List of Argentine football national cups

Since the creation of the first league in 1891, several official cups have been played in Argentina apart from the main competition, the Primera División championship. The first cup held in the country was the Copa de Honor Municipalidad de Buenos Aires; launched in 1905, it was played until 1920.[3]

The "Copa Campeonato" trophy was awarded to Primera División champion from 1896 until 1926.[1] From 2013 to 2015, it was given to the Superfinal winner.[2]

The Copa Campeonato, originally awarded to Primera División champion, is the oldest trophy of Argentine football for a current competition,[2] having been established in 1896, three year after the Association was created,[4] and played without interruption until 1926.[1] The Cup received several names, such as "Championship Cup", "Copa Campeonato", "Challenge Cup" and "Copa Alumni",[5] due to the association offered legendary team Alumni to keep the Cup definitely for having won it three consecutive times (1900–02), but the club from Belgrano declined the honour to keep the trophy under dispute.[2][6]

On June, 2013, the association decided to put the trophy back into circulation with the creation of a new competition, named "Superfinal" that consisted in a single match between winners of Torneo Inicial and Torneo Final, played in a neutral venue.[2]

Current cup competitions held in Argentina are Copa Argentina, Supercopa Argentina and the most recent, Copa de la Superliga[7] and Trofeo de Campeones de la Superliga

List of CupsEdit

The following is a list with all the national cups held in Argentina until present days. Only competitions contested by Primera División clubs are listed.[8]

Cup Org. Years held Winning teams
Copa de Honor MBA AFA 1905–1920 Alumni, Belgrano AC, Quilmes, San Isidro, Newell's Old Boys, Racing, Rosario Central, Independiente, Banfield
Copa de Competencia Jockey Club AFA 1907–1933 Alumni, Estudiantes (BA), San Isidro, River Plate, Porteño, Rosario Central, Independiente, Boca Juniors, Sportivo Barracas, Sportivo Balcarce, Nueva Chicago
Copa de Competencia La Nación FAF 1913–1914 Rosario Central, Independiente
Copa Dr. Carlos Ibarguren AFA 1913–1952 Racing, Rosario Central, Boca Juniors, Tiro Federal, Newell's Old Boys, Huracán, River Plate, Independiente
Copa Estímulo AFA 1920–1926 Huracán, Boca Juniors
Copa de Competencia (AAmF) AAmF 1920–1926 Rosario Central, Independiente
Copa de Competencia (LAF) LAF 1932–1933 River Plate, Racing
Copa Beccar Varela LAF 1932–1933 Racing, Central Córdoba (R)
Copa Adrián C. Escobar AFA 1939–1949 Independiente, River Plate, Huracán, Estudiantes (LP), Newell's Old Boys
Copa General Pedro Ramírez AFA 1943–1945 San Lorenzo, San Martín (T), Estudiantes (LP)
Copa de Competencia Británica AFA 1944–1946 Huracán, Racing, Boca Juniors
Copa Suecia AFA 1958 Atlanta
Copa Argentina AFA 1969–1970, 2012– Boca Juniors, Arsenal, Huracán, River Plate, Rosario Central
Copa Centenario de la AFA AFA 1993 Gimnasia y Esgrima (LP)
Supercopa Argentina AFA 2012– Arsenal, Vélez Sarsfield, Huracán, San Lorenzo, Lanús, River Plate, Boca Juniors
Copa Campeonato AFA 2014 River Plate [note 1]
Copa Bicentenario AFA 2016 Lanús
Copa de la Superliga SAF 2019 Tigre
Trofeo de Campeones de la Superliga SAF 2019 Racing
Copa de la Liga Profesional AFA 2020–2021 Boca Juniors, Colón

