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List of ambassadors of the United Kingdom to Denmark

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Sir Augustus Foster, 1st Baronet, British Minister to Denmark from 1814 to 1824, painted by Christian Albrecht Jensen (1825).

The Ambassador of the United Kingdom to Denmark is the United Kingdom's foremost diplomatic representative in Denmark, and head of the UK's diplomatic mission in Denmark. The official title is Her Britannic Majesty's Ambassador to the Kingdom of Denmark.

Until 1947, the British representative in Denmark held the rank of Minister, and the Danish representative in the UK the corresponding rank of Gesandt. In 1947, Denmark and the United Kingdom upgraded their diplomatic representations to each other and both heads of mission have since held the rank of Ambassador.

For Ambassadors from the Court of St James's to Denmark before 1707 see List of ambassadors of the Kingdom of England to Denmark. For Ambassadors from 1707 to 1800, see List of ambassadors of Great Britain to Denmark.


List of heads of missionEdit