List of Atari 5200 games

This is a list of all 69 officially released games for the Atari 5200 Super System, organized alphabetically by name. This list excludes any hobbyist-developed games. See Lists of video games for related lists.

The Atari 5200


Title Year Developer
The Activision Decathlon 1983 Activision
Astro Chase 1984 Parker Brothers
Ballblazer 1986 Atari Corp.
Beamrider 1983 Activision
Berzerk 1983 Atari, Inc.
Blue Print 1983 CBS Electronics
Bounty Bob Strikes Back! 1984 Big Five Software
Buck Rogers: Planet of Zoom 1983 Sega
Centipede 1982 Atari, Inc.
Choplifter! 1984 Atari, Inc.
Congo Bongo 1983 Sega
Countermeasure 1982 Atari, Inc.
Defender 1982 Atari, Inc.
Dig Dug 1983 Atari, Inc.
The Dreadnaught Factor 1983 Activision
Frogger 1983 Parker Brothers
Frogger II: ThreeeDeep! 1984 Parker Brothers
Galaxian 1982 Atari, Inc.
Gorf 1983 CBS Electronics
Gremlins 1986 Atari Corp.
Gyruss 1984 Parker Brothers
H.E.R.O. 1984 Activision
James Bond 007 1984 Parker Brothers
Joust 1983 Atari, Inc.
Jungle Hunt 1983 Atari, Inc.
K-Razy Shoot-Out 1983 CBS Electronics
Kaboom! 1983 Activision
Kangaroo 1983 Atari, Inc.
Keystone Kapers 1984 Activision
Mario Bros. 1983 Atari, Inc.
Megamania 1983 Activision
Meteorites 1983 Electra Concepts
Miner 2049er 1983 Big Five Software
Missile Command 1982 Atari, Inc.
Montezuma's Revenge 1984 Parker Brothers
Moon Patrol 1983 Atari, Inc.
Mountain King 1983 CBS Electronics
Mr. Do!'s Castle 1984 Parker Brothers
Ms. Pac-Man 1983 Atari, Inc.
Pac-Man 1982 Atari, Inc.
Pengo 1983 Atari, Inc.
Pitfall! 1984 Activision
Pitfall II: Lost Caverns 1984 Activision
Pole Position 1983 Atari, Inc.
Popeye 1983 Parker Brothers
Q*bert 1983 Parker Brothers
Qix 1982 Atari, Inc.
Quest for Quintana Roo 1984 Sunrise Software
RealSports Baseball 1983 Atari, Inc.
RealSports Football 1983 Atari, Inc.
RealSports Soccer 1983 Atari, Inc.
RealSports Tennis 1983 Atari, Inc.
Rescue on Fractalus! 1986 Atari Corp.
River Raid 1983 Activision
Robotron: 2084 1983 Atari, Inc.
Space Dungeon 1983 Atari, Inc.
Space Invaders 1982 Atari, Inc.
Space Shuttle 1983 Activision
Star Raiders 1982 Atari, Inc.
Star Trek: Strategic Operations Simulator 1983 Sega
Star Wars: Return of the Jedi Death Star Battle 1983 Parker Brothers
Star Wars: The Arcade Game 1983 Parker Brothers
Super Breakout 1982 Atari, Inc.
Super Cobra 1983 Parker Brothers
Vanguard 1983 Atari, Inc.
Wizard of Wor 1983 CBS Electronics
Zaxxon 1984 Sega
Zenji 1984 Activision
Zone Ranger 1984 Activision

Gremlins was the last game released by Atari for the 5200.[1][2]

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These games for the 5200 were published through the Atari Age store.


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