Titles by clubEdit

Club Titles Winning years
Boca Juniors 14 1919, 1925 Copa de Competencia Jockey Club, 1919, 1923, 1924, 1940, 1944 Copa Ibarguren, 1926 Copa Estímulo, 1946 Copa de Competencia Británica, 1969, 2012, 2015 Copa Argentina, 2018 Supercopa Argentina, 2020 Copa de la Liga Profesional
Racing 13 1912, 1913, 1915, 1917 Copa de Honor MCBA, 1913, 1914, 1916, 1917, 1918 Copa Ibarguren, 1932 Copa Beccar Varela, 1933 Copa de Competencia (LAF), 1945 Copa de Competencia Británica, 2019 Trofeo de Campeones de la Superliga
River Plate 13 1914 Copa de Competencia Jockey Club, 1937, 1941, 1942, 1952 Copa Ibarguren, 1941 Copa Adrián C. Escobar, 1932 Copa de Competencia (LAF), 2014 Copa Campeonato, 2016, 2017, 2019 Copa Argentina, 2017 Supercopa Argentina
Independiente 9 1914 Copa de Competencia La Nación, 1918 Copa de Honor MCBA, 1917 Copa de Competencia Jockey Club, 1924, 1925, 1926 Copa de Competencia (AAm), 1938, 1939 Copa Ibarguren, 1939 Copa Adrián C. Escobar
Huracán 8 1920 Copa Estímulo, 1922, 1925 Copa Ibarguren, 1942, 1943 Copa Adrián C. Escobar, 1944 Copa de Competencia Británica, 2014 Copa Argentina, 2014 Supercopa Argentina
Rosario Central 6 1913 Copa de Competencia La Nación, 1915 Copa Ibarguren, 1916 Copa de Honor MCBA, 1916 Copa de Competencia Jockey Club, 1920 Copa de Competencia (AAm), 2018 Copa Argentina
Alumni 5 1905, 1906 Copa de Honor MCBA, 1907, 1908, 1909 Copa de Competencia Jockey Club
San Isidro 4 1909 Copa de Honor MCBA, 1911, 1912, 1913 Copa de Competencia Jockey Club
Newell's Old Boys 3 1911 Copa de Honor MCBA, 1921 Copa Ibarguren, 1949 Copa Adrián C. Escobar
Porteño 2 1915, 1918 Copa de Competencia Jockey Club
Estudiantes (LP) 2 1944 Copa Adrián C. Escobar, 1945 Copa General Pedro Ramírez
Arsenal 2 2013 Copa Argentina, 2013 Supercopa Argentina
San Lorenzo 2 1943 Copa General Pedro Ramírez, 2015 Supercopa Argentina
Lanús 2 2016 Copa Bicentenario, 2016 Supercopa Argentina
Belgrano A.C. 1 1907 Copa de Honor MCBA
Quilmes 1 1908 Copa de Honor MCBA
Estudiantes (BA) 1 1910 Copa de Competencia Jockey Club
Banfield 1 1920 Copa de Honor MCBA
Tiro Federal 1 1920 Copa Ibarguren
Sportivo Barracas 1 1921 Copa de Competencia Jockey Club
Sportivo Balcarce 1 1931 Copa de Competencia Jockey Club
Central Córdoba (R) 1 1933 Copa Beccar Varela
Nueva Chicago 1 1933 Copa de Competencia Jockey Club
San Martín (T) 1 1944 Copa General Pedro Ramírez
Gimnasia y Esgrima (LP) 1 1993 Copa Centenario de la AFA
Vélez Sarsfield 1 2013 Supercopa Argentina
Tigre 1 2019 Copa de la Superliga
2021 Copa de la Liga Profesional


Other cupsEdit

Apart from the cups mentioned, there were other competitions such as Copa Bullrich (contested from 1903 to 1934 by teams of lower divisions) and Copa Presidente de la Nación (contested from representatives of regional leagues), originally organised by dissident Asociación Amateurs de Football (1920–26) and then continued by AFA from 1927 to 1989).

Because of not having been contested by Primera División clubs, these cups are not included in the list of national cups by the Argentine Association although they were official competitions.[8]


  1. ^ For this edition, the Copa Campeonato (also known as "Superfinal") was homologated as a national cup instead of a Primera División title.[8][9] Nevertheless, the cup has not been held since.


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