List of All-Pac-12 Conference men's basketball teams

The All-Pac-12 men's basketball team is an annual Pac-12 Conference honor bestowed on the best players in the conference following every college basketball season. Pac-12 coaches select a 10-player first team and a five-player second team. There were two five-man teams from 1956 though 1979, followed by one 10-man first team from 1980 through 2008. For one year in 2008, there were three five-man teams selected.[1]

During the final week of the regular season, Pac-12 coaches nominate up to three players from their team to be placed on the ballot for consideration. Coaches submit their votes by the Sunday after the season ends and cannot vote for their own players.[2] Previously, a player needed to be selected on 50 percent of the ballots to be on the team. In the 2006–07 season, only nine players received enough votes to be selected. Ties resulted in extra players being selected in some seasons.[3] Each team member receives an award. Players who are not placed on the first or second teams, but received at least three votes, earn honorable mention. The Pac-12 staff has the right to add to list of recipients selected by the coaches for recognition.[2]

The Pac-12, as currently chartered, was formed in 1959. However, the league claims the history of the Pacific Coast Conference (PCC), founded in 1915, as its own. After the collapse of the PCC in 1959, five of its members immediately founded the Athletic Association of Western Universities (AAWU). By 1964, all of the final PCC members except Idaho were reunited in the AAWU. The AAWU unofficially used the names Big Five, Big Six, and Pacific-8 before formally adopting the "Pacific-8" name in 1968. The name changed to Pacific-10 when Arizona and Arizona State joined in 1978, and to Pac-12 when Colorado and Utah joined in 2011.[4]


Named Pac-12 Player of the Year that season. Awarded since 1976.
Named co-Pac-12 Players of the Year that season.


Season First team Ref
Players Teams
Adolph Sieberts Oregon State
Jack Davidson Washington
Dan Foster California
P. A. Embury California
Ira Mix Oregon State
Adolph Sieberts Oregon State
Ivan Price Washington State
George Hjelte California
Roy Bohler Washington State
Steve Staatz Washington
No conference competition
Ed Durno Oregon
McClellan Rockey Washington State
Henry Anderson California
Hal Chapman Oregon
Irving Cook Washington


Season First team Ref
Players Teams
Ed Durno Oregon
McClellan Rockey Washington State
C. E. Righter Stanford
Arthur Eggleston California
Irving Cook Washington
Ed Durno Oregon
C. E. Righter Stanford
Henry Sielk Washington
Arthur Eggleston California
Fred Adams Stanford
John Talt California
Al Fox Idaho
Marshall Hjelte Oregon State
Jimmy Bryan Washington
Slats Gill Oregon State
Al Fox Idaho
John Talt California
Hugh Latham Oregon
Harold Telford Idaho
J.R. Crawford Washington
Slats Gill Oregon State
John Talt California
Hugh Latham Oregon
Aubrey Kincaid California
Dick Welts Washington
Bob Hesketh Washington
Harold Ridings Oregon State
Bill Higgins California
Carlos Steele Oregon State
Algot Westergren Oregon
Albert Schuss Washington
Jerry Gunther Oregon
Bill Higgins California
George Dixon California
Algot Westergren Oregon
Francis Watson California
Red Badgro USC
Roy Okerberg Oregon
George Dixon California
Algot Westergren Oregon
Monty Snider Washington
Jess Mortensen USC
Jack Bruner USC
Alfred James Washington
Rufus Gregory California
Vern Corbin California
Frank McMillan Idaho
Harold McClary Washington
Harlow Rothert Stanford
Joel Cofield California


Season First team Ref
Players Teams
Kent Pursel California
Henry Swanson Washington
Jess Mortensen USC
John Lehners USC
Art McLarney Washington State
Dick Linthicum UCLA
Henry Swanson Washington
Wilbur Caldwell USC
Ralph Cairney Washington
Joel Cofield California
Joe Kintana California
Jerry Nemer USC
Huntley Gordon Washington State
Ralph Cairney Washington
Carl Vendt California
Jerry Nemer USC
Hal Eifert California
Ed Lewis Oregon
Julie Bescos USC
Hal Lee Washington
Bob Galer Washington
Hal Eifert California
Lee Guttero USC
Hal Lee Washington
Julie Bescos USC
Jack Hupp USC
Bob Galer Washington
Lee Guttero USC
George Hibbard Oregon State
Bryan Moore Stanford
Hank Luisetti Stanford
Wally Palmberg Oregon State
Ralph Bishop Washington
Bob Egge Washington
Eddie Oram USC
Hank Luisetti Stanford
Ed Loverich Washington
Ivar Nelson Washington State
Eddie Oram USC
Bryan Moore Stanford
Hank Luisetti Stanford
Lauren Gale Oregon
Art Stoefen Stanford
Jack Calderwood Stanford
Wally Johansen Oregon
Lauren Gale Oregon
Ralph Vaughn USC
Urgel Wintermute Oregon
George Ziegenfuss Washington
Dale Sears USC


