List of Colombian Department Governors

This is a list of Governors of Departments of Colombia.

Amazonas DepartmentEdit

Antioquia DepartmentEdit

Arauca DepartmentEdit

Atlántico DepartmentEdit

Bolívar DepartmentEdit

Boyacá DepartmentEdit

Caldas DepartmentEdit

Caquetá DepartmentEdit

Casanare DepartmentEdit

Cauca DepartmentEdit

Cesar DepartmentEdit

Chocó DepartmentEdit

Córdoba DepartmentEdit

Cundinamarca DepartmentEdit


La Guajira DepartmentEdit

Guainía DepartmentEdit

Guaviare DepartmentEdit

Huila DepartmentEdit

Magdalena DepartmentEdit

Meta DepartmentEdit

Nariño DepartmentEdit

Norte de Santander DepartmentEdit

Putumayo DepartmentEdit

Quindío DepartmentEdit

Risaralda DepartmentEdit

San Andrés and Providencia DepartmentEdit

Santander DepartmentEdit

Sucre DepartmentEdit

Tolima DepartmentEdit

Valle del Cauca DepartmentEdit

Vaupés DepartmentEdit

Vichada DepartmentEdit

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