List of Bob the Builder episodes

This is an episode list for the British children's animated television series Bob the Builder, which premiered on 12 April 1999. The series finale aired on 31 December 2011 as a mini series titled The Big Dino Dig, which ended the original series after 18 seasons.

Series overview edit

Series Episodes Originally aired Original network
First aired Last aired
Original series UK US
1 13 12 April 1999 (1999-04-12) 2 August 1999 (1999-08-02) CBBC (1999) Nick Jr. (starting 15 January 2001[1])
2 13 11 October 1999 (1999-10-11) 28 December 1999 (1999-12-28) CBBC (1999) Nick Jr. (2001)
3 13 1 September 2000 (2000-09-01) 19 September 2000 (2000-09-19) CBBC (2000) Nick Jr. (2001)
4 13 1 February 2001 (2001-02-01) 19 February 2001 (2001-02-19) CBBC (2001) Nick Jr. (2001)
5 13 1 April 2002 (2002-04-01) 13 April 2002 (2002-04-13) CBeebies (2002) Nick Jr. (2001–02)
6 13 2 September 2002 (2002-09-02) 14 September 2002 (2002-09-14) CBeebies (2002) Nick Jr. (2002)
7 13 3 February 2003 (2003-02-03) 20 February 2003 (2003-02-20) CBeebies (2003) VHS/DVD (2003–04)
PBS Kids (2005)
8 13 1 September 2003 (2003-09-01) 24 November 2003 (2003-11-24) CBeebies (2003) VHS/DVD (2004)
PBS Kids (2005)
9 13 3 April 2004 (2004-04-03) 20 December 2004 (2004-12-20) CBeebies (2004) PBS Kids (2005)
Project: Build It (2005–2009) UK US
10 15 2 May 2005 (2005-05-02) 20 May 2005 (2005-05-20) CBeebies (2005) PBS Kids (2005)
11 12 1 August 2005 (2005-08-01) 16 August 2005 (2005-08-16) CBeebies (2005) PBS Kids (2005)
12 14 31 July 2006 (2006-07-31) 17 August 2006 (2006-08-17) CBeebies (2006) PBS Kids (2006)
13 12 18 August 2006 (2006-08-18) 4 September 2006 (2006-09-04) CBeebies (2006) PBS Kids (2006)
14 12 3 September 2007 (2007-09-03) 18 September 2007 (2007-09-18) CBeebies (2007) PBS Kids (2007)
15 15 19 September 2007 (2007-09-19) 9 October 2007 (2007-10-09) CBeebies (2007) PBS Kids (2008)
16 13 5 August 2008 (2008-08-05) 26 August 2008 (2008-08-26) CBeebies (2008) PBS Kids (2008–09)
Ready, Steady, Build! UK US
17 20 12 April 2010 (2010-04-12) 28 May 2010 (2010-05-28) CBeebies (2010) PBS Kids (2010)
Mini Series 1 6 25 October 2010 (2010-10-25) DVD (2010) PBS Kids (2011)
18 8 26 September 2011 (2011-09-26) 5 October 2011 (2011-10-05) CBeebies (2011) PBS Kids (2011)
Mini Series 2 6 31 December 2011 (2011-12-31) DVD (2011) PBS Kids (2011)

Original series (1999–2005) edit

Pilot (1997) edit

Title Written by Original air date
"Bob the Builder"Chris AllenMay 15, 1997 (1997-05-15)
Bob and Digger (Scoop) exercise, when Bob falls off a ladder when trying to remove a bird's nest from the guttering, but is saved by Digger.

Series 1 (1999) edit

in series
in season
Title[a] Written by Original air date
11"Scoop Saves the Day"Diane Redmond12 April 1999[2] (12 April 1999[2])
A dangerous thunderstorm causes havoc – roads are blocked, trees and telegraph lines are down, pipes are broken, fences are destroyed... can Bob and his team of machines repair the damage that the storm left behind? Along the way, Pilchard, Bob's pet cat gets stuck in a broken tree hanging over the middle of a duck pond. Scoop rescues Pilchard, while Muck, and Lofty clear the branches, and Dizzy uses her mixer drum to rescue ducklings.
22"Travis Paints the Town"Chris Trengove19 April 1999[3] (19 April 1999[3])
Bob is called away from a job, leaving Roley and Travis alone with a paint machine and giving a jealous Spud the opportunity to sabotage Travis as a result in how Travis has never got in trouble. Spud hooks up the road marking machine to Travis, then lies to him saying that Farmer Pickles needs him down at the pond. Roley, Farmer Pickles, Bob and Muck are soon in pursuit of Travis as he paints white lines all over the road. Spud, who pranked Travis, as a punishment is forced to clean the road with soap.
33"Bob Saves the Hedgehogs"
"Bob Saves the Porcupines"
Chris Trengove26 April 1999[4] (26 April 1999[4])
Bob and his gang help a family of hedgehogs (porcupines in US) to get across a busy road.
44"Pilchard in a Pickle"Chris Trengove10 May 1999[5] (10 May 1999[5])
Bob's cat Pilchard goes missing. Wendy tries to find Pilchard unaware that she is napping in one of the pipes Travis is transporting for Bob and the team to lay.
55"Muck Gets Stuck"Chris Trengove17 May 1999[6] (17 May 1999[6])
Muck gets stuck in the dark tunnel, so Bob and the others struggle to get him (her in US) out.
66"Wendy's Busy Day"Diane Redmond24 May 1999[7] (24 May 1999[7])
Bob has caught a cold so Wendy steps in and takes over. She then takes Muck, Roley and Dizzy to finish the road but when Dizzy gets stuck in the cement whilst playing football (soccer in US), Lofty is brought in to rescue her. Meanwhile back at home, Muck starts to catch a cold.
77"Bob's Bugle"Jimmy Hibbert7 June 1999[8] (7 June 1999[8])
Bob makes himself a bugle out of some left-over bits of piping. None of the machines have the heart to tell him how awful it sounds, except Roley, who actually likes the way it sounds and has no complaints, so they try hiding it, but after an accident Bob drops his bugle and Roley runs over it.
88"Buffalo Bob"Chris Trengrove14 June 1999[9] (14 June 1999[9])
Bob takes part of in a line-dancing competition. When his dancing partner, Mavis, calls and tells him she has sprained her ankle at the gym and cannot compete, Wendy offers to take her place as Bob's partner. The machines also take part in their own line-dancing.
99"Travis and Scoop's Race Day"Ross Hastings5 July 1999[10] (5 July 1999[10])
Spud challenges Scoop and Travis to a race to see which of them works harder than the other. Scoop wins the race, even though he gets tricked by Spud who keeps throwing obstacles at him to make Travis win instead.
1010"Bob's Birthday"Diane Redmond12 July 1999[11] (12 July 1999[11])
The gang prepare a special surprise for Bob's birthday. Muck, Roley and Dizzy make a "Concrete Cake" out of an old tyre (tire in the US) for Bob to commemorate 10 jobs, while Bob, Scoop, and Lofty are at Farmer Pickles' farm.
1111"Naughty Spud"Jimmy Hibbert19 July 1999[12] (19 July 1999[12])
Spud steals Bob's ladder to reach apples from an apple tree, unaware that Bob is now stuck on the roof of Travis' shed. Muck then breaks the spare ladder trying to take it to Bob.
1212"Scary Spud"Sarah Ball26 July 1999[13] (26 July 1999[13])
Spud is worried that he may no longer be scary, and to make matters worse, after he attempts to do karate, he breaks his nose off. Muck, Dizzy, and Travis investigate along with Spud to help him get his nose back.
1313"Bob's Barnraising"Diane Redmond2 August 1999[14] (2 August 1999[14])
The team needs to finish constructing Farmer Pickles' barn and get the bales into it before the rain hits. Travis and Muck haul the harvest into the shed, while Scoop and Lofty hold the walls on the barn.