Season First team Ref
Players Teams
Ralph Vaughn USC
John Dick Oregon
Dale Sears USC
Tom McGarvin USC
Al Hunter Oregon State
Vic Townsend Oregon
Don Burness Stanford
Paul Lindemann Washington State
Ray Sundquist Washington State
Jen Davidson Stanford
Bob Ormsby USC
Ray Turner Idaho
John Mandic Oregon State
Bill Cowden Stanford
Jim Pollard Stanford
Gale Bishop Washington State
Gene Rock USC
Chuck Gilmur Washington
Jim Seminoff USC
Bill Morris Washington
Season North South Ref
Players Teams Players Teams
Al Akins Washington Dick West UCLA
Perry Nelson Washington John Higgins California
Jack Nichols Washington Bob Howard USC
Bill Morris Washington Wayne Hooper California
Bill Taylor Washington Bill Rankin UCLA
Dick Wilkins Oregon Gus Mota California
Red Rocha Oregon State Bill Rankin UCLA
Vince Hanson Washington State Jack Nichols USC
Bob Hamilton Oregon Bill Putnam UCLA
Bob Jorgenson Washington Bob Graham USC
Fred Quinn Idaho Merv Lafaille California
Gale Bishop Washington State Andy Wolfe California
Red Rocha Oregon State Jack Nichols USC
Dick Wilkins Oregon Chuck Clustka UCLA
Norm Dalthorp Washington Bob Hogeboom California
Bob Sheridan Washington State Jack Rocker California
Jack Nichols Washington Andy Wolfe California
Red Rocha Oregon State Don Barksdale UCLA
Lew Beck Oregon State Dave Minor UCLA
Stan Williamson Oregon John Higgins Stanford
Sammy White Washington Chuck Hanger California
Jack Nichols Washington John Stanich UCLA
Vince Hanson Washington State John Higgins Stanford
Cliff Crandall Oregon State Alex Hannum USC
Preston Brimhall Idaho Andy Wolfe California
Stan Williamson Oregon Dave Minor UCLA
Ed Gayda Washington State Bill Sharman USC
Sammy White Washington Alan Sawyer UCLA
Roger Wiley Oregon Bill Hagler California
Cliff Crandall Oregon State George Stanich UCLA
Preston Brimhall Idaho Dave Davidson Stanford


Season North South Ref
Players Teams Players Teams
Will Urban Oregon Bill Sharman USC
Ed Gayda Washington State George Yardley Stanford
Gene Conley Washington State Carl Kraushaar UCLA
Lou Soriano Washington George Stanich UCLA
Bob Pritchett Idaho Bob Matheny California
Frank Guisness Washington Dick Ridgway UCLA
Bob Peterson Oregon Bill Hagler California
Bob Houbregs Washington Jim Ramstead Stanford
Bob Gambold Washington State Tom Riach USC
Bob Payne Oregon State Eddie Sheldrake UCLA
Frank Guisness Washington Ron Tomsic Stanford
Hartly Kruger Idaho Ken Flower USC
Bob Houbregs Washington Bob McKeen California
Ken Hunt Oregon Jim Doan California
Danny Johnston Oregon State Jim Walsh Stanford
Chet Noe Oregon Ken Flower USC
Doug McClary Washington John Ricksen California
Bob Houbregs Washington Bob McKeen California
Joe Cipriano Washington Bob Matheny California
Ken Wegner Oregon Ron Tomsic Stanford
Ron Bennink Washington State Roy Irvin USC
Dean Parsons Washington Bob McKeen California
Swede Halbrook Oregon State Russ Lawler Stanford
Cecil Holland Oregon Ron Livingston UCLA
Bob Garrison Idaho Don Bragg UCLA
Dean Parsons Washington John Moore UCLA
Jim Loscutoff Oregon Don Bragg UCLA
Swede Halbrook Oregon State Willie Naulls UCLA
Ron Bennink Washington State Bob McKeen California
Harlan Melton Idaho Ron Tomsic Stanford
N/A N/A Dick Welsh USC
Season First team Second team Ref
Players Teams Players Teams
Willie Naulls UCLA Dave Gambee Oregon State
Larry Beck Washington State Earl Robinson California
Bruno Boin Washington Jack Dunne USC
Morris Taft UCLA Barry Brown Stanford
George Selleck Stanford Bill Bond Stanford
Larry Friend California Bill Bond Stanford
Dave Gambee Oregon State Earl Robinson California
Doug Smart Washington Charlie Franklin Oregon
Larry Beck Washington State Dick Banton UCLA
Danny Rogers USC Bruno Boin Washington
Dave Gambee Oregon State Earl Robinson California
Doug Smart Washington Walt Torrence UCLA
Don McIntosh California Paul Neumann Stanford
Charlie Franklin Oregon Monte Gonzales USC
Gary Simmons Idaho Whaylon Coleman Idaho
Doug Smart Washington Bruno Boin Washington
Johnny Werhas USC Al Buch California
Walt Torrence UCLA Whaylon Coleman Idaho
Darrall Imhoff California N/A N/A
Denny Fitzpatrick California N/A N/A
Paul Neumann Stanford N/A N/A
Lee Harman Oregon State N/A N/A


