailed by John Ross to issue a drilling permit for Southfork. Eventually forced to resign.
  • Dallas Clark as Michael (season 3), the young son of Bo McCabe and Heather.
  • Jonathan Adams as Calvin Hanna (season 3), old friend of Bobby's who Bobby asks to handle the IPO for Ewing Global.
  • Gino Anthony Pesi as George Tatangelo (season 3), CIA agent, Harris Ryland's CIA handler.
  • Melinda Clarke as Tracey McKay (season 3), Carter McKay's daughter and Bobby's ex-girlfriend, portrayed by Beth Toussaint (and known as Tracey Lawton) in the original series from 1988 to 1989.
  • Pej Vahdat as Nasir Ali (season 3), a wealthy Arab prince who makes business deals with John Ross and Pamela.


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