Australian rugby league's 100 greatest players

In late 2007, the Australian Rugby League and National Rugby League commissioned 130 experts to select the 100 best rugby league players in the game's 100-year history in Australia. From this list, a limited panel of experts picked a "Team of the Century" - a team of 17 players considered to be the best Australian players of all time. This team was announced in Sydney on 17 April 2008, see Australian Rugby League's Team of the Century.

Rugby League's 100 Greatest PlayersEdit

Harry Bath 1947
Cec Blinkhorn 1925
Frank Burge 1914
Jim Craig 1924
Chook Fraser 1911
Herb Gilbert
Vic Hey 1930
Keith Holman 1952
Harold Horder 1919
Mick Madsen 1935
Sandy Pearce 1910
Herb Steinhort 1925
Duncan Thompson
Brown, Norman & Stehr debut together for NSW 1931

Players are listed in alphabetical order.

  1. Vic Armbruster, Mullumbimby, Toowoomba Valleys, Brisbane Grammars, Fortitude Valley, Bundaberg, Rochdale Hornets
  2. Keith Barnes, Balmain
  3. Harry Bath, Brisbane Souths, Balmain, Barrow, Warrington, St George
  4. Jack Beaton, Eastern Suburbs
  5. Arthur Beetson, Balmain, Eastern Suburbs, Parramatta, Hull KR
  6. Brian Bevan, Eastern Suburbs, Warrington, Blackpool Borough
  7. Cec Blinkhorn, North Sydney, South Sydney
  8. Kerry Boustead, Eastern Suburbs, Manly, North Sydney, Hull KR
  9. Dave Brown, Eastern Suburbs, Warrington
  10. Roy Bull, Manly
  11. Frank Burge, Glebe, St George
  12. Joe "Chimpy" Busch, Eastern Suburbs, Balmain
  13. Billy Cann, South Sydney
  14. Brian Carlson, Newcastle, North Sydney
  15. Clive Churchill, South Sydney
  16. Brian Clay, Newtown, St George
  17. Arthur Clues, Western Suburbs, Leeds, Hunslet
  18. Bradley Clyde, Canberra, Bulldogs, Leeds
  19. Ron Coote, South Sydney, Eastern Suburbs
  20. Ted "Tedda" Courtney, Newtown, Western Suburbs, North Sydney
  21. Jimmy Craig, Balmain, University, Western Suburbs
  22. Michael Cronin, Parramatta
  23. Les Cubitt, Glebe, Eastern Suburbs
  24. Laurie Daley, Canberra
  25. Brian Davies, Brisbane Brothers, Canterbury
  26. Dan Dempsey, Ipswich
  27. Graham Eadie, Manly, Halifax
  28. Andrew Ettingshausen, Cronulla, Leeds
  29. Viv Farnsworth, Newtown, Western Suburbs
  30. Brad Fittler, Penrith, Sydney Roosters
  31. Charles "Chook" Fraser, Balmain
  32. Dan Frawley, Eastern Suburbs
  33. Bob Fulton, Manly, Eastern Suburbs, Warrington
  34. Peter Gallagher, Brisbane Brothers
  35. Reg Gasnier, St George
  36. Herb Gilbert, South Sydney, Western Suburbs, Hull FC
  37. Tom Gorman, Toowoomba, Brisbane Brothers
  38. Eric Grothe Sr, Parramatta, Leeds
  39. Duncan Hall, Brisbane Valleys, Toowoomba, Brisbane Wests
  40. Howard Hallett, South Sydney
  41. Arthur "Pony" Halloway, Glebe, Eastern Suburbs, Balmain
  42. Brian Hambly, Wagga Wagga, South Sydney, Parramatta
  43. Vic Hey, Western Suburbs, Toowoomba, Parramatta
  44. Keith Holman, Western Suburbs
  45. Harold Horder, South Sydney, North Sydney
  46. Ken Irvine, North Sydney, Manly