Season First team Second team Ref
Players Teams Players Teams
Bill Hanson Washington Tandy Gillis California
Bill McClintock California John Werhas USC
Darrall Imhoff California John Berberich UCLA
John Arrillaga Stanford John Green UCLA
Earl Shultz California Jerry Pimm USC
Bill Hanson Washington John Windsor Stanford
Bill McClintock California Earl Shultz California
John Rudometkin USC John Berberich UCLA
Gary Cunningham UCLA John Green UCLA
Chris Appel USC Clint Names Washington
John Windsor Stanford Gary Cunningham UCLA
John Rudometkin USC Ken Stanley USC
Bill Hanson Washington Ed Corell Washington
John Green UCLA Walt Hazzard UCLA
Chris Appel USC Tom Dose Stanford
Gordon Martin USC Dale Easley Washington
Ed Correll Washington Jack Hirsch UCLA
Tom Dose Stanford Allen Young USC
Walt Hazzard UCLA Wells Sloniger USC
Don Clemetson Stanford Dick Smith California
Jack Hirsch UCLA Dan Wolthers California
Allen Young USC Clint Peeples Washington
Tom Dose Stanford Ted Werner Washington State
Gail Goodrich UCLA Byron Vadset Washington State
Walt Hazzard UCLA Kent Hinckley Stanford
N/A N/A Hollis Moore Stanford
N/A N/A Dan Lufkin California
N/A N/A Doug Bolcom USC
Keith Erickson UCLA Dan Wolthers California
Bob Bedell Stanford Kent Hinckley Stanford
John Block USC Freddie Goss UCLA
Gail Goodrich UCLA Jim Barnett Oregon
Jim Jarvis Oregon State Ted Werner Washington State
N/A N/A Allen Young USC
Charlie White USC Bob Bedell Stanford
Mike Lynn UCLA Kenny Washington UCLA
John Block USC Loy Petersen Oregon State
Jim Barnett Oregon Mike Warren UCLA
Art Harris Stanford Russ Critchfield California
N/A N/A Jim McKean Washington State
Jim McKean Washington State Don Griffin Stanford
Bill Hewitt USC Vince Fritz Oregon State
Lew Alcindor[a] UCLA Gordy Harris Washington
Russ Critchfield California Mike Warren UCLA
Lucius Allen UCLA Nick Jones Oregon
Bill Hewitt USC Art Harris Stanford
Jim McKean Washington State Dave Carr Washington
Lew Alcindor[a] UCLA Bob Presley California
Russ Critchfield California Lucius Allen UCLA
Mike Warren UCLA Vince Fritz Oregon State
Curtis Rowe UCLA Gary Freeman Oregon State
Ted Wierman Washington State George Irvine Washington
Lew Alcindor[a] UCLA Jackie Ridgle California
Mack Calvin USC Stan Love Oregon
Charlie Johnson California Don Griffin Stanford


