List of 3D graphics libraries

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3D graphics have become so popular, particularly in video games, that specialized APIs (application programming interfaces) have been created to ease the processes in all stages of computer graphics generation. These APIs have also proved vital to computer graphics hardware manufacturers, as they provide a way for programmers to access the hardware in an abstract way, while still taking advantage of the special hardware of any specific graphics card.

The first 3D graphics framework was probably Core, published by the ACM in 1977.

Low-level 3D APIEdit

These APIs for 3D computer graphics are particularly popular:

Web-based APIEdit

  • WebGL is a JavaScript interface for OpenGL-ES-2.x API, promoted by Khronos. This is gaining more interest recently, as this enables web applications to use native graphics.

High-level 3D APIEdit

There are also higher-level 3D scene-graph APIs which provide additional functionality on top of the lower-level rendering API. Such libraries under active development include:

JavaScript-based enginesEdit

There is more interest in web browser based high-level API for 3D graphics engines. Some are:

Flash-based enginesEdit

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