  47. Andrew Johns, Newcastle Knights
  48. Les Johns, Canterbury
  49. Ken Kearney, St George
  50. Noel Kelly, Ipswich, Western Suburbs
  51. Brett Kenny, Parramatta, Wigan
  52. Johnny King, St George
  53. Terry Lamb, Western Suburbs, Canterbury
  54. Allan Langer, Ipswich, Brisbane Broncos, Warrington
  55. Graeme Langlands, St George
  56. Glenn Lazarus, Canberra, Brisbane Broncos, Melbourne
  57. Wally Lewis, Brisbane Valleys, Wynnum-Manly, Wakefield Trinity, Brisbane Broncos, Gold Coast
  58. Darren Lockyer, Brisbane Broncos
  59. Eddie Lumsden, Manly, St George
  60. Mick Madsen, Toowoomba
  61. Bob McCarthy, South Sydney, Canterbury
  62. Chris McKivat, Glebe
  63. Frank McMillan, Western Suburbs, Balmain
  64. Mal Meninga, Souths Brisbane, St. Helens, Canberra
  65. Dally Messenger, Eastern Suburbs
  66. Gene Miles, Wynnum-Manly, Brisbane Broncos, Wigan
  67. Steve Mortimer, Canterbury
  68. Barry Muir, Brisbane Wests
  69. Herb Narvo, Newtown, St George
  70. Ernie Norman, Eastern Suburbs
  71. Andy Norval, Eastern Suburbs
  72. John O'Neill, South Sydney, Manly
  73. Kel O'Shea, Western Suburbs
  74. Joe Pearce, Eastern Suburbs
  75. Sandy Pearce, Eastern Suburbs
  76. Wayne Pearce, Balmain
  77. Ray Price, Parramatta, Wakefield Trinity
  78. Wally Prigg, St George
  79. Norm Provan, St George
  80. Johnny Raper, Newtown, St George
  81. Tom Raudonikis, Western Suburbs, Newtown
  82. Steve Roach, Balmain, Warrington
  83. Steve Rogers, Cronulla-Sutherland, St. George, Widnes
  84. Albert Rosenfeld, Eastern Suburbs, Huddersfield, Wakefield Trinity, Bradford Northern
  85. John Sattler, South Sydney
  86. Billy Smith, St George
  87. Ray Stehr, Eastern Suburbs
  88. Herb Steinohrt, Toowoomba
  89. Peter Sterling, Parramatta, Hull FC
  90. Arthur Summons, Western Suburbs
  91. Viv Thicknesse, Eastern Suburbs
  92. Duncan Thompson, North Sydney, Toowoomba
  93. Ken Thornett, Parramatta, Leeds
  94. George Treweek, South Sydney
  95. Ian Walsh, Eugowra, St George
  96. Steve Walters, Canberra, North Queensland Cowboys, Newcastle Knights
  97. Benny Wearing, South Sydney
  98. Shane Webcke, Brisbane Broncos
  99. Eric Weissel, Cootamundra, Temora, Barmedman, Narrandera, Wagga Wagga
  100. Harry Wells, Wollongong, South Sydney, Western Suburbs

Players by clubEdit


Players Club
19 Eastern Suburbs Roosters
14 South Sydney Rabbitohs
14 Western Suburbs Magpies
13 St. George Dragons
10 Balmain Tigers
9 Parramatta Eels
7 Manly Sea Eagles
7 North Sydney Bears
6 Brisbane Broncos
6 Newtown Jets
6 Canterbury Bulldogs
5 Canberra Raiders
4 Glebe
2 Cronulla Sharks
2 Newcastle Knights
2 Melbourne Storm
1 Gold Coast
1 Penrith Panthers
1 University

Brisbane Rugby LeagueEdit

Players Club
3 Fortitude Valley Diehards
2 Wests Panthers
2 Wynnum-Manly Seagulls
1 Northern Suburbs/Grammars
1 Ipswich
1 Souths Magpies


Players Club
2 Newcastle
6 Warrington (England)
1 Temora
1 Blackpool Borough (England)

Eugowra 1

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