Season First team Second team Ref
Players Teams Players Teams
Sidney Wicks UCLA Curtis Rowe UCLA
George Irvine Washington John Vallely UCLA
Stan Love Oregon Jackie Ridgle California
Rick Erickson Washington State Steve Hawes Washington
Paul Westphal USC Claude Terry Stanford
Sidney Wicks UCLA Ron Riley USC
Curtis Rowe UCLA Steve Hawes Washington
Stan Love Oregon Jackie Ridgle California
Paul Westphal USC Ansley Truitt California
Phil Chenier California Freddie Boyd Oregon State
N/A N/A Claude Terry Stanford
N/A N/A Dennis Layton USC
Ansley Truitt California Paul Westphal USC
Ron Riley USC Joe Mackey USC
Steve Hawes Washington John Coughran California
Bill Walton UCLA Keith Wilkes[b] UCLA
Freddie Boyd Oregon State Henry Bibby UCLA
Claude Terry Stanford N/A N/A
Keith Wilkes[b] UCLA Dan Anderson USC
Rich Kelley Stanford Clint Chapman USC
Bill Walton UCLA Sam Whitehead Oregon State
Ron Lee Oregon Neal Jurgenson Oregon State
Louie Nelson Washington Rickie Hawthorne California
N/A N/A Doug Little Oregon
Keith Wilkes[b] UCLA Larry Pounds Washington
Bill Walton UCLA Ray Price Washington
Rich Kelley Stanford Brady Allen California
Ron Lee Oregon Rickie Hawthorne California
Dan Anderson USC Steve Puidokas Washington State
N/A N/A Gus Williams USC
Dave Myers UCLA Steve Puidokas Washington State
Lonnie Shelton Oregon State Ed Schweitzer Stanford
Rich Kelley Stanford Richard Washington UCLA
Gus Williams USC Rickie Hawthorne California
Ron Lee Oregon Clarence Ramsey Washington
Marques Johnson UCLA Ed Schweitzer Stanford
Greg Ballard Oregon Steve Puidokas Washington State
Richard Washington UCLA Clarence Ramsey Washington
James Edwards Washington Lars Hansen Washington
Ron Lee Oregon Marv Safford USC
Marques Johnson* UCLA Steve Puidokas Washington State
Greg Ballard Oregon Harold Rhodes Washington State
David Greenwood UCLA Ray Murry California
James Edwards Washington Gene Ransom California
Mike Bratz Stanford Roy Hamilton UCLA
Rocky Smith Oregon State N/A N/A
David Greenwood* UCLA Kimberly Belton Stanford
Rickey Lee Oregon State Don Collins Washington State
Cliff Robinson USC James Donaldson Washington State
Raymond Townsend UCLA Don Carfino USC
Roy Hamilton UCLA Purvis Miller USC
David Greenwood* UCLA Don Collins Washington State
Steve Johnson Oregon State Joe Nehls Arizona
Cliff Robinson USC Wolfe Perry Stanford
Larry Demic Arizona Kimberly Belton Stanford
Brad Holland UCLA Purvis Miller USC
Roy Hamilton UCLA Kiki Vandeweghe UCLA


