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The following is a list of characters from the CBS television series, CSI: NY.


Main charactersEdit

Character Portrayer Seasons Episode
First appearance Last appearance
Mac Taylor
CSI Detective
Gary Sinise 1–9 197 "Blink"1 2 3 "Today is Life"
Stella Bonasera
CSI Detective
Melina Kanakaredes 1–6 140 "Blink"1 "Vacation Getaway"
Danny Messer
CSI Detective
Carmine Giovinazzo 1–9 197 "Blink"1 "Today is Life"
Aiden Burn
CSI Detective
Vanessa Ferlito 1–2 26 "Blink"1 "Heroes"
Dr. Sheldon Hawkes
Medical Examiner / CSI
Hill Harper 1–9 197 "Blink"1 "Today is Life"
Don Flack
Homicide Detective
Eddie Cahill 1–9 197 "Blink" "Today is Life"
Lindsay Messer
CSI Detective
Anna Belknap 2–9 1724 "Zoo York" "Today is Life"
Dr. Sid Hammerback
Chief Medical Examiner
Robert Joy 2–9 1684 "Dancing with the Fishes" "Today is Life"
Adam Ross
Lab Technician
A. J. Buckley 2–9 1414 "Bad Beat" "Today is Life"
Jo Danville
CSI Detective
Sela Ward 7–9 57 "The 34th Floor" "Today is Life"

1^ Character first introduced during CSI: Miami episode 2.23 "MIA/NYC NonStop".
2^ Also in CSI: Miami episode 4.07 "Felony Flight".
3^ Also in CSI: Crime Scene Investigation episode 13.13 "In Vino Veritas".
4^ As credited, but did not appear in some episodes.

Recurring charactersEdit

Crime labEdit

Character Portrayer First appearance Last appearance
Dr. Leonard Giles
Toxicology Lab Technician
J. Grant Albrecht "Blink" "The Dove Commission"
Jane Parsons
DNA Lab Technician
Sonya Walger "Three Generations are Enough" "Charge of this Post"
Chad Willingham
Ballistics Lab Technician
Chad Lindberg "Hush" "On The Job"
Zack Shannon
Trace Lab Technician
David Julian Hirsh "Summer in the City" "Zoo York"
Dr. Evan Zao
Medical Examiner
Ron Yuan "Summer in the City" "Corporate Warriors"
Dr. Marty Pino
Medical Examiner
Jonah Lotan "Trapped" "Point of No Return"
Dr. Peyton Driscoll
Medical Examiner
Claire Forlani "People With Money" "Point of View"
Kendall Novak
Trace Lab Technician
Bess Wohl "Can You Hear Me Now?" "Playing with Matches"
Haylen Becall
Laboratory Technician
Sarah Carter "Epilogue" "Dead Reckoning"

Family and friendsEdit

Character Portrayer Relationship First appearance Last appearance
Reed Garrett Kyle Gallner Son of Mac Taylor's late wife "Consequences" "Pot of Gold"
Rikki Sandoval Jacqueline Piñol Neighbor of Danny Messer "Child's Play" "Personal Foul"
Samantha Flack Kathleen Munroe Sister of Don Flack "Veritas" "Misconceptions"
Terrence Davis Nelly Informant of Don Flack "Turbulence" "Cuckoo's Nest"
Lucy Messer Nadia and Talia Hartounian (season 8)
Brooklyn Silzer (season 9)
Daughter of Danny Messer and Lindsay Monroe Messer "Greater Good" "Unspoken"
Ellie Danville Sydney Park Adopted daughter of Jo Danville "Do Not Pass Go" "2,918 Miles"
Russ Josephson David James Elliott Ex-husband of Jo Danville "To What End?" "Identity Crisis"
Claire Conrad Taylor Jaime Ray Newman Late wife of Mac Taylor "Indelible" "Near Death"
Christine Whitney Megan Dodds Fiancée of Mac Taylor "Brooklyn 'Til I Die" "Today is Life"

Police officersEdit

Character Portrayer First appearance Last appearance
Detective Kaile Maka Kelly Hu "Tri-Borough" "Fare Game"
Detective Jessica Angell Emmanuelle Vaugier "People With Money" "Pay Up"
Deputy Inspector Stanton Gerrard Carmen Argenziano "Raising Shane" "Admissions"
Bureau Chief Brigham Sinclair Mykelti Williamson "Cold Reveal" "Dead Reckoning"
Deputy Inspector Gillian Whitford Julia Ormond "My Name is Mac Taylor" "The Party's Over"
Deputy Chief Ted Carver John Larroquette "Hide Sight" "Justified"
Officer Lauren Cooper Jeananne Goossen "Cavallino Rampante" "Officer Involved"
Detective Jamie Lovato Natalie Martinez "Where There's Smoke..." "Today is Life"

Notable villainsEdit

Character Portrayer Crime First appearance Last appearance
Sonny Sassone Michael DeLuise Murder
(2 counts)
"Tanglewood" "Run Silent, Run Deep"
Frankie Mala Ed Quinn Attempted murder
(Attacked Stella)
"Grand Murder at Central Station" "All Access"
Henry Darius James Badge Dale Murder
(15 counts)
"Felony Flight"
(CSI: Miami crossover)
"Manhattan Manhunt"
D.J. Pratt Chad Williams Murder / rape
(1 / 2 counts)
"Summer In The City" "Heroes"
Shane Casey Edward Furlong Murder
(8 counts)
"Hung Out to Dry" "The 34th Floor"
Clay Dobson Joey Lawrence Murder
(3 counts)
"Past Imperfect" "Comes Around"
Andrew "Drew" Bedford
(aka "333 Stalker")
Kerr Smith Attempted murder
(6 counts)
"The Deep" "The Thing About Heroes"
Suspect X Kam Heskin Murder
(6 counts)
"Down the Rabbit Hole" "DOA For a Day"
"Cabbie Killer" Ryan Locke Murder
(6 counts)
"Like Water For Murder" "Taxi"
Ethan Scott
(aka "Joe")
Elias Koteas Murder
(2 counts)
"Hostage" "Veritas"
Sebastian Diakos Adoni Maropis Murder
(2 counts)
"The Cost of Living" "Point of No Return"
George Kolovos Paul Papadakis Murder
(1 count)
"The Cost of Living" "Grounds for Deception"
David Wilson Ryan Gray Murder
(3 counts)
"Pay Up" "Epilogue"
Hollis Eckhart
(aka the "Compass Killer")
Skeet Ulrich Murder
(3 counts)
"Lat 40° 47' N/Long 73° 58' W" "Manhattanhenge"
Raymond Harris Clifton Collins, Jr. Murder
(2 counts)
"Nothing For Something" "Life Sentence"
John Curtis Jason Wiles Rape
(5 counts)
"Crushed" "Means To An End"
Leonard Brooks Rob Morrow Arson / murder
(10 / 3 counts)
"Reignited" "Where There's Smoke..."

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