Lin Ruey-shiung (Chinese: 林瑞雄; pinyin: Lín Ruìxióng; Pe̍h-ōe-jī: Lîm Sūi-hiông; born 17 December 1938) is a Taiwanese academic and professor in public health. He was the Vice Presidential nominee of the People First Party ticket for the 2012 Taiwan Presidential race, running with James Soong. Prior to his Vice Presidential run, Lin never held political or elected office.

Lin Ruey-shiung
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Personal details
Born (1940-12-17) 17 December 1940 (age 79)
Tainan, Taiwan, Empire of Japan
Nationality Republic of China (Taiwan)
Alma materNational Taiwan University
University of Heidelberg
Johns Hopkins University
ProfessionProfessor of public health

Academic careerEdit

A native of Tainan, Lin earned medical (M.D., 1965) and public health degrees (M.P.H., 1967) from National Taiwan University, a doctorate in epigenetics (Dr. Med., 1970) from the University of Heidelberg in Germany, and a Doctor of Public Health (Dr.P.H., 1977) degree from Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland. He has taught at the National Taiwan University Medical School, the University of Kansas, and the University of Maryland. He was a professor at National Taiwan University's School of Public Health from 1985-2006 and served as the school's dean from 1987-1993.

2012 electionEdit

PFP Chairman James Soong chose Professor Lin to be his ticket's Vice Presidential nominee in late-September 2011.[1] Lin, a political novice, had to renounce his American citizenship (he had held dual citizenship of the United States and the Republic of China) in order to be an eligible candidate.[2]

Lin claimed that for three consecutive nights, beginning Sept. 20, his residence was attacked by electromagnetic waves and that he had to flee to a hotel.[3]

e • d Summary of the 2012 Taiwanese presidential election results
Party Candidate Votes Percentage
President Vice president
Kuomintang Ma Ying-jeou Wu Den-yih 6,891,139 51.60%
Democratic Progressive Party Tsai Ing-wen Su Jia-chyuan 6,093,578 45.63%
People First Party James Soong Lin Ruey-shiung 369,588 2.77%
Valid votes 13,354,305 99.27%
Invalid and blank votes 97,711 0.73%
Total votes 13,452,016 100%
Eligible voters and turnout 18,086,455 74.38%


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