Season First team Ref
Players Teams Players Teams
Don Collins* Washington State Steve Johnson Oregon State
Kurt Nimphius Arizona State Ray Blume Oregon State
Kiki Vandeweghe UCLA Don Carfino USC
Kimberly Belton Stanford Bryan Rison Washington State
Doug True California Joe Nehls Arizona
Ron Davis Arizona Alton Lister Arizona State
Mike Sanders UCLA Ray Blume Oregon State
Andra Griffin Washington Rod Foster UCLA
Sam Williams Arizona State Mark Radford Oregon State
Maurice Williams USC Lafayette Lever Arizona State
Steve Johnson* Oregon State N/A N/A
Kenny Fields UCLA Charlie Sitton Oregon State
Mike Sanders UCLA John Revelli Stanford
Dan Caldwell Washington Lester Conner* Oregon State
Maurice Williams USC Dwight Anderson USC
Mark McNamara California Lafayette Lever Arizona State
Kenny Fields* UCLA Blair Rasmussen Oregon
Steve Harriel Washington State Byron Scott Arizona State
A. C. Green Oregon State Rod Foster UCLA
Paul Williams Arizona State Jacque Hill USC
Charlie Sitton Oregon State Keith Jones Stanford
A.C. Green* Oregon State Blair Rasmussen Oregon
Detlef Schrempf Washington Pete Williams Arizona
Charlie Sitton Oregon State Keith Jones Stanford
Kenny Fields UCLA Chris Beasley Arizona State
Wayne Carlander USC Ralph Jackson UCLA
Wayne Carlander* USC Blair Rasmussen Oregon
A. C. Green Oregon State Chris Welp Washington
Detlef Schrempf Washington Nigel Miguel UCLA
Eddie Smith Arizona Keith Morrison Washington State
Pete Williams Arizona N/A N/A
Derrick Dowell USC Chris Welp* Washington
Paul Fortier Washington Kevin Johnson California
Reggie Miller UCLA Steve Kerr Arizona
Jerry Adams Oregon Todd Lichti Stanford
José Ortiz Oregon State Keith Morrison Washington State
Derrick Dowell USC Chris Welp Washington
Sean Elliott Arizona Steve Beck Arizona State
Todd Lichti Stanford Kevin Johnson California
Reggie Miller UCLA Pooh Richardson UCLA
Phil Zevenbergen Washington Anthony Taylor Oregon
José Ortiz* Oregon State N/A N/A
Anthony Cook Arizona Todd Lichti Stanford
Sean Elliott* Arizona Gary Payton Oregon State
Trevor Wilson UCLA Eldridge Recasner Washington
Howard Wright Stanford Pooh Richardson UCLA
Steve Kerr Arizona Anthony Taylor Oregon
Anthony Cook Arizona Leonard Taylor California
Trent Edwards Arizona State Todd Lichti Stanford
Sean Elliott* Arizona Gary Payton Oregon State
Trevor Wilson UCLA Eldridge Recasner Washington
Howard Wright Stanford Pooh Richardson UCLA


Season First team Ref
Players Teams Players Teams
Jud Buechler Arizona Gary Payton* Oregon State
Brian Hendrick California Terrell Brandon Oregon
Adam Keefe Stanford Harold Miner USC
Don MacLean UCLA Eldridge Recasner Washington
Trevor Wilson UCLA Keith Smith California
Teo Alibegovic Oregon State Ronnie Coleman USC
Don MacLean UCLA Brian Hendrick California
Tracy Murray UCLA Adam Keefe Stanford
Brian Williams[c] Arizona Terrell Brandon* Oregon
Isaac Austin Arizona State Harold Miner USC
Brian Hendrick California Scott Haskin Oregon
Adam Keefe Stanford Sean Rooks Arizona
Don MacLean UCLA Duane Cooper USC
Chris Mills Arizona Terrence Lewis Washington State
Tracy Murray UCLA Harold Miner* USC
Chris Mills* Arizona Tyus Edney UCLA
Lamond Murray California Jason Kidd California
Ed O'Bannon UCLA Bennie Seltzer Washington State
Scott Haskin Oregon State Stevin Smith Arizona State
Rich Manning Washington Damon Stoudamire Arizona
Mario Bennett Arizona State Jason Kidd* California
Lamond Murray California Khalid Reeves Arizona
Ed O'Bannon UCLA Stevin Smith Arizona State
Lorenzo Orr USC Damon Stoudamire Arizona
Tyus Edney UCLA Orlando Williams Oregon
Brent Barry Oregon State Brevin Knight Stanford
Mario Bennett Arizona State Ed O'Bannon UCLA
Dion Cross Stanford Ray Owes Arizona
Tyus Edney UCLA Damon Stoudamire Arizona
Mark Hendrickson Washington State Orlando Williams Oregon
Shareef Abdur-Rahim* California J. R. Henderson[d] UCLA
Toby Bailey UCLA Mark Hendrickson Washington State
Dion Cross Stanford Brevin Knight Stanford
Ben Davis Arizona Charles O'Bannon UCLA
Isaac Fontaine Washington State Mark Sanford Washington
Reggie Geary Arizona
Toby Bailey UCLA Jelani McCoy UCLA
Stais Boseman USC Charles O'Bannon UCLA
Michael Dickerson Arizona Mark Sanford Washington
Isaac Fontaine Washington State Jeremy Veal Arizona State
Ed Gray* California Kenya Wilkins Oregon
Brevin Knight Stanford N/A N/A
Toby Bailey UCLA Todd MacCulloch Washington
Mike Bibby* Arizona Miles Simon Arizona
Carlos Daniel Washington State Jeremy Veal Arizona State
Michael Dickerson Arizona Kris Weems Stanford
J. R. Henderson[d] UCLA Tim Young Stanford
Mike Batiste Arizona State Arthur Lee Stanford
A. J. Bramlett Arizona Todd MacCulloch Washington
Baron Davis UCLA Mark Madsen Stanford
Eddie House Arizona State Deaundra Tanner Oregon State
Bobby Lazor Arizona State Jason Terry* Arizona