Series 2 (1999) edit

in series
in season
Title[a] Written by Original air date
141"Spud the Spanner"
"Spud the Super Wrench" (US)
Ben Randall11 October 1999[15] (11 October 1999[15])
Spud is bored of being a scarecrow and he takes Bob's toolbox to try to reinvent himself as a superhero, unaware that he will come apart.
152"Wallpaper Wendy"Jimmy Hibbert18 October 1999[16] (18 October 1999[16])
Bob decorates Mrs. Broadbent's new apartment, but as he has never decorated before, he ends up making a complete mess.
163"Runaway Roley"Jimmy Hibbert25 October 1999[17] (25 October 1999[17])
Roley loses the brakes in the morning and sleep-rolls out of the yard and causes destruction everywhere. He crashes into the lamps, signs, walls, etc. Bob, Wendy and Travis have to guide Roley back to the yard without waking him up.
174"Bob's Big Surprise"Chris Trengove1 November 1999[18] (1 November 1999[18])
While Wendy is visiting her sister, Bob and the team decide to surprise her by giving her garden a makeover. However, Mrs. Potts cannot look after the office as she is sick, so Bob leaves Pilchard alone in the office, but Pilchard ends up making a huge mess due to being constantly annoyed by the phone ringing and the answering machine messages.
185"Dizzy's Statues"Diane Redmond8 November 1999[19] (8 November 1999[19])
Bob has to put up bollards around the town hall and put up Mrs. Potts' garden statues at the same time. Dizzy tries to help, but gets very mixed up.
196"Lofty to the Rescue"Chris Trengove15 November 1999[20] (15 November 1999[20])
Lofty is afraid of going over the bridge because of his fear of heights. Spud picks on Lofty to the point of making him cry, but when Spud falls off the bridge and into a tree while taunting everybody passing by, Lofty has to overcome his fears and rescue him.
207"Wendy's Big Match"
"Wendy's Big Game" (US)
Simon Jowett22 November 1999[21] (22 November 1999[21])
Bob is preparing for a "Brightest Building Yard" competition. But when Spud kicks a ball at Wendy, the line-making machine makes a mess, forcing him to clean it up. Bob ends up winning first prize in the "Brightest Building Yard" competition.
218"Tea Set Travis"Ben Randall29 November 1999[22] (29 November 1999[22])
Bob and the gang are preparing for recycling. Farmer Pickles tells Travis to look after his old tea set, but when Spud and Travis are not around, they forget about the tea set and the gang almost recycles it.
229"Dizzy's Bird Watch"Simon Jowett6 December 1999[23] (6 December 1999[23])
Dizzy watches a birds nest and sees the hatchlings emerge and learn to fly.
2310"Clocktower Bob"Chris Trengove13 December 1999[24] (13 December 1999[24])
Bob ends up stranded on a broken clock tower when Lofty gets scared by a bat and knocks the ladder down. All the while, Muck tells a joke about an elephant in the fridge and starts grumbling when Scoop tells him to let Dizzy get on with her mixing, claiming that "it's not fair". That night, he (she in the US) bumps into Lofty just as Scoop and Wendy find both machines so they can rescue Bob.
2411"Wendy's Tennis Court"
"Wendy's Tennis Match" (US)
Diane Redmond20 December 1999[25] (20 December 1999[25])
When building a new tennis court, Travis and Spud try to put the net up, but Spud finds it too heavy and falls into the wet cement.
2512"Bob's White Christmas"Jimmy Hibbert27 December 1999[26] (27 December 1999[26])
Bob will dress up as Father Christmas (Santa Claus in the US) for the local school carol concert, led by the schoolteacher Mrs. Percival, but he loses time when Farmer Pickles gets snowed in. Scoop uses his snowplow to clear the roads while Muck and Travis clear Farmer Pickles’ driveway with their own snowplows.
2613"Pilchard Goes Fishing"Jimmy Hibbert28 December 1999[27] (28 December 1999[27])
Wendy is cleaning Bob's fish tank, but when Muck comes for more cement, he (she in the US) crashes into the lean-to garage. When Wendy gets distracted by another job, Pilchard intends to eat up Bob's goldfish, Finn.

Series 3 (2000) edit

in series
in season
Title[a] Written by Original air date
271"Bob's Boots"Ben Randall1 September 2000 (1 September 2000)
Bob gets some new boots. Spud, meanwhile, challenges Bird to a race and eats right out of Bob's lunchbox.
282"Mucky Muck"Sarah Ball4 September 2000 (4 September 2000)
Bob tries to wash down Scoop and Muck who are both covered in mud, but Muck doesn't want to get washed because he loves being mucky, which is why he (she in the US) is called Muck. Travis also gets stuck in the mud and Bob, Muck and Dizzy have to rescue him. Muck tows Travis from the mud. After the rescue, Muck and Dizzy have a mud pie fight with Spud, before Bob tells them to get back to the farm for a good soapy wash.
293"Bob's Day Off"Ian Carney5 September 2000 (5 September 2000)
Bob takes a day off so he can photograph the rare Blue-Crested Warbler. But when the computer breaks down, Wendy needs him back for some urgent jobs.
304"Magnetic Lofty"Chris Trengove6 September 2000 (6 September 2000)
Wendy is turning an old railway line into a bicycle path and Bob is turning an old rubbish dump into a park. But while Lofty is removing the rails using a magnet, he has to retrieve Mr. Bentley's pen in the process.
315"Roley's Tortoise"Diane Redmond7 September 2000 (7 September 2000)
While building a bus stop, Roley almost runs over a tortoise, whom he rescues and names Timmy. Dizzy reveals its name is Tommy whom he belongs to Mrs. Potts, but while Bob takes some cabbages from Travis's trailer, Tommy sneaks on board.
326"Special Delivery Spud"Simon Jowett8 September 2000 (8 September 2000)
Bob and Wendy have ordered new saws. However, Mr. Dixon's van breaks down so Spud tries to take over. But Spud can't read and gets all the parcels mixed up, sending them to the wrong houses.
337"Pilchard's Breakfast"Jimmy Hibbert11 September 2000 (11 September 2000)
Bob's gang are building Mr. Beasley's new conservatory, but they forgot to feed Pilchard her breakfast, forcing her to fend for herself and find someone to feed her.
348"Scoop's in Charge"Jimmy Hibbert12 September 2000 (12 September 2000)
Bob and Wendy are attending lunch at the town hall, so they leave Scoop in charge of building the Mayor's garage. Scoop does not succeed because all he focuses on is being in charge as opposed to being organised, But while Mr. Bentley inspects the work, Scoop accidentally crushes his gold watch. However, the mayor presents Bob his own gold watch. Bob considers the watch too delicate to take on building sites, so he gives it to Mr. Bentley as a replacement for his broken one. The next day Mr. Bentley brings another gold watch he got from the mayor and gives it to Bob.
359"Muck's Sleepover"Ben Randall13 September 2000 (13 September 2000)
Bob's gang is working on a tunnel overnight. Muck stays at the farm with Travis, but he (she in the US) gets scared of the dark and the scary noises Spud is making and goes missing. When investigating the sound of an owl, Pilchard also goes missing and the same thing happens with Spud. The machines need to find Muck, Pilchard and Spud before they get lost.
3610"Trailer Travis"
"Travis' Trailer" (US, Tool Power only)
Ben Randall14 September 2000 (14 September 2000)
Travis is delivering a load of gravel, while Scoop helps. However, Spud unhooks the trailer to give Travis a rest and it rolls away, unaware that he causes a serious traffic accident.
3711"Spud and Squawk"Teddy Kempner and Andy Seacombe15 September 2000 (15 September 2000)
Bob, Wendy and the machines are building a new car park. Spud is trying to shake off a persistent crow that is following him everywhere. He forces Travis to shoo it off using both his horn, and exhaust pipe to blow it off, but while swerving to avoid Muck, he (she in the US) spills his (her in the US) load. Spud cleans it up. Meanwhile, Bob and the team finish the car park (parking lot in the US). When Mr. Bentley comes to inspect he is pleased but the crow makes footprints all over the lovely new car park. Bob decides to call the carpark "Crows-foot car park". So Mr. Bentley congratulates everyone and "Crows-foot car park" it is.
3812"Scoop Has Some Fun"Chris Trengove18 September 2000 (18 September 2000)
Spud blackmails Scoop to help him play some tricks, including attempts to hypnotize Travis with a moving hay bale to make him think it’s magic, but Spud frightens Lofty so much that he falls onto his side after crashing into a pile of poles meant for him to put up. Scoop thinks this was another one of Spud's tricks, but Bob decides to make sure, by getting back at Spud by disguising himself as a new scarecrow.
3913"Dizzy's Crazy Paving"Diane Redmond19 September 2000 (19 September 2000)
While the machines are building a new path for Mrs. Potts, she won't let Roley work on it because she thinks he will crush all the flowerbeds. Roley decides to supervise Wendy with the hand-roller. But then Muck accidentally drops the flagstones while arguing with Dizzy about where to put them, and they break, which prompts Dizzy a bright idea.

