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This is a partial list of Canadian Inuit. The Arctic and subarctic dwelling Inuit (formerly referred to as Eskimo) are a group of culturally similar Canadian Aboriginals inhabiting the Northwest Territories, Nunavut, Nunavik (Quebec) and Nunatsiavut (Labrador).

The names of the communities are given as they were at the time of the birth or death. Those people who were born or died prior to 1 April 1999 in what is now Nunavut were actually born in the Northwest Territories.

Name Birth date Birthplace Region Death date Death place Region Notes
Aariak, EvaEva Aariak[1] 10 January 1955 Arctic Bay NU politician, second Premier of Nunavut
Acoutsina, Acoutsina[2] 1697 Labrador NL Labrador NL interpreter
Adams, WillieWillie Adams[3] 22 June 1934 Fort Chimo QC politician who was a member of the Senate of Canada
Adams, Johnny NedJohnny Ned Adams[4] 1960 Fort Chimo QC pilot, a businessman and a former mayor of the village of Kuujjuaq
Aglukark, SusanSusan Aglukark[5] 27 January 1967 Churchill MB musician
Aglukkaq, LeonaLeona Aglukkaq[6] 28 June 1967 Inuvik NT politician, Minister of Health and Minister of Environment
Akesuk, OlayukOlayuk Akesuk[7] 1965 Cape Dorset NU politician
Akkitirq, AtuatAtuat Akkitirq[8] Igloolik NU filmmaker and costume designer, cofounder of Arnait Video Productions
Akoak, TonyTony Akoak 1957/1958 Gjoa Haven NU politician
Alagalak, DavidDavid Alagalak[9] 11 April 1944 Southampton Island NU politician
Alakannuark, OvideOvide Alakannuark[10] 25 December 1938 Pelly Bay NU politician
Allakariallak, MadeleineMadeleine Allakariallak[11] Resolute NU musician and television journalist
Allooloo, TitusTitus Allooloo[12] 1953 Pond Inlet NU politician and business man
Amagoalik, SimeonieSimeonie Amagoalik[13] 1 May 1933 Fort Chimo QC 2 March 2011 Resolute NU carver
Anawak, JackJack Anawak[6] 26 September 1950 Repulse Bay NU politician
Andersen III, WilliamWilliam Andersen III[14] Okkak Bay NL politician
Andersen, WallyWally Andersen[15] 31 July 1951 Makkovik NL politician
Angilirq, Paul ApakPaul Apak Angilirq[16] 1954 1998 film producer and screenwriter
Angottitauruq, MichaelMichael Angottitauruq[17] 1951 Gjoa Haven NU politician
Angulalik, StephenStephen Angulalik[18] 1898 Ellice River NU 1990 Cambridge Bay NU fur trader and trading post operator
Angutitok, Irene KataqIrene Kataq Angutitok[19] 1914 Bathurst Inlet NU 1971 Repulse Bay NU sculptor
Appaqaq, MosesMoses Appaqaq[20] 2 April 1946 Sanikiluaq NU carver, politician
Arlooktoo, JoeJoe Arlooktoo[21] 26 June 1939 Lake Harbour NU carver, politician
Arlooktoo, GooGoo Arlooktoo[22] 28 November 1963 Lake Harbour NU 30 April 2002 Kimmirut NU politician
Arnaktauyok, GermaineGermaine Arnaktauyok[23] 1946 Igloolik NU printmaker, painter, and drawer
Arnaquq-Baril, AletheaAlethea Arnaquq-Baril[24] Iqaluit NU producer and director
Arngna'naaq, SilasSilas Arngna'naaq[25] Baker Lake NU politician
Arreak, JamesJames Arreak[1] 6 October 1952 Clyde River NU politician
Arvaluk, JamesJames Arvaluk[26] April 1948 Coral Harbour NU politician
Ashevak, KenojuakKenojuak Ashevak[27] 3 October 1927 Ikirasaqa NU 8 January 2013 Cape Dorset NU artist
Ashoona, ShuvinaiShuvinai Ashoona[28] 1961 Cape Dorset NU artist
Ashoona, PitseolakPitseolak Ashoona[29] 1904 or 1907 or 1908 Nottingham Island NU 1983 artist
Atagotaaluk, AndrewAndrew Atagotaaluk[30] Salluit QC first Inuk diocesan bishop, Bishop of the Arctic
