List of Brazilian mathematicians

This list of Brazilian mathematicians includes the famous mathematicians from Brazil and also those who were born in other countries but later became Brazilians.

Name Image Born Died Notes
Carolina Araujo Edit this on Wikidata5 Sep 1976
The only tenured woman researcher at IMPA
Artur Ávila Edit this on Wikidata29 Jun 1979[1][2]
Rio de Janeiro[1]
Work on dynamical systemsFields Medal winner
Manfredo do Carmo Edit this on Wikidata15 Aug 1928[3]
30 Apr 2018
Rio de Janeiro
Work on differential geometry, author of popular textbooks
Walter Carnielli Edit this on Wikidata11 Jan 1952
Gauss Moutinho Cordeiro Edit this on Wikidata17 Apr 1952
Celso José da Costa Edit this on Wikidata7 Apr 1949[4]
Discovered Costa's minimal surface
Newton da Costa Edit this on Wikidata16 Sep 1929
César Camacho Edit this on Wikidata15 Apr 1943[5]
Marcos Dajczer Edit this on Wikidata19 Nov 1948
Buenos Aires
Francisco Antônio Dória Edit this on Wikidata1945[6]
Rio de Janeiro
Djairo Guedes de Figueiredo Edit this on Wikidata2 Apr 1934
Limoeiro do Norte
Noted for his researches on differential equations
Leopoldo Penna Franca Edit this on Wikidata7 Apr 1959
Rio de Janeiro
19 Sep 2012
Rio de Janeiro
Arnaldo Garcia Edit this on Wikidata1950
Fernando Q. Gouvêa Edit this on Wikidata13 Nov 1957[7]
São Paulo
MAA's Lester R. Ford Award winner
Alfredo Noel Iusem Edit this on Wikidata10 Nov 1949[8]
Buenos Aires
Yoshiharu Kohayakawa Edit this on Wikidata27 Aug 1963[9][10]
Elon Lages Lima Edit this on Wikidata9 Jul 1929[11]
7 May 2017[11]
Rio de Janeiro
Topologist and geometer, teacher and author of textbooks
Artur Oscar Lopes Edit this on Wikidata17 Oct 1950
Rio de Janeiro
Ricardo Mañé Edit this on Wikidata14 Jan 1948[3]
9 Mar 1995
Fernando Codá Marques Edit this on Wikidata8 Oct 1979[12]
São Carlos
Work on differential geometry, co-author of the first proof of the Willmore conjecture
Carlos Matheus Edit this on Wikidata1 May 1984
Júlio César de Mello e Souza Edit this on Wikidata6 May 1895[13]
Rio de Janeiro
18 Jun 1974[13]
The Malba Tahan
Welington de Melo Edit this on Wikidata17 Nov 1946[14]
21 Dec 2016
Rio de Janeiro
Teixeira Mendes Edit this on Wikidata5 Jan 1855[15]
Rio de Janeiro
Carlos Gustavo Moreira Edit this on Wikidata8 Feb 1973[19]
Rio de Janeiro
Leopoldo Nachbin Edit this on Wikidata7 Jan 1922[20]
3 Apr 1993[20][21]
Rio de Janeiro[21]
Introduced Nachbin's theorem and did important work on Hewitt–Nachbin spaces
Antonio Carbonari Netto Edit this on Wikidata
Helena J. Nussenzveig Lopes Edit this on WikidataKnown for her work on partial differential equations for fluid dynamics
Valeria de Paiva Edit this on Wikidata13 Jun 1959
Jacob Palis Edit this on Wikidata15 Mar 1940[22]
Work on dynamical systemsBalzan Prize winner
Maurício Peixoto Edit this on Wikidata15 Apr 1921[23][24]
28 Apr 2019[24]
Rio de Janeiro[25]
Introduced Peixoto's theorem
Paulo Pinheiro Edit this on Wikidata1967
Rio de Janeiro
Enrique Pujals Edit this on Wikidata3 Jul 1967
Paulo Ribenboim Edit this on Wikidata13 Mar 1928[26]
Ruy de Queiroz Edit this on Wikidata11 Jan 1958
Aron Simis Edit this on Wikidata20 Jun 1942[3]
Imre Simon Edit this on Wikidata14 Aug 1943
13 Aug 2009
São Paulo
Joaquim Gomes de Souza Edit this on Wikidata15 Feb 1829
Itapecuru Mirim
1 Jun 1864
Pioneer in mathematical research in Brazil
Jorge Manuel Sotomayor Tello Edit this on Wikidata25 Mar 1942[10]
7 Jan 2022[27]
Rio de Janeiro[27]
Keti Tenenblat Edit this on Wikidata27 Nov 1944[28]
Marcelo Viana Edit this on Wikidata4 Mar 1962[29]
Rio de Janeiro
José Felipe Voloch Edit this on Wikidata13 Feb 1963[30]
Rio de Janeiro

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