Series 4 (2001) edit

in series
in season
Title[a] Written by Original air date
401"Scoop's Stegosaurus"Jimmy Hibbert1 February 2001 (1 February 2001)
Bob and Scoop discover some old bones in a ditch at Farmer Pickles' field. While Bob is out at the museum, Spud persuades Scoop to see some bigger bones that he found. Mr. Ellis thinks that a stegosaurus skeleton was found, but some of its bones are missing.
412"Sneezing Scoop"Ruth Estevez2 February 2001 (2 February 2001)
While some tires are being dropped off for Farmer Pickles and Travis, Scoop starts sneezing, which prompts Bob he has hay fever. He sends Scoop back to the yard, but he still sneezes. Bob lets Spud figure out what is causing Scoop to sneeze, and the answer ends up being hay and flowers.
423"Roley's Animal Rescue"
"Roley's Sleepy Friend" (US)
Chris Trengove5 February 2001 (5 February 2001)
Bob discovers a hedgehog (porcupine in the US) asleep in Farmer Pickles' cottage and Scoop takes it back to the yard, while Roley looks after it. But when Farmer Pickles arrives to see Wendy, Scruffty jumps out of Travis' trailer and he and Pilchard chase each other which makes Roley worried that it might wake the hedgehog (porcupine in the US).
434"Scarecrow Dizzy"James Henry6 February 2001 (6 February 2001)
Bob and Wendy are working on painting Farmer Pickles' farmhouse with Dizzy guarding the wet cement. But when Spud tries to paint it, he makes a big mess.
445"One Shot Wendy"
"Wendy Plays Golf" (US)
Simon Jowett and
Ben Randall
7 February 2001 (7 February 2001)
Bob and the gang are building a crazy golf course. Wendy discovers that she has the instructions for the windmill, that Bob is preparing, yet when she phones him, he says he doesn't need them.
456"Spud Lends a Hand"Ian Carney8 February 2001 (8 February 2001)
A rainwater tank is being put up next to Farmer Pickles' barn. While Bob is not around, Spud makes Lofty lift the tank into place. But instead of landing properly, it rolls down a hill and smashes a wooden boat for Wendy's nephew.
467"Bob and the Bandstand"Teddy Kempner and Andy Secombe9 February 2001 (9 February 2001)
Bob's gang are preparing Farmer Pickles' bandstand. But then the sheet music falls out of Travis' trailer and Spud starts making paper airplanes with it.
478"Farmer Pickles' Pigpen"Jimmy Hibbert12 February 2001 (12 February 2001)
Farmer Pickles is phoning Bob to build a doghouse for Scruffty, but he accidentally drops the phone. At the same time, Mrs. Percival phones Farmer Pickles to look after the guinea pigs over the school holiday. After Wendy answers the message, she sends the phone off with Scoop, but then he passes it onto Spud and Travis until Farmer Pickles is puzzled to hear about the arrival of some unordered "mini-pigs" and, has no pigpen.
489"Bob on the Run"Chris Trengove13 February 2001 (13 February 2001)
Mrs. Percival is raising money for a new clubhouse. Bob sponsors it with a Runathon and the machines sponsor it by demolishing the old pavilion.
4910"Forget-Me-Knot Bob"Ben Randall14 February 2001 (14 February 2001)
Bob's personal organizer (which gives details of all of his jobs) breaks down. He tries to remind himself by tying knots in his handkerchief, but gets them mixed up.
5011"Roley and the Rock Star"Simon Jowett15 February 2001 (15 February 2001)
Roley gets excited when Bob builds a pond in his favourite rock star's garden.
5112"Scruffty the Detective"Sarah Ball16 February 2001 (16 February 2001)
A time capsule is being built for Mr. Ellis and will be buried outside the museum. However, Spud thinks it is a treasure chest and he empties the contents of it and almost buries it.
5213"Watercolour Wendy"[b]
"Watercolor Wendy" (US)
Ian Carney19 February 2001 (19 February 2001)
Wendy is on her day off doing some watercolour (watercolor in the US) painting, but Scruffty buries her phone.

Series 5 (2002) edit

in series
in season
Title[a] Written by Original air date
531"Scruffty's Big Dig"Diane Redmond1 April 2002 (1 April 2002)
Bob, Wendy and the Machines are going to Mrs. Broadbent's House that has a big hole in the wall, but Scrufty gets stuck in the rabbit hole, who gets out with the help of Lofty.
542"Inspector Spud"Simon Jowett2 April 2002 (2 April 2002)
Mr. Bentley inspects a pipe but he gets soaked. Spud tries to take over, but he has no qualifications.
553"Cock-a-Doodle Spud"Diane Redmond3 April 2002 (3 April 2002)
Farmer Pickles' hen has abandoned her eggs, so Bob is building a hen coop. Spud decides to look after the chicks.
564"Wendy's Surprise Party"Ruth Estevez4 April 2002 (4 April 2002)
Wendy is inviting the whole town for a barbecue party for her sister, Jenny. But the machines have just laid a garden path and they are too tired to come.
575"Skateboard Spud"Ross Hastings5 April 2002 (5 April 2002)
Using an old ironing board, Spud makes a skateboard and rides it all over town. Bob has just put up some traffic calming measures. When Spud comes across Bob, Dizzy, Roley and Scoop, he crashes into the dumpster.
586"Muck's Monster"Ben Randall6 April 2002 (6 April 2002)
Wendy, Muck and Dizzy are clearing a blocked drain. Muck gets spooked by gurgling noises and he is convinced it is a monster. Meanwhile, Spud and Lofty play chess.
597"Spud the Dragon"Ian Carney7 April 2002 (7 April 2002)
Mrs. Percival is preparing costumes for the school play. Spud borrows the dragon costume and pretends to be a magic dragon when he sees Muck. Meanwhile, Bob and Wendy are sorting out Mrs. Potts' attic.
608"Pilchard Steals the Show"Jimmy Hibbert8 April 2002 (8 April 2002)
Scoop notices that Farmer Pickles has entered Scruffty into the dog show, which determines him to also enter Pilchard, even though she is a cat.
619"Bob's Hide"
"Bob's Bird Blind" (US)
James Henry9 April 2002 (9 April 2002)
Bob's gang are making a bird hide at the nature reserve and also want to get a glimpse of the rare Grebe Warbler. But Spud appears instead dressed like a bird.
6210"Bob's Auntie"Jimmy Hibbert10 April 2002 (10 April 2002)
Auntie Dora is coming to visit and she is a stickler for tidiness. Already the yard is in a complete mess and the machines try to clean it up, but they only make it worse.
6311"Bob and the Big Freeze"Simon Jowett11 April 2002 (11 April 2002)
Scoop and Wendy try to clear the roads, but they bumped into the hedgehog/porcupine crossing. Spud tries to skate on the frozen duck pond, but the ice is not thick enough. Bob sends Dizzy and Lofty out to rescue him.
6412"Clumsy Roley"
"Roll on Roley" (US)
Ian Carney12 April 2002 (12 April 2002)
Roley almost crushes Bob's toolbox. This causes anxiety from him to think he is always clumsy. This always makes him more accident-prone.
6513"Eskimo Bob"
"Bob of the North" (US)
Chris Trengove13 April 2002 (13 April 2002)
A snowstorm has hit Bobsville, and Farmer Pickles has a huge hole in his roof. Wendy, along with her sister, Jenny, goes to fix it while Bob, Scoop, and Muck clear the roads. Spud accidentally destroys Scruffty's kennel while trying on Wendy's skis, so Jenny builds an igloo for Scruffty.