Aua, Aua[31] 1870 Igloolik NU after 1922 angakkuq (shaman)
Aupaluktuq, MosesMoses Aupaluktuq[1] Baker Lake NU politician
Barnabas, LeviLevi Barnabas[7] 24 January 1964 Igloolik NU politician
Bernhardt, ErnieErnie Bernhardt politician
Brasseur, Paul-AndréPaul-André Brasseur[32] 25 August 1994 Montreal QC actor
Brown, LeviniaLevinia Brown[33] 1947 Dawson Inlet NU politician
Caubvick, Caubvick[34] Labrador NL Labrador NL visited England, smallpox carrier
Cournoyea, NellieNellie Cournoyea[35] 4 March 1940 Aklavik NT politician, Premier of the Northwest Territories
Crow, CharlieCharlie Crow[36] c. 1943 Richmond Gulf QC Politician, disc jockey
Curley, TagakTagak Curley[1] 1944 Coral Harbour NU politician, prominent figure in the negotiations that led to the creation of Nunavut
Deer, BeatriceBeatrice Deer[37] Quaqtaq QC singer
Dempster, LisaLisa Dempster[38] Charlottetown NL politician
Ebierbing, Ebierbing[39] c. 1837 Cumberland Sound NU c. 1881 guide, husband of Tookoolito
Edmunds, RandyRandy Edmunds[40] North West River NL politician
Elias, EdnaEdna Elias[41] 1955 Coppermine NU politician, Commissioner of Nunavut
Ell-Kanayuk, MonicaMonica Ell-Kanayuk[1] 1954/1955 politician
Enook, JoeJoe Enook[1] c. 1950s Pond Inlet NU politician
Enuaraq, TommyTommy Enuaraq[42] Clyde River NU politician, author
Erkloo, ElijahElijah Erkloo[43] Pond Inlet NU politician
Etidlooie, KingmeataKingmeata Etidlooie[44] 1915 Itinik NU 1989 artist
Etok, TiviTivi Etok[45] 1929 Qirnituartuq QC artist, illustrator, and printmaker
Evaloarjuk, MarkMark Evaloarjuk[46] 1937 3 July 2002 Igloolik NU business pioneer and politician
Evyagotailak, Joe AllenJoe Allen Evyagotailak[47] 15 July 1953 Coppermine NU politician
French, Alice MasakAlice Masak French[48] 29 June 1930 Baillie Island NT 5 July 2013 Souris MB
Gibbons, SimonSimon Gibbons[49] 21 June 1851 Forteau NL 14 December 1896 Parrsboro NS first Inuk priest
Melissa Haney 1981 Inukjuak QC first female Inuk pilot to reach the rank of captain
Hansen, GlennaGlenna Hansen[50] 10 August 1956 Aklavik NT politician, Commissioners of the Northwest Territories
Hanson, Ann MeekitjukAnn Meekitjuk Hanson[42] 22 May 1946 Qaktut NU politician, Commissioner of Nunavut
Havioyak, DonaldDonald Havioyak[26] 1950 Napaktoktok NU politician
Hickes Jr., GeorgeGeorge Hickes Jr.[51] 1968/1969 Churchill MB politician
Hickes Sr., GeorgeGeorge Hickes Sr.[51] 26 June 1946 Ports Point NU politician
Idlout, JosephJoseph Idlout[52] Pond Inlet NU 2 June 1968 Resolute NU featured on the former Canadian two-dollar bill[53]
Idlout, LucieLucie Idlout[54] 1978 NU singer/songwriter
Ipeelee, OsuitokOsuitok Ipeelee[55] 1922 Neeouleeutalik NU 2005 Cape Dorset NU sculptor
Ipellie, AlootookAlootook Ipellie[42] 1951 Nuvuqquq NU 8 September 2007 Ottawa ON graphic artist, political and satirical cartoonist and writer, photographer, and Inuktitut translator
Iqaqrialu, DavidDavid Iqaqrialu[56] 2 July 1954 Clyde River NU politician
Irniq, PeterPeter Irniq[42] 22 August 1947 Lyon Inlet NU politician, Commissioner of Nunavut
Irqittuq, EnokiEnoki Irqittuq[57] 5 February. 1955 Hall Beach NU politician
Isaac, ElisapieElisapie Isaac[58] 1977 Salluit QC pop singer, broadcaster, documentary filmmaker and activist
Ittinuar, PeterPeter Ittinuar[6] 19 January 1950 Chesterfield Inlet NU politician. first Inuk to be elected as an MP
Ivalu, MadelineMadeline Ivalu[59] Igloolik NU filmmaker and actor, cofounder of Arnait Video Productions
