List of Australian electorates contested at every election

Of the 65 federal electoral divisions first contested at the 1901 election, 33 are still in existence without ever being abolished. These are referred to as Federation Divisions, with the Australian Electoral Commission's redistribution guidelines stating that "Every effort should be made to retain the names of original federation divisions".[1]

  • The Division of Riverina was abolished in 1984 and re-created in 1993, so has not been contested at every election.
  • Although there were 75 members in the House of Representatives in 1901, there were only 65 divisions contested as the states of South Australia and Tasmania consisted of single multi-member divisions electing 7 and 5 members respectively.
State Divisions at 1901 election Current Federation divisions
New South Wales 26 13
Victoria 23 10
Queensland 9 7
Western Australia 5 3
South Australia 1 0
Tasmania 1 0
TOTAL 65 34

In the state parliaments:


Division State
Division of Ballarat Vic
Division of Bendigo Vic
Division of Brisbane Qld
Division of Capricornia Qld
Division of Corangamite Vic
Division of Corio Vic
Division of Cowper NSW
Division of Eden-Monaro NSW
Division of Flinders Vic
Division of Fremantle WA
Division of Gippsland Vic
Division of Herbert Qld
Division of Hume NSW
Division of Hunter NSW
Division of Indi Vic
Division of Kennedy Qld
Division of Kooyong Vic
Division of Macquarie NSW
Division of Maranoa Qld
Division of Melbourne Vic
Division of Moreton Qld
Division of New England NSW
Division of Newcastle NSW
Division of North Sydney NSW
Division of Parramatta NSW
Division of Perth WA
Division of Richmond NSW
Division of Robertson NSW
Division of Swan WA
Division of Wannon Vic
Division of Wentworth NSW
Division of Werriwa NSW
Division of Wide Bay Qld


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