Series 6 (2002) edit

in series
in season
Title[a] Written by Original air date
661"Bob's Pizza"Ian Carney2 September 2002 (2 September 2002)
Bob starts doing a pizza delivery service.
672"Bob's Metal Detector"Ian Carney3 September 2002 (3 September 2002)
Bob buys a metal detector to help him look for and fix Farmer Pickles' broken water pipe. Afterwards, Bob and Muck go treasure hunting in Farmer Pickles' field, but all they manage to find is half a bike and the main water pipe, which they accidentally crack.
683"Mr. Beasley's DIY Disaster"
"Mr. Beasley's Vegetable Patch" (US)
Chris Trengove4 September 2002 (4 September 2002)
Mr. Beasley asks Bob to build him a new tool shed for his garden, but Bob is delayed by an urgent roof repair at the post office. Mr. Beasley tries building the shed himself, but it becomes a disaster when he doesn't put the supports in properly.
694"Wendy's Removal Service"
"Wendy's Moving Company" (US)
Simon Jowett5 September 2002 (5 September 2002)
Wendy starts operating a removal service.
705"Lofty and the Rabbits"Ruth Estevez6 September 2002 (6 September 2002)
Lofty discovers a small family of rabbits.
716"Lofty and the Giant Carrot"Jimmy Hibbert7 September 2002 (7 September 2002)
Lofty gets frightened by a giant carrot, even though it won't get him.
727"Bob's Egg and Spoon Race"Diane Redmond8 September 2002 (8 September 2002)
The town is practicing for an egg and spoon race. Spud has problems trying to keep the egg on the spoon, so he cheats by using some of Bob's putty.
738"Trix's Tiles"Peter Corey9 September 2002 (9 September 2002)
Bob is placing red tiles on a roof, but then a mix-up at JJ's yard causes Wendy to put green tiles on the other side of the roof.
749"Mr. Sabatini's Smashing Day"
"Mr. Sabatini Picks Up the Pieces" (US)
Lee Pressman10 September 2002 (10 September 2002)
Mr. Sabatini gets a new football, but he accidentally kicks it through his shop window. J.J. and Bob go to replace it with a new pane.
7510"Roley to the Rescue"James Henry11 September 2002 (11 September 2002)
Bird is trapped and Roley has to rescue him.
7611"Spud's Big Splash"Polly Churchill12 September 2002 (12 September 2002)
Muck's job is to deliver bricks to Mrs. Potts' garden to have the bricks as the base for her pottery duck until Spud challenges him to throw bricks in the pond to make the big splash.
7712"Spud the Musketeer"Julie Jones13 September 2002 (13 September 2002)
After Spud sees a poster for the school play, he thinks he would like to be a musketeer. He decides to use a fence post as a sword, but when he does, all the sheep escape.
7813"Wendy's Magic Birthday"Guy Halifax14 September 2002 (14 September 2002)
It's Wendy's birthday, but she does not want any fuss. Bob organises a magic birthday show for her instead.

Series 7 (2003) edit

in series
in season
Title[a] Written by Original air date
791"Mr. Beasley's New Friends"Julie Jones3 February 2003 (3 February 2003)
Mr. Beasley makes some new friends.
802"Spud the Pilot"Simon Jowett4 February 2003 (4 February 2003)
JJ loses his remote control aeroplane. Spud finds it and becomes a pilot.
813"Trix and the Otters"Lee Price5 February 2003 (5 February 2003)
Molly sees a family of otters. Trix decides to watch them also, but then they see a big shiny machine. Muck devises a good way to watch them.
824"Speedy Skip"Chris Trengove6 February 2003 (6 February 2003)
Skip moves too fast and he causes trouble for the gang. He races and speeds around some parts of town.
835"Mr. Ellis' Exhibition"
"Mr. Ellis' Art Exhibition" (US)
Diane Redmond7 February 2003 (7 February 2003)
Mr. Ellis' new exhibition gets ruined. Everything has to be done before something gets worse.
846"Bob and the Badgers"Sarah Ball10 February 2003 (10 February 2003)
Farmer Pickles needs a fence built to keep the rabbits off his cabbages. But this also blocks the badgers' path to the stream.
857"Bob and the Goalie"Glenn Dakin11 February 2003 (11 February 2003)
Bob's gang is building an exercise park which Mr. Dixon's brother, David Dixon, will open. Bob and Spud think they are no good at soccer.
868"Dizzy Goes Camping"Glenn Dakin12 February 2003 (12 February 2003)
While Wendy goes on holiday with her sister, Bob and the team build a campground near Farmer Pickles' farm. Dizzy wants to know what it is like to camp out, so she and Muck spend the night in a tent. However, Dizzy forgets to shut the gate, and the next morning, Farmer Pickles' sheep get loose in the campground. Dizzy and Muck manage to round up the sheep before Bob and Farmer Pickles return.
879"Pilchard's Pets"Jimmy Hibbert13 February 2003 (13 February 2003)
Pilchard meets some tiny creatures and decides to treat them like pets.
8810"Snowman Scoop"James Henry14 February 2003 (14 February 2003)
Scoop wants to enter the snowman competition, but he needs to fix a burst pipe outside Mr. Sabatini's house. The noses for the snowmen start disappearing.
8911"Lofty's Long Load"Guy Halifax17 February 2003 (17 February 2003)
Bob is building a through-lounge for Mr. and Mrs. Bentley. Lofty carries the long metal girder. Dizzy and Trix decide to have a race and in the process the girder damages the sides of the bridge.
9012"Hamish's New Home"Simon Jowett18 February 2003 (18 February 2003)
Hamish gets a new home.
9113"Dizzy the Sheepdog"Diane Redmond19 February 2003 (19 February 2003)
Dizzy helps Farmer Pickles by trying to act like a sheepdog.

Series 8 (2003) edit

in series
in season
Title Written by Original air date
921"Bob the Photographer"Julie Jones1 September 2003 (1 September 2003)
Bob takes some pictures of the town.
932"Mr. Bentley's Trains"Sarah Ball8 September 2003 (8 September 2003)
Mrs. Bentley accidentally breaks one of Mr. Bentley's toy trains which she thinks are special to him.
943"Wendy's Big Night Out"Diane Redmond15 September 2003 (15 September 2003)
Wendy goes out for a night on the town.
954"Racing Muck"James Henry22 September 2003 (22 September 2003)
Muck suddenly goes in a racing mood.
965"Mr. Beasley's Noisy Pipes"Polly Churchill29 September 2003 (29 September 2003)
Mr. Beasley mistakes the noise of his old pipes for a mole stuck under his floorboards which gives him anxiety.
976"Lofty's Jungle Fun"Julie Jones6 October 2003 (6 October 2003)
Lofty imagines what it would be like to be in the jungle.
987"Ballroom Bob"Simon Jowett13 October 2003 (13 October 2003)
Bob has been taking secret salsa dance lessons from Mrs. Percival to practice for the upcoming dance, but he keeps stepping on her feet, making him worry that he won't be able to impress anyone with his moves at the dance. Mr. Bentley tells Bob that the dance is to be moved to Farmer Pickles' field since the town hall is too hot. The team builds an outdoor dance floor and decides to practice dancing, too.
998"Molly's Fashion Show"Glenn Dakin20 October 2003 (20 October 2003)
Molly hosts a fashion show, but it then goes wrong.
1009"Spud and the Doves"Sarah Ball27 October 2003 (27 October 2003)
Spud gets some trouble with doves.
10110"First-Aid Molly"Peter Reeves3 November 2003 (3 November 2003)
Molly takes a first-aid job at wanting to be a doctor.
10211"Mr. Bentley: Dog Sitter"Jimmy Hibbert10 November 2003 (10 November 2003)
Mr. Bentley is dog sitting for the Mayor's dog, Timmykins, but he escapes.
10312"Travis Gets Lucky"Diane Redmond17 November 2003 (17 November 2003)
Travis starts having a lucky day when he has to plough (plow in the US) a field for the first time in a lone time.
10413"Scruffty on Guard"Glenn Dakin24 November 2003 (24 November 2003)
Scruffty is guarding duty, but he soon gets distracted.