Ivalu, Paul-DylanPaul-Dylan Ivalu[60] c. 1997 Igloolik NU actor, grandson of Madeline Ivalu
Joanasie, DavidDavid Joanasie[61] 22 June 1983 Frobisher Bay NU politician
Jones, YvonneYvonne Jones[6] 15 March 1968 Mary's Harbour NL politician, leader of the Liberal Party of Newfoundland and Labrador
Kalvak, HelenHelen Kalvak[62] 1901 Tahiryuak Lake NT 7 May 1984 Holman NT graphic artist, angakkuq (shaman)
Karetak-Lindell, NancyNancy Karetak-Lindell[6] 10 December 1957 Eskimo Point NU politician
Kattuk, PeterPeter Kattuk[63] 2 June 1950 Belcher Islands NU politician
Keenainak, SimeonieSimeonie Keenainak[64] Pangnirtung NU musician and RCMP
Keyootak, PauloosiePauloosie Keyootak[65] Broughton Island NU politician
Kigusiuq, JanetJanet Kigusiuq[66] 1926 Putuqsuqniq NU 2005 Baker Lake NU artist, daughter of Jessie Oonark
Kikkik, Kikkik[67] Ennadai Lake NU charged with, but acquitted of, murder, child neglect and causing the death of one of her children
Kilabuk, IpeeleeIpeelee Kilabuk[68] 1932 Pangnirtung NU 2000 politician
Kilabuk, PeterPeter Kilabuk[26] 27 September 1960 Pangnirtung NU politician
Kiviaq, Kiviaq[69] 23 January 1936 Chesterfield Inlet NU lawyer, politician, and former sportsman
Komoartok, AdameeAdamee Komoartok Pangnirtung NU politician
Kootook, David PisurayakDavid Pisurayak Kootook[70] 13 August 1958 Spence Bay NU December 1972 Hottah Lake NT saved the life of Marten Hartwell after an aircraft crash
Kringayak, Madeleine IsserkutMadeleine Isserkut Kringayak[71] 1928 Repulse Bay NU 1984 sculptor and jewelry artist
Kritaqliluk, PeterPeter Kritaqliluk[72] 1951 Eskimo Point NU 27 August 2011 Arviat NU politician
Kuksuk, GeorgeGeorge Kuksuk c. 1954 Eskimo Point NU politician
Kunuk, ZachariasZacharias Kunuk[59] 27 November 1957 Kapuivik NU producer and director
Kuptana, FloydFloyd Kuptana[73] 1964 Cape Parry NT artist, stone carvings
Kuptana, RosemarieRosemarie Kuptana[74] 1954 Sachs Harbour NT Inuit rights activist, politician
Kusugak, NellieNellie Kusugak[75] 1955 Rankin Inlet NU politician, Commissioner of Nunavut
Kusugak, LorneLorne Kusugak[1] 1959/1960 Rankin Inlet NU politician
Kusugak, MichaelMichael Kusugak[76] 27 April 1948 Repulse Bay NU children's writer
Kusugak, JoseJose Kusugak[43] 2 May 1950 Repulse Bay NU 19 January 2011 Repulse Bay NU politician
Lampe, JohannesJohannes Lampe[77] Nutak NL politician
Leo, SarahSarah Leo[78] NL politician
Lyall, BillBill Lyall[79] 1941 Fort Ross NU politician, business man
Maksagak, HelenHelen Maksagak[80] 15 April 1931 Bernard Harbour NU 23 January 2009 Cambridge Bay NU politician, Commissioner of Nunavut, Commissioner of the Northwest Territories
Mapsalak, SteveSteve Mapsalak[81] 17 March 1957 Repulse Bay NU politician
Michael, MoshaMosha Michael[82] c. 1948 17 November 2009 Toronto ON filmmaker, composer, carver
Mikak, Mikak[34] c.1740 Labrador NL 1 October 1795 Nain NL visited England, interpreter
Mike, JohnnyJohnny Mike[83] 1954/1955 Pangnirtung NU politician
Mike, RebeccaRebecca Mike[84] politician
Miki, AndyAndy Miki[85] 1918 Eskimo Point NU 1983 Eskimo Point NU artist
Mikkungwak, SimeonSimeon Mikkungwak 1968/1969 Baker Lake NU politician
Nakasuk, Nakasuk[86] early 20th century Pangnirtung NU founder of Iqaluit
Nanogak, AgnesAgnes Nanogak[87] 12 November 1925 Baillie Island NT 5 May 2001 Holman NT artist
Netser, PatterkPatterk Netser[88] Coral Harbour NU politician
