Linda McCartney Racing Team

The Linda McCartney Racing Team was a British professional road bicycle racing team.

Linda McCartney Racing Team
Team information
RegisteredUnited Kingdom
Founded1998 (1998)
Key personnel
General managerJulian Clark
Linda McCartney Racing Team jersey


The team began in 1998 with Linda McCartney Foods, maker of vegetarian food, sponsoring vegetarian riders and staff. The company was started by Sir Paul McCartney's wife, Linda. Team success would promote vegetarianism and Linda McCartney Foods.[1]

The team was to compete in Britain before expanding to international events. It was initially composed of British riders with more experienced riders joining later to improve credentials for the UCI World Cup and the Grand Tours.

It was the first British team to ride the Giro d'Italia but the increase in cost as the team and its commitments grew — Linda McCartney Foods did not continue sponsorship — led the team to disband in 2001 with reported debts of more than US$1m and a dispute with the UCI over riders' wages.[2]

In 2012, a British investigation was launched into the former team, with allegations that the management did not organise doping, but knew several riders used performance-enhancing drugs and turned a blind eye.[3]

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