Series 9 (2004) edit

in series
in season
Title Written by Original air date
1051"Scoop the Disco Digger"Diane Redmond3 April 2004 (3 April 2004)
The team is having a Tropical Beach Party and Dizzy teaches Scoop how to dance.
1062"Bob the Farmer"Glenn Dakin4 April 2004 (4 April 2004)
Bob takes care of Farmer Pickles' farm while he goes to a county fair.
1073"Lofty the Artist"James Henry10 April 2004 (10 April 2004)
Wendy decorates the library, and Lofty is so impressed that he decides to paint a picture as well – but he soon finds that being an artist is harder than it looks.
1084"Spud's Statue"Jimmy Hibbert11 April 2004 (11 April 2004)
Spud breaks Molly's statue, so he tries to make a new one out of Bob's building materials only to leave Bob without the wood to fix the pavilion.
1095"Pilchard and the Field Mice"Diane Redmond17 April 2004 (17 April 2004)
Pilchard causes havoc on a job to mend a rotten beam in Mr. Ellis' cottage when she finds some mice living there.
1106"Trix's Pumpkin Pie"Diane Redmond18 April 2004 (18 April 2004)
The team is building a new jungle gym for the school playground. When Trix and Muck collect some wooden poles for the jungle gym from Farmer Pickles, he tells them he needs to deliver a pumpkin to Mr. Sabatini's pizza parlour so he can bake a large pumpkin pie for Farmer Pickles' harvest supper. Trix volunteers to deliver the pumpkin pie after it is finished, but when Bob tells her he needs more wood chips, she asks Spud to look after the pie. Surprisingly, Spud keeps his promise and protects the pie from crows.
1117"Where's Muck?"Peter Reeves24 April 2004 (24 April 2004)
Bob and the team are repairing an eroded river bank in the countryside. Muck has to collect the fence posts and the grass matting from JJ's yard to start work but he (she in the US) was in such a rush not to miss out of getting mucky, he (she in the US) forgot the matting, now he (she in the US) has to go back to JJ's. Muck decides to take a shortcut but he (she in the US) suddenly gets lost, then he sees a lost duckling, Muck names the duck Quack and he (she in the US) helps bring the duck back to his family.
1128"Travis' Busy Day"Peter Reeves25 April 2004 (25 April 2004)
Lofty and Travis pull down a damaged tree, only to find that they have made a family of squirrels homeless! Travis is devastated, but suddenly he has an idea which Bob could use the old tree to build a new home for the squirrels.
1139"Muck's Surprise"Marc Seal1 May 2004 (1 May 2004)
Bob's gang builds a summer house as an anniversary present for Mrs. Bentley, but Muck nearly ruins the surprise.
11410"Skip's Big Idea"Jimmy Hibbert2 May 2004 (2 May 2004)
Skip wishes he could come up with good ideas, while Bob is renovating the old mill.
11511"Roley's Important Job"Diane Redmond8 May 2004 (8 May 2004)
Bob and the gang convert a house into a delicatessen, but there's nothing for Roley to do. Fortunately, some birds give him an idea to make him feel useful again.
11612"Trix and the Bug"Glenn Dakin9 May 2004 (9 May 2004)
Bob builds a cinema, and a fake giant bug is sent to promote a new film. However, Trix causes chaos in the town when she borrows the insect to help Spud scare the birds.
11713"Mr. Bentley's Winter Fair"Peter Reeves20 December 2004 (20 December 2004)
It is the day of the winter fair, and Mr. Bentley is in charge of organising the fair. He tries to plan it like a military exercise to make sure nothing goes wrong, but when Mr. Bentley expresses his disapproval of how the stalls are set up and Humpty escapes from his pen, the fair escalates into chaos.

Project: Build It (2005–2009) edit

This show was centered around Bob and his crew's adventures in their new home of Sunflower Valley. Many new machines were introduced, and throughout the episodes Bob always tried to be eco-friendly. The show's intro begins with one of Bob's crew and one of other machines doing the job before Wendy and Bob wave good morning and begin their jobs. The show ends with Bob's crew going to sleep and Wendy and Bob waving good night before one of Bob's crew and one of other machines does the job.

Series 10 (2005) edit

in series
in season
Title Written by Original air date
1181"Bob's Big Plan"Sarah Ball2 May 2005 (2 May 2005)
Bob enters a competition to design a town and decides to make his design as environmentally friendly as possible, only to discover, when he wins the contest, that the prize is the job of building it.
1192"Bob's Fresh Start"Marc Seal3 May 2005 (3 May 2005)
Bob's crew is nervous as they start work on the Sunflower Valley project, but Muck claims not to be afraid. However, his (her in the US) confidence soon disappears when he (she in the US) and Spud get lost in the woods.
1203"Lofty's Shelter"Storyline by : Lorelei King
Written by : Sarah Ball
4 May 2005 (4 May 2005)
Lofty finds it hard to tell Bob that he wants a place in the new machine shelter.
1214"Dizzy and the Talkie-Talkie"Marc Seal5 May 2005 (5 May 2005)
Bob digs a well and Wendy brings the team radio headsets, which soon come in handy when Muck gets lost.
1225"Scoop's Recruit"Sarah Ball6 May 2005 (6 May 2005)
Scoop looks for someone to take over Wendy's job at the yard and Bob's dad is the one to do it.
1236"Where's Robert?"Sarah Ball9 May 2005 (9 May 2005)
Bob's dad Robert slows him down, making Bob wonder how they are going to get everything done in time, but there is more to worry about when the older man disappears at the recycling plant.
1247"Wendy's Welcome"Sarah Ball10 May 2005 (10 May 2005)
Bob searches for Robert, who is preparing a surprise for Wendy at her new home in Sunflower Valley.
1258"Roley's New Friend"Marc Seal11 May 2005 (11 May 2005)
Roley makes friends with a bird and helps her find the right spot to build a nest.
1269"Two Scoops"Peter Reeves
(Storyline by Marc Seal and Sarah Ball)
12 May 2005 (12 May 2005)
Scoop works very hard and makes himself so tired he falls asleep.
12710"Benny's Back!"Peter Reeves and Sarah Ball13 May 2005 (13 May 2005)
Bob faces a race against time to get everything finished on the workshop and storerooms, as well as doing a job for Farmer Pickles, so Benny and Scrambler help to get the work done.
12811"Spud's Straw Surprise"Rachel Murrell and Sarah Ball
(Storyline by Marc Seal)
16 May 2005 (16 May 2005)
Spud overhears Bob and Farmer Pickles planning to build something new out of straw, and thinks he is going to be replaced.
12912"Off-Road Scrambler"Marc Seal17 May 2005 (17 May 2005)
Scrambler takes Scruffty for a walk to keep him out of Bob's hair — but finds the excitable dog has plenty of energy to burn.
13013"Meet Marjorie"Marc Seal18 May 2005 (18 May 2005)
Bob and the team are building the Sunflower factory and the person running it is Marjorie, Dizzy asks a lot of questions so she decides to be quiet and build the storage bay, but goes too far when she doesn't ask Bob first as she tells Benny to put Marjorie's bike somewhere different and it ends up getting damage.
13114"Muck's Mud Hut"Sarah Ball19 May 2005 (19 May 2005)
The team build a home for Marjorie, but Muck's decision to create a mud hut ends in disaster.
13215"Wendy's Party Plan"Marc Seal20 May 2005 (20 May 2005)
Wendy organises a surprise party for Bob, but she is left worrying about the preparations when he puts her in charge of building a new dome at the same time.