Season First team Ref
Players Teams Players Teams
Jason Gardner Arizona Mark Madsen Stanford
Eddie House* Arizona State Brian Scalabrine USC
Casey Jacobsen Stanford Alex Scales Oregon
Jason Kapono UCLA Loren Woods Arizona
Sean Lampley California Michael Wright Arizona
Gilbert Arenas Arizona Casey Jacobsen Stanford
Bryan Bracey Oregon Jason Kapono UCLA
Sam Clancy USC Sean Lampley* California
Jarron Collins Stanford Earl Watson UCLA
Jason Collins Stanford Michael Wright Arizona
Curtis Borchardt Stanford Jason Kapono UCLA
Sam Clancy* USC Chad Prewitt Arizona State
Jason Gardner Arizona Luke Ridnour Oregon
Casey Jacobsen Stanford Luke Walton Arizona
Fred Jones Oregon Doug Wrenn Washington
Julius Barnes Stanford Philip Ricci Oregon State
Ike Diogu Arizona State Luke Ridnour* Oregon
Jason Gardner Arizona Joe Shipp California
Luke Jackson Oregon Amit Tamir California
Jason Kapono UCLA Luke Walton Arizona
Josh Childress* Stanford Andre Iguodala Arizona
Ike Diogu Arizona state Luke Jackson Oregon
Desmon Farmer USC David Lucas Oregon State
Channing Frye Arizona Leon Powe California
Chris Hernandez Stanford Nate Robinson Washington
Ike Diogu* Arizona State David Lucas Oregon State
Channing Frye Arizona Nate Robinson Washington
Dan Grunfeld Stanford Tre Simmons Washington
Chris Hernandez Stanford Salim Stoudamire Arizona
Thomas Kelati Washington State Dijon Thompson UCLA
Hassan Adams Arizona Leon Powe California
Arron Afflalo UCLA Gabe Pruitt USC
Jordan Farmar UCLA Brandon Roy* Washington
Matt Haryasz Stanford Ayinde Ubaka California
Chris Hernandez Stanford Nick Young USC
Arron Afflalo* UCLA Derrick Low Washington State
Jon Brockman Washington Kyle Weaver Washington State
Aaron Brooks Oregon Marcus Williams Arizona
Darren Collison UCLA Nick Young USC
Lawrence Hill Stanford N/A N/A
Season First team Second team Third team Ref
Players Teams Players Teams Players Teams
Ryan Anderson California Jerryd Bayless Arizona Chase Budinger Arizona
James Harden Arizona State Jon Brockman Washington Taj Gibson USC
Brook Lopez Stanford Darren Collison UCLA Derrick Low Washington State
Kevin Love* UCLA Maarty Leunen Oregon Jeff Pendergraph[e] Arizona State
O. J. Mayo USC Kyle Weaver Washington State Russell Westbrook UCLA
Season First team Second team Ref
Players Teams Players Teams Players Teams
Jon Brockman Washington James Harden* Arizona State Taj Gibson USC
Chase Budinger Arizona Jordan Hill Arizona Daniel Hackett USC
Patrick Christopher California Jeff Pendergraph[e] Arizona State Josh Shipp UCLA
Darren Collison UCLA Jerome Randle California Isaiah Thomas Washington
Justin Dentmon Washington Taylor Rochestie Washington State Nic Wise Arizona


