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List of Aztec gods and supernatural beings

This is a list of deities from the Aztec culture, its religion and mythology. Many of these deities are sourced from the Florentine Codex by Bernardino de SahagĂșn and informants.

  • Cipactonal, god of astrology and calendars associated with daytime
  • Oxomo, goddess of astrology and calendars associated with nighttime

  • Cihuateteo, were the malevolent spirits of women who died in childbirth.They were likened to the spirits of male warriors who died in violent conflict, because childbirth was conceptually equivalent to battle in Aztec culture.
  • Tzitzimitl, were female deities, and as such related to fertility, they were associated with the Cihuateteo and other female deities such as Tlaltecuhtli, Coatlicue, Citlalicue and Cihuacoatl. The leader of the tzitzimimeh was the Goddess Itzpapalotl who was the ruler of Tamoanchan - the paradise where the Tzitzimimeh resided.

  • Cihuacoatl, goddess of childbirth and picker of souls.
  • Coatlicue, goddess of fertility, life, death and rebirth
  • Chimalma, goddess of fertility, life, death and rebirth
  • Xochitlicue, goddess of fertility, life, death and rebirth
  • Itzpapalotl, obsidian butterfly, leader of the Tzitzimitl
  • Toci, goddess of healing
  • Temazcalteci, goddess of maternity associated with Toci


+ (They have both Venus as association as symbol of twins)

  • Four Tezcatlipoca's
    • Tezcatlipoca, god of providence, the darkness and the invisible, lord of the night, ruler of the North. (Black Tezcatlipoca
    • Quetzalcoatl, god of the life, the light and wisdom, lord of the winds and the day, ruler of the West. (White Tezcatlipoca
    • Xipe-Totec, god of force, lord of the seasons and rebirth associated with vegitation, ruler of the East. (Red Tezcatlipoca)
    • Huitzilopochtli, god of will and the war, patron of sun and fire, the lord of the South.

(Blue Tezcatlipoca)

  • Tepeyollotl, god of the animals, darkened caves, echoes and earthquakes. Tepeyollotl is a variant of Tezcatlipoca, associated with mountians
  • Chalchiutotolin, god of cleanse of contamination, absolve them of guilt, and overcome their fate, variant of Tezcatlipoca


  • Tlaloc,god of rain and lightning and thunder. He is a fertility god
  • Chalchiuhtlicue, goddess of water, lakes, rivers, seas, streams, horizontal waters, storms and baptism.
  • Opochtli, god of fishing and hunting
  • Huixtocihuatl, goddess of salt.
  • Atlacoya, goddess of drought.

  • Tlaltecuhtli, old god of earth (changed in the landscape and atmosphere)
  • Tlalcihuatl, old goddess of earth (changed in the landscape and atmosphere)
  • Coatlicue, goddess of Earth
  • Xipe Totec, god of force, patron of war, agriculture, vegetation, diseases, seasons, rebirth, hunting,

trades and spring, the lord of the East.

  • Xochipilli, god of love, art, games, beauty, dance, flowers, maize, fertility, and song.
  • Xochiquetzal, goddess of fertility, beauty, female sexual power, protection of young mothers, pregnancy, childbirth, and women's crafts.
  • Xochitlicue, goddes of growthiness, she is the mother of the twin gods Xochiquetzal an Xochipilli.

  • Yacatecuhtli, patron god of commerce and travelers, especially business travelers
  • Zacatzontli, god of (day/night) roads (He can be a protector for merchants)
  • Malinalxochitl, goddess or sorceress of snakes, scorpions and insects of the desert.