Series 11 (2005-2006) edit

in series
in season
Title Written by Original air date
1331"Scrambler in the Doghouse"Marc Seal1 August 2005 (1 August 2005)
Bob makes Scruffty a unique kennel using recycled scrap after Scrambler smashes all of the building materials.
1342"Benny's Important Job"Rachel Murrell and Marc Seal2 August 2005 (2 August 2005)
Bob builds the Bentleys' new home into the side of a hill, and Benny is determined to help, but keeping up with the big diggers is harder than he expected.
1353"Put-It-Together Spud"Simon Nicholson
(Storyline by Marc Seal)
3 August 2005 (3 August 2005)
Spud helps Bob put together the machinery for Farmer Pickles' sunflower oil factory, but he leaves his post of protecting sunflowers from crows and he took the parts from the factory without asking first.
1364"Roley's Round-Up"Marc Seal4 August 2005 (4 August 2005)
Roley finds a way to keep the Bird and his chicks cool in the storeroom.
1375"Dizzy the Detective"Dave Ingham5 August 2005 (5 August 2005)
A millstone goes missing, so Dizzy and Spud try to track it down by following a trail of clues.
1386"Two Jobs Travis"Simon Nicholson8 August 2005 (8 August 2005)
Travis has a lot of work on his hands when he tries to do two jobs at once which causes disaster, he learns he can't do everything at once and has help from his friends.
1397"Scrambler and the Colourful Cave"[b]
"Scrambler and the Colorful Cave" (US)
Marc Seal9 August 2005 (9 August 2005)
Scrambler stumbles across a strange cave while helping an expert on the Stone Age to decorate his house.
1408"Spud's Bumper Harvest"Simon Nicholson10 August 2005 (10 August 2005)
Spud causes chaos when he stores a bumper crop of sunflowers in Bob's mobile home.
1419"Muck's Convoy"Dave Ingham11 August 2005 (11 August 2005)
Muck is told to lead a convoy to the mill, but he (she in the US) cannot remember Bob's directions to get there. Muck claims he (she in the US) will not make mistakes, but when they got to the marshland which Bob told Muck not to go there, Lofty is stuck. What would he (she in the US) do?
14210"While Bob's Away, Robert Will Play"Marc Seal12 August 2005 (12 August 2005)
Robert turns Bob's old rubble chute into a children's playground, with a little help from some squirrels.
14311"Bob's Three Jobs"Marc Seal15 August 2005 (15 August 2005)
Bob plans to go bird-watching with his dad, but has three very important jobs to finish first; which take longer than expected.
14412"Scoop Knows it All"Simon Nicholson16 August 2005 (16 August 2005)
A new forklift named Sumsy joins the team, and Scoop shows her round the valley, but stops her from doing her job delivering the bottles to the shed.

Series 12 (2006) edit

in series
in season
Title Written by Original air date
1451"Dizzy's Sleepover"Dave Ingham31 July 2006 (31 July 2006)
While Bob and the machines are refurbishing the watermill, Dizzy discovers there are bats living in the watermill, and she cannot wait to meet them. In the midst of her excitement, Dizzy ends up making a mess around the watermill. After explaining that bats only come out at night, Bob suggests having a sleepover so Dizzy can see the bats.
1462"Lofty the Star"Marc Seal1 August 2006 (1 August 2006)
The machines build a bunkhouse for Farmer Pickles' sunflower pickers and Lofty gets the chance to show off his talents.
1473"Sumsy's Willow Tree"Simon Nicholson2 August 2006 (2 August 2006)
The machines chop down a willow tree that's started to topple over and soon discover how useful the woods can be.
1484"Slow Down Scrambler!"Marc Seal3 August 2006 (3 August 2006)
The machines are working on building a bridge, but Scrambler's rushing around has caused Dizzy to get stuck in the mud. Scrambler tries to find a way to speed things up which only makes it worse when he spills the concrete bags in the river.
1495"Travis and the Tropical Fruits"Simon Nicholson4 August 2006 (4 August 2006)
Bob and the gang build a pineapple pit to keep Mr. Beasley's fruit crop warm, and Travis has to fetch a load of manure.
1506"Scoop the Teacher"Dave Ingham7 August 2006 (7 August 2006)
The team are building a bakery for Mr. Sabatini and Scoop is asked to tutor young Benny.
1517"Sir Muck"Marc Seal8 August 2006 (8 August 2006)
Bob and the gang help build a windmill for Mr. Sabatini, Meanwhile, Muck and Spud cause trouble jousting windmills.
1528"Bashing Crashing Benny"Marc Seal9 August 2006 (9 August 2006)
Benny is given a new attachment and he can't wait to use it, but when he does, he ends up in trouble.
1539"Spud's Cork Tree"Dave Ingham10 August 2006 (10 August 2006)
Spud learns about the many uses of cork.
15410"Bob's Top Team"Simon Nicholson11 August 2006 (11 August 2006)
Bob is busy turning the giant dome into a visitors' center and learns that his machines can manage without him sometimes.
15511"Sumsy and the Beast"Sarah Ball14 August 2006 (14 August 2006)
Sumsy and Spud cause panic across the valley when they spot a strange creature in town.
15612"Listen with Scrambler"Marc Seal15 August 2006 (15 August 2006)
Scrambler plays with the children in Sunflower Valley on the last day before they return to school in Bobsville. But Scrambler keeps borrowing the materials from the team's surprise build which wouldn't be ready in time.
15713"Roley's Bird's Eye View"Sarah Ball16 August 2006 (16 August 2006)
Roley would like to get a birds eye view of the valley and is upset that he is too big to reach the top of the observation tower.
15814"Wendy's Houseboat"Dave Ingham17 August 2006 (17 August 2006)
Wendy and Bob announce they are going to fix up a houseboat, and the rest of the team lends a helping hand.

Series 13 (2006-2007) edit

in series
in season
Title Written by Original air date
1591"Mr. Bentley's Assistant"Simon Nicholson18 August 2006 (18 August 2006)
Mr. Bentley prepares to welcome a group of newcomers to the valley. Spud attempts to help out, but inevitably ends up complicating matters.
1602"Roley's Moleys"Marc Seal21 August 2006 (21 August 2006)
Roley's preparations for a cafe opening are made difficult by some troublesome moles.
1613"Spud Rushes It"Marc Seal22 August 2006 (22 August 2006)
Bob and the machines make a watering system for Farmer Pickles' new orchard. Spud tries to speed things up but doesn't stick to the process.
1624"Scrambler's Seaweed Delivery"Simon Nicholson23 August 2006 (23 August 2006)
When Bob builds a seaweed farm for Annie Pickles, Scrambler volunteers to help collect the seaweed from the beach and bring it to the garden.
1635"Massive Muck"Marc Seal24 August 2006 (24 August 2006)
The team starts work on Annie Pickles' new seafront house, but Muck does not concentrate on the task in hand.
1646"Roley's Apple Press"Dave Ingham25 August 2006 (25 August 2006)
Roley wants to help with the apple harvest, but is not much use, so Bob finds something he can do much better.
1657"Travis' Giddy Day"Laura Beaumont and
Paul Larson
28 August 2006 (28 August 2006)
The machines build a goat run for Farmer Pickles' newest arrival.
1668"Muck's Drying Tunnel"Simon Nicholson29 August 2006 (29 August 2006)
Bob builds a drying tunnel for Annie's seaweed and a rotary washing line for Mr. Beasley.
1679"Benny's Jungle Trouble"Louise Kramskoy30 August 2006 (30 August 2006)
Benny gets the wrong idea about a conversation he overheard and heads off into marshland, looking for jungle animals.
16810"Dizzy the Walking Bus"Dave Ingham31 August 2006 (31 August 2006)
Dizzy tries to help the children get to school, but her excitement leads to her being careless. Bob, Scoop, and Lofty are putting up new road signs, but Dizzy didn't mix the cement properly, causing the signs to lean over. Spud makes things worse by turning the signs in the wrong direction after straightening them, leading to Dizzy and the children getting lost in the woods.
16911"Packer's First Day"Laura Beaumont and
Paul Larson
1 September 2006 (1 September 2006)
Packer arrives in Sunflower Valley, but he finds it very difficult to concentrate on the task at hand.
17012"The Bob House"Simon Nicholson4 September 2006 (4 September 2006)
Bob designs a house with the help of his father Robert, while Mr. and Mrs. Bentley conduct a survey.