Season First team Second team Ref
Players Teams Players Teams Players Teams
Ty Abbott Arizona State Michael Roll UCLA Jamal Boykin California
Patrick Christopher California Isaiah Thomas Washington Jeremy Green Stanford
Landry Fields Stanford Klay Thompson Washington State Calvin Haynes Oregon State
Quincy Pondexter Washington Derrick Williams Arizona Theo Robertson California
Jerome Randle* California Nic Wise Arizona Nikola Vucevic USC
Matthew Bryan-Amaning Washington Reeves Nelson UCLA DeAngelo Casto Washington State
Jeremy Green Stanford Isaiah Thomas Washington Joevan Catron Oregon
Jorge Guiterrez California Klay Thompson Washington State Jared Cunningham Oregon State
Tyler Honeycutt UCLA Nikola Vucevic USC Harper Kamp California
Malcolm Lee UCLA Derrick Williams* Arizona Trent Lockett Arizona State
Allen Crabbe California Devoe Joseph Oregon Carlon Brown Colorado
Jared Cunningham Oregon State Brock Motum Washington State Lazeric Jones UCLA
Kyle Fogg Arizona André Roberson Colorado Harper Kamp California
Jorge Gutierrez* California Terrence Ross Washington Josh Owens Stanford
Solomon Hill Arizona Tony Wroten Washington E. J. Singler Oregon
Jahii Carson Arizona State Mark Lyons Arizona Kyle Anderson UCLA
Allen Crabbe* California Shabazz Muhammad UCLA Justin Cobbs California
Spencer Dinwiddie Colorado Dwight Powell Stanford Carrick Felix Arizona State
Larry Drew II UCLA André Roberson Colorado Brock Motum Washington State
Solomon Hill Arizona E. J. Singler Oregon C. J. Wilcox Washington
Jordan Adams UCLA Nick Johnson* Arizona Jordan Bachynski Arizona State
Kyle Anderson UCLA Dwight Powell Stanford T. J. McConnell Arizona
Jahii Carson Arizona State Chasson Randle Stanford Roberto Nelson Oregon State
Justin Cobbs California Josh Scott Colorado C. J. Wilcox Washington
Aaron Gordon Arizona Delon Wright Utah Joseph Young Oregon
Rondae Hollis-Jefferson Arizona Norman Powell UCLA Askia Booker Colorado
Stanley Johnson Arizona Chasson Randle Stanford Elgin Cook Oregon
DaVonté Lacy Washington State Tyrone Wallace California Kevon Looney UCLA
T. J. McConnell Arizona Delon Wright Utah Brandon Taylor Utah
Gary Payton II Oregon State Joseph Young* Oregon Nigel Williams-Goss Washington
Rosco Allen Stanford Elgin Cook Oregon Isaac Hamilton UCLA
Ryan Anderson Arizona Julian Jacobs USC Dejounte Murray Washington
Andrew Andrews Washington Gary Payton II Oregon State Ivan Rabb California
Dillon Brooks Oregon Jakob Poeltl*[f] Utah Kaleb Tarczewski Arizona
Jaylen Brown California Josh Scott Colorado Gabe York Arizona
Bryce Alford UCLA T. J. Leaf UCLA Kadeem Allen Arizona
Lonzo Ball UCLA Lauri Markkanen Arizona Jordan Bell Oregon
Dillon Brooks* Oregon Ivan Rabb California Josh Hawkinson Washington State
Markelle Fultz Washington Reid Travis Stanford Chimezie Metu USC
Kyle Kuzma Utah Derrick White Colorado Allonzo Trier Arizona
Deandre Ayton* Arizona Jordan McLaughlin USC David Collette Utah
Justin Bibbins Utah Chimezie Metu USC George King Colorado
Noah Dickerson Washington Tres Tinkle Oregon State Payton Pritchard Oregon
Tra Holder Arizona State Reid Travis Stanford Dušan Ristić Arizona
Aaron Holiday UCLA Allonzo Trier Arizona Thomas Welsh UCLA
Sedrick Barefield Utah Jaylen Nowell* Washington Luguentz Dort Arizona State
Tyler Bey Colorado KZ Okpala Stanford Jaylen Hands UCLA
Bennie Boatwright USC Matisse Thybulle Washington Remy Martin Arizona State
Zylan Cheatham Arizona State Tres Tinkle Oregon State Stephen Thompson Jr. Oregon State
Robert Franks Washington State McKinley Wright IV Colorado Kris Wilkes UCLA


Season First team Second team Ref
Players Teams Players Teams Players Teams
Oscar da Silva Stanford Payton Pritchard* Oregon Timmy Allen Utah
CJ Elleby Washington State Chris Smith UCLA Tyler Bey Colorado
Remy Martin Arizona State Isaiah Stewart Washington Matt Bradley California
Zeke Nnaji Arizona Tres Tinkle Oregon State Nico Mannion Arizona
Onyeka Okongwu USC McKinley Wright IV Colorado Jonah Mathews USC


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