List of Arkansas state parks

There are 52 state parks in the U.S. state of Arkansas, as of 2019.[1] The state parks division of the Arkansas Department of Parks, Heritage, and Tourism is the governing body and operator of all parks, although jurisdiction is shared with other state agencies in a few cases.

List of Arkansas state parks is located in Arkansas
List of Arkansas state parks
List of Arkansas state parks
List of Arkansas state parks
List of Arkansas state parks
List of Arkansas state parks
List of Arkansas state parks
List of Arkansas state parks
List of Arkansas state parks
List of Arkansas state parks
List of Arkansas state parks
List of Arkansas state parks
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List of Arkansas state parks
List of Arkansas state parks
List of Arkansas state parks
List of Arkansas state parks
Arkansas State Parks

The first Arkansas state park, Petit Jean State Park, opened in 1923 following an unsuccessful attempt by a lumber company to donate the Seven Hollows and canyon areas to the federal government as a National Park.[2] Stephen Mather deemed the parcel too small in 1921, but the Arkansas General Assembly passed Act 276, allowing the Commissioner of State Lands to accept donations of land for public use.

The list gives an overview of Arkansas state parks and a brief history of their development since the first park opened in 1923. State parks range in size from 1 acre (0.40 ha) to 11,744 acres (4,753 ha).

