Linha do Corgo

The Corgo line (Linha do Corgo) was a 1,000 mm (3 ft 3+38 in) metre gauge railway line in northern Portugal. It closed in 2009. It ran north from Régua (a junction station on the main Douro railway line running along the Douro Valley) to Vila Real and Chaves. The line was latterly operated by Comboios de Portugal.

Linha do Corgo
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Operator(s)Comboios de Portugal
Line length71.4 km (44.4 mi)
Track gauge1,000 mm (3 ft 3+38 in) metre gauge
Linha do Corgo
L. M. C. C.
L. M. C. C.
 Portugal Spain
(cancelled proj.)
96.167 Chaves
94.343 Fonte Nova
89.489 Tâmega
L. T.
Livr. (cancelled proj.)
87.027 Vilela do Tâmega
84.601 Peneda
80.993 Paranheiras
77.515 Campilho
L. Tâmega
→ Livr. (cancelled proj.)
76.535 Vidago
75.788 Sálus
74.827 Oura
70.557 Loivos
64.382 Sabroso
L. Tâmega
→ Livr. (cancelled proj.)
61.268 Pedras Salgadas
T. Valpaços
Mirandela (cancelled proj.)
57.770 Nuzedo
54.187 Vila Pouca de Aguiar
T. Valpaços
Mirandela (cancelled proj.)
50.443 P. Aguiar
(formerly Parada)
Ponte da Parada
48.121 Zimão
45.134 Tourencinho
38.883 Samardã
34.958 Fortunho
32.228 Cigarrosa
28.787 Abambres
25.069 Vila Real
17.960 Cruzeiro
Desvio de Carrazedo
14.269 Carrazedo
11.422 Povoação
07.188 Alvações
Tanha Bridge × Tanha River
03.401 Tanha
01.183 Corgo
B. Corgo L. D.
× A24
L. L.
Lamego (cancelled proj.)
00.000 Régua
L. Douro
A diesel multiple unit train (secondhand from ex-Yugoslavia) of CP's Série 9700 at Vila Real station
Vila Real station in 1996

Early yearsEdit

The section from Régua (also known as Peso da Régua) to Vila Real was 1,000 mm (3 ft 3+38 in) metre gauge opened in 1906. The extension to Chaves was built in stages, but not completed until 1921. The distance from Regua to Chaves was 97 kilometres. The first short section of track north from Regua was dual gauged (including a large metal girder bridge over the Corgo River), shared with the main Iberian gauge Douro railway line.[1]

In its early years the line was operated by the CF do Estado (State Railways). Following privatisation of the CF do Estado in 1928, the line came under the Companhia Nacional (CN) until taken over by the CP in 1947. CP introduced economy measures, such as diesel railcars and eventually diesel locomotives in place of steam traction (notably a small fleet of Mallet locomotives built by Henschel).[1]

Final years and closureEdit

The Corgo line was steam operated until the 1970s, with steam shunting engines continuing in limited use until the 1980s. The introduction of the Série 9000 and later the Série 9020 diesel locomotives replaced steam working on the line. In 1982 the line featured in an episode of the BBC television series Great Little Railways.

Due to road improvements and falling passenger numbers, the northern section of the line between Vila Real and Chaves was closed in 1990.

On 25 March 2009 the remaining service on the line (between Regua and Vila Real) was suspended due to the condition of the track. Repairs were promised and the line was expected to reopen by 2011. In practice, due to budgetary constraints, the repairs have not been forthcoming and the replacement bus service was itself withdrawn with effect from 1 January 2012.[2] The tracks were lifted from Vila Real station by 2011.

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