Ningark, JohnJohn Ningark[1] 17 March 1957 Pelly Bay NU politician
Ningeongan, JohnnyJohnny Ningeongan[1] Coral Harbour NU politician
Noah, WilliamWilliam Noah[89] 1944 Back River NU politician, artist, son of Jessie Oonark
Nuqingaq, SamuelSamuel Nuqingaq Broughton Island NU politician
Nutarak, JobieJobie Nutarak[90] 10 May 1947 Pond Inlet NU 22 April 2006 Pond Inlet NU politician
Obed, NatanNatan Obed[91] Nain NL politician
Okalik, PaulPaul Okalik[26] 26 May 1964 Pangnirtung NU politician, Premier of Nunavut
Okpik, AbeAbe Okpik[43] 12 January 1928 near Aklavik NT 10 July 1997 Frobisher Bay NU politician, community leader, head of Project Surname
Oonark, JessieJessie Oonark[92] 2 March 1906 Chantrey Inlet NU 7 March 1985 Churchill MB artist, mother of Janet Kigusiuq and William Noah
Orpingalik, Orpingalik[93] fl. 1921 angakkuq (shaman), poet
Oshutapik, HezakiahHezakiah Oshutapik[1] 1955/1956 Pangnirtung NU politician
Pangnark, JohnJohn Pangnark[94] 1920 Eskimo Point NU 1980 Eskimo Point NU sculptor
Panigoniak, CharlieCharlie Panigoniak[95] 7 March 1946 Chesterfield Inlet NU singer-songwriter and guitarist
Paniloo, PauloosiePauloosie Paniloo[96] 1943 Clyde River NU 20 April 2007 200 km south of Clyde River NU politician
Parr, Parr[97] 1893 Cape Dorset NU 3 November 1969 Cape Dorset NU artist
Pauloosie, EnukEnuk Pauloosie 1961 Spence Bay NU politician
Pedersen, LenaLena Pedersen[98] 1940 Greenland first woman elected to the Legislative Assembly of the Northwest Territories
Peter, AajuAaju Peter[99] 1960 Arkisserniaq Greenland lawyer and sealskin clothing designer
Pijamini, LootyLooty Pijamini[100] 14 November 1953 Clyde River NU artist
Piqtoukun, David RubenDavid Ruben Piqtoukun[101] 1950 Paulatuk NT artist
Pitseolak, PeterPeter Pitseolak[42] 2 September 1902 Nottingham Island NU 30 September 1973 Cape Dorset NU photographer, sculptor, artist and historian
Piugattuk, AnnabellaAnnabella Piugattuk[102] 19 December 1982 Frobisher Bay NU actor
Pokiak, CalvinCalvin Pokiak[103] 28 May 1955 Tuktoyaktuk NT politician
Pootoogook, AnnieAnnie Pootoogook[104] 11 May 1969 Cape Dorset NU 19 September 2016 Ottawa ON artist
Pootoogook, KananginakKananginak Pootoogook[105] 1 January 1935 Ikerasak NU 23 November 2010 Ottawa ON sculptor and printmaker
Pootoogook, NapachieNapachie Pootoogook[106] 26 June 1938 Sarruq Island NU 18 December 2002 Cape Dorset NU artist, daughter of Pitseolak Ashoona and mother of Annie Pootoogook
Pottle, PattyPatty Pottle[107] NL politician
Pudlat, PudloPudlo Pudlat[108] 4 February 1916 Kamadjuak NU 28 December 1992 Cape Dorset NU artist
Pudlat, KenoayoakKenoayoak Pudlat politician
Pudluk, LudyLudy Pudluk[109] politician
Puqiqnak, UriashUriash Puqiqnak[110] 15 April 1946 Chantrey Inlet NU politician, carver
Qappik, AndrewAndrew Qappik[111] 25 February 1964 Nunatak Island NU graphic artist
Qinnuayuak, LucyLucy Qinnuayuak[112] 1915 Salluit QC 1982 graphic artist and printmaker
Qirngnuq, EmilinoEmilino Qirngnuq c. 1950 Pelly Bay NU politician
Qitsualik-Tinsley, RachelRachel Qitsualik-Tinsley[113] late 1950s NU writer
Quassa, PaulPaul Quassa[114] 12 January. 1952 Igloolik NU politician
Quissa, TumasiTumasi Quissa[115] 1948 near Akulivik QC singer-songwriter, carver
Qulaut, GeorgeGeorge Qulaut c. 1954 Igloolik NU politician
Qumaq, TaamusiTaamusi Qumaq[116] 1 January 1914 near Inukjuak QC 13 July 1993 helped preserve Inuit language and traditional culture, wrote an Inuktitut dictionary and an encyclopedia on Inuit Qaujimajatuqangit