Series 14 (2007) edit

in series
in season
Title Written by Original air date
1711"Mr. Bentley's Big Parade"Marc Seal3 September 2007 (3 September 2007)
Mr. Bentley is organising a special parade to announce Sunflower Valley's very first mayor.
1722"Scrambler the Goat Herder"David Ingham4 September 2007 (4 September 2007)
Scrambler is given the job of bringing Giddy the goat down from Snowcap mountain.
1733"Packer's Big Delivery"Simon Nicholson5 September 2007 (5 September 2007)
When Packer the delivery truck sets off to collect goat's milk from Meg MacDonald, he gets stuck on a narrow mountain ridge and it's up to Scrambler to rescue him.
1744"Spud the Woodsman"Louise Kramskoy6 September 2007 (6 September 2007)
Spud wants to become a woodsman like Chip Chipper, but when he causes chaos at the building site he decides to stick with being a scarecrow.
1755"Muck's Mootastic Dairy"Laura Beaumont and
Paul Larson
7 September 2007 (7 September 2007)
Bob is building a new dairy and Muck is entrusted with looking after the cows. When the cows cause chaos and knock down the half-built dairy, everyone helps to rebuild it so the cows can be milked before sunset arrives.
1766"Roley the Green Cat"Marc Seal10 September 2007 (10 September 2007)
Roley is mystified as to why Pilchard doesn't want to play with him any more, until he discovers her with a litter of kittens, and is proud to become Uncle Roley.
1777"Put-It-Together Bob"Simon Nicholson11 September 2007 (11 September 2007)
When Bob tries to install machinery at Meg's milk bottling plant, he realises it is going to be harder than he first thought – especially when Buttercup the cow eats his plans!
1788"Dodger the Milk Truck"Dave Ingham12 September 2007 (12 September 2007)
Meg's new milk delivery truck thinks he is not wanted in Sunflower Valley.
1799"The Three Musketrucks"Laura Beaumont and
Paul Larson
13 September 2007 (13 September 2007)
Scrambler, Packer, and Dodger make a pact to deliver all their cargo and overcome great obstacles to make it happen.
18010"Scoop Slips Up"Louise Kramskoy14 September 2007 (14 September 2007)
Bob is building some salt pans by the beach and accidentally breaks the sluice gates. When Scoop slips on some seaweed, he thinks he actually broke the gates, and goes out of his way to stop Bob finding out.
18111"Dodger's Dairy Disaster"Laura Beaumont and
Paul Larson
17 September 2007 (17 September 2007)
Dodger is sent to collect ingredients for Meg MacDonald's new cheese, but he ends up making a mess when he tries to amuse everyone with his horn.
18212"Bob's Beach Hut"Laura Beaumont and
Paul Larson
18 September 2007 (18 September 2007)
Bob decides to build a beach hut as a surprise for his parents.

Series 15 (2007-2008) edit

in series
in season
Title Written by Original air date
1831"The House That Lofty Built"Simon Nicholson and Marc Seal19 September 2007 (19 September 2007)
Bob moves his mobile home to Bobland Bay and Lofty turns the machine shelter into a makeshift house.
1842"Bob's Big Idea"Marc Seal20 September 2007 (20 September 2007)
Bob is having trouble designing his dream house in Sunflower Valley.
1853"Roley Brings the House Down"Marc Seal21 September 2007 (21 September 2007)
Roley and Muck play in the mud, but an accident leads to the old machine shelter being knocked down.
1864"Muck's Machine Wash"Dave Ingham24 September 2007 (24 September 2007)
Muck is sad when he (she in the US) finds that Bob has built a machine to clean all the vehicles, as he (she in the US) knows it will clean all the muck off him (her in the US).
1875"Lofty's Comet"Simon Nicholson25 September 2007 (25 September 2007)
Bob, his dad and Lofty build an observatory so everyone can watch a comet pass over the valley.
1886"Lofty the Lifeguard"Laura Beaumont and
Paul Larson
26 September 2007 (26 September 2007)
Lofty rescues a famous film director, Oscar Flicks, who gets into trouble at sea.
1897"Star Struck Spud"Laura Beaumont and
Paul Larson
27 September 2007 (27 September 2007)
Bob and the gang build a drive-in cinema, before Oscar Flicks' sea monster movie shot in Bobland Bay is finally shown.
1908"Go, Mr. Bentley, Go!"Simon Nicholson28 September 2007 (28 September 2007)
Mr. Bentley takes Scrambler on as his personal trainer when Bob and the team build an exercise park at Bobland Bay.
1919"Tumbler and the Skate Park"Marc Seal1 October 2007 (1 October 2007)
A new cement mixer named Tumbler arrives in Sunflower Valley to help build a skate park. Dizzy is asked to show Tumbler around the valley, but when he starts teasing her, she decides to leave him behind, until she realizes that she cannot pour all the cement for the skate park on her own.
19210"Fantastic Flex"Marc Seal2 October 2007 (2 October 2007)
The lens needs replacing on the lighthouse, so Flex comes to help, his showing off causes trouble.
19311"Packer's Trailer Trouble"Louise Kramskoy3 October 2007 (3 October 2007)
Bob and the machines build an ice-cream parlour (parlor in the US) in Bobland Bay, but Packer gets his deliveries all muddled up.
19412"Scoop's Best Team Ever"Simon Nicholson4 October 2007 (4 October 2007)
Scoop worries that Benny will replace him as Bob's number one machine.
19513"Spud and the Hotel"Laura Beaumont and
Paul Larson
5 October 2007 (5 October 2007)
The first guests arrive at the Bobland Bay Hotel and Spud decides to help out by trying his hand at every job.
19614"Tumbler's Perfect Promenade"Dave Ingham8 October 2007 (8 October 2007)
Tumbler wants the promenade at the Bobland Bay Hotel to be unique to Bobland Bay.
19715"Clean as a Whistle Bristle"Dave Ingham9 October 2007 (9 October 2007)
Items go missing soon after Bristle the street cleaner arrives.

Series 16 (2008-2009) edit

in series
in season
Title Written by Original air date
1981"Zoomer's Snowy Adventure"Dave Ingham5 August 2008 (5 August 2008)
Zoomer stays with Bob in Sunflower Valley, and when heavy snow blocks everyone in, it is down to Zoomer and Scoop to save the day.
1992"Radio Bob"Simon Nicholson6 August 2008 (6 August 2008)
Bob and the machines build a radio studio and they think of ideas for their own shows.
2003"Tumbler and the Ice Rink"Laura Beaumont and
Paul Larson
7 August 2008 (7 August 2008)
Tumbler and Dizzy are on their way to collect some concrete when Dizzy gets trapped in a snow drift.
2014"Spud the DJ"Laura Beaumont and
Paul Larson
11 August 2008 (11 August 2008)
Spud causes chaos when he looks after the radio station and announces on air that a storm is on the way.
2025"Silent Scoop"Dave Ingham12 August 2008 (12 August 2008)
Mike Turntable finishes his night shift at the radio station and tries to get some sleep, while Bob and the gang build a new swimming pool at the Bobland Bay hotel.
2036"Scrambler Gets Prepared"Marc Seal13 August 2008 (13 August 2008)
Scrambler takes the kids on an overnight badger patrol with Chip Chipper, and he sets out to prove he is prepared for anything.
2047"Sumsy's Special Building"Simon Nicholson14 August 2008 (14 August 2008)
The team builds an office for the Mayor using unusual recycled materials.
2058"Lofty's Banana Tree"Simon Nicholson18 August 2008 (18 August 2008)
The machines build a hot house in Bobland Bay so they can grow tropical plants.
2069"Roley's Flat Garden"Simon Nicholson19 August 2008 (19 August 2008)
Bob and the team are building a new botanical garden for Mr. Bentley. Roley thinks the garden should be flat, but doesn't realise (realize in the US) that some plants need to be planted on bumpy spots.
20710"Super Splasher"Laura Beaumont and
Paul Larson
20 August 2008 (20 August 2008)
Splasher arrives in town and sets about rescuing everyone.
20811"Breezy Bristle"Dave Ingham21 August 2008 (21 August 2008)
Bob and the crew plan to surprise Gripper and Grabber with a new shelter when the duo arrive in Sunflower Valley on a hot day.
20912"Splasher's Two Stops"Marc Seal25 August 2008 (25 August 2008)
The team builds two shelter stops for Splasher's new ferry route as everybody gets ready for the big summer party in Bobland Bay. But Splasher wants to start his route before the stops are even built and he ends up leaving without several passengers. He also tries juggling with being in two places at once.
21013"An Inspector Calls"Marc Seal26 August 2008 (26 August 2008)
Mr. Carruthers, the chief building inspector, comes to inspect Bob's team's work.

Ready, Steady, Build! (2009–2011) edit

The second spin-off is Bob the Builder: Ready, Steady, Build!. In June 2008, after production of Project: Build It wrapped up, it was announced that the series would be revamped for environmental CGI. The gang has now apparently moved to a place called Fixham Harbour and the show is now animated in CGI animation instead of the traditional stop-motion animation.