Current Arkansas state parks
Name County Size Estab-
River / lake Image Remarks
Arkansas Post Museum Arkansas 8 acres (3.2 ha) 1997 None
Historic house sits beside a road
Museum dedicated to the history of Arkansas Post, Arkansas's territorial capital until 1821. Located on the grounds of the Arkansas Post National Memorial (National Park Service)
Bull Shoals-White River Baxter, Marion 732 acres (296 ha) 1955 Bull Shoals Lake
A wide river passes between a steep tree-covered hillside and a rocky shoreline, with houses built into the trees and fishermen in a canoe
Trout fishing destination above and below Bull Shoals Dam with over 100 campsites
Cane Creek Lincoln 2,053 acres (831 ha) 1992 Cane Creek Lake
An orange sunset reflects in a quiet and calm Cane Creek Lake with a timber line on the horizon
Wooded lake along Bayou Bartholomew including a hiking trail and camping
Conway Cemetery Lafayette 11.5 acres (5 ha) 1986 None
A small fenced cemetery with large trees on a flat, green landscape
Historical state park with no recreational services located on James Sevier Conway's (the first governor of Arkansas) former cotton plantation
Cossatot River Howard, Polk 5,230 acres (2145 ha) 1988 Cossatot River
Sharp rocks jut out from a river in a lush forest
Class III, IV, and V whitewater rafting river listed on the National Park Service's National Wild and Scenic Rivers System
Crater of Diamonds Pike 911 acres (369 ha) 1972 None
Large tilled field among tall pine trees with several hopeful visitors digging for diamonds
World's only diamond-bearing site accessible to the public
Crowley's Ridge Greene 291 acres (118 ha) 1937 Lake Ponder
A quiet Lake Ponder viewed through a grove of lush green trees and bushes
Park built on the homestead of Benjamin Crowley, dedicated to the culture and history of the Crowley's Ridge region. Includes many structures built in the 1930s by the Civilian Conservation Corps and spring-fed Lake Ponder
Daisy Pike 276 acres (112 ha) 1955 Lake Greeson Park nestled within the Ouachita Mountains on Lake Greeson near the Ouachita National Forest. Popular for camping, water sports, and fishing
Davidsonville Randolph 163 acres (66 ha) 1957 Black River
Quiet lake surrounded by tall, leafy green trees
Historic state park preserving the abandoned frontier river town of Davidsonville. Interpretive tours and signs guide visitors through the historic community bypassed by the Southwest Trail in the 1820s. Fishing is available along three nearby rivers, with 49 campsites
DeGray Lake Clark, Hot Spring 984 acres (398 ha) 1974 DeGray Lake
Shining blue lake with trees in foreground
Resort state park with championship rated golf course, 94 room lodge, and over 100 campsites
Delta Heritage Trail Arkansas, Desha, Phillips 960 acres (390 ha) 2002 None Rails to trails conversion of former railroad bed through Arkansas Delta lowlands, currently 14 miles (23 km), planned to be 73 miles (117 km)
Devil's Den Washington 2,500 acres (1000 ha) 1933 Lee Creek
Red, green and orange fall foliage surrounds a small bridge spanning a quiet, rocky Lee Creek
Civilian Conservation Corps-built park in the Ozarks with lake, caves, swimming pool and several trails. Includes over 100 campsites, including cabins
Hampson Archeological Museum Mississippi 5 acres (2 ha) 1961 None
Vessel resembling a human head on display at the museum
Museum displaying archeological artifacts from the Nodena site, an aboriginal village of the Nodena people dated 1400-1650 CE, and bones from the Island 35 Mastodon
Herman Davis Mississippi 1 acre (0.4 ha) 1953 None
Granite statue of a young soldier in military uniform standing in front of an obelisk atop a plaque describing his achievements
Park surrounding a grave and memorial to Herman Davis, a U.S. sniper during World War I
Historic Washington Hempstead 101 acres (41 ha) 1973 None
Original wood courthouse.
Fifty-three buildings that preserve and interpret the architectural, cultural, and political history of a historic nineteenth century town.
Hobbs Conservation Area Benton, Carroll, Madison 12,056 acres (4879 ha) 1979 Beaver Lake
Stone bridge with five circular openings allowing a leaf-littered creek to pass through slowly
Large park in the Boston Mountains along Beaver Lake featuring trails, camping, and a shooting range.
Jacksonport Jackson 164.7 acres (66.7 ha) 1965 Black River and White River
Large, ornate red brick courthouse sits on a green lawn with a gazebo in the foreground
Park containing the 1872 Jacksonport courthouse, preserving the culture and history of a former steamboat river town
Jenkins' Ferry Battleground Grant 40 acres (16.2 ha) 1961 Saline River
Battle of Jenkins' Ferry Memorial
One of three battleground sites from the Camden Expedition of the Civil War. Water recreation available on the Saline River
Lake Catherine Garland, Hot Spring 2,180 acres (882.2 ha) 1935 Lake Catherine
The blue waters of Lake Catherine with a tall pine tree-covered point jutting out into it and camp facilities visible on the shore in the background
Civilian Conservation Corps park created along the lake, resulting in a well-preserved natural shoreline. Park features cabins, campsites, nature programs, marina, hiking trails, and a sand beach swimming area
Lake Charles Lawrence 140 acres (57 ha) 1967 Lake Charles Lake is maintained and stocked with fish by the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission; also features camping, hiking, boat ramps and an interpretative nature center
Lake Chicot Chicot 211.6 acres (85.6 ha) 1957 Lake Chicot
A bright blue lake with a line of cypress trees along the horizon and puffy white clouds in the equally blue sky
Largest oxbow lake in the United States; formerly the main channel of the Mississippi River. Park is located within a pecan grove within a bayou environment, offering 122 campsites, 14 cabins, swimming pool, boat shop/marina and interpretative visitor center.
Lake Dardanelle Pope 246 acres (99.6 ha) 1966 Lake Dardanelle
A bright blue lake with a line of trees along the horizon, interrupted only by a cooling tower for the nuclear power plant in Russellville, and puffy white clouds in the blue sky
Two sites (Russellville and Dardanelle), including 74 campsites, boating, visitor center, and aquarium. Popular for bass fishing, including hosting many major tournaments.
Lake Fort Smith Crawford 260 acres (105.2 ha) 1967 Lake Fort Smith
Shining blue water with the Ozark Mountains rising in the background
Large lake in the Ozarks offering 30 campsites, 10 cabins, a marina, swimming pool and visitor center
Lake Frierson Greene 114 acres (46.1 ha) 1975 Lake Frierson
Quiet lake with a short wooded point jutting out from the right, with a dark green treeline along the horizon
Reservoir built along Crowley's Ridge known for fishing. Features seven campsites, trails, boat ramp and visitor center
Lake Ouachita Garland 360 acres (145.7 ha) 1955 Lake Ouachita