Redfern, MadeleineMadeleine Redfern[117] 1967 Frobisher Bay NU politician
Rusell, KeithKeith Rusell[118] 24 May 1975 Happy Valley-Goose Bay NL politician
Russell, ToddTodd Russell 22 December 1966 William's Harbour NL politician
Saila, PitaloosiePitaloosie Saila[119] 1942 Cape Dorset NU artist
Saila, PautaPauta Saila[120] 1916/1917 Kilaparutua NU 2009 artist
Sammurtok, TomTom Sammurtok 1946/1947 politician
Sammurtok, AlexanderAlexander Sammurtok politician
Savikataaq, JoeJoe Savikataaq 8 December 1960 politician
Schweig, EricEric Schweig[121] 19 June 1967 Inuvik NT actor
Sheutiapik, ElisapeeElisapee Sheutiapik[122] Frobisher Bay NU politician
Shiwak, JohnJohn Shiwak[123] 1889 Rigolet NL 20 November 1917 Masnières France sniper in the First World War
Shooyook, IsaacIsaac Shooyook[124] 1939 Arctic Bay NU politician
Sikkuark, NickNick Sikkuark[125] 21 May 1943 Garry Lake NU 19 December 2013 Kugaaruk NU artist
Simailak, DavidDavid Simailak Baker Lake NU politician
Simon, MaryMary Simon[126] 1947 Kangiqsualujjuaq QC politician, diplomat
Steen, VinceVince Steen[127] 1941 Aklavik NT 3 February 2007 politician
Suluk, DonaldDonald Suluk[128] c. 1925 Chesterfield Inlet NU religious figure
Suluk, ThomasThomas Suluk[6] 14 March 1950 Eskimo Point NU politician
Tagaq, TanyaTanya Tagaq[129] 5 May 1975 Cambridge Bay NU throat singer, artist
Talirunili, JoeJoe Talirunili[130] c. 1893 Qugaaluk River area or north of Puvirnituq QC 1976 printmaker and sculptor
Tapardjuk, LouisLouis Tapardjuk[1] 30 January 1953 northwest of Igloolik NU politician
Taptuna, PeterPeter Taptuna[1] 1956 Cambridge Bay NU politician, Premier of Nunavut
Teevee, NingeokulukNingeokuluk Teevee[42] 27 May 1963 Cape Dorset NU writer and artist
Thompson, ManitokManitok Thompson[26] 1955 Coral Harbour NU politician
Thrasher, WillieWillie Thrasher[131] 1948 Aklavik NT musician
Tiktaalaaq, Irene AvaalaaqiaqIrene Avaalaaqiaq Tiktaalaaq[132] 1941 Princess Mary Lake NU artist
Tiktak, JohnJohn Tiktak[133] 1916 Kareak NU 1981 Rankin Inlet NU sculptor
Tologanak, KaneKane Tologanak[134] politician
Tookoolito, Tookoolito[39] c. 1838 Cape Searle NU 31 December 1876 Groton CT guide, wife of Ebierbing
Tookoome, SimonSimon Tookoome 9 December 1934 Chantrey Inlet NU 7 November 2010 Baker Lake NU artist
Tootoo, JordinJordin Tootoo[135] 2 February 1983 Churchill MB hockey player
Tootoo, HunterHunter Tootoo[6] 18 August 1963 Rankin Inlet NU politician
Tungilik, VictorVictor Tungilik[136] NU religious figure, both a Christian and a traditional angakkuq (shaman)
Tutsweetok, Lucy TasseorLucy Tasseor Tutsweetok[137] 1934 Nunalla MB 2012 Arviat NU artist
Tuu'luq, MarionMarion Tuu'luq[138] 1910 Chantrey Inlet/Back River NU 2002 artist
Ugyuk, JeannieJeannie Ugyuk[1] Spence Bay NU politician
Ulrikab, AbrahamAbraham Ulrikab[139] 29 January 1845 Hebron NL 13 January 1881 Paris France human zoo exhibit
Umik, Umik[140] fl. 1920 NU angakkuq (shaman)
Ungalaaq, NatarNatar Ungalaaq[141] 1959 Igloolik NU actor, filmmaker, and sculptor
Uvavnuk, Uvavnuk[142] 19th century Igloolik area NU angakkuq (shaman), oral poet
Watt-Cloutier, SheilaSheila Watt-Cloutier[143] 1 December 1953 Fort Chimo QC politician, activist
Watt, CharlieCharlie Watt[144] 29 June. 1944 Fort Chimo QC politician
Williams, RebekahRebekah Williams[145] 3 March 1950 politician


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