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The Ligurian Alps are a mountain range in northwestern Italy. A small part is located in France. They form the south-western extremity of the Alps, separated from the Apennines by the Colle di Cadibona. The Col de Tende separates them from the Maritime Alps. They form the border between Piedmont in the north and Liguria in the south.

Ligurian Alps
Highest point
PeakPunta Marguareis
Elevation2,651 m (8,698 ft)
Native nameFrench: Alpes Ligures, Italian: Alpi Liguri
CountriesItaly and France
Region, RégionPiedmont
Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur
Range coordinates44°10′N 8°5′E / 44.167°N 8.083°E / 44.167; 8.083Coordinates: 44°10′N 8°5′E / 44.167°N 8.083°E / 44.167; 8.083
Parent rangeAlps
Borders onApennines and Maritime Alps
OrogenyAlpine orogeny



Administratively the range is divided between the Italian provinces of Cuneo, Imperia and Savona and the French department of Alpes-Maritimes (south-western slopes).

The Ligurian Alps are drained by the Tanaro River, along with other tributaries of the Po River, on the Piedmontese side, and by several smaller rivers that flow directly to the Mediterranean Sea on the Ligurian and French side.

Chief peaks and passesEdit

Monte Antoroto in winter from Monte Grosso
Summer on Monte Galero

The chief peak of the Western Ligurian Alps is Punta Marguareis (2,651 m), and there are several other summits over 2000 m, while in Eastern Ligurian Alps (also called Ligurian Prealps[1]) the maximum elevation is 1739 m (Monte Armetta).

Name metres feet
Punta Marguareis 2,651 8,695
Monte Mongioie 2,630 8,626
Cima delle Saline 2,612 8,567
Pizzo d'Ormea 2,476 8,121
Cima di Pertegà 2,404 7,887
Monte Besimauda 2,231 7,317
Monte Saccarello 2,201 7,219
Monte Frontè 2,152 7,058
Monte Antoroto 2,144 7,032
Monte Tanarello 2,096 6,877
Monte Monega 1,882 6,175
Bric Mindino 1,879 6,163
Monte Armetta 1,739 5,703
Monte Galero 1,708 5,602
Rocca delle Penne 1,501 4,925
Monte Carmo di Loano 1,389 4,555
Monte Settepani 1,386 4,546
Monte Spinarda 1,357 4,453
Rocca Barbena 1,142 3,747

Some important passes in the Ligurian Alps are listed below.

Name Location Type Elevation
Colle di Cadibona Savona to Ceva highway 436 m (1,430 ft)
Colle di Melogno Finale Ligure to Ceva road 1,028 m (3,373 ft)
Giogo di Toirano Toirano to Bardineto road 801 m (2,628 ft)
Colle Scravaion Castelvecchio di Rocca Barbena to Bardineto road 814 m (2,671 ft)
Colle San Bernardo Albenga to Garessio road 957 m (3,140 ft)
Colle di Nava Imperia to Ormea road 934 m (3,064 ft)
Colle del Quazzo Calizzano to Garessio road 1,090 m (3,580 ft)
Colle San Bernardo di Mendatica Mendatica to Triora and Colle di Nava road 1,262 m (4,140 ft)
Col de Tende/Colle di Tenda Tende to Cuneo road 1,870 m (6,140 ft)
Passo della Teglia Molini di Triora to Rezzo road 1,385 m (4,544 ft)


Parco naturale regionale delle Alpi Liguri: Monte Frontè and Cima Garlenda

Around 60 square kilometres (23 sq mi) of the Ligurian side of the range since 2007 are part of the Parco naturale regionale delle Alpi Liguri.[2]

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