Aerial view of a calm, shiny blue lake and matriculating around wooded peninsulas covered in green, orange and red foliage
Built surrounding a reservoir, the park features a marina, trails, restaurant, eagle tours, and interpretative information on three historic springs in the park vicinity
Lake Poinsett Poinsett 132 acres (53.4 ha) 1963 Lake Poinsett
Calm lake surrounded by lush greenery
Popular with fishing enthusiasts, the park offers 29 campsites, trails and interpretative programs
Logoly Columbia 368 acres (148.9 ha) 1974 None
Small lake surrounded by old growth forest in winter
Environmental education park containing mature oak-hickory forests, mineral springs and endangered species
Louisiana Purchase Lee, Monroe, Phillips 37.5 acres (15.2 ha) 1961 None
Monument flooded swamp water surrounded by large, kneed cypress trees
Boardwalk through a headwater swamp leading to a monument dedicating the point of beginning of all surveys of the Louisiana Purchase, which allowed for the westward development and expansion of the United States
Lower White River Museum Prairie 0.4 acres (0.2 ha) 1975 White River
A tan metal building with green trim with a carved wooden sign with the park's name
Museum dedicated to the preservation and interpretation of culture, commerce and history along the White River in Arkansas
Mammoth Spring Fulton 623.5 acres (25 ha) 1957 Mammoth Spring
Park surrounding the large natural spring, offering fishing, boating and hiking, an Arkansas welcome center and museum
Marks' Mills Battleground Cleveland 6.2 acres (2.5 ha) 1961 None
Park commemorating Civil War battle, including exhibits and park area. Also a Red River Campaign National Historic Landmark.
Millwood Little River 824 acres (333 ha) 1976 Millwood Lake Forested area surrounding large lake known for bass fishing, bird watching, hiking and camping.
Mississippi River Lee, Phillips 536 acres (217 ha) 2009 Mississippi River Newest state park created within the St. Francis National Forest. Park currently includes campground at Bear Creek Lake and birding trail.
Moro Bay Bradley 117 acres (47 ha) 1972 Ouachita River Park at the convergence of Raymond Lake, Moro Bay, and the Ouachita River with visitor center. Popular destination for fishing, water sports, hiking trails and camping.
Mount Magazine Logan 2,234 acres (904 ha) 1983 None
The park contains Mossback Ridge, including the peak of Mount Magazine, Arkansas's highest point. Park also contains The Lodge at Mount Magazine, cabins, trails, and a hang gliding area.
Mount Nebo Yell 2,984 acres (1208 ha) 1928 None
A flat, green, agricultural field with a rising Mount Nebo in the background.
One of three mountain state parks in the Arkansas River Valley, includes historic cabins, 14 miles (23 km) of hiking trails, and popular hang-gliding launch points.
Museum of Natural Resources Union 19 acres
(8 ha)
1986 None Museum preserving and interpreting the history of oil and bromine mining in Arkansas
Ozark Folk Center Stone 637 acres (258 ha) 1973 None
A historic market with red roof with a wooden "Ozark Folk Center" sign.
Located near Mountain View, Arkansas, it preserves the music, culture, and traditions of the Ozark Mountains. Hosts special concerts and regular folk music performances.
Parkin Mounds Cross 107 acres (43 ha) 1994 None
The primary mound, a steep, grass covered rise on an otherwise flat plain
Petit Jean Conway 3,471 acres (1405 ha) 1923 None
View into a river valley from a rock outcropping, with green forest below and blue sky above
Situated atop Petit Jean Mountain in the Arkansas River Valley, offers trails, creeks, and geology throughout the forested mountains
Pinnacle Mountain Pulaski 2,069 acres (837 ha) 1973 None
Mountain rises from a flat floodplain
Rocky Pinnacle Mountain emerges where the flat Arkansas Delta intersects the Ouachita Mountains
Plantation Agriculture Museum Lonoke 14.5 acres (5.9 ha) 1985 None
Two old buildings, the left an ornate brick façade in the Georgian style, the right a lean-to housing old, iron farm equipment
Former general store serving a community of cotton farmers operating as a museum including over 10,000 artifacts. Grounds also contain farm machinery used on cotton plantations.
Plum Bayou Mounds Lonoke 185 acres (75 ha) 1975 None
Two burial mounds rise above flat, green grass with a trees in the background.
Poison Springs Battleground Ouachita 85 acres (34 ha) 1961 None
Historic marker reading "Engagement at Poison Springs" in foreground of a forested area with rustic wooden pavilion in the background.
Preserves and commemorates the Battle of Poison Spring in the American Civil War, which was part of the 1864 Camden Expedition
Powhatan Lawrence 9.1 acres (3.7 ha) 1970 Black River
An old, two-story brick courthouse with third-story bell tower under a starry night sky.
Preserves a small nineteenth-century river port town on the Black River
Prairie Grove Battlefield Washington 840 acres (340 ha) 1957 None
Tall field stone column memorial flanked by United States and Confederate States of America flags surrounded by tall, leafy green trees.
Preserves and commemorates the Battle of Prairie Grove in the American Civil War. Park includes a museum, gift shop, and several historic structures from the period relocated to the site around a walking trail.
Queen Wilhelmina Polk 460 acres (190 ha) 1957 None
Wooden two-story lodge with green roof, large field stone fireplace, double-decker porch facing a mountain vista.
Lodge atop Rich Mountain offers 38 guest rooms and is surrounded by forested slopes with creeks, trails, and mountain vistas. Located along the Talimena Scenic Drive.
South Arkansas Arboretum Union 13 acres (5.3 ha) 1991 None Arboretum and botanical garden owned by South Arkansas Community College with plants native to the Western Gulf Coastal Plain region.
Village Creek Cross, St. Francis 6,909 acres (2,796 ha) 1972 Lakes Austell and Dunn
A dirt trail, a remnant of the Memphis to Little Rock Road, along a depression in the earth, with large trees on either side casting shadows on the path ahead.
Large park in the eastern part of the state. Rises along Crowley's Ridge from the surrounding Arkansas Delta, includes lakes, twenty-seven-hole golf course, camping, and hiking. One trail follows the 1820s Memphis to Little Rock Road.
White Oak Lake Ouachita, Nevada 725 acres (293 ha) 1961 White Oak Lake
A skinny wooden trail continues ahead through a forest.
Lake in the woods on the border between Bottomland hardwood forest and loblolly pine forest with diverse wildlife. Camping, boating, fishing, and hiking are popular around the lake. Interpretative signs about the Red River Campaign in the area during the Civil War.
Withrow Springs Madison 786 acres (318 ha) 1962 Withrow Spring
Woolly Hollow Faulkner 370 acres (150 ha) 1973 None

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