Series 17 (2009-2010) edit

in series
in season
Title Written by Original air date
2111"Scratch's Hidden Treasures"Lisa Akhurst12 April 2010 (12 April 2010)
When Scratch finds buried treasure outside Fixham Museum, Scoop and Muck decide he is the best one to dig them up.
2122"Scrambler's Best Idea"Lisa Akhurst13 April 2010 (13 April 2010)
Scrambler is disappointed when Roley beats him in the Playtime Build Competition, and decides to create his own treehouse anyway.
2133"Scoop the Artist"Lisa Akhurst14 April 2010 (14 April 2010)
Scoop meets a famous artist and tries to become one himself.
2144"High Tide for Lofty"Anna Starkey15 April 2010 (15 April 2010)
Bob and the team are rebuilding the old pier, but Lofty is afraid to get too close to the water because the tide will come in.
2155"Roley's Rovers"Sharon Miller16 April 2010 (16 April 2010)
Wendy tells the machines they need a mascot to become a real team after they find a football to play with.
2166"Start from Scratch"Ross Hastings19 April 2010 (19 April 2010)
Scratch tries to impress Bob with a football (soccer in the US) trick.
2177"Night Time Scratch"Ross Hastings20 April 2010 (20 April 2010)
Scratch is so excited about installing floodlights at the football pitch that he is unable to sleep, but when the time comes to turn them on, he struggles to stay awake.
2188"Lofty and the Monster"Louise Kramskoy21 April 2010 (21 April 2010)
Scoop, Dizzy and Scrambler play a game of monster chase, but Lofty does not realise they are only playing.
2199"Dizzy in Charge"Ross Hastings22 April 2010 (22 April 2010)
Bob and the team restore the town of Fixham to its former glory with Dizzy in charge of things.
22010"Lofty's Helpful Day"Lisa Akhurst23 April 2010 (23 April 2010)
Lofty really wants to be as helpful as he can, but ends up taking on so many jobs that he gets confused.
22111"Scoop's Sea Rescue"Lisa Akhurst26 April 2010 (26 April 2010)
The town of Fixham continues to be restored to its former glory and Scoop has to make a rescue at sea.
22212"Scratch's Star Turn"Louise Kramskoy27 April 2010 (27 April 2010)
The famous actor, Dickie Olivier, arrives in Fixham to celebrate History Day, and after Bob turns an old ship into a stage, Scratch is given the chance to tread the boards in a play.
22313"Pineapple Scratch"Ross Hastings28 April 2010 (28 April 2010)
Brad's conch shell and pineapple go missing, just as he is celebrating the opening of his beach café.
22414"Scrambler's Stage Surprise"Lisa Akhurst29 April 2010 (29 April 2010)
When a storm damages the Fixham theatre (theater in the US), Bob and the team have to work fast to repair it in time for the opening of a play.
22515"Wendy's Birthday Surprise"Lisa Akhurst30 April 2010 (30 April 2010)
Getting ready for Wendy's surprise birthday party proves to be a challenge, especially when Scoop tries to do everything himself. When Wendy's birthday present falls into the well the team are working on, Scoop realises (realizes in the US) he needs help from his friends to complete the job and get the party ready on time.
22616"Scratch Goes Solo"Simon Nicholson24 May 2010 (24 May 2010)
Scratch has a solo job digging for Farmer Pickles, but soon becomes lonely without the others.
22717"Dizzy and the Wheelies"Louise Kramskoy25 May 2010 (25 May 2010)
Dizzy's stunts impress are a real hit, until one of her friends upstages her, and she becomes desperate to prove she is still the best.
22818"Muck's Beach Tower"Ross Hastings26 May 2010 (26 May 2010)
Muck tries to build a sandcastle and he (she in the US) forgets about the job that took him (her in the US) to the beach in the first place.
22919"Here Comes Muck"Simon Nicholson27 May 2010 (27 May 2010)
Bob and the gang rebuild the yard and create new garages for themselves.
23020"Scrambler Gets Clean"Ross Hastings28 May 2010 (28 May 2010)
Bob and the gang finish the machine wash, but Scrambler is afraid to use it.

Mini Series 1: The Legend of the Golden Hammer (2010) edit

in series
in season
Title Written by Original air date
2311"Scrambler and the Clue"Marc Seal25 October 2010 (25 October 2010)
Bob and the team are summoned to Fixham Museum by its curator David Mockney.
2322"Lofty and the Teddy Bear Rescue"Simon Nicholson25 October 2010 (25 October 2010)
Lofty sees a box of teddy bears and decides to move them out of the way.
2333"Muck and the Old School Wall"Simon Nicholson25 October 2010 (25 October 2010)
Following on from the last clue that they discovered – a picture of a dragon!
2344"Scoop's Big Job"Louise Kramskoy25 October 2010 (25 October 2010)
Spud and Scrambler are still searching for the Golden Hammer and are trying to figure out what the latest clue means.
245"Dizzy Finds a Pirate"Louise Kramskoy25 October 2010 (25 October 2010)
When Dizzy tells the team that she has seen Brickbeard backstage.
2446"Roley and the Seagull"Marc Seal25 October 2010 (25 October 2010)
Roley befriends a seagull that gets very angry when the team begins to lift the old ship out of the water.

Series 18 (2010-2011) edit

in series
in season
Title[a] Written by Original air date
2311"Whizzy Dizzy"Lisa Akhurst26 September 2011 (26 September 2011)
Dizzy sets out to prove how quickly she can get things done when the team builds a new workshop for Bob.
2322"Travis' New Garage"Louise Kramskoy27 September 2011 (27 September 2011)
Roley decides to become the team's official lost-property officer, but his enthusiasm for finding things interferes with work on a new garage for Travis.
2333"Scratch and the Dream Room"
"Scratch and the Dream Home"
Ross Hastings28 September 2011 (28 September 2011)
Scratch persuades the other machines to let Spud design and build his own home.
2344"Stage Struck Dizzy"Anna Starkey29 September 2011 (29 September 2011)
The team works at a theatre, building a shed to store props and scenery.
2355"Roley and the Fox"Lisa Akhurst30 September 2011 (30 September 2011)
The team builds a jungle-themed mini-golf course, and Roley befriends a fox.
2366"Super Scrambler"Lisa Akhurst3 October 2011 (3 October 2011)
Scrambler dreams of emulating his favourite superhero, and comments from Scoop and Muck make him even more determined to achieve his goal.
2377"Roley's Weather Rap"Simon Nicholson4 October 2011 (4 October 2011)
Roley writes a rap about the weather so he can help Brad Rad make announcements to his surfing students. Suddenly, the weather keeps changing.
2388"Bob's Big Bounce"
"Bob and the Trampoline"
Louise Kramskoy5 October 2011 (5 October 2011)
The team builds a trampoline by the children's playground, but problems arise when Scratch tries to fix a problem without asking for help.

Mini Series 2: The Big Dino Dig (2011) edit

in series
in season
Title Written by Original air date
2391"Lofty and the Diggers Three"Marc Seal31 December 2011 (31 December 2011)
Lofty is jealous of the camaraderie between the three diggers.
2402"Scoop and the Roller Coaster"Lisa Akhurst31 December 2011 (31 December 2011)
Today's job is to build a roller coaster at the theme park, and Scratch is desperate to find his own dinosaur. Scoop tells him that he has a plan to do just that.
2413"Rubble and the Seagull Surprise"Louise Kramskoy31 December 2011 (31 December 2011)
Bob and the team are building a flying ride at the park.
2424"Roley and the Impossible Bump"Ross Hastings31 December 2011 (31 December 2011)
Roley is flattered when Scratch tells him he thinks he's the best flattener in the world! So trying to flattered the biggest bump in Fixham before the inspection.
2435"Muck's Train to Trouble"Simon Nicholson31 December 2011 (31 December 2011)
Muck is singing "train is a coming" until the train is stuck in a tunnel.
2446"A Dinosaur for Scratch"Ross Hastings31 December 2011 (31 December 2011)
Scratch pretends to be a dinosaur.

Notes edit

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